Season 4 Episode 0

LOST: Past, Present & Future

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2008 on ABC
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LOST: Past, Present & Future
When Oceanic Flight 815 crashed on an island in the middle of the Pacific, each survivor was given a choice to live together or die alone. Thrown together in this mysterious place, they have struggled to overcome shadows from their past in order to survive and answer the questions that plague their new lives on the island. Where are they? Is rescue on its way? What else is on this island? In "LOST: Past, Present & Future," relive their story of survival to prepare for the shocking season four premiere that will change everything.moreless

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  • A recap on Lost

    Benjamin Linus narrates a recap on LOST, seasons 1-3.

    This episode was okay because I've seen it all before. It was cool visiting things I saw from the previous seasons! It was still enjoyable to see, but since it wasn't new content, it wasn't totally amazing. Michael Emerson actually has a good narrating voice! I wasn't getting bored with his voice at all and I was interested to see how he would put the events in order. Of course it wasn't really in chronological order, but it was fairly organized. I'll give this episode a 7.5 out of 10!moreless
  • Resuming

    Resuming the first 3 seasons of lost.

    With the voice of Ben Linus as narrator (one of the "others") this is a special episode where we remember some of the most importante moments that happened in this show and with the caracthers. I'm not very fond of this type of special episodes but i have got to say that this one was the best of all 3 and with the big breaks between seasons the LOST usually has it comes in handy to remember some details of the story.

    Well developed, boring and does the job of making you see afterwards the first episode.moreless
  • LOST like LOST.

    It's the recap episode of LOST. It was made for guys who forgot the begining of all this story. Nice that producers making summarizing episodes before evry new season of LOST. Actually I forgot many things since last season and this episode looks very helpfull for me. Good conclusion of all missed parts. If you are the person like me (with poor memory), then you should try this episode before you will go over to the next incredible, perfect and outstanding season. It is also good enough for the people who is gonna start with LOST and to be a freak addicted like me and like many of us.moreless
  • Flashbacks of seasons 1-3.

    No one should EVER watch this episode. The narration is heavy-handed, monotone and annoying. The overview is shallow and uninteresting. When the narrator starts talking about Kate's personality having two sides and how Sawyer and Jack represent those two sides, I almost just turned it off. It's like the narrator is reading a 3rd grader's book report. If you haven't seen the show, it will not make you want to see it, and if you have seen the show, it will make your eyes roll. Just skip it. Better to re-watch season 3. Or, just jump into Season 4.moreless
  • "We have to go back Kate, We have to go back" ...

    "We have to go back Kate, We have to go back" ...

    That is how "Past, Present and Future" finished. I think it was the best prequel to a season that LOST did. It reminded me of loads of things that I had forgotten, like when Sawyer killed the real Sawyer ...

    Thanks to this episode, I refreshed my mind about all the major characters. Unfortunetely Charlie is now dead. I just hope that his death wasn't for nothing.

    Jack is convinced it wasn't the right thing to leave the island. He is convinced that they shouldn't have left the island. Is he right or wrong?moreless

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