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Lost: Reckoning

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 26, 2006 on ABC

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  • RECAP?

    I don't think it was completely necessary to recap this whole entire episode. Yes, they revealed things not seen but majority of us LOST viewers are pretty smart and we could have figured it out. I know there are some people out there who unfortunately have not been following since the first episode and could use a refresher, but why should the dominant viewers have to suffer through this long unnecessary storyline. I am an avid Lost watcher but there are times when I get tired of seeing the same things over and over again. We can do without the recaps.
  • A recap worth watching

    I was very disapointed with the previous recap 'Lost: Revelation'. It basically retold the story of what happened in the first 8 episodes and it kinda bored me.

    This one on the other hand, was pretty good, liked it. It retold us the previous 10 episodes in greater detail but in it was good, the previous ten episodes were wonderful so that was probably a good reason as to why I liked it.

    But here in New Zealand, Episode 19: S.O.S was placed together with this one in a two hour which was better than expected. But it did produce well and I'm impressed with the goodness put into this one! Good work, JJ Abrams keep it up!
  • eko and john doing there thing on the Island, john loosing his faith, eko gettin gthe faith, drama in the hatch where michel does some bad stuff

    great episode, you live true the whole thing, hating but understanding michel, hoping said will save the day, asking how usefull the button actually is etc.... great stuff yet again from this show, keep up the good work guys.
    and then the pain, two losses , two dead people, people you seem to know in the serie, not just some background stuff, this realy makes you want to have michel dead instead or at least everybody to know who the real killer was, this guy is just going over the top for his son, but as I said before, I do understand you will go extremely far for your own blood

    I love the show LOST. Who ever does not watch this show really needs to. I like this episode the best because it was the season finale and there were the most problems and questions featured. The thing I did not really get in this episode was what was it with that foot with only 4 toes? ( If anyone thinks they no what and or where the foot came from can u comment me or tell me what you no? I also want to no what is going to happen to Jack and them. What will the Others do to them?!
  • Well, not exactly a (flashback) episode, per se, but it just basically is a narrarated version of the other 48 days episode, with a mostly unnecessary narration by Peter Coyote. This episode just brings us up to speed on a season and a half of Lost.

    Simply, this is just a rehash of all that has happened on lost for the past season and a half, and it is just a little refresher. It leaves out fun and funny elements, but does a fair job of getting someone up to speed who has never watched lost. This episode is better suited as a refresher, and is a filler episode of sorts in which they just had to pay an editor to splice footage together, and Peter to narrate. Someone had to direct and choose the sequences to pick to edit in, and i guess they actually paid the talentless hack who wrote the narrators lines, for the narration makes it almost painful to watch, mostly due to the poorly written narrative wwhich comes out corny, even though they did get Peter Coyote to narrate, he had nothing to work with.

    basically borderline bad. I\\\'d give it a solid 6.7 Do yourself a favor and watch the other 48 days episode instead, much better and less forced... and still nearly gets you up to speed.
  • the same that before

    Isolated is good, but nothing in the LOST world can be isolated, everything is a part of the total that gives form to it, and this recap episode gives nothing, is resembles a lot the previous one, and it did not even had a clousure, im disapointed. De todas maneras le doy buena calificacion no por el episodio sino por el show en si. espero que el proximo mejore
  • Hmm...

    So Desmond was on the boat. No surprise there. Unfortunately. I have to say...I love Lost and this was a decent episode (I especially liked the flashbacks...Caleb Nichols from The OC is Widmore labs president type guy), but so much was predictable. The electromagnetism has been a constant topic of discussion in the Lost forums, everyone was speculating the Desmond would be on the boat, and the irrelevant and actually annoying Charlie/Claire storyline has been on the horizon for ages. That said, a lot did happen. I found it a very interesting, riveting episode. I espeicllay like how we were led astray with the Pearl station journals...when it turns out that all along the button wasn't really an experiement at all (at least I don't think so at this point). It was an especially good episode because all of the leads were sort of all showcased once again. For a long time, they've only had a few principles in each episode, leading you to wonder where everyone else is. It was cool to see the converging storylines...like if Locke had shared the information about the Pearl Station with everyone, if Michael had shared the information about the Others (or the "hostles" as Desmond calls them), with everyone, how differently would everything have turned out. there's so much to look forward to for next season it's actually overwhelming...props to the writers. I'm definitely going to listen to the latest Lostcast as soon as it comes out and then watch the episode again..it's so much better fuller comlpete comprehension. I think people wanted more questions answers and less buildup, more action, but in my opinion they found a really good balance between the two things. It wasn't my favorite ever season finale, but it was definitely a well construted, cleverly plotted episode.
  • Lost! Theres nerver been a show like it! :D

    When lost first came out i was realy exited and now iv been with it the whole way through. I think that the episodes are so amazing there must av been alot of thought into it, and you have to admit it, they have one hell of a good cast! The ideas for the misteries on the lonely island are so unusual and random which is what makes it so good! Thats why im giving this episode aswell as the WHOLE show a 10 out of 10
  • Must they recap the whole season mid-way? They did this with season one!

    I can not believe they did it again. Season one recap was so borning I changed the channel. It is nice they recap the season for those who have missed out but that is why they have repeats of episodes. And if you miss the repeats then wait till the summer where they show the whole season all over again or you can wait until the DVD comes.

    I love this show but I think these recaps are a complete waste of time. Instead of showing us everthing that has been going on through out the season, why don't they just give us a new episode?
  • It is what you expect from a recap show

    Just keep showing the recaps and you never need to produce new shows. It is just what you would expect, a narrative to help you catch up with all that has gone on. I like how they do it, just not how much they do it. Oh well, such is the TV life these days.
  • I enjoyed the recap episode.

    I enjoyed the recap episode. It was fast moving and entertaining. It helped refresh my memory, too, even though there was tons of stuff not touched upon. I actually like the reruns – I can’t get too much Lost. The only thing I don’t like is no Lost at all. I’m really looking forward to the new shows in May. They all sound exciting. The only thing I’m not looking forward to is no Lost! Thank goodness for the Season 2 reruns to come!

    If the writers can make this season’s finale at least as exciting as Season 1, we are in for a treat. If better, we’ll be in heaven. After reading the blurbs for the next three episodes, I can’t wait for May’s shows to start. Non-Lost fans think we’re crazy, but we don’t care!
  • Helps out the people who need to catch up on the show.

    This episode was a great why for all viewers to relive the events they may have forgotten during the dreadfull RERUNS!!!!!. Also, people new to the show could have actually used this episode to become new viewers and finally get into one off the greatest shows on this planet. All in all, I\'m just stoked about four back to back new episodes in the next four weeks. Plus, I really cant wait to see how J.J will try to blow us away with a better season finale episode than the last one. I\'m sure we all dont want to be left with Walt not back with the survivors when the season ends in May.