Episode 0

Lost: Revelation

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 11, 2006 on ABC

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  • The Hatch

    I actually liked this episode. They finally get the hatch open and the suspense is over. It seemed like they took forever to get to the point of the hatch. Kate definitely has a brave soul because there was no way I would be the first person down in a dark hatch. We get a little taste of Jack flashbacks again. I wasn't too thrilled but, hey, I never am. I thought it was a little far fetched how the guy living down it the hatch was someone Jack had previously ran into. I know people say all the time that this is a small world, but there are way too many coincidental run-in in this show.
  • It was Ok, after we were waiting so long for the survivors to get back together again, they put a Recap on in our normal LOST time, now we've gotta wait another week...

    As I said in my summary, they've already done this. I do normally like recap shows but this one was boring and pretty much a waste of my valuable LOST time. I don't know why they'd put a Recap episode on only after 8 episodes of the new series! The lot was pretty much revealed on 'The other 48 days' except for the story about the hatch. All I am saying is, this recap did not produce the good effort of making it any good. Even though it just retold the first 8 episodes, they could've done better and maybe It would've been worth the trouble watching it. But I'm not very impressed with this one.
  • It was all mantioned!

    We saw only nice recap of last episode in Season 1. I wouldn't miss something if I didn't saw it. I just can tell that it could me more nicer if we saw something about that island. I liked this episode bit it was worthless. I think everyone can agree!
  • this lost episode was boring

    this episode was bad becausus nothing really happend all the did was show bits of all the ather episodes. it was really really really really really pontless. i agre with the afer reviws. my rateing out of 10 would be 2 and a half out of 10 i hope that this does not happen again and again because if it does i will never watch it again because it will be really really really really boring. i hope it doesent. because it was really good two weeks ago.

    by lachlan gibbs this was my review on lost rekoning

  • Not bad not great

    Kind of a disapoint. It was not really what I espected form a show like this, it ends in the middle of nowhere, dor itself is a good recap show, but if we sow the previous one is just the same plus 20 minutes of "new" flashes from the second season. La verdad no es tan revelador y agradable como el primer resumen, no es malo, sòlo que nunca esperè algo asì... Me hubiera gustado ver màs sobre las historia de Desmond, o de Michel anyway Lost is a good show
  • Didn't we just get a recap episode?

    I understand the need for one clip show throughout the season...especially with a show this plot driven. But two?

    Not even CBS, who's notorious for airing a clipshow each year to draw Survivor out another week can say they've done something like this.

    And really, those of us who miss an episode are going to make sure and catch it before something like this would air. Which really makes it unneccesary.
  • Another recap episode, aired shortly after the first one, gives us a few treats with the footage of the Tailies.

    I'll give this episode a 7 out of 10 for a few good cuts. This one aired not long after "The Other 48 Days," so we get to see some good intercutting between the Tailies and our Lostaways, such as Jack and the others on teh beach with the fuselage, and Ana-Lucia and her gang trying to make it to shore. The biggest reward comes when we see Boone climb into the drug plane to make his distress call on the radio, and we see Bernard receive the call on the other side.