Season 3 Episode 0

Lost: The Answers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • Were you paying attention the past 3 seasons?

    If you learned anything from watching this you either: (A) have never seen the show before or have missed episodes or you (B) have slept through each episode. This episode was bad for die-hard fans who have followed all the way through...nothing new was revealed, it was merely a summary. If you had missed a few episodes here and there, or if you got LOST halfway through season 3, this was a decent catch-up for the season finale. Otherwise, there are far too many episodes (70 I believe) up to the point of this special, and there's NO way you can summarize over 50 hours of television into 45 minutes of programming and retain what makes LOST so special. Were it a 2-hour or even a 3-hour special it might have worked, otherwise all it did was tell me things I already knew because I actually watched the episodes.
  • There were story plot from the show. Charlie mission succeeded but something terribly happen to him. Last the group went to tower to get rescue and two people left the group to rescue Jin. Story didn't end yet. The new lady,Ben was right she's evil.

    This is excellent episode and the story happen so fast. One Suspense and thriller. This show got me excited ever since I got who is going to die or not. Then finally thought they never make it home but something seems to be wrong when they found a girl on the island thinking she get them out of the island. I need to know if Charlie is going to die or not. I doubt he is not going to die. They are more suspense in this story but lets see what happens next. This episode is the best. Watch it and you'll be thrilled.
  • I saw the light at the end of the tunnel , but it is damn far away.

    This episode was clearly enough.
    Everyone should understand what they tryed to say. They showed connection between characters and their background , there are so many connection that we forgot of. The serial was well planed. It gave me hope to expect some good episodes in the future. If you compare LOST to real life you also may see weird connections and wonder what happened and why it happened , but if you think good about it, it mostly happened for a reason. Whenever something happened to a character in LOST they reacted , they changed themselves in order to make destiny to be after their own will. Yeah , sounds weird but it is that way. The only problem is we must be realistic , the serial takes to long to end , some people may even die or get LOST on an island like that and never see the end. LOL!
  • Thigns you should know if you actually watch the show.

    Nothing was really revealed that wasn't obvious. This serves well as a refresher or filler episode , but not alltogethor original. I would rather a show where the writers / creators answer direct questions to reveal all the secrets of the show, but I guess i wouldn't want to keep watching if that were the case. The revelation of them not being in purgatory and actaully being in existence somewhere was pretty cool however. That shoots down the best guesses as to the final out of the show ad their current status on the island. I look forward to three more strong seasons still though.
  • Disappointing and didn't really reveal enough for me.

    Jack's character development continued slowly and I'm personally not even sure what significance the accident he was involved in had on the plot itself.
    The Looking Glass station under water revealed to us a couple of its secrets but other than that there was no real outstanding moments other than the predictable mishap back on the beach.
    This show is above my favorites but I think the writing for this half of the entitled "The Looking Glass" was rather boring and mundane. There could have at least been a little more action above ground or below rather than splitting it up and creating a slow draining episode overall.
  • Like a really good podcast:SPOILERS

    "Lost the Answers" wasn't dazzling, but it was a good reminder of all the things that have already been answered and the things we are still wondering about. One very important reminder was, the survivors are not dead. This came up again for me when Naomi told them that the Oceanic flight 815 had been found under water and there where no survivors. Now I am thinking Naomi might be lying, but why.

    We were reminded of where the polar bears had come from. The DHARMA Initiative had been doing behavioral experiments on them.

    I had forgotten all the unknown connections between the different survivors before they had boarded the plane. The connection that I had completely forgotten was that Jack and Clare are half siblings. They have the same father.

    There where some reminder of what hasn't been answered as well.

    If you enjoy Lost but were not so obsessive that you follow ever detail, then "Lost the Answers" is worth watching.
  • Review of what has gone on before.

    This was merely a filler episode for all the new people that have never watched Lost before till this season, or people that have only started to watch Lost recently. For the rest of us "Losties" this was just a trip down memory lane for all of us. To me, I didn't really learn anything new in this segment this was just a nice little review just in case any of us serious Lost people hadn't noticed before. It was really nice to see the whole Ben taking over the island then again I really like that part. Anyway all and all just a simple review.
  • I know it's a clip show... but this thing left me a bit empty.

    A good clip show... but it was too brief.
    A lost clip show should give more info... they tended to graze over things, and also wasted time throughout the show, pointing out random speculation... such as Tom must have played Defense in football.

    It was ok... but the entire time, all I kept hearing from the guys were. "Is this what this is? We don't know!" not a good thing for them to be saying... over and over.

    This episode also pointed out information that wasn't in the show... info that I would like to see stated in the show... like the thing about the Polar Bears, or the Swan Station.

    All in all it was ok... but frankly, if they want to reel in confused viewers, their recaps shouldn't be so misleading... like they said "Desmond left the hatch, and made 815 crash!" that makes Desmond look stupid... they also made Anthony even more annoying by having him rip the letter at the get-go.

    Really I'm just being picky, and I know it.
    I just wanted more... I wanted to re-experience LOST... and I guess you can't do that in an hour... but it would have been nicer if they just said what happened, with no confusing commentary... which I liked, but I can't help but feel it may have dettered viewers with it's campy attitude.

    Sorry guys. Maybe you should be doing a 2 hour recap... that would help matters.
  • There are no answers here.

    I tuned in thinking this special episode would give some answers and present something new to the show, like a sneak view of the season finale, etc. since that's what was advertised would happen. Unfortunately none of these two things occured. The special is a very good one recap, I must say. Specially thanks to the narration done by two of the show's creators, but the only truly answer given is that "the characters are not in the purgatory". Man, they already have told us this! It's very sad ABC network set up this farce. They shouldn't need to do this after all...

    Nevertheless, I recommend you to watch it. It's funny to realise how much some actors changed in this years.
  • setting up for the big season finale

    This summary episode was quite exciting, because it was interesting to see the revealed and unreveald mysteries of LOST. I think, this the big set up for the enormous season finale, that will change everything. In the last few weeks LOST was keep getting better and better every week, we got so much answers to questions of season 1 and 2, but unfortunately we got a enormous amount of new questions, too. Who are "The Others"? What are their motives? Why is Ben the leader? Who the hell is Jacob, a ghost? What will happen to John, will he survive? I´m so exciting, I can´t wait until the season finle!
    I think, this will be the best LOST episode ever!!
  • Good for a clip show.

    Lost: The Answers was a review of all the major things that have happened in the last 3 season of the show. Obviously this wasn't as good as a normal episode of Lost, but it was my favorite clip show that they have shown.

    Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were hilarious and informative, and revealing things that the average viewer may not have caught. It was great for new viewers, or people haven't watched the whole series in a while.
  • Review

    I liked the review, the only thing I would have liked a little more is if they went in order a bit more. The 45 minutes seemed to go all over the place, reviewing the characters past lives first and then seemingly going on a free for all for the remaining time to see how much they could fit into the rest of the recap show. Overall though I think someone that needed to get caught up from some past events would have been very happy with this. I cant wait for the two hour finale next week even though the preview doesnt seem to show me much to get me really pumped. Hopefully the "I love you scene" with Jack and Kate will be good. Sayid getting captured makes me sad, I would have liked to see the plan work perfectly. The explosion looks cool, so hopefully the episode will be really good.