Season 3 Episode 0

Lost: The Answers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • I know it's a clip show... but this thing left me a bit empty.

    A good clip show... but it was too brief.
    A lost clip show should give more info... they tended to graze over things, and also wasted time throughout the show, pointing out random speculation... such as Tom must have played Defense in football.

    It was ok... but the entire time, all I kept hearing from the guys were. "Is this what this is? We don't know!" not a good thing for them to be saying... over and over.

    This episode also pointed out information that wasn't in the show... info that I would like to see stated in the show... like the thing about the Polar Bears, or the Swan Station.

    All in all it was ok... but frankly, if they want to reel in confused viewers, their recaps shouldn't be so misleading... like they said "Desmond left the hatch, and made 815 crash!" that makes Desmond look stupid... they also made Anthony even more annoying by having him rip the letter at the get-go.

    Really I'm just being picky, and I know it.
    I just wanted more... I wanted to re-experience LOST... and I guess you can't do that in an hour... but it would have been nicer if they just said what happened, with no confusing commentary... which I liked, but I can't help but feel it may have dettered viewers with it's campy attitude.

    Sorry guys. Maybe you should be doing a 2 hour recap... that would help matters.