Season 3 Episode 0

Lost: The Answers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • Like a really good podcast:SPOILERS

    "Lost the Answers" wasn't dazzling, but it was a good reminder of all the things that have already been answered and the things we are still wondering about. One very important reminder was, the survivors are not dead. This came up again for me when Naomi told them that the Oceanic flight 815 had been found under water and there where no survivors. Now I am thinking Naomi might be lying, but why.

    We were reminded of where the polar bears had come from. The DHARMA Initiative had been doing behavioral experiments on them.

    I had forgotten all the unknown connections between the different survivors before they had boarded the plane. The connection that I had completely forgotten was that Jack and Clare are half siblings. They have the same father.

    There where some reminder of what hasn't been answered as well.

    If you enjoy Lost but were not so obsessive that you follow ever detail, then "Lost the Answers" is worth watching.