Season 3 Episode 0

Lost: The Answers

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • Were you paying attention the past 3 seasons?

    If you learned anything from watching this you either: (A) have never seen the show before or have missed episodes or you (B) have slept through each episode. This episode was bad for die-hard fans who have followed all the way through...nothing new was revealed, it was merely a summary. If you had missed a few episodes here and there, or if you got LOST halfway through season 3, this was a decent catch-up for the season finale. Otherwise, there are far too many episodes (70 I believe) up to the point of this special, and there's NO way you can summarize over 50 hours of television into 45 minutes of programming and retain what makes LOST so special. Were it a 2-hour or even a 3-hour special it might have worked, otherwise all it did was tell me things I already knew because I actually watched the episodes.