Episode 0

Lost: The Journey

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 27, 2005 on ABC

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  • What was so bad about this one?

    As I said, What was so bad about this one?

    I thought It was pretty good for being the first Recap. It gave us a flashback sort of thing on the previous episodes with some action and stuff. I found it quite enjoyable, why didn't everyone else???

    It was better than quite a few of the other recaps for LOST. But overallI actually liked it. I really don't get the big idea with thie episode and the insults about it. It was nice and watchable.
  • Oh no.....

    I'm not and never will be a fan of flashback/compilation episodes. Most shows they are an excuse to get 22 or so episodes out a season. They run out of story ideas so they write an episode with a TON of flashbacks from previous episodes.

    This doesn't exactly follow that formula. But, I don't want to see it anyways! Hit the FF button on your DVD Player!
  • The re-hash

    The giant recap of the series if anyone expected anything different... welll

    I was quite pleased with this call a mini movie encapulating the series prior to the finale. Anyone who hadn't seen the series prior to veiwing this wouldn't have been lost *heh* it did what was supposed re-tell the story
  • A boring attempt to pad out the series with filler and flashbacks. If you haven't learnt to hate flashbacks with a passion before, you will now....

    If you were waiting for the answer to what's in the hatch, forget it. This is just series re-caps. And if you've been watching Lost regularly, you won't have missed a thing. Indeed, watching this episode only makes you aware of how little actually happens in Lost, other than character development.

    If you haven't learnt to hate flashbacks with a passion before, you will now....