Season 2 Episode 1

Man of Science, Man of Faith

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 2005 on ABC

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  • Man of Science, Man of Faith

    Lost's season premiere was highly satisfying due to a spectacular opening scene, suspenseful atmosphere, and just enough twists throughout to help strengthen the fandom's addiction and hook new viewers, despite unnecessary flashbacks and a shortage of answers.
  • A tune that will forever bring emotion...

    I was enormously moved by season 1 of Lost. It was one of the most special experiences I ever had with a television series. It was just SO special. So unique in a way, that it changed the form of TV and created its own genre.

    The thing I love most about this episode is the use of the song "Make Your Own Kind Of Music" by Mama Cass Elliot. They play it around the beginning when Desmond is waking up in the hatch, starting his day. I'll forever associate that song with this show and this episode. When I hear it now... especially when another show uses it... I know why they're playing it, because Lost made it special. Otherwise, you wouldn't be hearing it at all these days. Long Live LOST!!
  • Awesome.

    Jack, Kate and Locke investigate the hatch and find Desmond, a man living inside. Shannon sees Walt in the jungle. In flashbacks, Jack operates on his eventual wife and meets Desmond. Wow - an aweseom way to start season two of Lost. John and Jack head to head once again, I love the friction their both so powerful. Locke wants to go down the hatch, Kate goes with him and then soon after Jack follows. I love all the scenes inside the hatch their awesome. I love the way Jack has spoke and seen the guy in the hatch before. Oh I love Jack's back story. Shannon "sees" Walt.
  • Welcome back Lost, we now have a lot more questions for sure. The opening episode of this season is magnificent, the exploring of the shaft, the guys on the raft,the others starting to voice their own concerns,this is going to be a good season me thinks.

    Season 2 starts off with a man going through his morning ritual of getting up, excercising and then eating his morning rations, until his record on the player jumps and scratches. He runs over to the power board and kills all the power, then he goes over to a piece of equipment and begins to look through a series of holes. The end view is of it going upwards towards the hatch.

    Hurley tried to warn them that the numbers were bad, but Locke lit the fuse anyways. They then go back to camp as there is about a 40 or 50 foot drop into the base of the shaft. They need more gear to access it. Walking back through the jungle Hurley explains to Jack about the numbers, he sort of understands but does comment on anything, apart from to ask Hurley "You were on a psych ward?".

    We have a flashback to Jack in ER, where Sarah had been admitted following her car accident, Jack was the only Dr in there, but as he was treating her, he was unable to treat the other one, who died. She said before Jack leaves that she has to dance at her wedding.

    Shannon has a small freak out when she realises that Vincent is missing, so she goes off to search for him, followed by Sayid, she sees Vincent, who runs further into the jungle, Shannon trips and on getting up sees a soaking wet disappointed Walt staring at her.

    Back on the beach, everyone is getting angst, the people are getting nervous but Jack manages to persuade them that everything will be okay and to settle down, the sun will be up in 3 hours. Locke is preparing a few things as he is going back tonight, as he tells jack that he is going down there tonight. Kate tells Jack that she has to go, if nothing more to make sure that Locke doesn't kill himself or get eaten.

    Jack has another flashback to Sarah, this time its after her surgery, he is venting off some anger by running up and down steps inside a stadium, he races another that joins him, but due to fatigue he hurts his ankle, a slight sprain. He sits waiting for Sarah to become awake,as she does, he tells her that the operation was not a success, that she'll be paralysed from the waist down for the rest of her life, she accuses him of fibbing, as she can wiggle her toes.

    Locke is helping Kate down into the shaft, she gets half way, then the ancorage device snaps, leaving her to plummet a little, but she drops the torch. She goes down a bit further before she tells Locke to pull her up, he tries but the vines are pulled through his hands fast, causing them to bleed, a bright light then is shone up the shaft and into the night sky.

    When Jack arrives, he finds no one near the entrance to the shaft, so he uses his own stuff that he brought with him to descend into the shaft. He creeps around until he hears noises and then bright lights, he steps into a control room of some description, full of 70's / 80's style computer equipment, he goes over and is about to type on the old keyboard, when Locke appears and tells him not too.

    We then see that Locke has a gun pointed at his head, the person behind the gun wants Jack to drop his, he doesn't but recognises the person as Desmond, the other guy from the running up and down the stairs in the stadium.
  • For a JAck Centric Episode, was very Good!!!!

    When I Knew that this season premiere of Lost would be a centric-Jack episode, I "lost" my will of seeing this episode.

    However, when I began to watch, I was amazed. JAck Flashbacks fit very well into the Island event - the Hatch.

    The first 4 minutes was simple great. Sawyer, Michael and Jin don´t appear in this episode, however this not effect this episode in nothing. The dialogues between the characters was very well done.

    Shannon has her share of participation when she saw Walt, another mystery, but since the insland can make you see things, this is irrelevant for now.

    Entering tha Hatch, well, this part this part bought some time. I Felt this cliffhanger was forced, but since this is a season premiere, we need some good cliffhanger, even if this was forced.

    Overall, strange scenes, good flashback scenes, some suspense, new mysteries, good dialogues and a great cliffhanger make this episode deserves a 9.
  • Open at one end; shocks at the other

    Like much of Season 1, 'Man of Science, Man of Faith' with an eye, but the sequence seems so out of context with what we've seen on Lost. It appears to be a flashback or a retro existence, complete with the music of Mama Cass. It is not until we hear an explosion that this seems to snap, and not until a few seconds later that we realize that what we saw happened at the bottom of the hatch a few minutes before 'Exodus' ended, though we still have no idea who or what this is.
    Now that the hatch that he has spent the better part of last season trying to get into is finally open, Locke has apparently forgotten all the threats to the survivors, if indeed they were in his frame of reference at the first place. He needs to see what's at the bottom, and the damn the danger of whatever orders are being given. So, the first possible opportunity, he takes a torch and heads out into the woods. Then after something (conceivably) horrible happens to Kate, he follows her down. Locke seems to believe that it is part of his destiny to see what is at the bottom of the hatch, but once he finally does get down there, his characters will under one of the biggest shifts of everybody on he island, starting with the moment he gets there.
    Jack, on the other hand, seems more than willing to call the whole thing off. He does have to care about the safety of his people, and right now he doesn't think whatever's in the hatch will do it. Especially, when he sees the word 'Quarantine' written on the other side. He tries to offer reassurances to the people at the caves, but as Hurley mentions, his bedside manner sucks. (He also seems very self-centered; Hurley finally has the guts to tell someone about his past and what the numbers meant, and Jack apparently stops listening the moment he hears the words "psych ward". And He wonders why there's so little faith in him.)
    The flashbacks involving Jack are not nearly as strong as some of the others, like Locke or Sayid's. This is mainly because Jack wears his heart on his sleeves, and the revelations are not so amazing as the usual ones. Nevertheless, this one is critical to the show for several reasons. We see Jack dealing with the car accident that paralyzed the woman he married. In doing so, we learn several things about Jack. First, he is a pragmatist, who only believes in empirical evidence. This is so deeply ingrained in that even when he manages to perform a miracle and restore Sarah's legs, he doesn't believe what he done. Second, despite this, he feels a compulsion to help fix things. Sarah was engaged before the car accident, but her fiancée, given what we saw, jumped ship because it would be too difficult. Jack wanted to make sure not only that Sarah danced at her wedding, but that there would be someone to dance with as well.
    None of this is exactly earth-shattering. What turns out to be is a scene that we probably thought was a throwaway --- Jack, trying to run off his feelings of failure after the surgery runs into a man named Desmond, who is training for a race around the world. He tries to gives some encouragement and hope to Jack (echoing Locke, which probably wouldn't go over well any better then) But it's not until the end of the episode after Jack, Locke and Kate have reached the bottom, and find that Locke is being held at gunpoint --- by Desmond. It's a good thing the episode ends right then, because I definitely needed to process the shock.
    Then again, we also need to process some of the other stuff we've seen. Inside the hatch (yeah I know, it's really a bunker; the writers called it a hatch, it's a fricking hatch). There's a lot of old music, a record player, exercise bike, food, medicine of some kind, a shower, a bun bed, and a boatload of guns. Oh, and there's this computer, and something that's making a beeping sound. Naturally, we don't learn the import of any of this, or for that matter the mural that looks familiar, along with what appears to be a Dharma hexagon symbol that we've seen before (and will see again, a lot)
    Kate's attitude is somewhat perplexing: she completely seems to agree with Jack about his argument of not exploring the hatch, but at the first possible opportunity, she leaves and goes out to help Locke get down there. Why is she so desperate to get answers? She doesn't believe in destiny.
    So much of the episode is focused on the hatch and the people around that we almost forget about the other people at the caves, who all seemed to be seized with the same level of paranoia. Shannon is apparently hallucinating seeing Walt in the jungle, as well as hearing the whispering in the woods, Charlie's ranting about Rousseau's sanity, Hurley's starting to get upset that no one ever takes him seriously (a legitimate concern given the reactions of the other castaways) we barely see Claire, Sayed or Sun, and oh yeah, we still have no clue as to what happened to Michael, Jin and Sawyer! (Then again, this part at least would be consistent with the writers setting up cliffhangers with one set of characters, and leaving another group hanging for the length of the episode. So never mind. ) However, there are a couple of other minor revelations during the episode. The mural, I'm still not sure what it means, but we have seen it before in "Special", and we will later see again in relation to Desmond is season3. The more interesting revelation is another throwaway. The other person involved in the SUV accident is a man named Adam Rutherford, who we shall soon find out is Shannon's father. Furthermore, the kind of injury that Sarah suffers is almost the exact kind that Locke had prior to crashing on the island. Is it possible that this is the kind of surgery that he would try to perform, but would fail at (Seems unlikely, as Locke probably would have remembered Jack then.)

    'Man of Science, Man of Faith' is a fascinating episode, yet I have no doubt it ended with a lot of people frustrated. The season premiere is supposed to answer all the questions left open in the cliffhanger, not leave a lot of them unanswered as well as add a load of new ones. But that's what makes Lost unique. It not only pushed the envelope; it created new ones.
  • Y se va la segunda...

    Ah! que nervios! Desde que me compré el pack de DVD´s hasta que llegué a casa (media hora después). Con la cajita en la mano tratando de no leer demasiado, imposible. Ya sé que hay un Dharma, que en la escotilla hay algo más que un escondite. Pero no importa, el suspenso y las ganas de poner play all y no dormir total que importa son las mismas que la primera temporada.
    Aparte: Alguien leyó el libro "La invención de Morel" de Adolfo Bioy Casares? Es increíble el parecido con esta serie, cada vez más. Si no lo leyeron y pueden conseguirlo es altamente recomendable.
  • A Jack-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as a whole I really enjoyed this episode, and I thought that this was a great way to start out season two. All of the story lines were great. I thought that this episode was very exciting. However, I thought that the opening scene for this episode was really strange. I loved all of the flash backs of Jack's life prior to the plane crashing on the island. I also really liked Hurley in this episode. As a whole, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost by everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of the second season of Lost.
  • "See you in another life brother".

    Jack, Kate and Locke investigate the hatch and find Desmond, a man living inside, who locks Kate in a closet and holds Locke at gunpoint while Jack recognises Desmond. Shannon sees Walt in the jungle. Jack remembers operating on his soon-to-be-wife Sarah. This episode was very great anda intense episode it reveals whats down the hatch and we see new character Desmond who will eventualy become a series regular as of season three. Man Of Science Man of Faith had fans wanting more after the Confroontation with Jack and Desmond I liked the part where Shannon sees Walt because it was quiet scary.
  • Superb season beginning.

    Lost starts off it's second season with a bang...litterally.
    The episode starts off with a man ( very fit I might add ) doing all these normal things that any man would do in the morning and then he hears an explosion happening above him. The hatch is revealed to be the home of this mysterious man who Jack has met before which was really weird. The people in the caves where panicking while Locke and Kate go back to the hatch where Kate and Locke fall in and are followed by Jack. Shannen loses Vincent the dog so she goes looking for him with Sayid but when she gets lost she sees Walt . We see flashbacks of Jack operating on Sarah who was the woman he married and it was seriousley very nerve wrecking not knowing whether Sarah will make it or not, in the flashback there's something Jack's father told him about hope , that was truely inspiring. The season started off in a very exciting way and I think it was worth waiting for season two. My favorite character from this episode was Shannon, I loved how responsible she acted after losing the dog by going to look for him. Terrific stuff.
  • The Hatch is opened and we see a little of what and WHO is down there. Stunning start to Season 2.

    Every Season needs a strong beginning and Lost delivers one in Season 2. However, it is in many ways a binary opposite to Season 1's opener. It is a much smaller in scale and much less epic. It certainly doesn't aim to turn heads or stun your eyes with every moment. In many ways this episode feels like just another episode, one that could have easily fit midway in a season.
    The choice to underplay the whole epic Season Premiere expectations works well though, as it is surprising enough to keep viewers on their guard, not knowing what is going to happen next. The episode is so small in scale that it has a rather narrow focus. It spends most of the attention on Jack, which is fine because he is such an interestingly layered character. His flashbacks are always so interesting too and here is another set in that vain that blends well with the island action.
    Locke and Kate are also given a spotlight and Hurley gets to share his story of the Numbers to Jack. The rest of the cast are barely featured.
    This helps to keep the momentum up with regards to the Hatch. The writers are not delaying the inevitable exploration of the Hatch even more by having uneccesary scenes with the survivors at the Caves. We have that great "Leader" moment with Jack, which is pivotal, as is the moment when Shannon hears the whispers and sees Walt.
    This scene is way creepy and creepy is perhaps the only thing that connects this premeiere with Season 1. The horror elements of Lost are back in play here. When Jack is looking around the Hatch, it reminded me of Alien. The dark tunnels with water dripping down. I was getting ready for Jones the Cat to come jumping into frame. What was impressive was that they didn't waste the episode on Jack and Locke's conflict and the decision to enter the Hatch. In the early part of the episode, I had fears that this would be the case and we would not get to see what was down in the ground, instead ending the episode on the cliffhanger of Jack going down the Hatch to find Locke and Kate. I could imagine that happening, so thank god it didn't. The writers knew that in the first episode they have to cut to the chase and get an idea of what was down there.
    It looks pretty cool down there though. It has a homely feel to it but on the other hand feels like it needs to be there for more important reasons than shelter and solitude for Desmond. It is filled with various machines and computers, which make a great chattering noise. I loved the song playing above the computer noise. Very cool and oddly moving.
    This episode has many fantastical and sci-fi elements to it, like when the beam of light comes out of the Hatch to swallow Kate up.
    It seems like the discovery of the Hatch is going to turn the show more to a sci-fi direction, if the signs wern't there already.
    This was a fantastic start to the series and proves once again that Jack's episodes are some of the best below Locke's.
  • The hatch revealed...

    The first 5 minutes literally blew me away. What a genious way to open the season. Starting INSIDE the hatch. It's all revealed but you don't realize it 5 minutes into the episode!

    Some might have complained that it was a cheat that we didn't see what's in the hatch in the season 1 finale, but this way, it was simply much better.

    The revelation is of course while pretty darn exciting and cool, slows the episode down, somewhat... namely, we already know what's in it, so we want our beloved characters to go down. But they won't just yet. So them arguing about is it worth going down(heck ye!) is somewhat filler-ish, and this is the only reason this episode doesn't get a higher score. The episode's Jack centric, and his flashbacks are pretty good, much better than his last one(Do No Harm). We learn about the woman he eventually married to(Sara). A truly dramatic story how a patient of him becomes his wife. Once the plot kicks in, halfway the episode, it's a blast. Locke going down, Kate going down, eventually Jack going down(despite what he said), it's a party down there!

    And then last 5 minutes, just as good as the first 5. There's a man living in the hatch. A man Jack has met before. Desmond. What?

    I'm lost.
  • 'blown away'

    Wow!! Seriously!! Just wow!! Actually more like WOW!!!! Cos this ep was AMAZING! As a fan of thriller shows I am a sucker for that tense " what the crap just happened?" reactions. BUT at the same time I am a sucker for tv spoilers. So I did do some reading on the premiere. Even so... WOW!!! There is so much said in this premiere with out actually saying anything... I know its an odd paradox but in the context of LOST it works. The tension and the restlessness... whew... I dont know how i am going to do this week per week.
  • Awesome!

    Jack has flashbacks of when he worked on Sarah, the girl he married. He also has a flashback of meeting a guy, who may have connections to the island.

    There is a man living a normal life, but when he hears something, it shows that it came from the explosion of the dynamite. The man is living inside the hatch. Jack tells Locke not to go into the hatch until morning. Jack assures everyone that everything will be okay. Locke decides to go in now instead of morning. Kate also decides to go with him. Shannon and Sayid look for Vincent and when Shannon gets lost, she sees Walt. But it seemed like a dream, but also very real. Kate goes down, but is taken by the man, so Locke follows. Jack also comes, but sees that no one is there, so he too goes into the hatch. He sees a weird lab place and then he sees Locke. Jack holds a gun at Locke, but then the mysterious man holds a gun to Locke as well. It turns out to be the man that Jack met long ago.

    This episode was great! Great ending! I mean, what the heck? That is trippy! This episode gets a 10 out of 10!
  • The Hatch

    I actually liked this episode. They finally get the hatch open and the suspense is over. It seemed like they took forever to get to the point of the hatch. Kate definitely has a brave soul because there was no way I would be the first person down in a dark hatch. We get a little taste of Jack flashbacks again. I wasn't too thrilled but, hey, I never am. I thought it was a little far fetched how the guy living down it the hatch was someone Jack had previously ran into. I know people say all the time that this is a small world, but there are way too many coincidental run-in in this show.
  • "See you in another life brother".

    Jack, Kate and Locke investigate the hatch and find Desmond, a man living inside, who locks Kate in a closet and holds Locke at gunpoint while Jack recognises Desmond. Shannon sees Walt in the jungle. Jack remembers operating on his soon-to-be-wife Sarah. This episode was very great anda intense episode it reveals whats down the hatch and we see new character Desmond who will eventualy become a series regular as of season three. Man Of Science Man of Faith had fans wanting more after the Confroontation with Jack and Desmond I liked the part where Shannon sees Walt because it was quiet scary.
  • Great Episode. Well Written

    I loved this episode for so many reasons I was really scared when Kate and John went into the hatch. I wouldn't have ever done that. I thought it was really messed up how Locke made Kate go first, but he had a point he could lift her up easily. That was weird how Jack saw the same man he was running with in the hatch but also too soon. I mean I like the idea but I just wished Desmond was introduced in an earlier episode than shown in the hatch. I wonder if Kate is going to be held prisoner and whether or not Jack or Desmond will let go of their guns. This was a marvelous episode all together. I read recently that Walt is not in much of this season, that upsets me because he was an interesting character. I couldn't have been more suprised when Locke revealed it was him who burned the raft. Anyways, I was wondering why they didn't show Sayer, Jin, or Micheal in this episode hopefully they do in the next. I am still wondering if Sawyer was shot by one of those men. I know Jin jumped in the water after him and Micheal just stood there screaming. I was suprised that all he did was stand there I mean sure he had no way of catching up to the boat but no father should really give up that easily. I mean at least show him making an attempt to swim towards him, poor writing there. I hope that Sawyer, Jin, and Micheal swim back to the island because they are way too important to the show to just be forgotten about. I was wondering why Walt's dog was acting so weird, I think he sensed Walt's presence. I like Shannon very much and I honestly think killing of Boone was a good idea now. I looked at the cover of Season 2 and I see some new faces, I'm wondering who they are. I am now going to write a review after every episode. =]
  • We Share the same fate....................

    What's wired about this episode, that it's a real view of what's the world is really about. The people you meet even for a second will actually affect your life in away or another.They might affect it for better or for worse. You will never expect it, like the people in Lost. Who would ever know that the person that walked beside you today, would be your neighbour in another country or he might be your love , your next best friend or your new enemy. He might be that same person who will kill you after 6, 7 or 10 years. Who knows? So don't ignore anybody you meet.
  • "Is this your 'destiny', Locke? 'All roads lead here?'"

    The man of science, man of faith debate between Jack and Locke officially begins in this episode, and will continue for the length of this season. It all occurs because of the opening of the hatch. After four months of wondering what could possibly be inside, the viewer was on the edge of their seat, hoping not to be disappointed-and they weren’t.

    The teaser of the episode is truly wonderful. We seem to be in some weird seventies bachelor pad, with bunk beds, an exercise bike, and a record player. On a side note here, “Make Your Own Kind of Music”, the song Desmond plays, is an awesome song. It always gets stuck in my head when I hear it, but in a good way. It also relates somewhat to the plot of Lost. Anyway, the whole time we think we’re in some strange flashback, or maybe even off the island. As soon as the explosion takes place, though, we begin to suspect where we really are. When the scene finishes and the title comes up, every fear the viewer had about the inside of the hatch being underwhelming is destroyed, and we’re completely captivated. I also give the producers a lot of credit for making the bold move so early on. Lost’s habit is to ask a question and then not answer it for a long time. For instance, Sayid was knocked out mysteriously in The Moth, and we didn’t find out who did it until The Greater Good, 14 episodes later. “What’s in the hatch?” was arguably the biggest question to come from Season 1, and it was answered in the first five minutes of Season 2.

    The rest of the episode is used mostly just to unwind the tension from the season finale. There are some scenes that are used to refresh our Season 1 memory, like when Hurley tells his story. We already know it, but it is good to hear again. Kate is a link to Season 1 too, because she says “live together, die alone,” Jack’s line from House of the Rising Sun, and she tries to count to five going down the shaft, which is what Jack taught her to do in the pilot. There are some original scenes that are pretty good too. Jack’s speech to the group in the caves is, as Kate says, what everybody needed to hear. It’s unlike Jack, because he doesn’t know that they will all be safe, the Others could still come. It’s like he says-“There’s a glass?” He takes the initiative, though, and that’s the mark of a good leader. The editing in that area of the episode is very good, too. First, there’s Hurley telling Jack his bedside manner sucks, then there’s the scene where Christian tells Jack that false hope is better than none, and then the scene at the caves. It’s a good character progression, and we’ll need to remember it, because the hatch is going to change people, and Jack will be one of them. We won’t see his good leader personality for a long time, so enjoy it while it lasts.

    Of course, entering into the hatch was the whole point of blowing it open. Locke’s determination to get into the hatch is nothing new, but Kate’s decision to go is a bit of a surprise. In the last episode she said that she was on Jack’s side over the “Locke problem,” but in this episode, she scampers into the jungle after Locke, and descends into the hatch first. Once again, Locke shows how he may be helpful on the outside, but is rather selfish on the inside. He’s been dying to get into the hatch since he discovered it, but when it comes down to it and it’s lying open at his feet, he decides to send someone else down to make sure it’s safe to continue. However, seeing as the hatch door had QUARANTINE written on it, maybe it is a good idea to send someone in first. Kate gets to the bottom but then disappears in a bright light-most likely the same light that Locke saw in Deus Ex Machina, although it’s much brighter now that there’s a nice wide hole in the top of the hatch.

    Jack runs off to the hatch after a little bit to make sure that Locke and Kate are alright. By the time he gets there, Locke has also gone down the shaft. Jack makes it down and we get our first good look at the inside of the hatch. The rough stone walls give way to smooth concrete after a little bit, although the ceiling remains stone until we get to the heart of the bunker. There are massive pipes, and after a short walk, a wall that’s boarded up, with buckets of hardened cement on the floor. There’s clearly an extremely powerful magnet behind the wall, as the gun case key is attracted to it. We also see the mural on the wall-there’s lots of peculiar symbols, but the two most notable are the words I M SICK, with a drawing of an eye instead of the letter, and the number 108 in a sun, as if everything revolves around that number. Rousseau has already told us about the sickness, and we’ll see the importance of 108 next episode. There’s also the dome room, with the computer in the center. To sum up, the art direction and production design of the hatch is absolutely spectacular. Everything looks old and the place really feels like people have lived in it. It’s the first time in the series that a set has really caught my eye and made me go, “Wow,” and the hatch totally deserves that.

    The flashbacks of the episode are rather disappointing, and prove to be more of a distraction than a help. We see the beginning of the story that was featured in Do No Harm, but once again, it doesn’t really parallel the story on the island. While it does put out a good message about Jack’s lack of bedside manner, and Jack’s imperfections that stem from Christian’s mistreatment of him, that’s nothing we haven’t seen. His breaking down when he tells Sarah he couldn’t fix her is sad, but once again, we all know he has commitment problems, so we’re not breaking any new ground. The flashbacks really serve to introduce Desmond, to make the end of the episode even more powerful than it already is. However, the fact that Jack just might believe in miracles when the flashbacks end is something interesting, and when we see his next flashback, we’ll understand the reason why Jack is so angry with Locke. The good thing about the flashbacks, though, is Matthew Fox’s performance. Like Evangeline Lilly, Fox never strikes me as an amazing actor, the way Terry O’Quinn or Harold Perrineau do, but he does deliver an excellent performance in this episode, especially in the final flashback.

    The little subplot of this episode involves Shannon and Walt. While nothing really comes of it here, Walt’s appearances will become more important as the season goes on. It’s another aspect added to Walt’s already mysterious abilities, how he can seemingly project himself into a place he can’t be. Why he appears to Shannon is a mystery as well. Is it because she has his dog? Is Vincent more important than he seems? We already know disaster seems to follow Vincent if he runs away from you, so do Walt and Vincent share a strange connection? Walt’s dialogue is also played backwards. If you listen to it, it sounds like one of two things. Either: “Push the button. No button’s bad,” or “Don’t push the button. The button’s bad.” By the end of the season, which sentence is correct will be painfully clear, although it’s never specifically addressed.

    Man of Science, Man of Faith is an excellent season premiere. The writing, direction, acting, and everything else are all good, and it’s a great episode to follow the amazing Exodus-Part 2. While the raft storyline is not shown, it doesn’t make the episode any worse-I think it makes it better, letting this storyline play out without cramming another into an already full episode. The next two episodes are going to feel similar to this one, in the respect that they’ll really just serve to defuse the tension from last season’s finale, before the Season 2 storylines really begin.
  • Excellent Episode !

    I just rewatched this episode and i've forgotten how great season 2 was. I remember watching it for the first time and patiently waiting and wondering on who or what was in the hatch. I liked the connection between Desmond and Jack. Also I love Jack and Locke scene's their the best because they completely disagree on everything yet they hold a certain respect for each other. This episode actually not was the opening of the season but literally opened the season's synopsis and what's to come in later episodes. The hatch basically was the introduction into Dharma and the real islands secrets so I guess this is a very important episode. I Loved It!
  • I like opening ep's

    they make me happy

    esmond: Now type in exactly what I say ... 4 8 15 16 23 42. Now press execute.
    Locke: What's going to happen? Desmond: Just push it! Jack: Is this what you were talking about, Locke? Is this your destiny? All roads lead here? Locke: Jack, calm down.
    Desmond: Lower your gun or I'll blow his damned head off, brother. Jack (recognizing that it's Desmond): You. Hurley: You're kidding, right? You're going back? Jack: (loading a gun) Yeah.
    Hurley: What about all that stuff you said about waiting 'til morning and watching the sun rise?
    Jack: I changed my mind. Hurley: You should go ahead, man - don't want Locke making time with your girl. (Jack shoots him a look) Joke, dude.
    Jack: I'm not really in the mood, Hurley.
    Hurley: Really? Wow, usually you're, like, Mr. Haha. (Jack chuckles) There you go. Life's not so bad, right? I mean, sure the Others are coming to, like, eat us all - and every once in a while someone blows up all over you, but you do get to sleep in every morning. Kate: Why do you want to get down there so bad?
    Locke: -ly. Why do I want to get down there so badly. Jack thinks I'm crazy, doesn't he?
    Kate: Why, because you want to drop into a hatch that's been locked from the inside by a foot-thick steel door that says "quarantine?"
    Locke: Well, look at the bright side. The damage is done.
    Kate: The bright side?
    Locke: And if Jack thinks I've lost it, I can't blame him, really. Then again, five hours ago I was pulled into a hole by what appeared to be a column of black smoke. Did you see it, Kate? (The look on her face indicates that she did) Then I guess we're both crazy. Wonder what Jack thinks he saw?
  • What is in the hatch

    We finally get to see what is in the hatch after blowing up the entrance at the end of last season we finally get the answer to the question what is in the hatch. I was trying to think of what was in there all summer but i NEVER would have thought that there would be a person in the hatch So What is he doing down there? well he has to enter numbers in a coumputer every 108 minutes 4 8 15 16 23 42. There are the numbers again! so Why?? I guess we will just have to wait to find out.
  • Welcome to the weirdness, this ones all about Jack

    Finally they blow open the hatch then we see some weird stuff. There is a man living down the hatch and he has lived there for a long time. He gets up puts a code into his computer does some exercise and then gives himself a shot of something. Meanwhile the group above become unsure whether loading people down a dark hatch is the right thing to do.

    So Jack does a speech to calm everyone down. Meanwhile we see more about Jack's job as a doctor and how he made a promise that he could not keep. He promises the girl that he will fix her but hr cannot anyway while running up and down a stadium he meets a man who asks Jack what’s going on. And he tells Jack he is going on a trip around the world. Back at the hospital the girl recovers Jack's a hero. Down the hatch... John lowers Kate down and she is captured by the man. John then goes down himself then Jack does after them. While down there we see some stuff then the computer Jack is about to push some buttons when John says don't. He then notices John has a gun to his head. And the man holding that gun is Desmond the same man he met running in that stadium in another life.
  • Best ever series opening

    A man is roused from sleep by his alarm. He jumps out of bed, types briefly on a computer and presses the "execute" button. He puts on a record (Mama Cass) and cleans up last night's dishes. He does his workout, takes a shower, makes a protein shake and gives himself am injection of...well, something. And then - BOOM! We hear the explosion and follow the man's frantic reaction into a gun locker where he loads up with pistols and a rifle and then goes to a primitive type of periscope he uses to discover the cause of this emergency. There, at the top of a very deep shaft, are Locke and Jack - who've just blown the hatch. Welcome back to Lost everyone... Seeing the depth of the shaft, Jack manages to get everyone to return to camp with him, leaving the exploration of the hatch for another time. After all, the reason they blew it open was to hide everyone inside and that's not going to be possible. Upon his return, Jack even manages to calm the rest of the survivors down and convince them that, regardless of what they may have heard, they will ALL survive to see the next day, as long as they all stick together. But Locke can't wait any longer and openly defies Jack's orders by returning to the hatch that night. And just as Jack thinks that one person defying him was bad enough, Kate decides that she's going out there too. Meanwhile, Shannon is frantic after losing Walt's dog Vincent. Sayid tries to convince her not to go out into the jungle looking for him tonight, but she will not be swayed. Finally, someone has trusted her enough to ask her to care for what they loved most and she's lost it. Not acceptable! So together they venture out into the dark and Shannon has an eerie encounter with Walt himself. He can't really be there, can he? He's out on the raft! But there he is, dripping wet and looking terrified. Before Sayid joins her, Walt disappears and she is left to wonder if she ever really saw him at all. In flashback, we see Jack in full hero mode as he works on a patient brought to his emergency room after a terrible car crash. Her name is Sarah and she tells Jack one thing before she passes out. He has to fix her because she MUST dance at her wedding in a few months. And we see the very moment that Jack met the woman who will eventually become his wife. While Jack takes a late-night run, trying to accept that even his skills have their limits, he meets a man as driven as he is. Turns out "Desmond" was going to be a doctor, too, but gave it up for something else - everything else. Desmond realized there was more to life than what you could learn in medical school - and he tells Jack that sometimes miracles can happen if you just believe. Jack thinks him a total crackpot, but is forced to reconsider when, against all odds, Sarah regains feeling in her legs. Back on the island, Jack decides to follow Locke and Kate down the hatch. As he makes his way through the bizarre surroundings, that same Mama Cass song starts up again and Jack suddenly finds himself in the middle of a stand-off. When the man holding a gun to Locke's head steps further into the light Jack gets the shock of his life. That guy threatening to blow Locke's head off? It's Desmond. The same guy Jack met running that night in another life...
  • Review

    I think this is the greatest episode of LOST up until this point. This episode just had everything that you could ever ask for from this series - A great flashback story, an amazing ending that leaves us all guessing, and intense mystery and confusion thoughout the duration of Jack looking in the hatch for Locke and Kate. This episode seems to confirm that this season is going to be a power struggle of sorts between Locke and Jack for control of the island and the group of survivors. The fact that the man Jack ran into years ago is now on the same island that he is was an amazing twist and brings new meaning to the phrase "See you in another life". I thought everything about this episode was awesome, I didnt even mind that the raft story was left out. The episode had me engripped throughout and I think this episode should be one of the Series's best ever without a doubt.
  • An excellent start to the second season of Lost!

    After the first season had concluded with the opening of the hatch, Walt being captured by the others and the raft blowing up, viewers were put into suspense until Season 2 started and It did and In It was great!
    It began with an introduction of the hatch with a computer beeping and a man named Desmond who lived there got up, entered a few numbers and It stopped! Every minute of that intro was Incredible especially when there was an explosion from up above! so he shut off all the lights and then we saw Jack, Kate and Locke looking into the hatch. Those first few minutes was perfect!
    Then back at the caves Shannon saw Walt in the jungle while she was looking for Vincent just after the raft attack. Could It really be him? Then there were the flashbacks of Jack which took place about 3 years ago and how he was trying to save a woman who had a car accident with a middle-aged man which turned out to be Shannon's father who then died in the ER! Very interesting.
    It was funny how Hugo told Jack about the numbers and that Jack told him "they're numbers". Then Locke decided to go into the hatch with Kate which turned out to be a nightmare when she fell down!
    Then Jack followed going down into the hatch which was very interesting after Locke and Kate had gone missing inside. The hatch is pretty cool as in the decorations but as he was walking this music starts playing and he finds a round room filled with hardware and a computer then Locke found Jack but was held at gunpoint by Desmond, the guy whom Jack met in a rugby stadium 3 years ago. In the final flashback we see that Jack coudn't save Sarah's back so she would be paralysed but then a miracle happened! She made it and that's why they got married.
    The end was suspenseful how Desmond showed himself and Jack said "you?" Then It was finished! But overall a fantastic episode and great start to season 2. This episode will always be one of my favourites! Next week reveals what happened to the raft. I can't wait!
  • Starts off with a bang.

    Season 1 ended up with an exciting but satisfying cliffhanger finale. Now Season 2 starts off with a bang. After Locke blew up the hatch. Kate and Jack wonders if they should see what's down the hole. Jack decides that they should wait until they know it's safe to go down there. Kate and Locke couldn't wait, they feel that they really have to go down there. Shannon chases Vincent after he decided to venture into the forest. This episode is a excellent season starter, the excitement is lost back again, and it doesn't disappoints. The writers came up with a really nice story to kick of the second season.
  • Superb start to the season.

    This Episode was one of my favourites.I really loved the start because I had no clue what was going on.I couldn't wait to see what would happen and then Bang.i coped on It was inside the hatch.This was a great scene because it was actually the first time we saw inside the Hatch.I really liked the introduction of Desmond.He was really Displayed as a mystery.It was great the way they timed the flashback of Jack and Desmond right before it showed his face.Brilliant.Another thing I discovered about Tbe Episode is From the Audio Commentry on the DVD.I found out That Walt was whispering "dont push the button its Dangerous".This was odd because in the end the button HAD to be pressed to keep the Hatch in place.This was really a great episode to watch.
  • (Spanish) Uno de los grandes episodios de Lost

    Ya con la secuencia inicial entramos de lleno a una nueva dimensión de Lost, a una serie que se reinventa. Las alucinaciones de Walt, la presencia de Desmond, el flashback de Jack (el primero suyo que me interesa) forman parte de un capítulo intenso, emotivo con todas las grandes virtudes de Lost. Un regreso de altura
  • Overally perfectly capable of being a season premiere, but it could've been better with a more interesting flashback story or even, with a different character having the episode.

    This episode shows once again the brilliantness of Lost writers.

    The first scene shows us what's in the hatch,and it was done brilliantly! One of the best scenes on television, ever.

    The episode is Jack centric. On the island, the survivors have an arguement wether to go down the hatch, or not. Although the general opinion and Jack's is a big fat no, Locke and Kate decides to go down.

    Things soonly go bad when Kate gets grabbed down by the mysterious man living in the hatch, so Locke goes down too... But he finds himself 'LOST' aswell, so Jack, although promised the camp that nobody's going down until the morning, went down too for further exploration of the hatch.

    In the flashbacks, we learn how Jack got to knew his future wife.

    Sarah, who was the other participant of the car accident Shannon's dad caused, was so seriously damaged, most liekly she will be paralyzed. Sarah's boyfriend doesnt like that, so most likely, her boyfriend leaves her...

    Although things soonly go good when Jack is able to save Sarah's life, miracle? Maybe. The last moment of the episode is big, just as big as the first. When the face of the mysterious man was revelead, the audience dropped their jaws. Very good cliffhanger, very good on island plot, but weak flashbacks. Because we didn't anything new about Jack.

    Plus there was not one scene involving the raft survivors. Their fate is still questionable.
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