Season 2 Episode 15

Maternity Leave

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 01, 2006 on ABC

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  • Maternity Leave

    Mysteries are finally answered in an episode filled with monumental plot development, accompanied by great editing and direction.
  • Awesome.

    When Aaron becomes sick, Claire, Kate and Rousseau travel to where Claire was held captive, an abandoned Dharma medical station, in the hope of finding a cure. Jack and Locke argue on how to deal with Henry. Claire's memories of Ethan holding her captive and her escape with the help of Rousseau and her daughter, who is one of the Others, return. Wow - what another awesome episode from Lost. I love the way Claire keeps remembering things fromt eh time she was taken by Ethan. Mr Eko is finally back - I love him, I love the way Eko knew about the man in the hatch before anybody told him he is so amazing and I love the scene where he is with "Henry Gal" - awesome scene. I love the way Claire, Kate and The Fench Chick go to the place where Claire was take and the Claire remembers everything what happened - cool storyline.
  • We have a worried Claire, Locke and Danielle that the baby is not right, they go off to find the place where Ethan held Claire. Mr Eko confesses to the prisoner, who is trying to play head games with them after getting his head straight.

    Claire wakes up Locke and gets him to go and get Jack as the baby is running a fever, he promises jack that he'll stay and push the buttons and jack grabs his med kit and heads for the beach. Danielle gets there before jack and this causes Claire to freek out, Danielle says that she doesn't remember, but then she sees an image of men giving Aaron an innoculation prior to being born.

    In the morning, Claire along with Kate go to see the shrink from the new group, with regards to helping her to remember the 2 weeks that she was held captive, she wants to know as she believes they did something to hurt her baby. So she helps Claire with some hypnotherapy in order to remember that time.
    She did remember somethings, not all bad but bad enough for her wanting to find that room and track the medicine they gave her. Her and Kate are going to find Danielle to find out where she was in the jungle when they met.

    Mr Eko goes down to the hatch to discuss something with Locke, but the prisoner and Jack are in the bathroom, so even though he doesn't see him, he knows he is there because of the cot in the armoury. But then on the beach tells Jack that he wants to speak to him alone, Jack says he can't do that but Me Eko says he can if he wants it to remain a secret.

    Claire and Kate meet up with Danielle and Claire leads them to a familiar spot and then she leads them to another and then onto another bunker, this is the one that she had been taken too before, where she spent her 2 weeks of drug filled missing gap of her time on the island. They all go in, they find flashlights and claire goes to find the circuit breakers. The lights are put back on and she is in the nursery, then she heads off to get the vaccine but it has gone.

    Kate finds some lockers and in one of them there is theatrical glue and a false beard, then she gets called to where Claire is, then all 3 of them leave and at a certain point split their own ways. Never of them found what they were looking for. They head off in there own directions.

    Mr Eko goes into the armoury to talk to the prisoner, he does not question the prisoner, just tells him of his first night on the island, how he was dragged into the bush by two men, that he had to kills them by bashing their heads in with a rock, he tells him this and asks for his forgiveness, then he cuts off his little strands of a goatee, as a sign that he is on the righteous path again.

    Claire is back with the baby, Jack says that the fever is broken but he will check back in a couple of hours. Locke takes the prisoner some food, they chat and he asks why is it that the dr calls all the shots, he is playing head games with them.
  • Some new information about the island --- or is it?

    The season is more than half over, and we've barely seen anything of Claire. She's been seen occasionally talking to Jack and Locke, and she was present in her problems with Charlie. This actually makes a little sense, because Claire's now become, for all intents and purposes, a s new single mom. She's been fussy, worried, nagging and somewhat hostile, and worse she has no one to turn to for guidance.. The only parent on the island is Michael (where is Michael, by the way?), and he's had no experience raising a child. So when she starts having nightmares and visions, it's no wonder that she wants to handle the problem, so she can get back to worrying about Aaron. Jack is the person to turn to, but right now, he's set up housekeeping in the hatch (we'll come back to that), and considering the last time she asked him for help regarding her visions, he told her there was nothing to worry about--- right before she was abducted.

    So when Aaron starts getting sick, and Claire wants to find out whether the memories she's been having our real she turns to another person we've seen almost nothing off --- Libby, who we know has some experience as a psychiatrist. What happens next is somewhat confusing. It's possible that the flashback that follows is really about what happening while she was in the custody of the Others, but it's also possible that these are memories from before the kidnapping. For one thing, there is no whoosh before the beginnings of these flashes, which could mean they aren't really happening. For another, a lot of the things that happen did happen, but in 'Raised by Another'--- the questions about the prenatal care, the mobile of Oceanic planes was prominent in her dream, and the song 'Catch a Falling Star' could be a memory of her subconscious. Then again, we see Mr. Friendly (without his beard) and there's no way that she could have seen him before the kidnapping. Furthermore, Ethan is taking care of her like a doctor, which we will later learn was his profession. We will also learn that his actions with Claire did mesh with his continued presence (however, that information is unreliable).

    Still, it's clear that Claire is desperate, which leads her to do something selfish, leaving her crying, sick baby with Sun (with no apparent formula either) and go out with Kate to find Rousseau, who kidnapped Aaron in the first place. Up until now, we've seen Rousseau as a partly crazy, but well meaning woman and as a deceitful enemy, but now it appears that she's been on the side of right all along. We see that Rousseau was trying to protect Claire, and that the scratches she received were defensive. We also learn the answer to the question how did Claire escape--- she didn't. One of the Others, a teenage girl apparently took her out against her will. Which leads to an important question: was this girl the Alex that was abducted from Danielle 16 years ago. In retrospect, the resemblance between the two women is striking, and they did call out for 'Alex' when the Others grabbed Kate. This mystery will wait for another day.

    The sickness is actually a MacGuffin to have Claire make her really discovery--- another Dharma hatch. Depending on which episode, it's either the Caduceus or the Staff, but whatever it is, its purpose does seem to have something to do with medical equipment. However, like the Arrow, this one seems to have been cleaned out, and the vaccine that Claire hoped to find for Aaron is nowhere to be found--- if it was there in the first place. Furthermore, Danielle doesn't find what she was looking for either--- there's no sign of anybody.

    Meanwhile, back in the hatch, Henry seems to have become a symbol of the tension between Jack and Locke. Just like he did when they found the hatch, Jack has unilaterally decided that no one else is going to learn about Henry, even though when Locke asks him if he has a plan, it's clear that he's improvising, and has no idea for long term plans. This becomes clearer when Eko comes into the hatch, sees Henry and insists on talking to him. The scene between them is really intense, and though he does all the talking, it's clear that Eko, like Sayid, is convinced that Henry is lying.

    Our first sign that Henry is more than a man in a balloon comes when near the end of the episode. Locke brings Henry food, and they have a discussion about Hemingway and Dostoeyvsky, and he starts to play on Locke's vulnerabilities involving Jack (This might not take much, but still) it's a pretty good sign that he's not who he says he is) Still, the writers play it well, and Henry's expression in the last moment remains completely neutral.

    There are certain elements of 'Maternity Leave' that make it a fine episode, mostly the fine work of Mira Furlan and Eko's monologue in the armory. Yet for some reason, this one isn't quite as strong as the last one. What we learn about Claire does seem to come in valid, and by now we all know that Henry is not to be trusted, but considering that the crisis that forms the episode is basically irrelevant (as are a lot of things that we see involving Aaron), it does seem like we're wasting a little time We still don't know what was in the vial (the Others seem to have access to a lot of drugs) or what made the water sour, or what made Claire so placid throughout her entire fabulous 'Other experience. But even in the short term, we don't seem to be making progress on some of the other stories or involving the other characters. It's understandable that episodes like this may have made viewers think that Lost was going through a sophomore slump.
    My score: 7.2'
  • Firs Time a Flashback about the Island!!!

    From the Writers/Perspective:

    This episode is more about satisfation than anything else. Season 1 was impressive, but didn´t reveal too much, this made some critics say that the producers don´t really know how to solve some of the mysteries on the Island.

    So in this Season a lot is revealed: 1 - Dharma Initiave, 2 - Polar Bear Presence Justified, 3 - There are Others in the Island, 4 - Some People from the TailPlane Survived, 5 - What Kate Did was REvealed, 6 - What Happened with Claire when she was Kidnapped is Revealed.

    So, Even if the writers would reveal what happened with Claire during the kidnapping, this doesn´t mean that we would know all the truth, but only the essential.

    Claire is the Main Character in this episode, and she wants to know what happened with her, because her son may be infected. The French Woman also play her participation here and even her daughter appears in this episode.

    So, the writers decided to reveal various details and keep some in the dark for now.

    My Point of View:

    This episode continues with good and revealing material that this season 2 is providing.

    Henry Gale is another highlight in this episode, nothing that is unexpected.

    Was Unexpected that the writers would reveal many details during Claire flashbacks, that was nice.

    Overall, this episode deserves a 9 only because is satisfatory and a important episode for this Season, and is the first time that anyone see a flashback about the ISland. This type of episode make you pay attention from the beginning of the flashbacks.
  • Maquillaje

    Cuantos sucuchos hay de Dharma? Si "The Others" saben de ese sucucho, por qué no conocen los otros? O sí los conocen? Tantos son? Qué son actores? Qué corno son!!!??? Por Dios!!! Es todo una especie de Gran Hermano o Truman Show escalofriante? Están simplemente todos del tomate?
    Claire al fin toma el camino largo y se adentra en la selva. Ethan es un re buena onda, o al menos eso parece. Danielle y su hija por ahí.
    Por suerte es, creo, el primer episodio en el cual no hay flashbacks before island y todo se centra en la trama. Esa barba postiza me hizo presumir lo peor.
  • The third episode in a row that keeps Lost feeling fresh. No pre-island flashbacks, an all-chick adventure and answers......

    "One of Them" was pretty much a dick flick. So it was really nice to now have a chick flick. This is another top-notch episode. This one is possibly even better than the last one. It has alot of answers, all pertaining to Claire's abduction by Ethan but always leaving questions open.
    It certainly gives us a lot of things to think about and we see the most we have of The Others and particularly their enviroment.
    This episode returns a little to its horror roots too. The scenes in the empty Staff hatch/station are genuinely creepy, including Kate's discovery of MrFriendly/Zeke's beard and raggardy clothes. The episode is quite surreal to with all of Claire's dreams. There have been clues to the fact that The Others may be the good guys, despite their methods. Ethan appears to be genuinely caring towards Claire. It would seem that Ethan is in some way in love with Claire and that despite all that he has to do for the group of Others he works for, he could easily break the rules and rebel, to the extent of helping Ethan escape.
    The teenage girl Other (quite possibly Alex Rousseau) seems to think of Ethan's motivations differently and believes that Claire will be a sacrifice in exchange for her baby.
    With everything happening with Claire's adventures in the Hatch in real time or in her memories there could have been alot of neglect with life on the beach or in the Swan Station. That is not the case. The focus for much of the episode was with Claire but once the mission is over there is enough time to focus a bit on our new character, Ben Linus, which tips this episode past a superb episode to a perfect one. The final moments with Ben and Locke are amazing and watching Locke smash up the dishes is both shocking and revealing. We realise that Locke seems to be losing his control over himself or his enviroment. Locke wants to be in control, and realising that Locke is somewhat living in the shadow of the de facto leader in Jack is rather jarring for him. He is a bomb ready to go off!
    With a close up shot of Locke's face to close the episode you would assume that Locke would be the natural choice to have the next episode focused on him. But that is not the case.
    This continues the recent sudden momentum shift. It is adventurous, creepy, revealing, emotional and intense, all the elements that make up my favourite kind of Lost episode.
  • Answers were given, action happened, and it was a very great episode

    This episode went back and showed us what happened to Claire during her two-week absence from the survivors in the first season.
    Ethan had it all planned out, along with these others. The interesting part for me was Henry Gale and his tricks. I'm starting to guess he's one of them because he hardly ever asks them to let him go, or begs for forgiveness, stuff like that. I find the guy hilarious but quite sneeky.

    As for Clarie and her revealed flashbacks, Ethan Rom was planning to kill her and have her baby cut out of her. Horrible people. We finally got these missing answers which was great. We also saw another side to Danielle Rousseau, a nice way about her. She was saving Claire, just like her daughter Alex did before Claire met up with Rousseau. It was nerve-wrakking to find out if Claire's baby was actually infected. The best parts were Ethan, (I like the guy, he rocks) and Mr. Eko asking Henry for forgiveness. I guess Eko thinks that Henry is one of them.

    Overall, this episode gave answers, had high action, high suspense, just plain wonderful really.. The final scene shows us the fact that finding out if Henry is good or bad just impossible, for now.
  • A Claire-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I really, really liked this episode, and this is definitely my favorite of all the Claire-centric episodes that they've had so far. I really liked getting to learn what happened to Claire during the time that she was missing back in season one. It was very interesting to learn a little bit more about The Others. This episode definitely had a lot of plot development for show in general, and that's something that I really liked about this episode. All in all, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I'm looking forward to watching the rest of my season two DVD set.
  • (Locke hands him his dinner) Henry: No cheeseburgers, huh?

    Finally we got another Claire centric episode but this episode was very refreshing and different compared to the others, it was the first episode to have flashbacks that were on the island. I really bgan to like Claire here, we saw a different side to her and I liked it. We saw a new DDharma station (The Staff) it was very creepy along with most of the episode. we got some answers including: What happened to Claire? and Is Alex still alive? I thought it was wierd they way Ethan was giving her drugs but it was also funny. This episode was a very revealing episode of Lost, I enjoyed it.
  • Really interesting. The first island flashback, and an all around excellent episode... until the conclusion.

    This was a perfect episode until a point. But before we get there. Let me say, finally. After more than a season we find out what happened to Claire while she was kidnapped by Ethan. She was taken to a medical hatch by Ethan. The others apparently wanted Aaron, no matter what. Why?

    No idea. But we get alot of nice clues regarding the others. First of all, their hillybilly looks(ragged clothes, beards) are all fakes. Hmm. Bearded man( who isn't so bearded anymore) is NOT the leader as we previously thought. Who then? Claire believe her baby is sick, so she and Kate with Rousseau's help go out to find the station, but there's no medicine there. So they go back and all's fine. LOLWHAT? Sorry, but that was horrible. Claire suddenly not caring about the medicine was just... random. I just think Claire suddenly remembering things would've been better. The writers could've just said "okay, Claire wants to go back there to find clues" Why make up the whole medicine plot? It just felt really painful in the end.

    What I loved though is how manipulative Henry Gale is. He already manipulated Locke, he knows where to push his buttons. Locke questions wether he's doing the right thing, and if Jack is really treating him equally as the "secondary" leader or not.
  • Very interesting!

    Claire has flashbacks of when she was taken by Ethan. She starts remembering what happened to her.

    Claire believes Aaron is sick and when Danielle shows up and says that it might be infected, Claire freaks out. She wants to find the vaccine that "the Others" used. She, Kate and Danielle search for the place Claire was at. They find it, abandoned. Claire realizes that Danielle was trying to save her when she scratched her and also that she may have met Danielle's daughter. Locke and Jack try to keep Gale a secret, but Eko finds out. Gale tells Locke that Jack is always the one calling the shots.

    This episode was great! The facility place was really interesting! Fake beards and stuff. I think Gale is one of the "Others." This episode gets a 10 from me!
  • Claire's Baby

    This is my favorite episode so far. I love the fact that Claire is willing to do whatever it takes to save her baby from whatever sickness he may have had. We see her flashbacks of her after she was captured by Ethan. I don't care what they said I don't think I would have let them inject my baby with anything. We find out that Danielle wasn't trying to take Claire back to the others but in fact she was helping Claire escape so she could return back to her camp. We also find out that it was Danielle's daughter who helped her escape. I loved it. It revealed a lot and answered many questions regarding Claire's disappearance.
  • Great.

    When Aaron becomes sick, Claire, along with Kate and Rousseau, travel to where Claire was held captive, an abandoned DHARMA medical station called the Staff, in the hopes of finding a cure. Jack and Locke argue on how to deal with Henry Gale. Claire remembers the two weeks in captivity with the Others. I felt sorry for Rousseau at the end of this episode and I wanted to see more of her in the this season but that never happened. This episode was very interesting and was great to watch much like every other episode of this brilliant TV show.
  • "You're mine. And I love you."

    The relationship between Claire and Aaron is strengthened in this episode, which is extremely sad at some points. This is a very good episode, and everything is put together well. The only problem that I have with it is that it seems strangely out of place, especially considering the episode that came before it.

    The story that takes place on the island is very good, and every actor involved does a great job. Aaron gets sick, and Claire thinks that there's medicine that can help him in the Dharma station where she was held while in the Others' hands. Emilie de Ravin delivers an amazing performance in this episode, and all I can say is that she seriously needs more screen time. She's a terrific actress, and is easily the best in this episode. The emotion that comes across in her performance is perfect, and she has those striking blue eyes that convey so much. It's also interesting to have an all-female trip across the island. It's usually the guys who do the work, but as Sawyer says in his hilarious appearance, "No boys allowed." Kate and Claire track down Rousseau, and together they find the Staff station. What they discover there is pretty important-the Others have abandoned it, but taken everything they'll need out of it. There's also theater glue, a long brown beard, and the hat that Kate finds is the exact same one that Zeke was wearing when he kidnapped Walt.

    Unfortunately, there's no medicine inside, and Claire is forced to return to Aaron from her maternity leave without it. Rousseau is also disappointed-Claire said that there was a teenage girl who helped her escape from the Others, and Rousseau's daughter Alex would be sixteen years old. The scene in the jungle at the end of the episode between Rousseau and Claire is very sad and moving, and Mira Furlan is absolutely wonderful in it. There's so much sadness in her, and you can tell how lonely she is after living alone for so long. The scene when she walks toward Kate's pistol is also telling-she's not going to kill herself, but if someone else wants to, it wouldn't be the worst thing that could happen to her. Her heart has already been taken, and she hasn't been able to get it back in sixteen years. The final scene between Claire and Aaron is also a good one. Emilie de Ravin is great once again, and it's a terrific solo performance. I'm glad the writers didn't mess it up by trying to add in Charlie or someone else. Instead they just let it be Claire's moment. To be fair, she is helped by that adorable baby playing Aaron.

    The flashbacks are also an inspired idea. It's the first time that flashbacks have taken place on the island, and they're wonderful. Not only do they answer a big question from the show (and raise a lot more), they provide a great insight into the lives of the Others. Ethan as a nice doctor is even creepier than him as a freakishly strong villain, and his return is pretty cool, as he was a very interesting character while he was alive. There's also the sight of Zeke without his beard-now we know for sure that the Others are not what they seem. Finally, there's the teenage girl that saves Claire. She does look remarkably like Rousseau, and knowing that Alex is most likely alive and well, and most importantly not one of the Others (she defies their orders) is a very encouraging thought. There's not really a chance for any emotional moments in the flashbacks, though, as Claire is drugged the whole time. It does come during the scenes with Rousseau and Aaron though, and the lack of drama in the flashbacks doesn't take away from the episode.

    The subplot of the episode is Jack's and Locke's attempts to keep Henry Gale a secret. However, when Eko comes in looking for a saw for his mysterious project, he discovers what's going on. Before I go any further, the editing of the shots when Eko is chopping down the tree is done wonderfully, and is very dynamic. Anyway, the scene between Eko and Henry is excellent. AAA does an awesome job, and when he says he's sorry for what he's done, I completely believe him. He also cuts off the braids in his beard, which seemingly represent the two men he killed. There's that brief moment of terror when the audience thinks Eko is about to slit his own throat and squirt Henry with blood, but it quickly passes (thank God). Michael Emerson, though he doesn't have a lot to do, is still pretty good, especially in the very last scene of the episode.

    His status as an Other is pretty much cemented for me in that scene, when he completely manipulates Locke. It starts out by talking about Hemingway and Dostoevsky. Locke had earlier told Jack how Hemingway always felt insignificant when compared to the Russian author. Henry asks Locke whether he's the genius (Dostoevsky) or the man in the shadow of the genius (Hemingway). The audience immediately knows this is bad, as Locke has never been the genius. Whether it was Cooper, Randy, or now Jack and the button, Locke has always been the downtrodden one, the one who settles for things to avoid the argument. Henry officially pushes him over the edge when he says that Jack makes all the decisions. Locke flips out upon leaving the armory, and Henry gives a little smile. He's succeeded in playing with Locke's head-who will he go after next?

    As I said earlier, the only real problem I have with this episode is its placement. It just doesn't feel like it belongs here. The previous episode had introduced us to Henry, and the viewer can already tell that his presence is going to be very important, as he's already created a rift, planting seeds of doubt in Locke's head. This episode though, while it still features him, goes in a different direction. The overriding feeling I get from this episode, unfortunately, is that the writers wanted to get a Claire episode in, and realized they had to do that before going into the last third of the season, where all the events start coming together. While there are a lot of important things that come out of this episode, it seems to me that the writers knew those bits of knowledge-the young girl who's probably Alex, the fake beard, etc. had to be told before going into the final stretch of the season, and came up with an excuse to do it. When you actually look at it from the end of the season, Claire's story does not necessarily need to be told. Obviously, it's important that the audience know what happened to her so that it's not a big loose end, but it's not as critically as important as it seems. Again though, the episode is very well put together, and pretty much everything about it is good. I just don't like the structuring of the storylines, not only here but the whole middle part of the season sags a bit for me. To be fair to the writers though, a lot of times when I criticize story decisions I can usually come up with a way to make it better. In this case I can't, so I know that the way the episodes, shall we say clash, can't be helped. Therefore, I'll just try and ignore it, and enjoy the episodes for what they are.
  • good episode

    Claire's baby Aaron gets sick. Kate, Claire find Danielle and they return to the same spot in the island where Claire might have been taken. Danielle shows them around the facility where she believes she can find a medicine that can cure Aaron. Jack and Locke discuss about the fate of their prisoner. Stuff happens in this episode, it's really interesting, it connects to the Danielle story of last season, it shows us some answers, but it gives us new questions. It's a really good episode. I enjoyed watching this one. I can't wait for the next episode, it's really good.
  • Another great Claire flashback when she was kidnapped on the island while being pregnant and getting to know more of The Other Ethan.

    I really enjoyed this episode, and until this day I still do. I think it is one of the best episodes of Lost. The reasons why I love the episode is because it kept me scared and to the edge of my seat. I never grew bored and it gave me clues to find what was happening next. I loved the way the episode set up Claire, Kate, and Danielle to adventure the forest. I also enjoyed the episode because it was just scary and fun to watch. I definitely recommend watching this episode more than once!
  • Review

    I liked the flashback in this one alot, it might be my favorite style of flashback that we have seen to this point. the flashback wasnt anything that happened before they got on the plane, but rather the two weeks of Claires life that she doesnt remember what happened. There was a lot of information in this episode and what Claire went through and I think we have confirmed that there are now three stations on the island. The Arrow, the Swan, and now the medical station. The medical station looked just about empty, so I doubt it will play a big role other then being a big mystery that Claire and Kate just went through. I thought the power struggle betwene Jack and Locke was picked at a little by Henry in this episode.He still looks like a very interesting character, with a lot of mystery surrounding him. I think this season is really starting to kick it into high gear. Very good episode...
  • Nice though I start to dislike Claire

    The episode was thrilling and had real " Omg that is like in a horromovie" scence, like when they got into the medicin hatch and Claire had wet hair and everything was dark while they were wandering around. But I start to dislike Claire because she is so ... irational. Okin the flashbacks she was druged but except for the " whooo butterflys" feeling she gave me it still was her. I truyl can understand that she doesn't want her Baby near charlie (even befor he went all psycho on her) but it's also that I feel that she forgot what he did for her, and the baby and that he took good care of them.
    Just like Jack, as soon as her child is sick she goes all psycho on him. Good, if you have a child and it's sick and you on an island that must be terrible but she aso forgets what Jack has done for her and all the others. I just wish she would start to appreciate it more what the others do for her and for Aaron.
  • Aaron becomes sick and Claire and Kate set off to find a cure while learning more about the island.

    This was a fantastic episode. Not only did it focus on two of my favourite characters but it also taught us more about the island. Claire's baby, Aaron gets sick and Claire and Kate journey the island to find a cure and end up finding Danielle Roseau, the french woman. In this episode we also learn what happened to Claire when she went missing in the middle of Season 1. Overall, splendid episode, just what I love about Lost, it's full of mystery and surprises!
  • Near perfection.

    The first episode to have on island flashbacks. Flashbacks of what happened to Claire while she was kidnapped.

    I have to say, the episode was creepy, almost as dark and creepy as the last one.

    This episode, unlike the previous one, mainly featured women. Kate, Claire and Rousseu. The beginning is instant: Aaron seems to be ill, but Jack soonly calms Claire it's normal, just a fever. However Claire believes it's something that the others done to the baby, and then, Danielle shows up and tells Claire the baby got the sickness.

    With Libby's help, Claire tries to remember what happened with her - succesfully.

    The girls soonly discover the medical hatch where Claire was kept. She got all kind of injections from our well known, but by now dead friend, Ethan.

    Not only Claire is drugged,but she really has no idea what is going on with her.

    Now, you may ask, why only 'near' perfection? Seems like a very adventurous and interesting episode. It was. I mean, we met the bearded guy from the raft, WITHOUT a beard. Kate found his FAKE beard in the medical hatch.

    But why only near?

    Because... firstly. The medicine they went for wasn't found..so instead of exploring the hatch, they quickly went back to the camp. And they didn't tell ANYONE about it.

    As they got back,Aaron suddenly got better. Cheesy, very cheesy. Even if Jack was right about the fever, the ending was really cheesy.
  • So that's what happened to Claire

    I really am not a huge fan of thie episode and the only reason I gave it a good score is so that the episode's score doesn't drop. I saw this episode after season 2 was finished so I already knew what was in there and what was going to happen, but perhaps if I saw it through the eyes of a newbie, perhaps I would like it.

    Never been a huge fan of Claire, but I was dieing to find out what happened to her, but when I saw it I was like, ehh. It really wasn't a bad episode, but I guess I just expected more from it, and I wish there was more Sayid in season 2.

    Claire: I saw him, I saw Ethan

  • Amazing! This is the only episode so far that shows us flashbacks from on the island!

    Amazing! This is the only episode so far that shows us flashbacks from on the island! Finally the 2nd Season is coming back to its full glory that it had in the 1st Season! Please Tune in Guys it really is good! Especially this one really! Claire is a great character and this shows how twisted the others really are! And we see the return of French Woman Danielle Roseau ! So at least watch this one and well if you dont like it you are stupid! So Good Watch It Forever and Always and Ever and Ever !
  • Claire has flashbacks of what happened while she was kidnapped...

    ...This episode has incredibly good start. Aaron gets sick, Claire asks for help from Libby to see if she can remember what the 'others' gave to Aaron. She remembers. The adventure is on! Claire and Kate with Danielle's help go out in the jungle to find a new Dharma station where Claire and her baby was kept.

    The strongest part of the episode was the flashbacks. Claire had flashbacks of Ethan - Ethan helped her. Alot. Or pretended..? She managed to escape with a little help - help from a teenage girl, who might be Danielle's daughter... but who's this girl? ?Most likely she's an other too.. but why'd she help Claire..?

    As soon as Claire makes it out of the hatch Danielle helps her. But Claire remembers differently.. she thinks Danielle was the one who helped the others.

    Back on the island the discovery is made * the gals find the hatch. However, nothings inside... they are disappointed, go back to the camp, where magically Claire's baby is cured. Mmm. the ending ruined the episode for me.
  • Aaron's sick...

    Kate: She thinks he's really sick, as in quarantine sick.

    Another episode which ultimately amounts to not a lot by the conclusion. It is however a lot more watchable than most, as all the flashbacks are island centric as well. Claire gets an episode to herself more or less, which is good as she's probably one of the better characters. But the whole, 'oh, Aaron's probably just got a fever, he'll be fine' end is a bit flat.
  • They should have just called this episode, "WATCH THIS OR DIE!!!"

    "Maternity Leave" is an hour well spent. The plot of this episode was phenomonal; it was very intricate, extremely detailed, and downright creepy. There were so many twists and turns that it was borderline confusing. But that's what I loved about it: it was just the type of episode that diehard Lost fans dream of. Claire, Kate and Rousseas were all intensely good, especially on their trek across the island. And I hope to see more of Tania Raymonde, a new favorite actress of mine (seriously, that's how good she was.
    The choppy, somewhat confusing, almost subliminal montages were my favorite. They revealed so much without saying a single word. Also, "Maternity Leave" answered so many questions, it felt kind of spoiler-ish. But, of course, it wouldn't be Lost if more questions weren't raised. I'd definately like to see more episodes like this: the intensity of the flashback, the characters, and the filming made this episode especially worthwhile. If you want to watch something really, really good, watch "Maternity Leave". It will blow your mind.
  • When Aron gets seriously ill she is reminded by Rousseau how people on the island have got seriously ill and died. Therefore she turns to miss Phycologist to try and unlock the memories of when she was kindnapeed by Ethan.

    This episode shocked me, especially when you see the first flashback of when Claire was being treated by Ethan in the "hospital" place. There is a great twist at the end where Claire is saved By Rousseau's now teenage daughter. This might bring Rousseau into the storyline abit more in future episodes in a frantic search for her daughter. A very good yet I believe an unrealistic storyline. But then again, this is why I watch lost, to watch the unexplained.
    You learn alot more about Ethan and discover he might have a sentimental side, aside from the fact he is now dead. We discover there are some more people on the island, somthing to do with a vaccine, and that Claire and Aron are definatly not safe.
  • What happened to Claire when she was abscent? This episode explains everything...

    Well, this is one of the best episodes of this season so far, is one of those chapters where there are a lot of answers and a little questions come to the surface.

    On this episode it is revealed what happened with Claire when she was absent. Ethan, the one who was supposed to be a survivor but was an other, kidnaps her and takes her to a new hatch for our knowledge. This hatch is quite different from the rest we know so far, as there is a medical staff and some other things i don´t imagine what are they for. Anyway, Caire is taken to a special room for her and her son, without even knowing that she will have to die to have the baby if she stays. But, of course, Claire is not conscious of where she is or why and i suppose the others gave her some drugs.
    However, she managed to escape with some help of a teenage girl, who surely is Rosseau´s daughter, Alex. She´s the one who makes Claire to escape, although Claire doesn´t want to... she want to give the baby.
    When Claire is left on the ground it is Danielle who finds her and takes her next to the camp... and the rest is history.

    But, although all this is very important, what frightens me the most is the fact that, when looking for some vaccines to give to the baby, Claire and, most importantly, Kate find some familiar costumes: Those are the Other´s clothes!!! She finds their clothes, equipment and even Mr. Friendly´s fake beard... All this makes me think: who are really The Others if they are not what we thought? If they wear normal clothes when they are alone and try to give a fake image of theirselves to the survivors... Who are they then? Maybe they are an organization who experiments with people and try to see what happens with them at certain extreme situations... Maybe they are part of Dharma.
  • This Claire centic episode is very informative and gives us a deeper insight into "The Others"

    This episode, besides Series 1 episode "Hearts and Minds", is my favourite Lost episode ever. This is largely to to the fact that Claire is my favourite charachter and her son has the same name as me!
    This episode explores what happened to Claire when she was pregnant and was abducted by Etahn for 15 days. We learn, in flashback, that she was receiving medicine in her stomach for the baby (omniously the medicine is called CNR-4815162342) and that the "Others" planned to take her baby out of her womb in an operation. She is saved by a teenage "Other" who bears a striking resembelance to Danielle Rousseau. The producers of the show confirmed in a podcast that the girl is Alex, Rousseau's long lost daughter.
  • Information packed episode - we finally see another station, see the Others' M.O. and Claire gets answers.

    Sawyer's reading books from the library, probably no-one will notice - but what about the supplies in the hatch? Since no-one is asking questions, obviously they're not being handed out so only the people manning the hatch get cereal for breakfast?! So while the other survivors live off fruit and fish, those in the hatch have showers, proper meals, electricity, washing machine and real beds. Nice.

    While the other station is obviously far further inland, moving the survivors in there would certainly make sense if you follow Jack's paranoia about the Others. It's plenty big enough for maybe most or even all the survivors - it's defensible, safe, protection from the elements, there's even clothes. Just a thought. Why would Dharma issue 'theatrical glue'?! If Mr Friendly's appearance was faked, how much else about the Others is too? Not to mention how clean they are here - clean-shaven, neat clean clothing, the Others are very far from savages. Then there's the operating room - scrubs, masks, new-looking equipment. It's interesting that the disguises are left behind - do the Others no longer feel the need for them?

    The station looks like it was abandoned in a hurry and yet the entire place is cleared out, including the cot, rocking chair and all the medical equipment in the operating room! The Others would be on foot, if they were in a hurry why take so much heavy stuff - think how many Others there would have to be! - and if they weren't, why is the fridge knocked over? Where would they put the vaccine they took with them if it has to be refrigerated? Not to mention, on a desert island, a fridge (if you have electricity, of course) would be pretty important, storage of food etc. Assuming they did leave in a hurry - the question is why? Claire, given how drugged she was (together with her amnesia) would never be able to find the station again - so why clear out?

    Also, our first mention of 'Him' - the leader of the Others? According to Mr Friendly, Ethan was supposed to make a list of the survivors - just like with Ana's group. If only we knew what they were looking for? When Ana's group was attacked, the Others were very specific about which ones they wanted, what did they do with them and are they even alive?

    I'm getting rather irritated with the way the survivors treat Danielle. What did she do to deserve being held at gunpoint, shouted at and treated like a pariah? She's always tried to help, though occasionally she was confused, and in Claire's case, saved her life. Kate in particular was way out of line. Also - Danielle's been on this island 16 years - why aren't they finding out everything that they can from her? This woman is a fountain of information, but every time she shows up, they chase her away!

    Danielle reacts to Aaron's symptoms as if it is the 'sickness' - does that mean the two share the same symptoms? The survivors seem to be ignoring the entire subject because no-one has gotten sick yet - but the Others are taking it very seriously, even to the point of injecting the baby before he was born.

    What happened to Claire raises many questions about Danielle and Alex. Danielle was 7 months pregnant when her ship ran aground and she said the Others took Alex when she was a week old - did the Others grab her too, like they did to Claire? They tried to immunise Aaron before he was born, did they try the same thing with Danielle? When exactly did Danielle kill her party, before or after the baby was born? If before, it would be far easier to take the baby from Danielle if she was alone ; if after, did her people put up much of a fight?

    It's easy to see why Claire's scared - even were this a normal illness, which it is, there's no way to be sure, no instruments and no medication. It would be very easy for a tiny baby to die out here. Jack's refusal to take Claire seriously is ridiculous! The baby's only a few weeks old, and given the circumstances, he should have been as worried as Claire. Jack certainly isn't the 'save-everyone' Jack we see in the flashbacks anymore.

    Which brings me to something I keep forgetting to mention - how does a 8-month pregnant woman get on a plane? No airline would even consider it - which either means someone pulled strings (Dharma?) or she was meant to be on the island, which seems to be the case with most of the main survivors.

    The last scene with Claire and Aaron is sweet and her words go directly back to what the psychic said, Claire believes him now, even if it is subconciously - 'supposed to be together'.

    The flashbacks were fascinating - Ethan is so nice here, it's hard to believe it's the same guy who strung up Charlie. Though it's an act, it comes across as sincere. They were keeping Claire heavily drugged though, she's so compliant and it obviously didn't take them long to convince her they meant no harm as she's treating Ethan like a long-lost friend. But also, I still think Ethan would have some medical training, injecting the vaccine directly into the baby would take some detailed knowledge to avoid hurting it.

    This station, as we can see from the logo, is a medical station. Did Claire really think they'd leave the vaccine behind if it was so important? Also, our first look at Alex. Does she know who she is? If she doesn't, interesting that she chooses to help Claire.

    Interesting - when Claire woke up in the jungle, you could hear a faint alarm going off.

    After Eko's bizarre marking of the trees, he cuts one down? I hear he's planning on building a church, is that what he wants it for?

    Henry continues to fascinate - I found it interesting that he would ask for Stephen King, it's a very contemporary choice, instantly recognisable, and certainly backs up his claim of being on the island 3 months. Makes you wonder if they do have contact with the outside. Henry heard what Locke said, commenting the doors are thin - how much else has he heard? He very effectively picks away at Locke's existing irritation with Jack's leadership skills (or lack thereof, these days) and makes Locke lose it, which Henry hears too.

    Eko's weird little conversation with Henry, treating the makeshift cell as a confessional. He apologised but I don't buy it - it felt more like he was threatening Henry.

    We're left with Danielle's ominous words about the infection - 'what needs to be done', the very thing she did to her own team - killed them. Makes you wonder what the infection actually does.
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