Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • about the episode

    It had great sound mixing.
  • Highly Underrated Episode

    I started watching Lost a few months ago on Netflix, shortly after finishing 24. Ever since the end of Season 1, Michael and Walt have been my favorite characters. I find their relationship touching, with Michael willing to do ANYTHING for Walt, even murder.

    This episode is basically one giant flashback telling us what Michael has been doing since the end of Season 2, since he was absent in all of Season 3 and up until last episode this season. It's believable how the others played off of Michael's emotions and suicidal additude.

    For those complaining about it being unrealistic, well was Lost ever realistic? Mysterious island? Pandas? Polar bears? Horses? Ability to see the future (later revealed to be time travel)...seriously, it's Sci-Fi with hints of Realism. And it's insanely entertaining.

    Michael's return is awesome. This is a very underrated episode and it answers the main question that has been on my mind since the end of Season 2: what the hell happened to Michael and Walt?

    Great episode, highly underrated.
  • A Michael-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I didn't like this episode at all since I absolutely hate the character Michael and he's my least favorite character on the show. I was glad when he left in season two, and I would have preferred to have never seen him again on Lost. The show was doing just fine this season without him, and I don't see why it was necessary to bring him for anymore episodes, let alone this episode. In closing, I absolutely hated the story line for this episode and this episode as whole. That being said, I'm really looking looking forward to watching the rest of season four of Lost.
  • my classification is based specially for the end of the episode wich made no sense to me honestly and also I think that the explanation of how and why michael was on the boat was pretty lame they could have come up with something better.

    my classification is based specially for the end of the episode wich made no sense to me honestly and also I think that the explanation of how and why michael was on the boat was pretty lame they could have come up with something better. Hopefully they;ll make it up. my classification is based specially for the end of the episode wich made no sense to me honestly and also I think that the explanation of how and why michael was on the boat was pretty lame they could have come up with something better. Hopefully they'll make it up. Peace
  • Meet Kevin Johnson

    A powerful episode here where we saw Ben try to protect his daughter Alex from the impending attack. We saw the Ben character really become three dimensional for his relationship with his daughter and it was one of the most shocking moments in show history, one of the few good ones after Season 1, when she ended up dying.

    We knew Kevin Johnson would end up being Michael, but that does not mean this was not a good moment in the show. His exit from Lost was disappointing and I kind of wish he would could have stayed around for a long time.
  • Lost just lost it's charm.

    Surviving car crashes, bullets bouncing of skulls, guns jamming? What the hell?
    I don't know what to say anymore, this is just lame.

    "You can't kill yourself. The island won't let you." -
    yea yea whatever..

    "I'm supposed to believe this?" asks Michael and I ask myself: do I have to watch more of this nonsense?

    This whole seasons is getting dumber and dumber.
    Seriously, what happend?
    The first 3, 4 episodes were great and then all of a sudden they start with this time travel and other unbelievable garbage and ruin a really cool show.
    I always thought that Lost was about character development and not about hocus pocus, guess I was wrong.

    p.s.: I want at least one thumbs up please
  • Not the most pleasant reunion we could have had

    Based on what we've seen in the flashbacks on this series, almost everybody on the island had a difficult time before, during, and (in some cases) after their time on the island. But right now, it's hard to picture somebody who's had it worse than Michael Dawson.

    He had a major struggle with his wife after Walt was born, he lost custody of his child in a bitter battle, his relationship with Walt on the island is sullen, and finally manages to solidify when he builds a rescue boat. The Others then blow up the boat, and take Walt prisoner. Michael moves heaven and earth to get his son back, which involves killing two women and betraying all the other survivors of the crash. He finally manages to reunite with his son, but the guilt is too much for him and he confesses, at which point Walt says he wants nothing to do with him.

    Almost everybody on the island is looking for some kind of redemption., but now Michael can no longer have that. So he looks for the only way left open to him --- which appears to be death. However, then he runs into Tom, of all people.. Who tells him something that we haven't known, but may have suspected --- if someone needs to do something for the island, it won't let them die. It explains how Locke has managed to survive every attack he's taken so far, why Ben took such a horrible beating, and could possibly be the reason that Jack was unable to kill himself in the first flashforward we saw in Season 3.

    During the flashback, the news that the fake Oceanic 815 has been recovered is broadcast. Tom then reveals that the man responsible for the cover up was none other than Charles Widmore, and that he dug up a mass grave in order to come up with 324 bodies. We won't find out how this happened until Season 5, but it does seem that Widmore was responsible. What's not clear is how he found that kind resources, but then Widmore does have access to a lot of things.

    Tom then tells Michael that his mission is to take out all of the people on that freighter, and sends him to Fiji with a fake passport. While some of the people on the freighter seem familiar (albeit creepy), it is not until he meets Kearny and Omar firing machine guns that he comes to realize just how dangerous this particular mission is. He then prepares to use a bomb to blow the ship sky high--- only to find out that it's yet another cruel test orchestrated by Ben. All of these scenes carry their own kind of agony, but the worst comes when Michael finally gets a message from the mainland from Walt, only to pick it up and hear Ben on the other end. Ben then tells Michael in that condescending way of his that he will do what he has to do, but he won't kill innocent people. He just gives the orders or allows them to happen. Michael than listens to one more set of marching orders, and Michael finishes up looking utterly crushed, as if he's been denied redemption one more time.

    Michael then tells a very truncated version of this story to Sayid (the entire episode is basically a flashback, so it's hard to know exactly how much he actually told) and Sayid waits all of two seconds before taking Michael right over to the captain and telling everybody that he's is the traitor. (I wouldn't get comfortable in my ivory tower, Sayid). Like everyone else on the island, he cares little for someone else's redemption. Granted, he's still trying to save all of his friends, but considering just how violent the captain has been towards his own crew, it's still a pretty lousy thing for him to do.

    Meanwhile, back on the island, Ben has finally revealed his secrets, which doesn't help Locke's position much, as everyone (even Miles, who's only been there a week) can tell than Ben has just maneuver himself back into a position of power. He then sends Alex out to the temple, where he told Richard (speaking of which, where is Richard?) to take the others when he got separated from him way back in season 3, and allows Karl and Rousseau to go with her. He's trying to protect her, but in doing so, all he does is guarantee than they all meet their end a bit quicker. Karl is killed in the jungle, and though we won't learn it for certain for a couple of more episodes, Rousseau has died too. All Ben's done is make sure that his daughter saw her boyfriend and mother get killed in front of her--- he couldn't have thought up a crueler fate if he'd arranged it himself. But there are far worse things ahead for Ben and everybody else in the barracks.

    This episode is perhaps at its best when it follows Perrineau. He's always been an expressive actor, and in this episode, he pretty much has to be, as so many of the scenes he's in have no dialogue. He manages to show an entire range of emotions on it, from hope to desperation to guilt towards complete defeat. It's not clear (even now) if Michael will ever find the redemption or the peace that he has sought, but for a man who was willing to die for his son, somehow I can't believe fate has finished telling the whole story with him.
    My score: 8
  • Superb Episode, filled with information and a hugh shock in the End!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» If there is one character that needed a flashbacks, this person was Michael, he was the first one to left the Island and his destiny was unknown until this episode. They writers function is was tie what happened to him after he left the Island, with the Island plot, I mean, he need to have a good reason to go back to the Island and help is formers friend´s and that reason was easy to create – Guilt and His Son.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Michael Flashbacks Scenes. The ending. Sayid attitude was unexpected.


    Presentation -» (8/10). Locke tribe interaction was a good way to start and make answer to Sayid was more vague than possible. Details -» (9/10). Michael FB was filled with information on what happened to him, Tom, why he wasn´t successful in committing suicide etc.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (10/10). Not only the ending is mysterious, but it has a shock value.

    Flashbacks -» (9/10). Michael FB was very informative and funny when he tried to kill himself. The only way to you don´t like Michael FB is to hate the character for what he did before.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (10/10). All the necessary scenes was there, very hard to notice that scenes that bought time.

    Dialogues -» (10/10) -» It feels like the all necessary dialogues were there.

    Action /Adventure -» Wasn´t necessary, you have a little fight, but only for details.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Not that type of episode, that you can really care for the character drama, but was not bad Michael suicidal tendency.

    Suspense/Tension -» (6/10). Since you don´t care for Michael and you know that he is alive, you simple don´t feel tension when he tries to suicide.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -»(10/10). You have enough revelation, hints, and Lost mythology.

    Surprise/Twists -» (10/10). Tom and Libby appearance and the two surprising endings was a great surprise.

    This episode is a great, and a great way to make you wait for what will happen until Lost episodes returns. This is why I rated it 9. This flashback is very informative and a huge shock in the end, which is a perfect combination for an episode of Lost.
  • Meet Michael Dawson... again.

    I find it interesting that the much more eventless "Ji Yeon" is rated 0.2 higher on TV.com than "Meet Kevin Johnson". Admittedly, it wasn't a fast paced episode either, but it was long awaited, and it did start up a major arc that will dominate the episodes to come.

    Michael's return in the previous episode wasn't much of a surprise so I'm glad the writers didn't wait any longer than a half an episode to tell us what happened to him after he left the island with Walt.

    This is yet another "giant-flashback" episode, like "Flashes Before Your Eyes" or "The Other 48 Days", but personally, just like with those episodes, I didn't feel bored. At all. In fact, I was moved and on the edge of my seat. I loved who Michael became - and why. I'm very glad that the writers didn't forget about him killing Ana and Libby - I loved how the consequences of his murders were the driving motive to make him go back to the island and save his friends.

    His guilt over what he done was very realistic, and telling Walt was a huge mistake but also very understandable. And it makes sense that Walt distances himself from Michael - which for him, means that he has nothing else to live for which drives him to attempt suicide. But apparently, he can't kill himself, because he got work to do - at least according to Tom(but it seems very likely). Weather this is because the island is *that* strong or it's because something scientefic(time travel? If Michael went back to the past, and once lived in the future, it's obvious he can't kill himself until he "catches up", because there are not alternate timelines on the show) it was a very intriguing reveal. And Tom - awesome. Loved to see him come back! Oh and Tom's gay - that explains why Kate isn't his "type"(from S3 premiere). Some people complained that it was over the top, but I mean, why? Would it make much of a difference if he kissed a woman? I liked it this way, and it was a cool comic relief too.

    The way Michael got on the freighter was cool but what I found cooler was the freighties. Especially Minkowski - he seemed to be a really nice guy, what a shame he's dead. I also enjoyed Keamy and the rest of the mercs. Surely they only got a brief scene but it was very good, it was the final push to convince Michael that Widmore's group is up to no good.

    Michael was ready to kill everyone including himself on the boat, but Ben wasn't. I loved that, despite how evil Ben can be, he wouldn't be able to sacrafice innocent people's lives. That 's the difference between him and Widmore, he says. And how true is it.

    The episode's cliffhanger: Rousseau and Karl gets gunned down by Keamy and co - wow. Again, many people disliked this, but I thought it was amazing. They are at war, and war means causilites. Not just red shirts, but major characters too. On a whole this was a very good episode, but it was servicable, for sure. For starters, certain scenes just seemed to go on forever on the freighter. Michael cleaning, then looks at the bomb... continues cleaning. Looks at the bomb again... cleans. Talks to Keamy.... walks back... looks at the bomb......looks..... opens it. The whole bomb was set up to be very suspensful but it wasn't: we already knew it wouldn't blow up.

    So yeah, that's the main reason I can't give this any higher than a respectable 9. It was great, but could've used a little more plot in the middle.
  • If you don't know Kevin Johnson by now, you will never, never, never know him.

    I had high expectations and they were met. Wouldn't put it in my top5, but top10 material for sure. So it gets a 10/10 from me.

    It was very informative. Probably one of the most revealing hour of Lost to date. Now informative episodes tend to be dry as all you have is a bunch load of answers and no real action. But the writers did a very good job here: I wasn't bored at all, despite the episode being once again really slow paced.

    The flashback took 90% of the airtime, and I loved that. I kind of expected it to happen. I prefer giant flashbacks over fragmented flashbacks if the writers want to tell us a story that keeps going on the same timeline - like in this case. I was hoping for a scene on the boat, but I understand it's a bit hard to pull off with giant Walt. So I'll give the writers more room on this topic.

    Four main elements of the flashback:

    Tom. I thought that he was brilliant, and the best Other to "bring back". Some people may complain that revealing he's gay was way too random, but I think it was a funny and cool moment. Sure it doesn't add the story but it adds some diversity to his character - I mean he won't have a flashback episode so why not develop him a little more in other characters' flashbacks? Plus his homosexuality was first hinted in 3x01, so it wasn't random at all.

    The island. So the island won't let Mike kill himself? Interesting. I can already see all the discussion going on about "But how did Radzinsky die? Why did Ana Lucia and Libby die? Why did Randomperson53535 die?" It's similiar to "I think Aaron is Kate's constant! Jack must be Sawayer's constant!" The point is. Yes, we got a clue/puzzle piece but that doesn't mean we should try to explain every happening on the show with it. To me it seems that the island won't let people who can "help" the island die. Dunno - I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

    Libby. Some wise guy spoiled her appearance on a blog, so it wasn't much of a shock for me, but if I didn't know I'm sure I would've been surprised. But even those short appearances were great - the island communicating with Michael? Or just his conscience?

    The freighter. It was nice to see how it all started. I also loved how the writers developed Minkowski's character a bit - he seemed like a really nice guy, so it's a shame he died. The bomb was hilarious, I half expected the flag say "BANG!" but "Not yet" was just as freaky. I liked Ben's speech with Michael. So Ben is the good guy afterall?

    Or not.

    To me, the most shocking part was the ending. It just made me feel sick. The last time I had this was when Michael shot Ana and Libby. This wasn't the same caliber(Karl is a misc character and Danielle wasn't much developed either) but the way it happened - oh my god. It was so sudden. The way the scene transformed from a light hearted scene to a life/death situation was incredibly well done.

    I thought the "LOST" logo came in just in the right moment. The scene was cut BEFORE it was supposed to(I knew they wouldn't show the attackers, but still, normally it would last a bit longer) but this way it made feel really disorianted, and I guess that was the point.

    So who were the attackers?

    Most likely this is the errand Frank talked about at the start of "Ji Yeon", but it very well could be Ben's arrangement. It's just something that we'll have to wait with until the next episode.

    Another cliffhanger - much milder, but still interesting - Sayid telling everything about Michael to the captain. I kind of expected the captain say " I know. " but now I'm not sure.

    Anyhow - excellent episode, a very informative piece with a huge shock in the end - perfect combination. I can't wait until the next episode, but unfortuantely it's weeeeeeeks away.
  • OK

    Of all the Lost episodes this one would probably be exactly in the middle. We find out that Michael is actually the spy on the freighter going by the name of "Kevin Johnson". He acts as a spy because he wants to redeem himself after what he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Walt also doesn't want to see him anymore, so he tries to kill himself several times. Tom aka Mr.Friendly shows up and informs him that the island won't let him die until he does his duty. I didn't like how Sayid narked on Michael to the freighter people...wtf Sayid?!?! lol.
  • Michael!

    Michael has a flashback of how he came to be on the boat. He has tried to commit suicide because Walt won't speak to him. Tom goes to him and has a mission for him: to go on a boat and kill everyone onboard. It's Charles Widmore's boat and he wants to find the island. Ben gives him further instructions.

    Locke tells everyone at his camp about Charles' plan and Miles' plan. Ben tells Alex, Danielle and Karl to go the temple where she'll be safe. Sayid tells someone on the boat all about Michael.

    This was a really good episode! It was interesting to learn what happened with Michael after he left. I don't know why Sayid spilled everything. I can't believe Karl and Danielle possibly died. This episode gets a 9.5 out of 10!
  • I hate Michael !

    So I had to endure the pain of watching this episode but seeing Libby again made it all better even though it was just for a short while. Anyway we find out that Ben's spy on the freighter is Michael and I'm sure all the fan's reactions were huh ?! Questions that were raised : How ? Isn't he home ? Why would he help Ben ? and in this episode these questions were answered. Michael goes back home and confesses killing Ana Lucia and Libby to Walt so Michael's mother won't allow him to see Walt. Also Michael's guilt gets him to try and commit suicide by crashing his car and trying to shoot himself only he dosen't die so Tom shows up and him and Michael have a little boring chick fight....YAWN !!!. Tom tells Michael the island won't let him kill himself and he also tells him about Charles Widmore and what he's planning to do to the people on the island so Michael sets out trying to clear his concieounce by breaking the boat's enjine. First he thought he had to blow the boat up then he gets a white flag with " Not yet " written on it. Knowing all this Sayid exposes Michael's true identity to the captain. This episode bored me. I know it provided alot of answers but everything was too slow and I think the Michael trying to kill himself scenes would have ben exciting if I didn't hate him so much. All this hate is because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. The episode was okay although it has to be one of the worst Lost episodes ever !!! Favorite character from this episode : Sayid for telling the captain who that idiot I mean Michael really is.
  • The beginning of the war.

    Had the strike gone on longer than it did, this would've had to suffice for the season finale. Thank God it was resolved, because most of the fandom would probably contemplate going into a coma to alleviate the wait. It would've been bittersweet for a season that hit so many high marks to end prematurely. In addition, "Lost" didn't rework its season to give the viewers closure as "Heroes" did (although "Heroes" had a far less satisfying season), assuming they couldn't produce more episodes within the standard TV season. With six more episodes being produced, this unbelievably satisfying and entertaining season can get a proper resolution.

    Lindelof & Cuse compared this episode's ending to when Ana-Lucia and Libby were shot, which is appropriate. The season is about to shift, rather than close. Had they rewritten this to accommodate a longer strike, they might've revealed more about the freighties and how the Oceanic Six got off the island, but it would've been premature. Instead, the episode delves into what happened to Michael after he sailed off the island in the second season finale while showing a glimpse of who the freighties are.

    Of course, Michael being Ben's inside man was the worst kept secret in "Lost" history, a product of the producers knowing there was no way to keep it a secret ("24" and "Prison Break" did similar press with returning cast members). Considering his character, it makes sense for him to return. Michael's major fault he's trying to atone for, unlike his fellow castaways, happened after the crash. Yes he wasn't a part of Walt's life until after Walt's mother died, but taking two lives to get him back from the Others trumps anything else. With most of the cast trying to find redemption, Michael's story wasn't done yet. Also, the unanswered questions with Walt are too big to go unanswered.

    So we see a brief glimpse of his life post-island (although no shot involving how he got back) and it isn't pretty. He's in a funk similar to Jack in his flash forwards. He's drowning in guilt and it's estranged him from Walt, now living with his grandmother in secret. He lost everything he cared about and attempts suicide several times, but ironically sees redemption in The Others when Tom recruits him to be Ben's inside man.

    Tom's line that the island won't let Michael kill himself has generated some controversy, but it isn't as corny as it might've sounded. Consider Locke suddenly losing control of his legs in "Deus Ex Machina", which saved his life as well as Desmond's since Locke's frustration gave Desmond hope when he contemplated suicide. In that same category could be Jack's suicide attempt in "Through the Looking Glass", where a car crash literally pulled Jack from the ledge. Some have theorized the island orchestrated those things to keep key players around, so it's hardly a whipped up concept.

    With the episode devoted to what happened to Michael during the third season, many must've expected some bigger reveals regarding the freighties, who Michael infiltrated as the eponymous Johnson, but really this episode is about setting up Michael's possible redemptive arc. While Michael is haunted by his past, he sees stopping sadists with no consciences as a way to redeem himself.

    This connects to Ben's conversation about Michael sparing the "innocent" on the freighter. While anything Ben says should be examined with heavy skepticism, this claim isn't that off. Daniel, Frank and Minkowski (before he got sick) are all friendly, whereas several crew members kill time by shooting at plates with machine guns that could liquefy someone, blowing off questions about rescue. Assuming Ben is manipulating Michael and he doesn't care if there are "innocent" people on the freighter, why would he give them more time to get the message that would lead them to the island? It's also worth noting that of the dead on the freighter, none died because of anything Michael did as far as we know.

    Tom's "evidence" that the plane crash was staged adds another layer to the differing stories to who was behind the Flight 815 cover up. Since Tom has receipts and photos, it's the most convincing so far. However, it's worth wondering how The Others found out about this expedition and in such a short time. Since the two sources of information are The Others and Widmore, neither should be considered a legitimate source yet, but some connection is there.

    After teasing the reveal of the gay cast member and hinting at it well over a season ago, it turns out it was Tom. One of the things I like most about this reveal is that they don't make a big deal about it (although I'm sure homophobic groups will make it sound like they were in your face). Like many shows that excel in having a diverse cast, it is about the characters over their ethnicity, gender or sexual preference.

    Since her sudden death late in season two, Libby has been a major mystery. She never had a proper flashback episode to illustrate her backstory. All we know is at one point she was a patient at Hurley's hospital when he was and gave Desmond the boat he shipwrecked on the island. While her return might've offered huge reveals, instead it teases and leaves plenty of room for interpretation. For some reason (likely them not getting Michelle Rodriguez to fly in for a cameo), her death weighs heavier on him than Ana-Lucia. When he's ready to blow up the freighter, Libby's ghost discourages him from doing so, accompanied by off-island whispers. Some theorized that Libby was an insider among the castaways, but for who varies by who is speculating. Whatever it is, it may be theorized she worked for Widmore or someone else opposing Ben.

    One thing worth exploring was how Michael and Walt assimilated in Manhattan. Going in, it wouldn't be off to assume that they were picked up by the freighter people and he made up a bogus story per Ben's orders. The "cabin fever" that provoked Regina to kill herself could've been the result of Walt and his abilities, recalling "It's a Good Life". However, that blank is not filled. Michael must've lived somewhere where they don't ask questions, because the media, family and friends of the castaways and especially Widmore would want to learn what Michael knows and it's unlikely he'd be allowed to move back into his old apartment. Maybe that's nitpicking, but it's a major missing piece in the story that may lack a logical explanation.

    Another controversial element in the episode is the timeline of Michael's flashbacks. Michael left the island around Day 67. So in roughly two weeks (considering when Tom was on island last season), he managed to return to the mainland, heal from his gunshot wound and later suicide attempt and get on the freighter. It seems like the writers have taken a page from "24" regarding time compression.

    Sayid ratting Michael out makes total sense. Of the castaways, Sayid perhaps is the most skeptical of Ben's motives. In addition, it's coming from Michael, who nobody trusts because of his betrayal. It discredits the suspicion in Sayid's mind that the captain is a threat as well. With what we know of the Oceanic Six, it's safe to assume turning him in is a terrible mistake. Some viewers were expecting Gault to explain that he knew all along that Michael was a spy and that was part of the plan or he was one as well, but no such luck.

    One interesting piece was that The Temple appears to be another Dharma Station (bringing the total to nine, not including The Orchid) and not something connected to the ruins we saw in "Live Together, Die Alone" and "The Brig". The Others' appropriation of Dharma technology and facilities was an interesting part of the third season and as more is revealed. How this place is a special sanctuary above the other stations and locations on the island is wide open for discussion.

    Considering Ben's talent at manipulation, it wouldn't be a far off guess to believe that he knowingly sent Rousseau and Karl to be killed to prove a point to Alex. His possessiveness was evident when he sent Goodwin to die two episodes ago. However, how he could pull that off is a point of contention. The Others at The Temple do not have the muscle.

    While Karl is likely dead, the same may not apply to Rousseau. Although we know many of the broad strokes of her story, a flashback episode detailing how she managed to survive on the island for 16 years before the crash could illuminate a lot. Some fans would likely find it hard to forgive the writers for promising a Rousseau episode and killing her off before that happened. This may be more wishful thinking since Rousseau's arc was essentially completed when she reunited with her daughter, and most of her backstory has been told through exposition rather than scenes.

    This episode does a good job of transitioning us from the first half of the season, filling in some blanks regarding a long missing character. While major reveals weren't there as some may have expected, the season is moving beyond its introductory phase and things are about to get even more interesting as the war starts.
  • Michael: Nobody even knows I'm here. Minkowski: Well, you're the only Kevin Johnson onboard, so somebody knows you're here. Said he really needs to talk to you. His name's walt.

    Sayid confronts Ben's spy on the freighter, and Ben urges daughter Alex to flee Locke's camp in order to survive an impending attack. In flashbacks, we see what Michael has been doing since leaving the island and returning on the freighter. Ok the first time I saw this I was very dissapointed but after seeing The shape of things to come and rewatching it, the episode has got better to be honest, flashbacks were awesome but the island story was average, at first I did not like the ending, but now I understand what has happened I can accept what happened.
  • Say it with me: ANSWERS!

    We meet Michael again and we learn that he's on the boat to kill himself because he's informed by the newly outed Tom that the island won't let him commit suicide. A massive portion of this episode is dedicated to the filling in of the blanks involving Michael but we also learn that Ben's enemies are closing in on them and Sayid and Desmond are ready to reveal the true identity of Michael. The return of Michael was only a matter of time since his departure in the Season 2 finale; not only because he was still being credited but because left on such and abrupt note. This episode informs us on what happened to him after in a way that's easy to follow but still leaves things to the imagination.

    Thanks to a stirring performance from Harold Perrineau and brilliant direction and writing; the long flashback is fantastic and what happens on the island (not much) is also nicely done.

    A few bits didn't quite gel however; the episode just feels unfinished with an awkward and almost rushed ending and the inclusion and revelation that Tom is gay seems out of place.

    The acting is on top of it's game but Perrineau holds up the episode himself and does so superbly.

    All in all; this a terrific episode of Lost and proof that that the series really is going somewhere.
  • I enjoyed this episode a lot.

    Michael's flashback: We find out that he got out of the island and that he told Walt that he killed Ana-Lucia and Libby. Wow, can someone get the award for father of the year? Well, without his son, he's ending up to be suicidal, but guess what? He can't die. Tom eventually spots him and they go through the whole talk and that's how Michael ends up on the ship. Of course I'm not saying everything, you'll have to watch it to find out. And trust me, you'll want to watch this episode.

    Michael on the ship: Desmond and Sayid confront Michael and out him for who he truly is to the rest of the ships crew and all the wrong he has done. I was just thinking, "Wow, Sayid is really dumb isn't he?" At that very moment I wanted to throw Sayid off the ship.

    Locke's Camp: Locke tells everyone that Ben is going to be helping them now and Ben doesn't hesitate to share what the people on the ship are planning to the with the island inhabitants along with the Oceanic 815 survivors. He gives Danielle, Alex and Karl directions to a safe house where, no matter what, they will be safe from the people on the ship.
  • amazing

    Some spoilers ahead: this episode kept me on the edge of my seat. The long awaited return of michael came, and as promised someone died. We start out with seeing Sayid and Desmond interrogating Michael wanting to know how he got on the boat. From there an intense story unwinds retelling how Michael got off the island, alienated his son, tried to kill himself and eventually was recruited as a spy for Ben. This episode was great with a truly shocking ending that got viewers excited for the next episode. Meet Kevin Johnson is a prime example of why I love this show.
  • Michael comes back and it seems to be going somewhere...But then we are treated to one Loooong flashback.

    The long awaited return of Michael is at hand... And for some reason it seemed very sloppily made. Maybe I had set my expectations a bit to high for this episode. I think what really kills this episode for me is the super long flashback (Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Other 48 Days). While the flashbacks for these previous episodes are very informative it kills any momentum gaining for the island story, and seems like it could be done better. And the ending seemed just a bit to sudden. But the flashback had its good moments, some shocking revelations, and more questions to be answered later. One nagging problem I had with the episode is that it seemed way to short. (Maybe all those freaking Eli Stone commercials?) Overall it was an episode that was very average, but had a lot to live up to.
  • Michael returns in style and with a good story.

    Micheal and Walts return was well over-due, so you can already imagine I'm disapointed Walt was bearly around. Nevertheless the return of one of the others what we learned of him and what he had to say was all interesting and gripping. The further referances to this higher power of the Island leads to more intrigue and suprise. Thankfully this episode covered a lot of ground and didn't spend much time telling you things unimportant to the key storylines. Seeing that Micheal is having no choice but to repent for his killings made for interesting viewing, and of course helping us to sympathise with him a little. It was good to have Jack off scene for the episode to seeming as his charecter is as fun as glass shards in your knee-cap! I wasn't too keen on how Alex and co's story played out if the mum is dead I wont be happy! Good surprise dont get me wrong, but it did feel a bit disjointed. Overall this episode did a lot and did it pretty well. I can't give it a score in the 9's however because yet again the show has had it previous momentum stalled, I wanted to know about the time-travel stuff now its about Micheal, and next week would it be too much to ask to know who out of those shot survived this week! The continual stalling of introducing Walt is becoming tiresome now also. This is either cynically stretching out the tension or bad structure. Its getting boring not telling me what I want to know!

    Still a fantastic episode though!
  • Some really important stuff in this episode about the ethos of the programme. A shocking ending but the revelations about why Michael is there is the most revealing and shocking stuff here.

    I really enjoyed this episode. Beautifully shot and scripted as always with perfect musical choices. Using 'It's Getting Better' was an excellent choice of dark sad pathos. The revelation that Michael is there because he can't kill himself because the island won't let him till he has finished the work he must do is pivotal. It turns on its head the idea of death on the island being to do with redemption as it seems it is more like they must forfill some sort of destiny first. The ending of this episode is pretty abrupt but shocking and will leave you guessing. It will also make you, well I will, cry if it means we don't get to hear Rousseau's story. The acting in this episode is
    absolutley perfect as usual.
  • This episode was amazing. I loved how they showed what happened to Michael after he took off with the boat in Season 2. so screw all guys who disliked it because it was Awesome!

    This episode was amazing. I loved how they showed what happened to Michael after he took off with the boat in Season 2. so screw all guys who disliked it because it was Awesome! I cant believe two main characters died in the end, I mean thats what makes this show very intense and exciting. People who give LOST episodes very low ratings make me really mad! because every episode of LOST is awesome and they work really hard on them soo come on guys? why do you have to be soo lame. show some support. and give it good ratings so people who see these reviews in real life could see them soo we can convert them to watching this show so people can see its amazingness.
  • Meet Mr BORING!!!

    Meet Mr BORING!!! Apart from the fact that the whole episode was a snoooooozer . . . WHO CARES? All I have to say right now is that I really don't give a toss for this Michael character. He bores the begonias out of me. His whole story is boring. What on earth are they doing? Stalling? Running out of ideas? How on earth are they going to put this whole mess together? The whole story slowly turns into my childhood bedroom … into CHAOS. Nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing is believable anymore, and it is clear we have to do with the paranormal. THAT alone took half my interest away. What was exciting with this series was all the SCIENTIFIC explanations to all the weird stuff going on in the island. Now it is just another mumbo jumbo story with a couple of good episodes and a dozen boring ones like this one. Ursh … I'm annoyed.
  • In all honesty, I've always found Michael's character a tad irritating, immature, and unoriginal.

    To have an entire episode revolving around him and his continuing storyline seemed like merely filler to me. I've never found his character all that interesting, to say the least.

    Though at first the idea of this secret character working behind the scenes on the boat was intriguing, despite that it was someone in alliance with Ben. You knew it would be someone familiar, but what a disappointment to find out it was predictable Michael! Then to learn he has wasted his chance with Walt and now has no relationship at all with his son, and has selfishly decided that his only option is to commit suicide. Of course, if you can't kill yourself then the only choice left is to ally yourself with a man who has only completely demeaned and demoralized you to the point where your a shell of the weak man that you once were!

    Of course he tries to set off the bomb to early. Did he ever get anything right, ever, without pure dumb-ass luck or through the influence of others? The only thing that actually interested me was the ending. What purpose did Sayid have in betraying Michael so swiftly?!
  • A much needed episode that was not that exciting but the ending really cranked it up a notch!

    So Michael...uh...I mean Johnson, Kevin Johnson is back and he's an invicible spy on the freighter, who like Ssyid will one day, works for Ben! After Sayid encounters Michael, the story of how Ben's spy got to the freighter is finally revealed. The only thing I didn't like was Sayid telling the captain about Michael. What happens next? Back at Locke's camp, Ben sends his daughter, Alex, to a safer place so that she may survive an approaching attack. And is Ben right. As Karl is shot, Rousseau and Alex make a run for it but as soon as Rousseau gets up, she is shot as well. Which although is sad because I like her, it was kind of funny when she said: One, two, three...then got shot. It then ends with Alex saying: Stop, I'm Ben's daughter! Yeah like that's gonna help you now. These people are after Ben!!

    The Shape of Things to Come is set to be a brilliant episode. Can't wait!
  • There we go back on track In my opinion.Spoilers

    This episode was better then last weeks thats for sure.Sayid presses Michael to tell what has happened with him since he left the island. In a long flashback, Michael is in despair in Manhattan, since Walt refuses to talk to him after discovering the truth about the deaths of Ana Maria and Libby. When Michael decides to commit suicide in an alley, he is saved by Tom Friendly that convinces him to work infiltrated in the Kahana to save the lives of the survivors in the island. Michael commits sabotage in the radio room and in the engine of the vessel following direct orders of Ben. After the explanations, Sayid delivers the traitor to Captain Gault. Meanwhile in the island, Ben is released by Locke and convinces Alex, Karl and Rousseau to leave the camp and move to a hidden sanctuary.

    In this episode, the saga of the despicable Michael is disclosed. The loser character betrayed his friends and killed Libby and Ana Maria in the island; lost the love and respect of his son; is unable to commit suicide; works for Ben; and betrays the Owner, the Captain and the crew of the supply vessel Kahana. It is impressive how destructive this character is, even full of good intentions. Locke is completely insane releasing Ben, but the greatest surprise is the calm behavior of Sawyer, passively accepting the command of Locke and the manipulation of Ben. The tragic fate of Karl, Rousseau and Alex is the great surprise of this episode. However, it seems totally out of the context and unnecessary to expose Tom as a gay Is it a side effect of the great loss of audience?
  • Ben is one bad mamma-jamma

    I totally believe that the writers for this show deserve every red cent they fought for and then some. The character of Ben is one of the most well written I've seen in a long time. The fact that he not only got Micheal back into his clutches but smugly told him that it was his only way to redeem himself for what he did! Talk about classic mind-job and how about the fact that he tested his loyalty by setting up a fake bomb. Amazing! I loved watching the episode with Michael unfold and even played a few parts back on my DVR just to be sure I understood the tie in. The absolutely crazy part for me was the fact that Sied (sp?) told the ship captain that "KJ" wasn't really who he says he is, yet we've already gotten a foreshadowing that Ben gets him in his clutches at some point as well and he winds up killing his girlfriend and getting stitched up by Ben in a Vet Hospital - great TV!
  • I Dont Know How To Say This...

    I dont know what to say about this episode. Some parts were good and others were bad. I mean the story with Michael was rushed so much and the ending was so stupid! Plus, Sayid telling the freighter people about Michael, it's not like Sayid has ever done anything wrong! Also, why have they made Tom gay They just made him look stupid! But then this episode gave us some anwsers too, which was good. I have seen alot better episodes in this season but I have seen worse too. But I can't believe they have killed Danielle, I wanted to know about her story and she is an awesome character. I cant wait until LOST comes back on but I just hope what we seen in this episode this will hopefully change like, Danielle is not dead! I really hope so!
  • Not the best episode but necessary to push the story forward.

    "Meet Kevin Johnson" was not the best episode of Lost and doesn't significantly delve into the major themes of the series as much as I would have liked, but it was a necessary kick start for this season's storyline. Michael is back and he's desperate. After being off-island for a season, we find that Michael has slipped into despair over his murderous acts on the island and the loss of his son's respect. Michael's depressive, suicidal wanderings in this episode are a little two dimensional. However, the character has been off the grid for a full season, so it's somewhat understandable. The episode does make up for the shortcomings in three ways. First, it provides long awaited information: what happened when Michael left the island and why/how is he going back? Second, we can some minor character development for the other's Tom (aka Mr. Friendly), one of my personal favorites. Again, the episode doesn't provide dramatic insight into Tom's character. However, we do learn just how important Tom was in Ben's camp. Tom seems to be one of the few who Ben will send off island to handle important matters. Finally, we get a glimpse of the demons plaguing Michael. One of Michael's victim's, Libby, appears with a warning that is sure to spark an interesting story arc. Although the episode is somewhat lacking in character development (on the Lost scale), it still provides important information that is sure to serve as the foundation for this story arc for the rest of the series. It's worth seeing to stay abreast of the story.
  • Show did not feel the same, did not get that Lost Feeling.

    I would have to say I am very disappointed, this episode felt like a filler episode. Maybe it was this way due to the Writers Strike? I dont know!

    What I do know is that they bring Michael Back and explain a little more to even cause more unanswered questions about the mysteries of lost. I am not a person whol likes fast thrills, though when you create 50 mysteries and then add 50 more it gets a little boring. Only a few mysteries have been answered and its getting kind of old.

    I still will watch lost and enjoy past seasons though I think the show is going in the wrong direction!
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