Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Michael is back, and his episode was great too.

    Alright, haven't reviewed a LOST episode in a very long time, but I thought it was necessary to review the mid-season finale that I must say WAS NOT intended to be a mid-season finale because S4 was originally planned to go 16-straight episodes without a break. Well the strike ruined that, and it's UNFORTUNATE people are reviewing this episode as a true mid-season finale...because it wasn't supposed to be.

    With that said, this was my favorite episode out of the first 8 episode. The Constant is very close though I might add.

    Basically this episode was a flashback showing what happened to Michael after he left. While on the boat, or when Walt and Michael got back to NYC Michael told Walt he had killed Ana-Lucia and Libby. Now Walt hates Michael and Walt now lives with his grandma.

    Michael wants to commit suicide. BUT the island won't let Michael kill himself according to Tom aka Mr. Friendly. Tom meets with him, and eventually convinces Michael to go to Fiji to board the freighter...the one that's near out island.

    Before Michael goes on the boat though, he wants to find out how 815 was found in the ocean. Tom tells that Widmore is behind the cover-up. Widmore got all those dead bodies from Thailand. I believe Tom. Widmore IS the bad guy.

    So Michaels on the boat. We see him meet Naomi, George and Miles. He also gets a visit from Libby who tells Michael "don't do it", talking about pushing a button that would blow up the freighter. The bomb though, was a fraud. Ben wants Michael to kill the freighties, but not the innocent people.

    Back to the NOW time. Sayid is disgusted Michael is working for Ben(which is funny because we know sayid works for him in the future), so Sayid takes Michael into the Captains office...and tells him Michael isn't who he says he is.

    Meanwhile, earlier in the ON ISLAND beginning Ben tells Alex to got to THE TEMPLE where the Others are. Danielle, and Karl go as well. At the end of the episode Karl is shot and killed by an unconfirmed person(My bet is Omar from the freighter...or just a random freghtie). Danielle tells Alex to run with her...unfortunately Danielle is shot. We have no idea if she's dead. The episode ends with Alex getting up, putting her hands in the air saying "I'M BENS DAUGHTER"...probably indicating it's the freghties....and they'll use Alex as a tool to get Ben.

    Great episode. Glad Michaels back!!! Can't wait for April 24th!!!
  • A revealing episode...with an odd ending. And a prelude to the Zombie season.

    We got a big answer in this episode – where Michael has been all this time. He was allowed to leave the island and go back home. But unbeknownst to him, it was only "shore leave". And it seems as though it was awfully short. Now, Ben is using Michael to stop Widmore from coming to the island. Or something. Last week we heard that Ben is the one who got the 324 dead bodies, and tonight Tom told us that it was Widmore. (And he's got pretty convincing proof, too.) But everyone involved in these shenanigans have proven to be untrustworthy, so I don't know who to believe just yet.

    So, the ending. It seemed very abrupt to me, like the writers were writing away, looked at the clock, and said, "well, that's 42 minutes!" I know that's not the case, but Sayid turning Michael in, and Rousseau, Alex, and Karl in the jungle just seemed so out of place.

    Speaking of Rousseau, Alex, and Carl – THAT was the death?! I was definitely expecting one of the original survivors to be killed, not Rousseau and Karl. (Ironically, it feels like a letdown, but in the long run I couldn't bear for another one of the Losties to die.) And Rousseau didn't even get a dramatic death. She took ONE step to run away with her daughter and got hit. At least Karl's water bottle got shot beforehand, which looked kinda cool. (But this pretty much means that Ben wanted those three dead. Who did he get to do his dirty work?)

    Anyway, back to Michael. So he got home with Walt, and told him about killing Ana-Lucia and Libby. Now, Walt can't even look at his father, and Michael is being haunted by Libby (who's giving him some good advice, though). And, the Island won't let Michael kill himself, because he still has work to do. Even halfway across the world, people just can't escape the Island. Physically, they can, but not mentally. We're seeing this in the flash-forwards, as well.

    I thought the Zombie Season wasn't until season 7?! A lot of dead people came back tonight. Libby, Naomi, Minkowski, Friendly… (and Friendly proved what he told us in 3.01, when he said to Kate, "you're not my type.") I wasn't expecting to see Libby, at least not in ghost form. I hope we get to learn more of her back story (I believe the writers have said that they do have plans for more Libby).

    So, besides the odd ending, this episode has been on par with season four's awesomeness. Unfortunately we have to wait more than a month for a new episode. The countdown has already begun!
  • In this well-drawn tale, the reveals aren't huge, but it's worth it to slow down reinvest in one of Lost's most missed characters.

    No, this episode doesn't confirm the wild time-advances-quicker-off-the-island theories. Nor do we see a super-tall, older Walt. Yes, Libby's appearance is probably just a Smokey vision, and, no, it doesn't further the mystery of the three faces of Libby (islander, mental patient, and boat loaner). Yes, there are moments of Michael's story that are a little pedantic.

    Yet, this is still a series highlight, mostly because it tells such a compelling story about Michael, and because every scene feels just right. For the first time for me in an events-that-lead-up-to episode, the main character's motivations feel well-explained and well-justified every step of the way.

    Also, in this episode, Tom really comes into his own as a character. He didn't do well in Season 3, playing secondbanana. Here, even though Ben's obviously calling the shots through Tom, the absence of Ben for most of the episode returned to Tom the authority and sinister charm he so easily commanded in Exodus and The Hunting Party.

    This is one of those pleasureable episodes to watch because of what it confirms, or even rules out. It succeeds where Lost has failed for me before, in that it has characters discussing the events that are happening to them, positing theories about them, and then drawing conclusions. We have a really good sense, after this episode, of where each party stands, and what they're trying to achieve.

    Finally, there was a truly shocking twist, with Sayid giving up Michael's cover.

    I award this episode 5 out of 5 Smokies.
  • In what was the most hyped episode of the season, we learn what happened when Michael left the island. Strong start, decent all around, but really, not much happened. And I say this knowing people will disagree with me anyways.

    Ok, so first things first. Before you disagree with this review, let's think about things.

    This episode was a Michael-centric episode and the flashback was really well told. We get to see Michael agonizing over killing Ana and Libby, get to see him try to kill himself and see the plan develop which will eventually bring him to the frieghter.

    This is all well and good. Everything about Michael was well done.

    Here's my problem.

    If you really think about it, nothing happened.


    We learn why Michael is on the boat. Check.

    We learn that Sayid turns Michael over. Check.

    Other than that? Nothing much.

    Sure, Rousseau and Alex's BF die (or maybe they don't, on this show who knows), meaning that there are hostiles on the island, but other than that, we're in no different position now than we were a week ago.

    Now, I'm not saying this was a bad episode. I love this show and this did it's purpose. But, really, to me it was kind of a letdown at the end.

    I give it an 8.7 as a rating not because it was a bad show but because, compared to other episodes this season, I feel it was ok, solid, but not spectacular.

    That being said, I am absolutely thrilled with what I saw in the preview at the end. (semi-spoilers) We finally got a straight up reveal on the Oceanic six and found out there will be blood! MWAH!!!!

    This episode did it's job to whet my appitite for the rest of the year. Nothing more, Nothing less.
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