Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Lost just lost it's charm.

    Surviving car crashes, bullets bouncing of skulls, guns jamming? What the hell?
    I don't know what to say anymore, this is just lame.

    "You can't kill yourself. The island won't let you." -
    yea yea whatever..

    "I'm supposed to believe this?" asks Michael and I ask myself: do I have to watch more of this nonsense?

    This whole seasons is getting dumber and dumber.
    Seriously, what happend?
    The first 3, 4 episodes were great and then all of a sudden they start with this time travel and other unbelievable garbage and ruin a really cool show.
    I always thought that Lost was about character development and not about hocus pocus, guess I was wrong.

    p.s.: I want at least one thumbs up please
  • A Michael-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that I didn't like this episode at all since I absolutely hate the character Michael and he's my least favorite character on the show. I was glad when he left in season two, and I would have preferred to have never seen him again on Lost. The show was doing just fine this season without him, and I don't see why it was necessary to bring him for anymore episodes, let alone this episode. In closing, I absolutely hated the story line for this episode and this episode as whole. That being said, I'm really looking looking forward to watching the rest of season four of Lost.
  • not impressed

    ok first things first: you can't just shoot rousso (don't really care much as to the correct spelling*) like that. Ok I actually don't really like her but as seen as she's been quite an important character since season 1 i think it was jus a bad move and rubbish viewing. secondly as a first half season break it kinda sucked. ok it's great to hav michael back but lets face it, my dogs b***s have more viewing pleasure in them then this episode.... highly disappointed

    *ok before all you lost ubergeeks hav a go at me about not really caring about the spelling of the character's name (don't get me wrong i love the show and am a keen fan) jus realise that if u care that much about the spelling of the french lady's name to have a go at me about it then you are really quite sad and spend too much time focussing on tv shows rather than the more substantial things in life....
  • Michael: Nobody even knows I'm here. Minkowski: Well, you're the only Kevin Johnson onboard, so somebody knows you're here. Said he really needs to talk to you. His name's walt.

    Sayid confronts Ben's spy on the freighter, and Ben urges daughter Alex to flee Locke's camp in order to survive an impending attack. In flashbacks, we see what Michael has been doing since leaving the island and returning on the freighter. Ok the first time I saw this I was very dissapointed but after seeing The shape of things to come and rewatching it, the episode has got better to be honest, flashbacks were awesome but the island story was average, at first I did not like the ending, but now I understand what has happened I can accept what happened.
  • Hugely disappointing

    Quite frankly I thought that was a dreadful episode. Having been really excited to see what had happened to Michael, we instead have a weakly plotted explanation. Walt won't talk to his Dad because he had to shoot some people to rescue him? I don't think so! Michael's mother won't let him see Walt? And Michael just accepts that? I don't think so! This is the guy that shot 2 people just to be back with him. And now he won't even walk past his mother? No way am I having that.

    Then, we've got Tom in the real world doing the most cheesy acting ever and what has happened to his accent? We find out Ben and co are claiming Penny's dad planted the plane. In honesty, I don't care. I don't know why but I don't. I loved the first 3 seasons but this season has gone off on a tangent that just isn't working for me. Apart from the Constant, none of the storyline seems to link sufficiently to anything in the first 3 seasons. Really disappointed I have to say.

    Add to this we have the fact that The Others need Michael to be the spy on the boat. Why?? If they know who and where Widmore is, why don't they just kill him instead of sending Michael (who was bound to be found out) on the boat as a spy? And why would Michael agree to it? The bit with the bomb was really weak as well.

    And as for the ending, it came from nowhere, there was no build up to it and it just seems to me the makers know lots of people are wondering about Rousseau and demanding a flashback but she is apparently not up for being in the show for long so they've taken the easy route to avoid any problems.

    I really hope I am wrong but Lost seems to have LOST it's direction.
  • Michael is an utterly boring character.

    This show has made me a spiteful person.

    Spending so much time on Michael really makes me hope he'll be killed off soon. Is that wrong?

    Seems to me that this entire episode was wasted on what should have been an 8 minute flashback: Michael's post-island past/future is hardly interesting, and lacks any real meat. This reeks of another "filler" episode, where nothing interesting happens, very few questions are answered, and the few answers we get are to questions we really don't care about.

    Hopefully the writers will get with it and start giving us episodes that aren't a total waste of time.
  • my classification is based specially for the end of the episode wich made no sense to me honestly and also I think that the explanation of how and why michael was on the boat was pretty lame they could have come up with something better.

    my classification is based specially for the end of the episode wich made no sense to me honestly and also I think that the explanation of how and why michael was on the boat was pretty lame they could have come up with something better. Hopefully they;ll make it up. my classification is based specially for the end of the episode wich made no sense to me honestly and also I think that the explanation of how and why michael was on the boat was pretty lame they could have come up with something better. Hopefully they'll make it up. Peace
  • Meet Mr BORING!!!

    Meet Mr BORING!!! Apart from the fact that the whole episode was a snoooooozer . . . WHO CARES? All I have to say right now is that I really don't give a toss for this Michael character. He bores the begonias out of me. His whole story is boring. What on earth are they doing? Stalling? Running out of ideas? How on earth are they going to put this whole mess together? The whole story slowly turns into my childhood bedroom … into CHAOS. Nothing makes sense anymore. Nothing is believable anymore, and it is clear we have to do with the paranormal. THAT alone took half my interest away. What was exciting with this series was all the SCIENTIFIC explanations to all the weird stuff going on in the island. Now it is just another mumbo jumbo story with a couple of good episodes and a dozen boring ones like this one. Ursh … I'm annoyed.
  • LOST Season 4 " Meet Kevin Johnson" (oilers spay) good episode left alot of questions, but was pretty interesting especially the 2nd half of the show.

    Wow, that was kind of interesting eventhough now I'm more confused than I ever was about who is really good and who is really the bad people we can't trust. I think that is cool, you don't know who you're pulling for, with the exception of a few of the people in the island.

    It took me a while to realize it was a flash back and not a flash foward with Micheal and Walt. That makes me wonder what will happen to them. They should have had Sayid try to blow up the boat, sorry that was the first and last innapropriate suicide bomber joke. He iwas in the Republican Guard for Saddam you know. Speaking of Sayid what the hell is his problem, why wouldn't he wait to see if this was going to help him. He might have put himself and Desmond in danger too, and doesn't he care that he pretty much is goign to get Micheal killed and Walt won't have a Dad. Maybe this is how Micheal will die, who knows. How did Walt get back on the island? I can't wait to find that out since Locke has seen him. He was back after the boat took them back and Micheal is back on the boat but will Tom take him back? Is he dead? Is that his ghost? Was that small casket his? I don't know because his grandma would have gone if it was his caskett and if Micheal was already dead. I also wanted to state I knew it was Tom by his voice and the fact it had his character listed in this episode on www.tv.com I didn't know Tom was gay kind of seemed to be put in there for no reason, I have nothing against it but it had nothing to do with the story. I guess it was just more background of his character and who he is.

    Finally the end... what the hell is going on. I personally think Ben is the shooter. He took out Carl, Ben gave a look when Carl had his hand on his daughter's butt. Carl was killed that was shocking but not a big deal, but Danielle, she has been there over 16 years and it sucks that's how she died, but I can see Ben killing her, he has no loyalty to her. That is why Alex was the only one to live, I don't know why she yelled that she was Ben's daughter after he told her that they would kill her if they knew who she was. Maybe she was grief stricken since her mom and her boyfriend were just gunned down.
  • Finally answered unanswered questions, while at the same time opening up s few more, true Lost style! Just a Bit on the slow side though....

    Despite starting with a very good opening, I was a tad disappointed with the Michael Flashback. I wanted more emotion. I was expecting to see everything from when he first saw land and knew he had made it home. It was also annoying how the flashback was like 90% of the episode, and yet it even contained a few spot that could have been shorter to allow more Island time, which seems to be lackin this season. It was nice to know he is haunted by what he did to Anna and Libby though, it sorta redeems him for doing that.

    Now back to the Island. Its hard to believe Danielle Rousseau and Karl got shot. I know we don't know if they're dead, but if they are that really is an add up of more pointless deaths on lost. When is someone we HATE going to die. Obviously Ben isn't since we know he makes it off the island..... Overall good episode, tad slow, few things I didn't like, But I wouldn't say it was a bad episode! could have been better though.
  • great episode

    Michael is suffering from guilt for murdering ana lucia and libby. He tries to commit suicide, but he survives. Back at the island barracks, Ben tells Alex of an impending attack, he urges her to go to a part of the island that is safe. Sayid and Desmond interrogate Michael. We get to see a flashback of what happened to Michael after he betrayed his fellow survivors. It's a really interesting episode, the Michael episode explains a lot of what happened to him. We get to see Walt quite a bit. The writers really made this episode interesting, i can't wait for the next one.
  • Disappointing and not very believable episode. Michael's history is far too stretched (time-wise) and nothing much is happening but in the last 5 minutes.

    Decided to do this review with spoilers so beware. Will warn before them.
    For those who like the Michael character it's a heavenly episode. For those who don't (me included) it's a nightmare.
    Leaving that aside, here are my observations:
    1. Michael's background story is far too stretched and takes up almost the entire episode. The time for the current affairs is very limited.
    2. The narration to Sayid/Desmond of his story alone, lasts for 29 minutes non-stop! Never been done for a character/s before, non-stop like this and makes one wonder of the stretch.
    3. It's not plausible that Michael has enough time to explain all this. It shouldn't take more than 5' to get a replacement valve -he send someone for it- hardly enough time to tell the story.
    4. The heli pilot reveals the purpose of the boat to the deckhand (Michael) the moment he meets him. Please!
    4. =SPOILERS= Sayid acts completely out of character at the end. A man who supposedly knows when others lie and until now has been very careful with his steps, choses to trust someone he doesn't know (the captain) over Michael. He doesn't even take time to reflect on the two different stories the two men tell him and decides on the spot to blow Michael's cover. Understandable he betrayed them to save his life but still Sayid's action is something only Charlie would do.
    5. =SPOILERS= Rousseau, a character who managed to survive all others on the island (before the crash) and avoid many perils, chooses to run away like a blonde-bimbo in a cheesy horror flick (apologies to blondes, it's just a movies' cliche) when sniper bullets fly about. How about crawling? 'Unbe-f***ing-lievable' (and to my knowledge this was first said in "A Fish Called Wanda")and the result is predicted of course.

    =TINY SPOILER= The only fun part (which actually made me laugh) is Tom's 'indulgence' (as he says) with a guy and the few moments with Miles. He always has a good/fun line up until now.

    So to sum it all up, it's not a believable episode.
    We learn what happened to Michael but all that detail isn't necessary. I'm fed up with the "he's my son" line and after all this he manages to lose him by telling him what he did. So he actually cancels all his efforts by telling his son what he did. Again... please!

    One can forgive some of this, had it been for an in-between episode, but for a hanger type (1 month apart from the next) it's a boring episode and a huge disappointment.
  • I Dont Know How To Say This...

    I dont know what to say about this episode. Some parts were good and others were bad. I mean the story with Michael was rushed so much and the ending was so stupid! Plus, Sayid telling the freighter people about Michael, it's not like Sayid has ever done anything wrong! Also, why have they made Tom gay They just made him look stupid! But then this episode gave us some anwsers too, which was good. I have seen alot better episodes in this season but I have seen worse too. But I can't believe they have killed Danielle, I wanted to know about her story and she is an awesome character. I cant wait until LOST comes back on but I just hope what we seen in this episode this will hopefully change like, Danielle is not dead! I really hope so!
  • wow. really good!! ending was alright could have been better

    i loved the music through out this, and a come back of old tunes. it was well written and showed what mr. dawson has been doing since he got off the island. thought sayid was a bit of an idiot for ratting out Micheal but thats the story. the flag popping out was funny. i loved the music through out this, and a come back of old tunes. it was well written and showed what mr. dawson has been doing since he got off the island. thought sayid was a bit of an idiot for ratting out Micheal but thats the story. the flag popping out was funny.
  • A half decent showing of lost filling in the gaps of how michael came to be on the boat. Not much else though

    This episode was much better than the dry episode we had to suffer through last week. At least we got answers quickly as opposed to waiting several episodes if not series. However, though the episode had the answers to what happened with michael, not much else happened that was too interesting until the very end. Though it was a bit obvious something was going to happen. I for one am unsure as to whether they are dead being that this is the island and anything goes really so dont be suprised to see both of them running back around soon enough!

    There isnt much more to say really about this episode. it filled in the gaps on michael and that was pretty much it. I think its a bit of a stupid idea for us to believe that "the island" wont let michael kill himself, but things like this are now commonplace for the lost writers. Why did the island let Jin die?

    Being that the episode was relevant and was interesting to watch i cant fault it too much but it was still a bit dull and uneventful and for that i am disappointed as now we have no new episodes for quite some time and not much of an interesting cliff hanger to leave us with.
  • Very disappointing episode.

    There is rarely an episode of Lost that I don't like...this was one of them.

    Mainly, it's because it didn't tell me anything I didn't already know.

    Yes, it filled in some blanks as to how it all exactly happened, but we already knew that Michael got recruited by Ben and that he was on the boat.

    The details don't seem to be all that relevant in the grand scheme of things, so it kind of seems like a waste of an episode.

    Seems like the writers really wanted to squeeze in Michael's story as a way of reintroducing him to the show.

    Lets hope that I'm wrong and those details suddenly become a big deal.
  • I actually didn't have that big of a problem with this episode, it's just...

    that the hype for this one was way too high. For the last of the eight-episode run, the mid-season finale, as it were, it wasn't too shocking or too edge-of-your-seat. I was totally prepared for one of those episodes.

    But I liked it. Michael, despite his self-centerdness, is actually a human being. Feeling tremendous grief for what he did, he manages to have some kind of falling out with his son. I wish there were more episodes like this too. Just nice character studies that do answer some subtle questions.

    Oh, and this episode would have been a 9 if it weren't for the ending. What kind of ending was that? I didn't mind the crossfire killing Karl and maybe Danielle, but it just ended with Alex yelling to unknown snipers that she's Ben's daughter. That's it. Maybe if it ended a little more smoothly.
  • There we go back on track In my opinion.Spoilers

    This episode was better then last weeks thats for sure.Sayid presses Michael to tell what has happened with him since he left the island. In a long flashback, Michael is in despair in Manhattan, since Walt refuses to talk to him after discovering the truth about the deaths of Ana Maria and Libby. When Michael decides to commit suicide in an alley, he is saved by Tom Friendly that convinces him to work infiltrated in the Kahana to save the lives of the survivors in the island. Michael commits sabotage in the radio room and in the engine of the vessel following direct orders of Ben. After the explanations, Sayid delivers the traitor to Captain Gault. Meanwhile in the island, Ben is released by Locke and convinces Alex, Karl and Rousseau to leave the camp and move to a hidden sanctuary.

    In this episode, the saga of the despicable Michael is disclosed. The loser character betrayed his friends and killed Libby and Ana Maria in the island; lost the love and respect of his son; is unable to commit suicide; works for Ben; and betrays the Owner, the Captain and the crew of the supply vessel Kahana. It is impressive how destructive this character is, even full of good intentions. Locke is completely insane releasing Ben, but the greatest surprise is the calm behavior of Sawyer, passively accepting the command of Locke and the manipulation of Ben. The tragic fate of Karl, Rousseau and Alex is the great surprise of this episode. However, it seems totally out of the context and unnecessary to expose Tom as a gay Is it a side effect of the great loss of audience?
  • I got lost in the details

    I won't lie. Last night's episode was probably my least favorite of the season. It was weighty and slow. A lot of the information that Frank revealed to Michael was stuff the viewers already knew. I really expected that this would be a very revealing episode, but it just wasn't. From start to finish it just seemed like it had been done already. I know they needed to tell Michael's part of the story, but I felt like they could have done it in conjunction with another episode. Last night's story line did not need it's own show. All of what got accomplished could have been worked into other episodes. I was also disappointed to find out that this was the last of the pre strike episodes. There will be no more until the end of April. It was not a good note to leave the viewers on. The whole season has been amazing until this. I hope that the post strike shows will redeem this misstep.
  • I hate Michael !

    So I had to endure the pain of watching this episode but seeing Libby again made it all better even though it was just for a short while. Anyway we find out that Ben's spy on the freighter is Michael and I'm sure all the fan's reactions were huh ?! Questions that were raised : How ? Isn't he home ? Why would he help Ben ? and in this episode these questions were answered. Michael goes back home and confesses killing Ana Lucia and Libby to Walt so Michael's mother won't allow him to see Walt. Also Michael's guilt gets him to try and commit suicide by crashing his car and trying to shoot himself only he dosen't die so Tom shows up and him and Michael have a little boring chick fight....YAWN !!!. Tom tells Michael the island won't let him kill himself and he also tells him about Charles Widmore and what he's planning to do to the people on the island so Michael sets out trying to clear his concieounce by breaking the boat's enjine. First he thought he had to blow the boat up then he gets a white flag with " Not yet " written on it. Knowing all this Sayid exposes Michael's true identity to the captain. This episode bored me. I know it provided alot of answers but everything was too slow and I think the Michael trying to kill himself scenes would have ben exciting if I didn't hate him so much. All this hate is because he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. The episode was okay although it has to be one of the worst Lost episodes ever !!! Favorite character from this episode : Sayid for telling the captain who that idiot I mean Michael really is.
  • Michael comes back and it seems to be going somewhere...But then we are treated to one Loooong flashback.

    The long awaited return of Michael is at hand... And for some reason it seemed very sloppily made. Maybe I had set my expectations a bit to high for this episode. I think what really kills this episode for me is the super long flashback (Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Other 48 Days). While the flashbacks for these previous episodes are very informative it kills any momentum gaining for the island story, and seems like it could be done better. And the ending seemed just a bit to sudden. But the flashback had its good moments, some shocking revelations, and more questions to be answered later. One nagging problem I had with the episode is that it seemed way to short. (Maybe all those freaking Eli Stone commercials?) Overall it was an episode that was very average, but had a lot to live up to.
  • We catch up with Micheal.

    This was an alright episode of Lost. I did like the fact that we did catch up with Micheal and we did get answered a lot of the questions of what happened when Micheal and Walt left the island that was really nice. I was afraid it would be one of those story lines that rode off into the sunset that we would never get an answer too. I however don't like the fact that Micheal was trying to kill himself. I know what he did was wrong, but he should try correct his mistakes by living and giving his son Walt a better life. He is really throwing Libby and Ana-Lucia's deaths away by not having anything to do with Walt. That is just stupid on his part.
  • This was a very interesting episode. Finally Michael's story and motive for being Ben's spy is revealed, some characters became more interesting & the unanswered questions that this episode put in my head were just entertaining.

    -The flashback is shown without any interruption from the present, and is quite good. It explains well what happened to Michael after he left. - The flashback made me wonder if Tom was bluffing when he said "The island won't let you die" and sabotaged the gun or switch it with another one
    - It will be very interesting what role will Michael have in the future in the series. Also that very short scene with Michael made Miles more interesting to me
    -I found it very entertaning how they made unclear on which side are Ben and Widmore. -The final scene on the boat makes me think that things won't continue as the writers would want us to think. Maybe there is another spy on the boat, maybe the captain.

    - this episode just confirmed that the survivors at the barracks are Ben's puppets. It will be interesting to see if he will turn them against the freighters and against the survivors at the beach
    - The final scene was very good and unexpected. I can't wait to have an answer to just what the hell happened (I seriously hope Danielle isn't dead)
  • OK

    Of all the Lost episodes this one would probably be exactly in the middle. We find out that Michael is actually the spy on the freighter going by the name of "Kevin Johnson". He acts as a spy because he wants to redeem himself after what he killed Ana Lucia and Libby. Walt also doesn't want to see him anymore, so he tries to kill himself several times. Tom aka Mr.Friendly shows up and informs him that the island won't let him die until he does his duty. I didn't like how Sayid narked on Michael to the freighter people...wtf Sayid?!?! lol.
  • Michael returns in style and with a good story.

    Micheal and Walts return was well over-due, so you can already imagine I'm disapointed Walt was bearly around. Nevertheless the return of one of the others what we learned of him and what he had to say was all interesting and gripping. The further referances to this higher power of the Island leads to more intrigue and suprise. Thankfully this episode covered a lot of ground and didn't spend much time telling you things unimportant to the key storylines. Seeing that Micheal is having no choice but to repent for his killings made for interesting viewing, and of course helping us to sympathise with him a little. It was good to have Jack off scene for the episode to seeming as his charecter is as fun as glass shards in your knee-cap! I wasn't too keen on how Alex and co's story played out if the mum is dead I wont be happy! Good surprise dont get me wrong, but it did feel a bit disjointed. Overall this episode did a lot and did it pretty well. I can't give it a score in the 9's however because yet again the show has had it previous momentum stalled, I wanted to know about the time-travel stuff now its about Micheal, and next week would it be too much to ask to know who out of those shot survived this week! The continual stalling of introducing Walt is becoming tiresome now also. This is either cynically stretching out the tension or bad structure. Its getting boring not telling me what I want to know!

    Still a fantastic episode though!
  • Highly Underrated Episode

    I started watching Lost a few months ago on Netflix, shortly after finishing 24. Ever since the end of Season 1, Michael and Walt have been my favorite characters. I find their relationship touching, with Michael willing to do ANYTHING for Walt, even murder.

    This episode is basically one giant flashback telling us what Michael has been doing since the end of Season 2, since he was absent in all of Season 3 and up until last episode this season. It's believable how the others played off of Michael's emotions and suicidal additude.

    For those complaining about it being unrealistic, well was Lost ever realistic? Mysterious island? Pandas? Polar bears? Horses? Ability to see the future (later revealed to be time travel)...seriously, it's Sci-Fi with hints of Realism. And it's insanely entertaining.

    Michael's return is awesome. This is a very underrated episode and it answers the main question that has been on my mind since the end of Season 2: what the hell happened to Michael and Walt?

    Great episode, highly underrated.
  • Superb Episode, filled with information and a hugh shock in the End!!!!

    Plot Details/Objective -» If there is one character that needed a flashbacks, this person was Michael, he was the first one to left the Island and his destiny was unknown until this episode. They writers function is was tie what happened to him after he left the Island, with the Island plot, I mean, he need to have a good reason to go back to the Island and help is formers friend´s and that reason was easy to create – Guilt and His Son.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Michael Flashbacks Scenes. The ending. Sayid attitude was unexpected.


    Presentation -» (8/10). Locke tribe interaction was a good way to start and make answer to Sayid was more vague than possible. Details -» (9/10). Michael FB was filled with information on what happened to him, Tom, why he wasn´t successful in committing suicide etc.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (10/10). Not only the ending is mysterious, but it has a shock value.

    Flashbacks -» (9/10). Michael FB was very informative and funny when he tried to kill himself. The only way to you don´t like Michael FB is to hate the character for what he did before.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (10/10). All the necessary scenes was there, very hard to notice that scenes that bought time.

    Dialogues -» (10/10) -» It feels like the all necessary dialogues were there.

    Action /Adventure -» Wasn´t necessary, you have a little fight, but only for details.

    Drama/Emotions -» (7/10). Not that type of episode, that you can really care for the character drama, but was not bad Michael suicidal tendency.

    Suspense/Tension -» (6/10). Since you don´t care for Michael and you know that he is alive, you simple don´t feel tension when he tries to suicide.

    Mystery/Curiosity/Doubts/Hints -»(10/10). You have enough revelation, hints, and Lost mythology.

    Surprise/Twists -» (10/10). Tom and Libby appearance and the two surprising endings was a great surprise.

    This episode is a great, and a great way to make you wait for what will happen until Lost episodes returns. This is why I rated it 9. This flashback is very informative and a huge shock in the end, which is a perfect combination for an episode of Lost.
  • Meet Michael Dawson... again.

    I find it interesting that the much more eventless "Ji Yeon" is rated 0.2 higher on TV.com than "Meet Kevin Johnson". Admittedly, it wasn't a fast paced episode either, but it was long awaited, and it did start up a major arc that will dominate the episodes to come.

    Michael's return in the previous episode wasn't much of a surprise so I'm glad the writers didn't wait any longer than a half an episode to tell us what happened to him after he left the island with Walt.

    This is yet another "giant-flashback" episode, like "Flashes Before Your Eyes" or "The Other 48 Days", but personally, just like with those episodes, I didn't feel bored. At all. In fact, I was moved and on the edge of my seat. I loved who Michael became - and why. I'm very glad that the writers didn't forget about him killing Ana and Libby - I loved how the consequences of his murders were the driving motive to make him go back to the island and save his friends.

    His guilt over what he done was very realistic, and telling Walt was a huge mistake but also very understandable. And it makes sense that Walt distances himself from Michael - which for him, means that he has nothing else to live for which drives him to attempt suicide. But apparently, he can't kill himself, because he got work to do - at least according to Tom(but it seems very likely). Weather this is because the island is *that* strong or it's because something scientefic(time travel? If Michael went back to the past, and once lived in the future, it's obvious he can't kill himself until he "catches up", because there are not alternate timelines on the show) it was a very intriguing reveal. And Tom - awesome. Loved to see him come back! Oh and Tom's gay - that explains why Kate isn't his "type"(from S3 premiere). Some people complained that it was over the top, but I mean, why? Would it make much of a difference if he kissed a woman? I liked it this way, and it was a cool comic relief too.

    The way Michael got on the freighter was cool but what I found cooler was the freighties. Especially Minkowski - he seemed to be a really nice guy, what a shame he's dead. I also enjoyed Keamy and the rest of the mercs. Surely they only got a brief scene but it was very good, it was the final push to convince Michael that Widmore's group is up to no good.

    Michael was ready to kill everyone including himself on the boat, but Ben wasn't. I loved that, despite how evil Ben can be, he wouldn't be able to sacrafice innocent people's lives. That 's the difference between him and Widmore, he says. And how true is it.

    The episode's cliffhanger: Rousseau and Karl gets gunned down by Keamy and co - wow. Again, many people disliked this, but I thought it was amazing. They are at war, and war means causilites. Not just red shirts, but major characters too. On a whole this was a very good episode, but it was servicable, for sure. For starters, certain scenes just seemed to go on forever on the freighter. Michael cleaning, then looks at the bomb... continues cleaning. Looks at the bomb again... cleans. Talks to Keamy.... walks back... looks at the bomb......looks..... opens it. The whole bomb was set up to be very suspensful but it wasn't: we already knew it wouldn't blow up.

    So yeah, that's the main reason I can't give this any higher than a respectable 9. It was great, but could've used a little more plot in the middle.
  • Another solid episode of LOST.

    Another solid episode of LOST.

    For the second week running, something new went on. This time we had a flashback with a difference. It wasn't a flashback of what happened before getting on the island, it was a flashback of went on between the time that Michael left the island, and Windmore's crew got to the island.

    In this episode we continued to see how Ben is completely manipulative. He got total control on what Michael can do. We also found out that Michael and Walt aren't on good terms anymore, after Michael told him he killed Ana Lucia and Libby.

    We see two deaths in the end, by a mysterious assailant. This should make things more interesting. The question is who was the assailant? And was this all a trap by Ben since he sent his daughter and co there?
  • While "Meet Kevin Johnson" wasn't quite as action-packed as I had anticipated, it did contain a few interesting and eerie moments; a few more questions appear to be resolved more concretely; and there are a few more unexpected deaths.

    I just finished watching "Meet Kevin Johnson" a short while ago; and while it wasn't quite as action-packed as I had anticipated, it did contain a few interesting and eerie moments; a few more questions appear to be resolved more concretely; and there are a few more unexpected deaths . . . at least I am assuming that the characters in question are really dead for now.

    A large part of "Meet Kevin Johnson" is comprised of flashbacks, all of which pertain to what happened to Michael, after he and Walt escaped from the island, with Benjamin Linus' help. We see some familiar faces in flashback mode, including Libby, Naomi Dorrit, Tom/Mr. Friendly, Miles Straume, George Minkowski and Frank Lapidus.

    In this episode, as many LOST fans had already suspected, we learn more concretely that Michael Dawson, now posing as Kevin Johnson, a deck hand on the freighter Kahana, is in fact Ben's man-on-the-boat. It is in this context that we also learn of another list which was compiled by Ben Linus, after Michael and Walt escape from the island, and end up in New York City. Following is an excerpt from the episode where this unknown list is finally revealed:

    [Michael is in the radio room of the freighter Kahana, believing that a call from his son Walt has come in from the U.S. mainland. To his shock, the voice on the other end is that of Benjamin Linus, who is sitting in his communications room on the island.]

    MICHAEL: What do you want from me?

    BEN LINUS: I want you to compile a list of names. Every person on your boat. When I call again, you'll give me that list. Then you will disable the radio room you are sitting in. When the crew is disoriented by their lack of communication, you'll take out the engines too. That way the boat can never get to this island, and your friends will be safe. Will you do that for me Michael?

    MICHAEL: Yeah

    BEN LINUS: Then consider yourself one of the good guys.

    As I noted a moment ago, there are a number of eerie scenes where we see the power of the island clearly intervening to prevent Michael from taking his life prematurely. It seems that Michael still has work to do for Ben and the island; and because of that, even though he makes three attempts to kill himself, (by driving his car into a shipping container, by putting a pistol to his head, and by trying to blow up the freighter prematurely) it just won't happen . . . at least not yet.

    We also receive additional evidence which suggests that not only is the Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage in Bali fake, but that it was planted there by Charles Widmore, (as some LOST fans had already suspected), in order to protect the true location of the crash site, as well as the location of the island. But again, this revelation depends on our belief that the people making these claims are telling the truth.

    The life-threatening danger that the Survivors now face is emphasized again, as we see some of the mercenaries on the freighter shooting at clay pigeons with machine guns. Michael is totally freaked out by this, and we can tell by the look on his face that he realizes that he must help the remaining Survivors on the island, even if it means giving his own life, as a final act of contrition for his previous crimes.

    In another apparent sign of the intended massacre to be committed by the freighter's crew, John Locke calls a general camp meeting, in which both Miles Straume and Ben Linus are present. It is a time for truth . . . and perhaps more manipulation by Ben?

    In addition to telling everyone that Michael is his man-on-the-boat, Ben again warns everyone that if he is found by Widmore's people on the freighter, everyone on the island will be killed mercilessly. He then encourages Danielle, Alex and Karl to head for the secret location known as "the temple".

    The episode ends with two island residents meeting their demise at the hands of an unknown assailant . . . but I won't spoil it for you by revealing their identities here.

    Aside from the Widmore/Bali wreckage revelation, there are two other things that this episode seems to clarify quite well in my mind.

    First, as was heavily hinted in the last episode, "Ji Yeon", Michael Dawson indeed appears to be Oceanic Flight 815 survivor #6. We have now seen him in two consecutive episodes off of the island. As I have pointed out before, he meets every technical requirement for being one of the Oceanic Six, whereas baby Aaron does not. I have nothing against Aaron being #6, but it looks less and less to me like Aaron will fulfill that role, while Michael will.

    However, there is one important caveat; and this leads us to what I believe is the final revelation of the episode; and that is that sometime between this current episode, and the flash forward where Jack attends the funeral, Michael is going to die. If this occurs, it will make him a prime candidate for being the man in the coffin.

    Not only does Michael qualify as a member of the Oceanic Six, but considering the murders that he committed in order to save himself and his son Walt, Jack and the rest of the Oceanic Six will not consider him family or friend; thus perfectly fulfilling the future scene at the funeral home.

    One final glaring hint which suggests that Michael may be the man in the coffin, is that he is a native of New York City; he returned to Manhattan after escaping from the island; and he traveled from New York City again in order to join up with the crew of the Kahana. As we know from the obituary seen in the flash forward, the man in the coffin is likewise from New York City. While Michael's/Kevin's name may not match that of the deceased man named in the obituary, there is a plausible explanation for this. If Michael changed his name once in order to conceal his true identity, isn't it possible that with Ben's help, he could change it again for matters of security?

    In conclusion, I strongly suspect that Michael will be one of the Oceanic Six, but that he will die sometime in the near future, and end up in that coffin . . . but it is still just a theory. :)

    It was a pretty good episode; not fantastic, but well enough to hold your attention and cause a few moments of suspense.
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