Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • If you don't know Kevin Johnson by now, you will never, never, never know him.

    I had high expectations and they were met. Wouldn't put it in my top5, but top10 material for sure. So it gets a 10/10 from me.

    It was very informative. Probably one of the most revealing hour of Lost to date. Now informative episodes tend to be dry as all you have is a bunch load of answers and no real action. But the writers did a very good job here: I wasn't bored at all, despite the episode being once again really slow paced.

    The flashback took 90% of the airtime, and I loved that. I kind of expected it to happen. I prefer giant flashbacks over fragmented flashbacks if the writers want to tell us a story that keeps going on the same timeline - like in this case. I was hoping for a scene on the boat, but I understand it's a bit hard to pull off with giant Walt. So I'll give the writers more room on this topic.

    Four main elements of the flashback:

    Tom. I thought that he was brilliant, and the best Other to "bring back". Some people may complain that revealing he's gay was way too random, but I think it was a funny and cool moment. Sure it doesn't add the story but it adds some diversity to his character - I mean he won't have a flashback episode so why not develop him a little more in other characters' flashbacks? Plus his homosexuality was first hinted in 3x01, so it wasn't random at all.

    The island. So the island won't let Mike kill himself? Interesting. I can already see all the discussion going on about "But how did Radzinsky die? Why did Ana Lucia and Libby die? Why did Randomperson53535 die?" It's similiar to "I think Aaron is Kate's constant! Jack must be Sawayer's constant!" The point is. Yes, we got a clue/puzzle piece but that doesn't mean we should try to explain every happening on the show with it. To me it seems that the island won't let people who can "help" the island die. Dunno - I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

    Libby. Some wise guy spoiled her appearance on a blog, so it wasn't much of a shock for me, but if I didn't know I'm sure I would've been surprised. But even those short appearances were great - the island communicating with Michael? Or just his conscience?

    The freighter. It was nice to see how it all started. I also loved how the writers developed Minkowski's character a bit - he seemed like a really nice guy, so it's a shame he died. The bomb was hilarious, I half expected the flag say "BANG!" but "Not yet" was just as freaky. I liked Ben's speech with Michael. So Ben is the good guy afterall?

    Or not.

    To me, the most shocking part was the ending. It just made me feel sick. The last time I had this was when Michael shot Ana and Libby. This wasn't the same caliber(Karl is a misc character and Danielle wasn't much developed either) but the way it happened - oh my god. It was so sudden. The way the scene transformed from a light hearted scene to a life/death situation was incredibly well done.

    I thought the "LOST" logo came in just in the right moment. The scene was cut BEFORE it was supposed to(I knew they wouldn't show the attackers, but still, normally it would last a bit longer) but this way it made feel really disorianted, and I guess that was the point.

    So who were the attackers?

    Most likely this is the errand Frank talked about at the start of "Ji Yeon", but it very well could be Ben's arrangement. It's just something that we'll have to wait with until the next episode.

    Another cliffhanger - much milder, but still interesting - Sayid telling everything about Michael to the captain. I kind of expected the captain say " I know. " but now I'm not sure.

    Anyhow - excellent episode, a very informative piece with a huge shock in the end - perfect combination. I can't wait until the next episode, but unfortuantely it's weeeeeeeks away.