Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • There we go back on track In my opinion.Spoilers

    This episode was better then last weeks thats for sure.Sayid presses Michael to tell what has happened with him since he left the island. In a long flashback, Michael is in despair in Manhattan, since Walt refuses to talk to him after discovering the truth about the deaths of Ana Maria and Libby. When Michael decides to commit suicide in an alley, he is saved by Tom Friendly that convinces him to work infiltrated in the Kahana to save the lives of the survivors in the island. Michael commits sabotage in the radio room and in the engine of the vessel following direct orders of Ben. After the explanations, Sayid delivers the traitor to Captain Gault. Meanwhile in the island, Ben is released by Locke and convinces Alex, Karl and Rousseau to leave the camp and move to a hidden sanctuary.

    In this episode, the saga of the despicable Michael is disclosed. The loser character betrayed his friends and killed Libby and Ana Maria in the island; lost the love and respect of his son; is unable to commit suicide; works for Ben; and betrays the Owner, the Captain and the crew of the supply vessel Kahana. It is impressive how destructive this character is, even full of good intentions. Locke is completely insane releasing Ben, but the greatest surprise is the calm behavior of Sawyer, passively accepting the command of Locke and the manipulation of Ben. The tragic fate of Karl, Rousseau and Alex is the great surprise of this episode. However, it seems totally out of the context and unnecessary to expose Tom as a gay Is it a side effect of the great loss of audience?