Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Michael returns in style and with a good story.

    Micheal and Walts return was well over-due, so you can already imagine I'm disapointed Walt was bearly around. Nevertheless the return of one of the others what we learned of him and what he had to say was all interesting and gripping. The further referances to this higher power of the Island leads to more intrigue and suprise. Thankfully this episode covered a lot of ground and didn't spend much time telling you things unimportant to the key storylines. Seeing that Micheal is having no choice but to repent for his killings made for interesting viewing, and of course helping us to sympathise with him a little. It was good to have Jack off scene for the episode to seeming as his charecter is as fun as glass shards in your knee-cap! I wasn't too keen on how Alex and co's story played out if the mum is dead I wont be happy! Good surprise dont get me wrong, but it did feel a bit disjointed. Overall this episode did a lot and did it pretty well. I can't give it a score in the 9's however because yet again the show has had it previous momentum stalled, I wanted to know about the time-travel stuff now its about Micheal, and next week would it be too much to ask to know who out of those shot survived this week! The continual stalling of introducing Walt is becoming tiresome now also. This is either cynically stretching out the tension or bad structure. Its getting boring not telling me what I want to know!

    Still a fantastic episode though!