Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Michael comes back and it seems to be going somewhere...But then we are treated to one Loooong flashback.

    The long awaited return of Michael is at hand... And for some reason it seemed very sloppily made. Maybe I had set my expectations a bit to high for this episode. I think what really kills this episode for me is the super long flashback (Flashes Before Your Eyes, The Other 48 Days). While the flashbacks for these previous episodes are very informative it kills any momentum gaining for the island story, and seems like it could be done better. And the ending seemed just a bit to sudden. But the flashback had its good moments, some shocking revelations, and more questions to be answered later. One nagging problem I had with the episode is that it seemed way to short. (Maybe all those freaking Eli Stone commercials?) Overall it was an episode that was very average, but had a lot to live up to.
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