Season 4 Episode 8

Meet Kevin Johnson

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 20, 2008 on ABC

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  • Meet Michael Dawson... again.

    I find it interesting that the much more eventless "Ji Yeon" is rated 0.2 higher on TV.com than "Meet Kevin Johnson". Admittedly, it wasn't a fast paced episode either, but it was long awaited, and it did start up a major arc that will dominate the episodes to come.

    Michael's return in the previous episode wasn't much of a surprise so I'm glad the writers didn't wait any longer than a half an episode to tell us what happened to him after he left the island with Walt.

    This is yet another "giant-flashback" episode, like "Flashes Before Your Eyes" or "The Other 48 Days", but personally, just like with those episodes, I didn't feel bored. At all. In fact, I was moved and on the edge of my seat. I loved who Michael became - and why. I'm very glad that the writers didn't forget about him killing Ana and Libby - I loved how the consequences of his murders were the driving motive to make him go back to the island and save his friends.

    His guilt over what he done was very realistic, and telling Walt was a huge mistake but also very understandable. And it makes sense that Walt distances himself from Michael - which for him, means that he has nothing else to live for which drives him to attempt suicide. But apparently, he can't kill himself, because he got work to do - at least according to Tom(but it seems very likely). Weather this is because the island is *that* strong or it's because something scientefic(time travel? If Michael went back to the past, and once lived in the future, it's obvious he can't kill himself until he "catches up", because there are not alternate timelines on the show) it was a very intriguing reveal. And Tom - awesome. Loved to see him come back! Oh and Tom's gay - that explains why Kate isn't his "type"(from S3 premiere). Some people complained that it was over the top, but I mean, why? Would it make much of a difference if he kissed a woman? I liked it this way, and it was a cool comic relief too.

    The way Michael got on the freighter was cool but what I found cooler was the freighties. Especially Minkowski - he seemed to be a really nice guy, what a shame he's dead. I also enjoyed Keamy and the rest of the mercs. Surely they only got a brief scene but it was very good, it was the final push to convince Michael that Widmore's group is up to no good.

    Michael was ready to kill everyone including himself on the boat, but Ben wasn't. I loved that, despite how evil Ben can be, he wouldn't be able to sacrafice innocent people's lives. That 's the difference between him and Widmore, he says. And how true is it.

    The episode's cliffhanger: Rousseau and Karl gets gunned down by Keamy and co - wow. Again, many people disliked this, but I thought it was amazing. They are at war, and war means causilites. Not just red shirts, but major characters too. On a whole this was a very good episode, but it was servicable, for sure. For starters, certain scenes just seemed to go on forever on the freighter. Michael cleaning, then looks at the bomb... continues cleaning. Looks at the bomb again... cleans. Talks to Keamy.... walks back... looks at the bomb......looks..... opens it. The whole bomb was set up to be very suspensful but it wasn't: we already knew it wouldn't blow up.

    So yeah, that's the main reason I can't give this any higher than a respectable 9. It was great, but could've used a little more plot in the middle.