Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Not horrible, not great...

    I went into this episode knowing that Kate, Jack and Hugo would have to be brought into the Dharma Initiative by Sawyer, that Sayid would be found else where, and the rest would be searching in the present. What I didn't realize is that that's all that was going to happen. It was disappointing, but just lacked something more than what I expected. A few minor things happened, which I wont mention, but one being the ending. And the small conversation with Jack and Sawyer was pretty interesting to watch. Should be fun to see how Jack is able to take orders in the future, rather than lead everyone off the island again. It was a necessary episode to move forward and it's next week that will show some truly great scenes.
  • Sawyer must lie to the Dharma initiative in order to protect his friends. Sun continues her search for Jin with Ben and the pilot.

    What really drove this episode was the characters. Sawyer has really been propelled through the ranks of Dharma, and a new power struggle between him and Jack is hinted at. Josh Holloway is really beginning to impress me this season, for the character of Sawyer has changed by miles without an episode (the actual three years with Dharma is never shown) and he has handled the character very well. Sun herself continues to transcend from her previous wallflower persona as she searches for her husband. While she is far from the "though girl," the development actually makes sense under the circumstances and works semi-effectively. For me this was what the episode was really about, and it was certainly a good episode for the season.
  • The real show is next week.

    After being teased about a big death forthcoming, we were treated to nothing but guesses about whom that person might be. I originally said Sayid, and might gut still says Sayid, but it certainly would not be unlike Lost to throw us a curve ball.

    This show is still really, really great and addictive, but when half of the episode revolves around a boring initiation period, you know that this was just written to fill an episode count, and not to get fans to say, "Wow!"

    The kid being Ben at the end was so obvious, and I'm not somebody who pays as much attention to the little details about this show as I used to be. I don't see why that was even supposed to be a shock.
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