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  • The real show is next week.

    After being teased about a big death forthcoming, we were treated to nothing but guesses about whom that person might be. I originally said Sayid, and might gut still says Sayid, but it certainly would not be unlike Lost to throw us a curve ball.

    This show is still really, really great and addictive, but when half of the episode revolves around a boring initiation period, you know that this was just written to fill an episode count, and not to get fans to say, "Wow!"

    The kid being Ben at the end was so obvious, and I'm not somebody who pays as much attention to the little details about this show as I used to be. I don't see why that was even supposed to be a shock.
  • Sawyer must lie to the Dharma initiative in order to protect his friends. Sun continues her search for Jin with Ben and the pilot.

    What really drove this episode was the characters. Sawyer has really been propelled through the ranks of Dharma, and a new power struggle between him and Jack is hinted at. Josh Holloway is really beginning to impress me this season, for the character of Sawyer has changed by miles without an episode (the actual three years with Dharma is never shown) and he has handled the character very well. Sun herself continues to transcend from her previous wallflower persona as she searches for her husband. While she is far from the "though girl," the development actually makes sense under the circumstances and works semi-effectively. For me this was what the episode was really about, and it was certainly a good episode for the season.
  • Not horrible, not great...

    I went into this episode knowing that Kate, Jack and Hugo would have to be brought into the Dharma Initiative by Sawyer, that Sayid would be found else where, and the rest would be searching in the present. What I didn't realize is that that's all that was going to happen. It was disappointing, but just lacked something more than what I expected. A few minor things happened, which I wont mention, but one being the ending. And the small conversation with Jack and Sawyer was pretty interesting to watch. Should be fun to see how Jack is able to take orders in the future, rather than lead everyone off the island again. It was a necessary episode to move forward and it's next week that will show some truly great scenes.
  • What's next?

    This episode did a very good job with bridging the first arc of the season with the second arc. The transition of Jack and his "team" joining the DHARMA iniative was well done. But, I have to say, I was just as excited about the present time storyline. My two favorite scenes of the episode were Frank piloting the plane and the meeting with Christian Shephard(who, interestingly appeared right after smoke monster activity.. hint hint)

    While I did love the DHARMA storyline very much, there's no denying it was slower than usual, but still well done. Good characterization(Jack/Sawyer) and some nice surprises with great attention to detail(Radzinsky, the Swan, etc).

    And little Ben! What's next?!
  • Basic Stuff

    The episode itself didn't blow me away, but it wasn't meant too. They needed to work Jack, Kate, and Hurley into the Dharma Inititive smoothly and it seems like they were able to do that. The biggest mystery I have to this point is why Sun was the only member of the Oceanic Group not to go back to 1977. I understand they need some people in the present group in order to have a good story, but I mean I think they could have worked with Locke + Ben + New People. There has to be some reason why she didn't travel back and I hope that's explained at some point here in the near future. Christain is appearing more and more this season and that's been the one saving grace in most of the episodes I have considered "average". His scene with Sun and Frank in this episode was really good and I did like the flashback when she looked at the photo from when they took it in 1977. That was a good switch to thirty years earlier. Faraday is mentioned in this episode but he doesn't seem to be around anymore. I don't know if he is dead but my thoery of him showing up in the present all by his lonesome might be losing some of its firepower. I like how they handeled the Radzinsky situation. They didn't blow us away with anything, they just introduced his character and kind of made him a little crazy. We know how his life comes to an end and it doesn't seem to be doing so for another 15 years or so. Will be interesting to see how they do all the time jumping.

    Sawyer is the big dog in charge for now in Dharma, but I have a feeling the roles will change once again when they leave the Dharma days and go back to the present time. And yes, I think they will all go back to 2007 to finish off season six. Looks like the island has been torn in half in 2007, what could have happened in the 2 years since Ben turned the wheel and made it move? Unless the place looking like crap is in relation to the island moving all over the place. Like I said - the episode didn't do anything wrong but it didn't really accomplish much more then getting the new people brought into the Dharma Inititive. Seems like life will settle down a little bit now (or you know - not) and we will see a little more Dharma in its hayday. Also, loved Juliets expression when she realized she was holding Ethan.
  • Sawyer continues his charade of being LaFleur to help Jack, Kate, and Hurley but trouble arises when Sayid is captured as a hostile.

    The show and the characters have come full circle on Lost. After weeks of anticipating for the Oceanic survivors to come back to the island, I have to say I haven't been disappointed.

    The LaFleur episode was bizarre in terms of what they showed you in the beginning but then it made sense in the end. However, they managed to take things a step further if that is still possible. In last week's episode or should I say the episode from two weeks ago, Sawyer was the savior in a way for Juliet, Jin, Miles and others to fool both the Dharma Initiative and The Others from killing them. Sawyer now has a lot of power in the Dharma Initiative with the new identity of LaFleur, but the Sawyer I saw this week was not the lovable Sawyer concerned for others. The Sawyer this week was the lowlife guy from the early seasons of LOST. A guy who is drunk with power and is out for revenge.

    The characters have started to come back full circle. Sawyer acted like he cared for the well being of Jack, Kate, Hurley when they came back to 1977. However, by the end of the episode we see that Sawyer as LaFleur is a guy reveling in his power. Sawyer's mistreatment of Sayid reminded me of the bad blood these two had in the early seasons. It's true that Sayid was caught in the island as a hostile but surely Mr. LaFleur could have come with a phony excuse to bail him out just like he did with Jack and Kate so why didn't he? Why did he react like a prick when Jack pressed the issue. I mean it wasn't necessary for Sawyer to remind Jack that some of his past decisions got people killed. Then again a lot of deaths in the island were Jack, Sawyer, Locke, and Ben's fault to name a few. I don't know it seems like the writers were bringing Sawyer back as the villain from early seasons when he and Jack were at odds.

    Even Kate just sort of just stood aside for the bulk of this episode. I like where this is going though because we might seen an end to this whole feud. Speaking of coming full circle. Ben has now dropped the act as well as has assumed his role as a manipulator and murderer. After murdering Locke, he and survivors went back to the island. However, it's obvious that Ben wants to regain control again.

    I really enjoyed then Sun clocking Ben on the back of the head especially after she told Frank that she lied about trusting him. I really do hope Ben does die in the end. He's manipulated and hurt a lot of people. It's time for the tide to start turning against him. The ending with Sayid and young Ben had me laughing my ass off. It was funny in a horrific way like seeing a young Hitler I am excited to see how these power struggles will end. Sayid is shooting somebody in the previews is this Ben or is this Sawyer? The show has started to come full circle as have the characters. As episode start to wind down, I am glad that the show hasn't let me down.
  • Above average, decent, not excellent, sorry dudes.

    I don't understant why Ben runs freely on the beach, without answering John Locke why did he kill him. And in General, where John Locke disapeer ? \

    Why did only Sun be in the 2007 ?

    How Frank (Lapidos) can say he brought the commando trups (Keamy, Omar)? Didn't they come by Helicopter ? The heros of this Episode : Sawyer & Sun.

    Sawyer gave a lesson to Jack, I liked it. I cannot say coming back to the Island at the least is the best thing to do with your life, Jack really seams out of his usual sharpness.

    My score : 8.5 , Just because there is no explenation for John Lock's not dealing with Ben.
  • Say "Namaste" to the best season of Lost ever

    For weeks I have avoided writing a review of the 5th Lost season, intimidated perhaps by its intense new structure and reputation but following a viewing of this episode I am pleased to share my views of what can only be descrbied as one of the best episodes i've seen. In it; Jack, Kate and Hurley join the Dharma Initiative with amusing results, the crash of and aftermath of Flight 316 is shown with visually arresting results and some deja vu, the less harsh and wiser Sawyer tries to maintain his lie with suprising results and Sun and Lapidus voyage to the main island with mysterious and romantic (just kidding) results.

    With this episode we finally meet two characters who've barely registered in the proceedings at all; Pierre Chang and Radzinsky. Chang is shown to be a very urbane and friendly guy, different to his creepy persona on the Dharma videos and Radzinsky is pretty much just a crazy math whiz who is less likable than the brown stain on the roof he left behind (any idea why he didn't want anyone to know of the Swan?)

    One of the biggest suprises of the episode, forget the zillionth appearence of Christian Shephard and Sawyer's new teeth but the numbers which are heard as Flight 316 is crashing. The numbers have been quite non - existant since the 5th season started, i guess violent movements through time and space just take your mind off them, their reappearence clues us in that perhaps there is more than just coincidence surrounding the infamous digits. It's part and parcel of this season that the viewers get used to the different appearence of the characters. The loss of Lapidus and Desmond's beard, some more prevelent signs of aging in most of them, the frizzier hairstyles of Jin and Sayid and i don't know what's going on with Sawyer's face. It seems futile now to groan about what the directors/writers/actors could've/should've and would've done to make the episode better since every second has clearly been orchestrated to tell the Lost story as the creators had orginally envisioned and it's more obvious now than ever that this is leading towards an ending to die for. Namaste is a treat for those who have stumbled upon this show for the first time or to the group which i am proud to be one of who've been with the series since Flight 815 first crashed five years earlier.
  • lol from a day after its airing... note that the majority of my opinions have CHAENG'd at this point

    lol from a day after its airing... note that the majority of my opinions have CHAENG'd at this point

    In Namaste, I found little to be terribly compelling. Admittedly, the characters' actions were consistent, which is no fault in itself, but among the consistency lies a horribly muddled feeling that spans across the episode. Strengths of the episode hardly belong to the actors' accomplishments, although the performances are typically solid. Though the subplot isn't terribly interesting (save for the final scene), the '77 plot, continuing directly from LaFleur, works well in places, continuing its hints at the social aspects of Dharma society. The main tribulations one will find lie, mainly, in the transition the episode encompasses, the effective great sprawl of it.
    Truth be told, I can't fault the writers for how the characters were handled. In building the Dharma Initiative plotline of the season, they've let the characters grow from themselves, and all the actions are entirely… honest, with the exception of Sun, that is. Sun's not being terribly consistent is explainable, if only due to her being so alienated from us at this point in her character. The desperation in her attempt to find Jin rings through her every action, and the shocked response she gives, though reasonably abridged in the episode, in her finding out the answer is good, perhaps boding well for her plotlines in the next few episodes.
    The acting isn't awful, aside from the first few '77 scenes, but there are no stand-out performances. At least, given the episode's plot, it doesn't appear that there needed to be. The performances, for the most part, lend themselves to the immersion, the actors appearing to mirror how the characters would react with distinct clarity, all considering the exception of Holloway, who seems a bit… unsure, throughout the episode.
    Plot-wise, the episode, in handling the O5 (4, now) existing in '77, has no major blemishes. It does what it needs to do: show various features of the island that hadn't been built in that time, conveniently involve Dharma's recruits into a scheme to merge Jack, Kate, and Hurley with Dharma, and show the Barracks in their glory. The main plot, if that would be it, is simply done. No real complications arise and nothing at all really occurs beyond it. Nothing terribly offensive.
    In the b-plot, however, the episode shines however it can. Sayid, being viewed as a Hostile, is apprehended by Radzinsky, brilliantly shown, for the first time in the show's history, as a member of the Flame station, building a model for the Swan. The plot is reasonably suspenseful, and is never boring, but, at times, frustrating, as it has to be, given the circumstances that surround it.
    The effective 'flashback' plot involves Sun, Frank, and the crash of 316. The CGI in the opening scene being terrible, though showing 316's crash on the runway, makes it a bit of a conundrum in terms of judgment. After the crash, there's no sense of disorientation. The survivors of 316, in a seeming attempt to be stopped from being a distraction to the plot, are faceless and one-dimensional, the group as a whole being dealt with rather than the individual. This is understandable, though, given that the focus can no longer be on every flight member of 316. It's irrelevant, ultimately… They're dealt with for a few minutes at most. The plot then follows Sun going to the actual island with Frank and meeting Christian, who explains to her the time-travel. I having enjoyed Christian's appearances as Jacob's Messenger (I imagine) so far, expected to relish this scene, but it instead struck me as a bit poor in execution.
    The strengths of the episode, beyond this, are the subtleties with which some of the material occurs. Whether it's the referencing "14-J" from The Shape of Things to Come, involving a model of the Swan, or mentioning Faraday's absence, the episode really gets its points from them.
    One notable problem, though, is in the rest of the season. Initially, our characters living in Dharma struck me as a brilliant development for the show, but, now, I'm not looking forward to it (or anything, really, aside from Sayid's plot). We have enough characters to continue a melodramatic love quadrangular shape, and this doesn't interest me at all. The progress the characters made throughout their three years off the island (with the characters on-island seeming to have made genuine progress) seems to have been pulled out from under them, with Jack returning to the resident position of self-righteous prick and Kate pining for Sawyer. Perhaps it is just within the context of their situation; obviously, making a decision to essentially return to the island for a time period of what would likely be forever (or until the Purge, which they've been made aware of), has given the characters an opportunity to revert back to their more primal, core ways, but, like much of the episode, that doesn't make it more compelling. So much of the episode is challenged by the circumstances surrounding it that I can't look upon the coming episodes with optimism.
  • This is a fun hour, no two ways about it.

    Unusually for Lost, 'Namaste' is a centric-less episode. While there have been a smattering in the show's history, it comes as something of a surprise at this stage, given that 'LeFleur' effectively set the show back on its more traditional course in terms of episodic structure. Still, no matter; this is a fun hour, no two ways about it. The integration of Jack, Kate and Hurley into the DHARMA Initiative is marvellously tongue-in-cheek: Sawyer assigning Jack to 'workman' duties certainly gave this reviewer something to smile about for a good week or so. Comeuppance, much? There are some interesting developments to ponder here too: we meet the fabled Radzinsky for the first time, the man who blew his brains out in The Swan when it all got too much and Desmond ended up having to replace him. He's making plans for something... hmm, wonder what it could be?! *nudge, wink* Sawyer and Jin's efforts to contain the situation with poor wandering Sayid are suitably entertaining, and it's obviously a joy to see young Ben from 'The Man Behind The Curtain' again, in what is a role reversal loaded with meaning (it's not so long ago that Sayid was on the other side of a set of metaphorical bars, talking to our favourite Other). Perhaps the most intriguing plot progression, however, occurs in the 'contemporary' storyline: why, exactly, is Sun in 2007 and not with the rest of the Oceanic Six? What is 'Christian Sheppard' (Jacob?) doing wandering around the Smokie-d Barracks? And just how is the thirty year time disparity going to be resolved? Maddening, isn't it?
  • A good episode, which create some setups for the next complications.

    Plot Details/Objective -» Now that the introductory arc is over, is time to make the setup for the next complication which may arrive by episode 11. The first complication here is to explain the Dharma Initiative member how Jack, Kate, Hurley and Sayid came back only now, this is why, for some strange reason or plot convenience, Sayid was separated and caught and now the Dharma Initiative thinks that he is one of the Hostiles.

    What I Like/Disliked -» Hard to say, this episode was like a setup episode. Liked the crash scene, and the reunion, more than that, was only watching to see something over the top.


    Presentation -» (8/10). Good presentation, was nice to see how the AJira Plane crashed. Sun trying to know where her husband is was another presentation where Christian appeared.

    Complication Phase -» (7/10). Was simple done, nothing heart breaking.

    Climax -» (9/10). My favorite part of this episode, was Jack and Sawyer conversation by the end, simply beautiful.

    Cliffhanger/Ending -» (6/10). I thing can´t see what was funny producing that type of ending.

    Time and Scenes Management -» (8/10). There are few scenes that bought time.

    Dialogues -» (8/10). Lost usual quality.

    Action /Adventure -» (7/10). Just infiltrate Jack, Hurley and Kate and keeping Sayid safe for now.

    Drama/Emotions -» (5/10). Didn´t notice any type of charged drama here.

    Suspense/Tension -» (7/10). The tension was nicely done here.

    Surprise/Twists -» (6/10). Only Christian appearance, but wasn´t enough.

    A good episode, which create some setups for the next complications.
  • Awesome! Totally Awesome!

    Episode starts on the plane that Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hugo, Sun, and Ben are on and the turbulence starts. Jack, Kate, and Hugo disappear in a flash of light. The plane makes a crash landing on the island. The survivors are being rounded up by a passenger named Cesar. Sun, Ben and Frank are left at the crash scene with not sign of Sayid. As Jack, Kate and Hugo are met by Sawyer and Jin. They wonder way Sawyer and Jin are in the Dharma suits and Sawyer explains that they are in 1977. Sawyer perpetuates his lie by having documents forged by he and Juliet to show that Jack, Kate and Hugo had come in on that morning's submarine as new recruits.

    Sayid is captured in the jungle and put into a holding cell until Sawyer can figure out what to do. They are told by Sawyer to bring him some food and he is brought a sandwich by a young Ben.

    This is a great episode with the a thirty year difference between the time that Jack, Kate and Hurley flashed off the plane and the plane crash lands. Jin an Sun are both on the island, but 30 years apart.
  • Just Awesome !

    as i always say ( This SEASON is gettin better and better !! ) . what Else i can say am speechless !! really . Saywer a Leader and Jack dont ! .
    Jin in 1977 and sin 2007 ! . Hurely what year is it ? it's 1977 . oh dude what ? ! . Young Ben he is really an evil !
    what the deal with Christin ? where is john ? alot of q's ! but it's all ganna revel in the next eposides i hope ! what else umm yea ( LOST at his best ! ) . .
  • Interesting storylines.

    I most say that after two months or little more after deciding I have enough of Lost I decided to watch it.. and to be honest, at the moment I wondered how I could doubt of the show.. It was really great episode. I loved the twisted positions of chars - Jack is not a leader anymore and Sawyer as LeFluer feels very comfortable in his position and in his life.

    I loved the way how in every sense there is so much irony. First the storyline with Sun and the pilot - going that hunting house.. and ofcourse the things back on 77. I think with those storyline choices they have made some really interesting storylines.
  • Speechless.

    NAMASTE! This season of LOST is amazing. I want to say that again AMAZINGGGG! If you stopped watching lost throughout its run then you have no idea what you have missed and what you are missing. LOST is not a show where you can simply stop watching it is just the best show ever to be on television and its ADDICTIVE! I can't beiieve it is ending next season! Back to the episode. LaFleur (Sawyer) has to continue to lie to help cover up his lie and the oceanic 6. And a handcuffed Sayid is found by JIN in the forest and is taken prisoner! Do I really have to say this again? - Another incredible episode of LOST.
  • This was a glimpse of whats to come in the near future.

    Two weeks we had wait. Two weeks! Until another episode was aired, and my God it felt like an eternity. But when we first see the oceanic six back on the plane with the heart wrenching soundtrack being play in the background, that the eternity suddenly turn into a distance memory and just left sat memorises to the screen. Overall, to me it seems that the episode was a glimpse of whats to come in the nearby future of Lost. Within five minutes of being reunion with each other, that Jack and Sawyer (sorry Jim Lafleur) are sticking their chests out and strutting around each other, trying to be top dog of the pack, with each other giving digs to one another. One of them being, when Jack was enrolled as a workman.

    But it just wasn't Jack and Sawyer (again sorry Jim Laleur) clashing heads. There was an uneasy tension between the women of the Love-square, Kate and Juliet prior to this episode always has had unusual friendship with each other when they had special feelings for the doctor. But in this episode when they appear to both want to have Lafleur's (Got it right this time) affection, that you see the unusual friendship go to up to unbarable tension. You see Juliet slowly stretching out her claws towards Kate; who by the way, seems to drifting by lately and who has lost that certain spirit that we were used to see in past seasons. If I had to chose between Kate and Juliet though, I would beg and plead with Lafleur to chose Juliet.

    Lastly, you have got to feel sorry for Sayid, that after being arrested and running through the jungle in handcuffs that he gets captured by Jin and Radinsky (who is a douchebag) and is then thrown into a jail for his own protection, then getting sandwiches from a Harry Potter-eque Ben and all of that happen in a day, well thats just bad luck.

    P.S With Sun knocking out Ben with a oar. What can I say but...Nice!
  • A Sawyer-centric episode.

    Let me just start off by saying that all things considered, I absolutely loved this episode. All of the storylines were great, especially Sawyer's. Sawyer's storyline was definitely my favorite storyline of the episode. While I absolutely loved season four, I have to say that I'm absolutely loving season five so far since Sawyer has had a big storyline this season and has been getting lots of screen time too unlike season four. I'm very happy about that since Sawyer has always been one of my favorite characters on the show. I think that it's really interesting and exciting to see Sawyer acting as the leader of the castaways on the island instead of Jack for a change. That's definitely something that I've loved about this season, but especially this episode. This episode had a lot of really exciting moments and twists, especially when it comes to the ending of the episode with Sayid. I love how the writers have been explaining various aspects of the show and the history of the island this season using the whole time travel element of the show, and this episode is definitely another example of the writer's doing that this season. Another thing that I loved about this episode was Sun's storyline. I love the way that she tricked Ben in this episode. She is one character that I've really enjoyed following the evolution of throughout the course of the show. I started out thinking that she was a very boring and submissive character when the show started, and I didn't really like her that much, but the more I learned about her, the more I grew to like her, and now I absolutely love Sun. I love the transformation that Sun has gone through so far over the course of the show, and I especially love the transformation that she underwent after she left the island last season when she thought that Jin was dead, and it was great to see that she still has that edge even though she now knows that Jin is still alive. The same goes for Jin, I started out not really liking him at the beginning of the show, but the more I learned about him, the more I grew to like him, and now I absolutely love him too. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost from everyone involved, and I can't wait to see the next episode of Lost.
  • Namaste Review

    This episode was nothing special, there was no answers just that Locke, Frank and Co. are at a different time than Jack, Kate and Co. It was a very slow episode with a lot of talking that might have made this drag on a bit but there was a couple of really good points here. I loved Sun and Frank's scenes, Sun knocked out Ben that was funny he totally had it coming to him, its always fun to see Ben get beat up, the best part however was where Sun and Frank entered the Barracks the atmosphere was very dark and creepy, we heard the monster and saw Christian like two of the scariest things on the show (excluding Jacob).
    Back in the 70s was decent I liked the scene with Sayid acting like a Hostile and the part where Jack was assigned workman. I must say that there was too many scenes where the characters just looked at each other, I'm talking about Kate and Sawyer but most of the characters did this it was just slowing things down and it got pretty boring I mean we get it everyone is confused and don't know what to do.
    I have some complaints about the whole season so far which are bugging me every episode the main one is What happened to Rose and Bernard they have been missing for three years are they part of the Hostiles, whats going on there? Also Where is Desmond I thought we would at least see him again after he stormed out at the start of "316". I hope the show goes back to the normal format as well because it can get pretty confusing. All in all this episode was a strange episode to me I don't know what to rate it there was some nice little scenes but not enough and not enough of Sun and Frank, too much reunions that dragged in my opinion, the plane crash didn't do it for me as well it was pretty lame. This episode is stuck between a 8 and a 8.5 I'll go with 8.5 out of 10. I can see how this episode sets up the next few episodes and maybe the rest of the season but I dont really like where we the writers are heading at the momment.
  • This episode is cool, we learned a few things that will be usefull in the future I will say that this episode is revealing because it give us some info regarding Ben

    This episode is cool, we learned a few things that will be usefull in the future I will say that this episode is revealing because it give us some info regarding Ben, Sun and Christian also shows us another side of the DHARMA initiative, also give us soem of the old Jack and Sawyer rivalry, I consider this one of the finest episodes and I do it because the ending of the episode is unbeatable and unique, also the episode give us some insight on what has happened to faraday and what happened to sun and sayid after the plane crash!!
  • Yet another awesome episode.

    After a few slightly disappointing episodes the previous one put things back on track for me. Thankfully that quality has continued into this episode. With amazing action scenes, new and old characters as well as the Smoke Monster, "Namaste" has pretty much everything you could want from an episode of Lost.

    When we weren't shown how or why the plane crashed after "316" I was pretty annoyed. Thankfully we do get to see exactly what happened from Frank's perspective right at the start of this episode, and it was fantastic! The CGI on Lost has always been first rate, but they really pushed the boat out here. Frank's awesomeness combined with how they finally managed to incorporate the runway Kate and Sawyer were working on was just superb. Whether or not the writers new this would happen back at the start of season 3 is up for debate, but it was a great use of it either way.

    Back in 1977 we get our emotional reunion scene with Sawyer, Hurley, Jack and Kate. As always it was handled well with each character's reactions perfectly fitting them. Hurley happily showed his feelings outright; Jack and Kate not so much. Again the time travel aspect of the show needed to be addressed as Hurley's reaction "uh, what?" was priceless!

    Once back at the barracks we got to see some more familiar faces with the return of Pierre Chang as he helped handle the inductions. We also found out that Amy's baby was none other than Ethan. Whether or not this has a large significance on the rest of the show, or was just another Lost link remains to be seen. The fact that everyone had to pretend they didn't know each other was great and played very well by each actor. There was also a moment where it looked like Juliet may have purposely left Kate's name of the list out of jealousy, but fortunately that wasn't the case.

    Then there was the return to the Flame station and finally meeting the infamous Radzinsky. Having been mentioned by Kelvin in the season 2 finale we know he survives the purge, and as we see him here designing the Swan it's probably a safe bet that he'll become a major character on the show. From this encounter they find poor Sayid wandering in the jungle. The complete confusion across his face was great and Sawyer having to think quickly about what to do with him is something that should make for a very interesting story as the season progresses.

    After the plane crash landed we get confirmation that Sun didn't time travel along with the rest the Oceanic crew. Hopefully a good reason for this will be given at some point but for now it worked thematically to leave her in the present. Frank's great, but not a main character so you need someone else we know whose eyes we can see the events through. And there was some great stuff. Her following Ben only for him to turn it around on her was great and for once I think Ben was actually being honest when he told her he didn't care whether she came with him or not.

    It seemed odd that Sun would trust Ben, so I probably should have seen her double-cross coming, but for once I think I just wanted someone to tag along with him as he probably knew what he was doing. Still having her and Frank head to the mainland instead worked just as well, if not better. We see that the barracks have been completely abandoned and partially destroyed. This could simply have been caused by the Monster when it attacked Keamy's team last season, which would seem to be backed up by the fact it was still around. Still I think there's more to it than that. Christian then showed up to have a nice ominous chat with Sun and Frank. During which I couldn't help notice the door swing open and a cloud of dust come in. It could've been nothing, but it seemed a bit too prominent to not have any meaning.

    The episode could well have ended there and it still would've been awesome, but there was still more! Jack finally got his reunion scene with Juliet and then had a talk with Sawyer. After three years you think they would've put everything behind them but the animosity was escalated here by Sawyer well and truly establishing his role as leader amongst the castaways. The final scene was the icing on the cake as a young Ben came to see Sayid. Almost every major character reveal this season has been done the same way: we've heard there voice ages before seeing their face and still meant to be surprised when we eventually see it. I guess for more casual viewers they might not recognise it and to be honest for us hardcore ones we get the goosebumps when we recognise the voice anyway, so it doesn't really make much difference. Anyway, it was a great little moment that addressed the fact Ben is on the island as a child at the same time as our time-travelling castaways and hints at more of his story.

    So this episode was pretty much the perfect amount of both story and setup. All the major characters have been moved into position to propel the rest of the season, but thankfully there was enough excitement on offer here to quench our Lost need for another week. Despite a slightly shaky first half I think this season can give us a fantastic second half.
  • Mysteries, Confusion and Excitement.

    After watching the past nine episodes of Lost, quite a few questions suddenly popped into my mind.
    First, is the Mystery behind "Aaron"!!
    What happened to him, and what had Kate done?
    And, what about Sun and Jin's child?
    These two characters might be little, but they cause a huge issue of the show! Aaron was conceived off the island and born on the island. Sun's child is totally the opposite. These two children must be of some great importance to the island. Could these children be the one that were suppose to come back to the island with them but didn't?
    Is Sun's staying in the present a result of not having all of them back on the island?

    Second, how did John Locke come back to life? Is it really because of the island? Or did he not really die?

    Plus I'm a little bit confused about Christian and this Jacob character!! Are they really there or are the spirits?

    This show is really getting exciting after every episode~~!!! :D
  • Defienietly revealing episode about life of Dharma Initiative.

    What I think ?? I think Sawyer is leader now :) "Namaste" isn`t good title for this episode , better will be "Sawyer the God" :) , anyway It`s curious episode talking about our O6, how Dharma living in past and what Sawyer really can do, how he will changing in three years. Now he is patient, calm and defienietly other person. The most suprising thing in episode for me was time , yes time ! why ? because I don`t understand why Jack, Kate and Hugo are in year 1977... Sun, Ben, Locke, and others are on island thirty years later... From other way the most disappointment thing was no Locke in episode :( come on he is the most important man in Lost now so where he is ;/. By the way episode is really good. I hope we will see John in episode number ten.

    Note 10. Ave Lost
  • Faradey was wrong. Future changed.

    That was a spectacular episode and revealed many things. I don't want to talk about every actor seperately. All of them had great performances, especially Sawyer.

    First of all i'd like to focus on something that Hauking said, a few episodes before: "If you don't bring EVERYONE back, the result will be unpredictable".

    When Sun left the island, she was pregnant to Ji Yeon. So, Ji Yeon should have returned to the island with Sun. That's the reason Sun stuck at 2008, and did not go to 1977. It's the unpredictacle result, that Hauking mentioned. Ben din't go to 1977, because he can't meet himself.

    The simulation of flight 815:

    - In 815, the plane seperated in two parts. We had the main and the tail section. In 816, we have also two groups.
    - The 2nd pilot of 816, dies during the crash, like the 2nd pilot of 815...
    - Jack is the "new Locke". The new man of faith.
    - Sawyer is the "new Jack". The new leader.
    - Sun is the "new Rose". She carries her wedding ring and waits for the reunite with her husband.

    Fate changes (a 2nd universe):

    Hurley's references about the Purge, are very important. Faradey has said that we can walk the road, but we can't build a new road. That's not true. Sun, Ben, Locke etc... live in 2008. We're sure about that, because at the end of the scenes, we saw a "30 years before" message.

    But a lot of things has changed in the future:

    - When Frank entered the island, we heard the numbers "8 15 16..". So, Daniel never recorded her signal.
    - At the barracks, we can see Dharma sign-boards. The houses seem abandoned for many years. The others never lived there, and probably the Purge never happened.
    - The dock is undamaged. So, Locke never put C4 and he didn't blew up the submarine.

    I'm too confused right now, but that's the point of LOST. :P
  • Sawyer Ascendent

    Now that the time jumps are over (for the moment), the story has become far more streamlined. This episode concerns itself less with a particular character and more with the new status quo, and for some, that will present an unwelcome perspective. For others, this is a chance to sit back and breathe a little, even if the tension is still high.

    Sawyer always had the potential to be in command, but for most of his time on the island, he was too wrapped up in his own issues to have the insight and confidence to usurp Jack or Locke. Even so, he regularly challenged their assumptions and authority, and bristled when his advice was ignored. The current situation has given Sawyer three years of experience as a leader, and he's become used to being the one in charge.

    It seems a bit unnecessarily harsh when Sawyer gives Jack a bit of perspective. Sawyer knows Jack well enough to know that Jack would push to take control over the situation, and Sawyer can't allow that. Sawyer has spent three years setting himself and the rest of the Oceanic Tribe as trusted members of the Dharma Initiative, and he can't allow Jack or any of the Oceanic Six to shatter that illusion. In essence, Sawyer is pulling off his most impressive con yet, but for all the right reasons, and it's paramount that Jack understand that.

    Had Sayid been picked up with Jack, Kate, and Hurley, this might have been Sawyer's final word. But Sayid's status as a "Hostile" is likely to be the catalyst for a lot of grief for Sawyer. To keep up the ruse, he may be forced to treat Sayid like the enemy, or send him packing. There's no realistic way to bring him into the fold, now that other members of Dharma view him as a threat. But that pragmatic choice will very likely put him at odds with the new arrivals, and it's unlikely that the tension will go unnoticed. Phil, in particular, seems to already have his suspicions.

    This is unfortunate, because Sawyer's relatively pleasant life is about to unravel, and it's not clear how he will react to that. Kate's presence is already causing a bit of tension for Juliet, and it seems almost inevitable that both Jack and Kate will challenge (actively or passively) the Dharma lovebirds and their previously content relationship. These plot threads have been tedious in the past, but if they can be handled well, it should only add to the existing intensity.

    In the meantime, a few interesting questions were answered. Daniel hasn't been seen because he's not around the Barracks. That could mean that he's working on the Orchid, which would make sense, given the beginning of "Because You Left". Alternatively, he could be working Radzinsky on the preliminary planning for the Swan Station. (And wasn't it nice to see that continuity?) The overwhelming impression is that the Dharma arc is leading directly to the Oceanic Tribe's involvement in "the incident", which takes place shortly after the Swan becomes operational.

    In the previous review, there was a mistake regarding the potential timing for Ben's arrival on the island. Logically speaking, Ben was already there for at least a few years. Sure enough, creepy little Ben steps into the thick of things by speaking with Sayid. It's going to be interesting to look back at earlier seasons and determine if and when there were subtle indications that Ben already knew about certain survivors of Oceanic 815. Sayid is likely to be careful, but if one thing is true about Ben, it's that he's unusually perceptive. With both Richard and Ben encountering members of the Oceanic Tribe "out of time", the tapestry gets a lot more complicated. (And one might wonder if that picture from 1977 tipped anyone off as well.)

    Back in the future, other minor questions are addressed. It's now clear how Ben was injured (as seen in "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham"), and it was confirmed that Frank and Sun were the "pilot and woman" who left with one of the outriggers. The round figure of "thirty years earlier" works if the Ajira Tribe was on Hydra Island in 2008.

    The appearance of Christian Shephard was a surprise, but it does fit his more active role of late. Christian was involved in whatever happened with Claire, in getting Ben to move the island, and getting Locke to repair Ben's mistake. Now he seems to be setting Frank and Sun on a new adventure, presumably back into the past. (Of course, that's supposition, but it fits the theme of the season thus far.) Whether he's an agent for Jacob or Jacob himself in the flesh of Christian Shephard, it's a sign that Jacob is taking an active role in the fate of the island.

    This is essentially the mid-point of the season, so this is designed to set the stage for the second half and start building the momentum towards the finale. The current arc promises to tie up even more loose ends, and it's always good to get more clarification on the Dharma Initiative.
  • I did not like too much of the first 6 episodes of the 5th season, but episodes 5.07 and 5.08 saved my belief on Lost and 5.09 was the best episode of the season - and one of the best ever.

    I did not like too much of the first 6 episodes of the 5th season, but episodes 5.07 and 5.08 saved my belief on Lost and 5.09 was the best episode of the season - and one of the best ever.

    The current setup is create: Island during the '77 and '97. Both sets full of interesting stuff & situations. This is Lost at its best - revealing the big picture while adding new intriguing elements on the picture. And Hugo asking "what if they start asking us questions we can't answer like who's president 1977?" from Sawyer - a classic. :D
  • Another great episode of Lost.

    The storylines here provide a really good platform for the rest of the season. Lots of things were explained during this episode and lots of questions answered, although new ones are posed all the time. this is Lost after all. Sawyer was particularly good here. He's a far better leader than any of the Lostoies ever gave him credit for. He's also clearly one of the most intelligent characters, despite having less formal education than Jack, for instance. The reveal that Horace and Amy's baby is Ethan was great and I also loved the scene with the young Ben Linus. Great!
  • Sawyer's the boss. But has he lost sight of the big picture?

    I got a real kick out of watching Jack, Kate and Hurley assimilate into Dhamra. "Based on your aptitude test- Janitor." LOL. The brief tension of them not being able to find Kate's file, (who looked damn funny in that 70s shirt) I was thinking Juliet might have sabotaged her to keep her away from Sawyer, but I'm glad she proved to be a bigger person (though next week's promo looks like this love quadrangle will kick into full gear).

    Sayid playing along as a hostile is the most interesting thing going, and I can't wait for the happy homemaker to switch back to badass killer again. We got some cool appearances of some DHARMA all-stars (Pierre Chang, young Ben Linus, and the debut of Radzinski!) The best scene was Jack visiting Sawyer. The looks exchanged between he and Juliet, the realizations, Sawyer putting Jack in his place (and I'm a Jack fan). It was a great call back to the 'new sheriff in town' moment from S2. And the dynamic between our 4 lovers is more interesting than anything you'll get from sappy teen soaps. Though Sawyer has his points, has he lost sight of the big picture? Sure they're happy where they are, but it's just not right, they are living artificial people's lives; can't wait to see how Jack copes with this. And remember, a purge is coming...

    How the plane crash divided the survivors in different times should be explained in a way that makes sense, hopefully. It's weird that this plot seems to be the focus for the rest of the season, and I'm still wondering where they're going with this, and what the castaways doing in Dharma really has to do with anything.
  • Sun, Sayid!...and 2 Bens!! I think i know where is Bernard and Rose

    Ok Last night episode was great!
    it was kind of a set up for the upcoming ones
    but i liked it. I must say Juliets expressions tru out the whole episode were astonishing. When she sat at the bed and later when she hug Jack AMAZING!!!
    i wish i could know what is happening in their minds i mean they all want to talk about lots of thingbut THEY CANT! Faraday is not anymore with them... i wonder what happened!
    Something is happening on 2007 in the main island and Chrisitian's appearance is freaky, where is Jacob?
    Ethan was the babys name. and little Ben is there, he mets Sayid... what will happen later that makes him forget all this people? i mean I dont think Ben remmebers about his childhood... and why he looks so interested in the hostiles...

    Remember guys when they group where jumping tru time... when they saw the ajira bottles and the boats that was 2007! i think that Bernard, Rose and the 815 people somehow stopped the moving tru time and they are in th 2007. how? (maybe before the next flash happened they encounter the temple and there the flashes didnt affected them. or maybe the island didnt choose them to travel tru time any more)

    about Sun why she was the only one who didnt travel? is it randomly or there must be another deep explanation??
  • awesomeeee as alwaysss

    Even though i loved this episode, i will say its the second weekest one so far this season next to the life and death of jeremy bentham. We saw the ajira airways crash ther first 5 minutes of the episdoe and that was amazing! But the big question is... why didn't sun, frank, ben, casear and ilana go through time too? Hm, i guess we'll have to wait longer for that. There was alot of suspense in this episode and the ending was mind blowing. I knew we would see young ben again. And i;m hope i;m wrong to say but i think Sayids days are numbered, the writers did confirm that someone was going to die this season, and that he or she was a very loved character.
  • Spectacular episode yet again!

    Is it just me or are the writers really spot on this season so far? I have thoroughly enjoyed each and every episode of season five. In the episode Namaste we get to see out losties reunited and three of the four placed within the dharma initiative but one of them doesnt have such luck. Sayid is caught by Jin and Radzinsky and believed to be a hostile. The episode was quite pivotal because it showed that sawyer is fully in control now, not jack and not locke. Although i dislike the idea of Sawyer having power over Jack, it's new and different. I cannot await next weeks episode to see Sayid own people left and right!
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