Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Confusion, Suspense, Excitement....Perfection!!! :)

    Wow, this was perfection! Loved it from begining to end. This was a perfect example of the episodes that we were waiting for since last year's finale.
    It's creepy and sad when you think about the first seasons. What they were back than...and now its survivor vs. survivor like the preview for next week announced. I wonder how all this is going to end. How this Island movement is going to be over?

    It's also weird that Ben, Sun and Locke are like in the 00's and the others are in th3 70's. Two different time periods on the same pace -- its too freaking CRAZY, love it!!! =D

    I was disappointed in the ending. I mean DUHH to the writers.. we already met young Ben. It was not a jaw dropping moment. So far, season 5 episode endings kind of suck compared to other seasons but oh well it still is the most exciting season.

    Hope the ratings come high, that Idol crap is now officially our competition ugh!!!