Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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    The episode itself didn't blow me away, but it wasn't meant too. They needed to work Jack, Kate, and Hurley into the Dharma Inititive smoothly and it seems like they were able to do that. The biggest mystery I have to this point is why Sun was the only member of the Oceanic Group not to go back to 1977. I understand they need some people in the present group in order to have a good story, but I mean I think they could have worked with Locke + Ben + New People. There has to be some reason why she didn't travel back and I hope that's explained at some point here in the near future. Christain is appearing more and more this season and that's been the one saving grace in most of the episodes I have considered "average". His scene with Sun and Frank in this episode was really good and I did like the flashback when she looked at the photo from when they took it in 1977. That was a good switch to thirty years earlier. Faraday is mentioned in this episode but he doesn't seem to be around anymore. I don't know if he is dead but my thoery of him showing up in the present all by his lonesome might be losing some of its firepower. I like how they handeled the Radzinsky situation. They didn't blow us away with anything, they just introduced his character and kind of made him a little crazy. We know how his life comes to an end and it doesn't seem to be doing so for another 15 years or so. Will be interesting to see how they do all the time jumping.

    Sawyer is the big dog in charge for now in Dharma, but I have a feeling the roles will change once again when they leave the Dharma days and go back to the present time. And yes, I think they will all go back to 2007 to finish off season six. Looks like the island has been torn in half in 2007, what could have happened in the 2 years since Ben turned the wheel and made it move? Unless the place looking like crap is in relation to the island moving all over the place. Like I said - the episode didn't do anything wrong but it didn't really accomplish much more then getting the new people brought into the Dharma Inititive. Seems like life will settle down a little bit now (or you know - not) and we will see a little more Dharma in its hayday. Also, loved Juliets expression when she realized she was holding Ethan.