Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Sun, Sayid!...and 2 Bens!! I think i know where is Bernard and Rose

    Ok Last night episode was great!
    it was kind of a set up for the upcoming ones
    but i liked it. I must say Juliets expressions tru out the whole episode were astonishing. When she sat at the bed and later when she hug Jack AMAZING!!!
    i wish i could know what is happening in their minds i mean they all want to talk about lots of thingbut THEY CANT! Faraday is not anymore with them... i wonder what happened!
    Something is happening on 2007 in the main island and Chrisitian's appearance is freaky, where is Jacob?
    Ethan was the babys name. and little Ben is there, he mets Sayid... what will happen later that makes him forget all this people? i mean I dont think Ben remmebers about his childhood... and why he looks so interested in the hostiles...

    Remember guys when they group where jumping tru time... when they saw the ajira bottles and the boats that was 2007! i think that Bernard, Rose and the 815 people somehow stopped the moving tru time and they are in th 2007. how? (maybe before the next flash happened they encounter the temple and there the flashes didnt affected them. or maybe the island didnt choose them to travel tru time any more)

    about Sun why she was the only one who didnt travel? is it randomly or there must be another deep explanation??
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