Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Sawyer's the boss. But has he lost sight of the big picture?

    I got a real kick out of watching Jack, Kate and Hurley assimilate into Dhamra. "Based on your aptitude test- Janitor." LOL. The brief tension of them not being able to find Kate's file, (who looked damn funny in that 70s shirt) I was thinking Juliet might have sabotaged her to keep her away from Sawyer, but I'm glad she proved to be a bigger person (though next week's promo looks like this love quadrangle will kick into full gear).

    Sayid playing along as a hostile is the most interesting thing going, and I can't wait for the happy homemaker to switch back to badass killer again. We got some cool appearances of some DHARMA all-stars (Pierre Chang, young Ben Linus, and the debut of Radzinski!) The best scene was Jack visiting Sawyer. The looks exchanged between he and Juliet, the realizations, Sawyer putting Jack in his place (and I'm a Jack fan). It was a great call back to the 'new sheriff in town' moment from S2. And the dynamic between our 4 lovers is more interesting than anything you'll get from sappy teen soaps. Though Sawyer has his points, has he lost sight of the big picture? Sure they're happy where they are, but it's just not right, they are living artificial people's lives; can't wait to see how Jack copes with this. And remember, a purge is coming...

    How the plane crash divided the survivors in different times should be explained in a way that makes sense, hopefully. It's weird that this plot seems to be the focus for the rest of the season, and I'm still wondering where they're going with this, and what the castaways doing in Dharma really has to do with anything.
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