Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Mysteries, Confusion and Excitement.

    After watching the past nine episodes of Lost, quite a few questions suddenly popped into my mind.
    First, is the Mystery behind "Aaron"!!
    What happened to him, and what had Kate done?
    And, what about Sun and Jin's child?
    These two characters might be little, but they cause a huge issue of the show! Aaron was conceived off the island and born on the island. Sun's child is totally the opposite. These two children must be of some great importance to the island. Could these children be the one that were suppose to come back to the island with them but didn't?
    Is Sun's staying in the present a result of not having all of them back on the island?

    Second, how did John Locke come back to life? Is it really because of the island? Or did he not really die?

    Plus I'm a little bit confused about Christian and this Jacob character!! Are they really there or are the spirits?

    This show is really getting exciting after every episode~~!!! :D