Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC

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  • Say "Namaste" to the best season of Lost ever

    For weeks I have avoided writing a review of the 5th Lost season, intimidated perhaps by its intense new structure and reputation but following a viewing of this episode I am pleased to share my views of what can only be descrbied as one of the best episodes i've seen. In it; Jack, Kate and Hurley join the Dharma Initiative with amusing results, the crash of and aftermath of Flight 316 is shown with visually arresting results and some deja vu, the less harsh and wiser Sawyer tries to maintain his lie with suprising results and Sun and Lapidus voyage to the main island with mysterious and romantic (just kidding) results.

    With this episode we finally meet two characters who've barely registered in the proceedings at all; Pierre Chang and Radzinsky. Chang is shown to be a very urbane and friendly guy, different to his creepy persona on the Dharma videos and Radzinsky is pretty much just a crazy math whiz who is less likable than the brown stain on the roof he left behind (any idea why he didn't want anyone to know of the Swan?)

    One of the biggest suprises of the episode, forget the zillionth appearence of Christian Shephard and Sawyer's new teeth but the numbers which are heard as Flight 316 is crashing. The numbers have been quite non - existant since the 5th season started, i guess violent movements through time and space just take your mind off them, their reappearence clues us in that perhaps there is more than just coincidence surrounding the infamous digits. It's part and parcel of this season that the viewers get used to the different appearence of the characters. The loss of Lapidus and Desmond's beard, some more prevelent signs of aging in most of them, the frizzier hairstyles of Jin and Sayid and i don't know what's going on with Sawyer's face. It seems futile now to groan about what the directors/writers/actors could've/should've and would've done to make the episode better since every second has clearly been orchestrated to tell the Lost story as the creators had orginally envisioned and it's more obvious now than ever that this is leading towards an ending to die for. Namaste is a treat for those who have stumbled upon this show for the first time or to the group which i am proud to be one of who've been with the series since Flight 815 first crashed five years earlier.