Season 5 Episode 9


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 18, 2009 on ABC



  • Trivia

    • Numbers:
      -As Jin goes out The Flame, there is a barrel with the number 4 on it.
      -In the 1977 DHARMA recruits picture, there are 16 people (including Jack, Kate and Hurley).
      -Sayid's capture as a "Hostile" is referred to with the code "14-J". J is the 9th letter of the alphabet and 14+9=23

    • This is the first time Pierre Chang has been in a defined timeline or met any of the original survivors.

    • When Juliet is holding baby Ethan, there is a blanket or towel on her shoulder in the first shot, then in the next shot it is not there at all.

    • The 'Welcome New Recruits' sign at the Processing Center is first shown tied between two large trees; however, in the scene as Sawyer turns to escort Jack, Sun, and Hurley inside, just before Miles arrives, the sign is turned at a different angle and the left side is secured to the building rather than the tree.

    • Jack's jumpsuit's badge says 'Workman', while Roger's and Ben's said 'Work Man'.

    • Sawyer gives Hurley a University of Georgia Bulldogs sweatshirt. Josh Holloway briefly attended the University of Georgia.

    • When Sun was holding the picture of the DHARMA crew from 1977, Hurley is looking forward. But in the flashback, Hurley is looking at Kate when you hear the picture being taken.

    • Sayid's capture as a "Hostile" is referred to with the code "14-J." "Code 14-J" was heard on the automated phone message in "The Shape Of Things To Come", when the mercenary team arrived at The Barracks with Alex.

    • At the scene where Frank addresses the survivors at the beach, a Redshirt (Jorge Garcia's girlfriend) is standing right behind Sun. The next scene she is far away from Sun, but in the next immediate scene when Sun follows Ben she is again standing behind Sun.

    • As the plane's co-pilot issues a Mayday call, he picks up a transmission of a voice reading The Numbers. The origin of this transmission remains to be explained, since we are told we are in 2007 and DHARMA's original radio message was replaced by Rousseau's distress signal in 1988 and that broadcast was then terminated in 2004 during the events of "Through the Looking Glass".

    • Radzinsky is working on a model of one of Buckminster Fuller's geodesic domes as part of a larger model of the Swan Station when Jin comes into the Flame Station.

    • When Juliet is handing the baby over, the baby appears lifeless. Its obviously a prop (doll)!

  • Quotes

    • Hugo (To Jin): Dude, your English is awesome.

    • Young Ben: Are you a hostile?
      Sayid: Do you think I am?
      Young Ben: What's your name?
      Sayid: Sayid, what's yours?
      Young Ben: I'm Ben.
      Sayid: It's nice to meet you Ben.

    • Sawyer: No, we came back. So did you - it's 1977.
      Hurley: Uh..What?

    • Jack: I got us off the island.
      Sawyer: But here you are. Right back where you started. So I'm going to go back to reading my book and I'm going to think. Because that's how I saved your ass today. And that's how I'm going to save Sayid's tomorrow.

    • Jack: So, where do we go from here?
      Sawyer: I'm working on it.
      Jack: Really? Because it looked to me like you were reading a book.
      Sawyer: I heard once that Winston Churchill read a book every night. Even during the blitz. Said it made him think better.

    • Sawyer: What the hell are you talking about Radzinsky?
      Radzinsky: (about Sayid) We shoot him.
      Sawyer: Well I appreciate your input there, quick draw, but I want to talk to him first. Give me the damn keys.

    • (Sun knocks Ben out with an oar.)
      Frank: I thought you trusted this guy.
      Sun: I lied.

    • Frank: (about Ben) Sun, that boat I came here on, it was filled with commandos whose only mission was to get him.
      Ben: And, how'd that work out for everyone?

    • Sun: Ben knows where there's a boat. I'm going back to the main island with him.
      Frank: You don't think you can really trust this guy, do you?
      Sun: I have to trust him.

    • Sun: Wait.
      Ben: I'm sorry, Sun, but waiting doesn't interest me much right now. There are three outriggers near here. I'm going to take one. So you can come along and help me row or you can stay here. Frankly, it makes no difference to me.
      Sun: Why are you leaving?
      Ben: Why are you staying?

    • Hurley: What if they start asking us questions we can't answer, like who's President in 1977?
      Sawyer: It's not a damn game show, Hugo.

    • Sawyer: I ain't here to play Nostradamus to these people. Besides, Faraday's got some interesting theories on what we can and can't do here.
      Jack: Did you say Faraday? He's here?
      Sawyer: Not any more.

    • Hurley: Okay, so it's 1977.
      Sawyer: Yep.
      Hurley: And you guys are all members of the Dharma Initiative.
      Sawyer: Yep.
      Hurley: Well you do realize those dudes get wiped out, right? I mean, I saw the pit where all the bodies got dumped.

    • Jack: We need to find the rest of the people from the plane.
      Sawyer: If there was a plane, Jin'll find it. So we got about ten minutes to make Intake, or you're all going to be camping in the jungle for a long time. There aint another batch of recruits due in for six months.
      Jack: What do you think?
      Kate: I think we should listen to Sawyer.
      Hurley: I vote for not camping.

    • Kate: So the woman who told you how to get back, did she mention it would be thirty years ago?
      Jack: No. No, she left that part out.

    • Juliet: Have you and Horace settled on a name for him?
      Amy: Yeah, we have. We're going to name him Ethan.

    • Ben: Why are you following me?
      Sun: Where are you going?
      Ben: Back to our island. You want to come?

    • Radzinsky: So what are you all hot and bothered about, Kwon? Why's this plane so damn important?
      Jin: It just is.

    • Sawyer: (to Juliet about Jack, Kate and Hurley) I don't understand it any more than you do. But they're here and I've got to find a way to bring them in before somebody else finds them and they screw up everything we got here.

    • Sawyer: We're in the Dharma Initiative.
      Jack: They came back to the island?
      Sawyer: No. We came back. And so did you. It's 1977!
      Hugo: Uh... What?

  • Notes

    • First appearance by Sterling Beaumon (young Ben) since the season 3 episode "The Man Behind the Curtain". As from this episode, he will be receiving the "Guest Starring" credit, and will be listed during the main credits.

    • Eric Lange makes his first out of seven scheduled guest appearances on the show in this episode as Radzinsky. Radzinsky had originally been mentioned in the show's second season, but this is his first full appearance.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: March 22, 2009 on Sky One
      Australia: April 8, 2009 on Network 7
      Norway: April 15, 2009 on TVNorge
      Latin America: April 27, 2009 on AXN
      Finland: April 30, 2009 on Nelonen
      Sweden: May 12, 2009 on TV4
      Denmark: May 29, 2009 on Kanal 5
      Czech Republic: June 1, 2009 on AXN
      Spain: June 4, 2009 on FOX
      Belgium: September 21, 2009 on VT4

    • Jorge Garcia's girlfriend, Bethany Leigh Shady appears as an unnamed redshirt survivor of Ajira Flight 316.

    • Although credited, Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), Jeremy Davies (Daniel) and Terry O'Quinn (Locke) didn't appear. It's the first episode of the season without Locke. Brad William Henke (Bram) appeared, but had no lines.

    • Featured music:
      "Dharma Lady" by Geronimo Jackson
      "Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image

  • Allusions

    • The Muppet Show is playing on one of the televisions in The Flame.

    • The Eleventh Hour: Amy says that a couple "of the recruits dropped out in the eleventh hour".
      This is a reference to the parable in Matthew 20:1-16, used to describe workers who show up late to work in a vineyard.

    • Sawyer: I heard once that Winston Churchill read a book every night.

      Winston Churchill was Britain's Prime Minister during most of the Second World War. He was also quite a prolific writer, mainly of histories.

    • The Quick Draw McGraw Show: Sawyer calls Radzinsky Quick Draw when Radzinsky suggests shooting Sayid.

      Quick Draw McGraw is the anthropomorphic cartoon horse, usually depicted as a sheriff in short films set in the American Old West.

    • Nostradamus: Sawyer says he's not going to play Nostradamus to the DHARMA Initiative people when Hurley asked whether he's going to warn them about the Purge.

      Nostradamus - actually Michel de Nostredame - was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide.

    • King Kong: Sawyer calls Hurley "Kong" minutes after reuniting, after the fictional giant gorilla from several movies and narratives.