Season 2 Episode 14

One of Them

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2006 on ABC
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Sayid is sought by Rousseau after one of her traps captures a mysterious man, leading to conflict over whether he should be treated as an enemy or not.

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  • One of Them

    Sayid's fantastically written flashbacks par up with the on-Island plot, which is an intriguing, intense, and well-acted segue into the meat of the season.
  • Awesome.

    Rousseau leads Sayid to a man she believes is one of the Others. Sayid goes back to his ways as a torturer to get information from "Henry Gale," who Sayid believes to be one of the Others. In flashbacks, Sayid tortures a prisoner for the first time. Wow - an awesome episode, I loved every minute of it. I love the way Sawyer walk in when Hurley is eating his hiden stash of food. The French women has a man - is he who he sats he is or and other. I love the scenes with "Henry Gale", by the way everyone is treating him meaning Jack, Locke and Sayid. I love the whole storyline to do with "Henry Gale" it's just amazing. I love the Hurley and Sawyer scene in this episode. As always I love John and Jack.moreless
  • Breath-takingly Amazing...

    This episode is so far the best, most exciting episode of season 2 . . .

    They find one of the others that Danielle caught and Sayid tortures him til he confessed that he was really one the other -- until Jack threatened Locke and he had to open the armory. Because of this we got to see what would happen if the button is not pushed on time -- weird heiroglyphic symbols appear and than goes back 108 mins. again -- they stumbol on a new need to be solved mystery//secret of the hatch...

    Peformance was excellent, the story lined kept you on watching through the end excitedly without even blinking for a second -- "Exactly Why I watch Lost & why im addicted!"moreless
  • How to know

    Cómo saber si alguien nos está diciendo la verdad? Cómo saber si no está jugando con nosotros? Qué debemos hacer ante la duda? Escondernos bajo la sábana deseando volver al vientre materno? No sé, y no quiero saber. A veces es mejor dejarse llevar y no volverse loco, paranoico. Dejar que la fruta madura caiga del árbol y así dejar que esa persona se desenmascare sola. Pero y cuando no hay tiempo...?

    Sayid nos cuenta cómo se convirtió en, según sus propias palabras, un torturador. Y usa sus habilidades para tratar de saber si aquel a quien capturó Danielle es en verdad uno de "los otros". Quién sabe? Cómo saberlo?moreless
  • A new arrival will leave everybody reeling, even if you know the truth

    For the last few episodes, we've been running in place. No one's made any attempt to find Michael or Walt; we're not making progress on that army. and about the only thing that's happened is that Locke and Jack now trust each other less. However, the seasons about to get a charge of adrenaline in 'One of Them', and the man who delivers it is Sayid.

    Sayid has been a bystander the last few episodes, because he has been in mourning for Shannon. He has always felt like an outsider on the island; he is never regarded with the same respect that Jack or Locke is. In the flashback, which is arguably the most edifying of all season 2, we learn that he's always felt that way. The flashback is set in the end of the First Gulf War, after Baghdad is invaded. Sayid, looking younger and possessing an innocence we never though he had, was taken prisoner. (And though he is never identified by any of his officer, the man who takes charge is Sgt. Sam Austen, the man that Kate believed was her father. We see him looking at a picture of her in a scene near the end). We know that Sayid was a torturer; now we see that it was the Americans who taught him that particular skill. And he is young enough to feel disgust at his actions, and to swear he would never do it again. However, the man who instructs him (remember his face too) tells him now that he has a skill that he may need someday.

    In the present, Sayid is greeting by another person we haven't seen for awhile--- Rousseau. Considering what she did last time, and how (which he points out) trust is an issue. Then we see why she's called for him--- she's captured someone she claims is an Other, and that he will lie to them for a very long time. Everything Rousseau tells Sayid about him eventually comes true, but we won't know why she knows this until Season 5.

    The man that she captured calls himself Henry Gale, and that's what I'm going to call him for now. (I'm sure that everybody knows his identity, but nevertheless...) Sayid brings him to the hatch, and tells Locke. They dress the wounds that Rousseau has given him, but Sayid remains wary-- and decides to do what he deems necessary to get the truth. The scene of the interrogation and torture is far less polished than anything that you'd see on 24 or The Shield, but Sayid demonstrates (to Henry's shock) that he has not lost any of his abilities. Unlike those shows, Henry does not break, but Sayid leaves the scene convinced that he is an Other.

    This leads the way to yet another Jack vs. Locke confrontation. Jack being a healer is loathe to do what is necessary, and Locke wants to see the evidence. This is completely opposite of their normal approaches--- but Jack finds a way to get past it--- the button. When the computer starts beeping, Jack overcomes Locke, and holds him, reminding him that he doesn't believe anything's going to happen.. Well, he lets Locke go a little late--- and for the first time, we start getting a hint of what might happen when the timer counts down to zero. Could this be the sign that it's for real? We don't yet know, and, judging from Locke's face, he doesn't want to find out. Jack and Locke end the episode trying to keep Henry out of sight, but not convinced that Henry's an other. Sayid is convinced but doesn't think he can explain to anyone why. So he turns to another outsider, Charlie, who was hung by his neck and left for dead by them less than a month ago. It's hard to figure out what Sayid sees in Charlie (this plotline, like a couple others in Season 2 doesn't really go anywhere) but he knows that the coming of Henry is important, and that the survivors need to prepare for something that's coming.

    Even the comic subplot of the episode is pretty grim. Sawyer, yet again, is being trouble by nature--- this time he's being harassed by a tree frog. However, now that he's declared himself the 'new sheriff', nobody wants to help him. (And yet he seems surprised when Jin pointedly snubs him: 'We ain't friends no more?") Must like he handled the boar in Season 1, he takes offense to the frog. His assistant is pretty unlikely--- Hurley. Turns out that Hurley didn't give away all the food in 'Everybody Hates Hugo', and he has been binging quite a bit. Sawyer more or less blackmails him. It's hard to believe this could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship, but it is--- Sawyer and Hurley will have a complicated relationship for the next two seasons. Sawyer continues to taunt Hurley, who again shows spine, and tells Sawyer to his face what an jerk he is. Again, Eventually, they run down the frog, but whereas he spared the boars life, Sawyer crushes the little guy. Ouch. Guess this signifies how hard-skinned he is, though he won't have developed iron until quite a bit later.

    But this episode is really about two exceptional actors--- Naveen Andrews and Michael Emerson. Andrews ability is a known quantity, but for the last few episodes we've almost forgotten it. The scene where he is about to torture Tariq is shocking, even though we never see him actually do anything--- he just comes out looking older and literally with blood on his hands. He claims that he'll never do it again, but in this episode he seems to realize this and calls himself 'a torturer', as if he's accepted it. Emerson is equally impressive, especially if you've been watching the series. He seems like a frantic, afraid man from Minnesota, but there is something undefinable in his behavior that makes the viewer, not quite trust him. Later episodes will show that we have reason not to trust him.

    At the end of 'One of Them', Locke reminds Sayid that Rousseau still thinks of the crash survivors as Others, and that she's still an outsider on an island full of people. So maybe is all relative. But then again, maybe Sayid is right And even if he isn't, there's a whole new set of problems coming.

    My score: 9.7moreless
Lindsey Ginter

Lindsey Ginter

Sgt. Sam Austen

Guest Star

Marc Casabani

Marc Casabani


Guest Star

Theo Rossi

Theo Rossi

Sgt. Buccelli

Guest Star

Mira Furlan

Mira Furlan

Danielle Rousseau

Recurring Role

Michael Emerson (I)

Michael Emerson (I)

Henry Gale

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

    • Numbers: Locke claims the first number in the combination to the armory is 15 right.

    • Numbers: The Pilot that Inman and others were looking for was buried 4 kilometers away from their current position.

    • Henry Gale is the second person Sayid has tortured since coming to the Island. The first was Sawyer in season one.

    • Trivia:
      During Sayid's flashbacks, we see how his path has crossed that of two other characters related in some way to other characters on the Island. The man who got Sayid to be an interpretor and who is later holding a picture of a girl (Kate) is Sam Austen (the man who Kate believed to be her father most of her life, as revealed earlier this season in What Kate Did). The man who got Sayid to torture Tariq and who later gave him money at the end of this episode is Kelvin Inman (he was Desmond's partner in the hatch).

    • Island events in this episode take place on November 18th 2004.

    • Numbers: 23

      Sayid tells the prisoner that he was 23 when the Americans invaded his town.

    • Numbers: 4

      Henry Gale claimed his balloon crashed on the island 4 months ago.

    • The picture that Sgt. Sam Austen is holding of Kate is an actual picture of Evangeline Lilly when she was young, provided by her parents.

    • When Locke types in the numbers he only gets to 4 and 8 before the timer hits zero. Once the symbols come up he only seems to hit three keys, including "execute", and the counter resets.

    • Another theory on the timer's symbols is not only are they hieroglyphics, they are symbols for the different DHARMA stations on the island. Two stations we know of are on the timer, one is the swan (the bird), and one is the arrow (which is the pointy symbol). This might just be where the DHARMA members got the station names, but we can assume that once all the symbols showed something would happen to all of the stations.

    • Goof: When Sayid is interrogating Henry Gale, he says "You want to know who I am?" Sayid's face is not shown as this line is spoken and it sounds like another actor dubbed the line. The tone, diction and accent of the line is completely different than all of Sayid's other lines.

    • Sayid states he was 23 the first time he had to torture someone (first Gulf War). Based on that, and the year that was (1990-1991) and the time the show takes place, we can assume he's now about 37 years old. 23 is also one of the 'cursed' numbers.

    • Goof: Around 18:50 (for those without breaks) when Jack is treating Henry Gale, the part of the arrow coming through the front of his shoulder, does not line up with the arrow coming out of his back.

    • When Sayid is shown the video of a village that had been attacked by Tariq, you can see the words on the bottom of the tv screen: "PROPERTY OF DIA" followed by the word "REEL" and at the end, the 23108-42. If you separate these numbers, you will get 23, one of the cursed numbers, 108 the sum of all the cursed numbers, and 42, another one of the cursed numbers. 108 is also the amount of minutes before you have to punch the numbers into the computer to reset the timer.

    • The timer reaches zero in this episode. When the timer reaches zero, the clock switches to a series of Egyptian hieroglyphics. The first three places are red color on black ground, the last two digits are black colored on red ground.
      Only the first, third, fourth and fifth symbol are visible before the timer is reset in the very last moment:

      Digit 1 is Egyptian for S (cloth) Digit 2 is not shown Digit 3 is Egyptian for D (firedrill) Digit 4 is Egyptian for AH (vulture) Digit 5 is an Egyptian death symbol (dead man)
      Note: The text reads from left to right. A possible translation can be found on lostpedia.com and proposes "Die" or "to die" or "to kill" as a translation if one assumes a spiral shaped glyph in the second Digit.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Jack: Sayid, what are you doing?
      Sayid: What needs to be done.

    • Henry: My name is Henry Gale. I'm from Minnesota.

    • Danielle: We're here.
      Sayid: Well, where exactly is here?

    • Henry: We mined non-metallic minerals. I know, everyone wanted to talk to me at cocktail parties.

    • Locke: (about Henry)The real problem is there's no way we can be sure he's telling the truth.
      Sayid: That is not necessarily true.

    • Sawyer: What do you got there, Rerun?
      Hurley: Nothing. (Hurley covers up the dressing and some other food he has)
      Sawyer: Yeah, well, you've got a spot of nothing on your chin there.

    • Danielle: Trust me.
      Sayid: The last time we met, you arrived to warn us the Others were coming which they weren't. In fact, it was a diversion to kidnap Claire's baby. So pardon me for not trusting you.

    • Jack: You talked me into pushing that button once, John, but it's yours now. You're the one who won't risk it, you. Me? I don't think anything's going to happen when we get down to zero.

    • Hurley: (about the tree frog) It kind of reminds me of a turtle I once had. Its name was Stuart. It ran off when I was 10. Well, that's what mom said. I kind of think she threw him out.

    • Jack: What the hell's going on here?
      Sayid: Rousseau trapped him in the jungle. She believes he's an Other.
      Henry Gale: An Other what?

    • Jack: What the hell was that?
      Sayid: He is one of them.
      Jack: Yeah? Did he tell you that?
      Sayid: No ...
      Jack: Then how do you know?
      Sayid: Because I know ... He is one of them.
      Jack: I think that's what Rousseau said about you once, Sayid. If I'm not mistaken, she strapped you down, she shocked you, all because she thought you were one of them.
      Locke: He is ...
      Jack: What?
      Locke: He is one of them. To Rousseau, we're all others ... I guess it's all relative, huh?

    • Sayid: Jack asked me how I knew - knew for sure that this man was lying. How I knew for sure that he was one of them - one of the Others. I know because I feel no guilt for what I did to him. But there is no way I can ever explain that to Jack, or even Locke, because both of them have forgotten.
      Charlie: Forgotten? What?
      Sayid: That you were strung up by your neck and left for dead. That Claire was taken and kept for days during which God only know what happened to her. That these people - these Others - are merciless, and can take any one of us whenever they choose. So tell me, Charlie, have you forgotten?

    • Sayid: (kneeling by an other) You could have killed him.
      Rousseau: If I wanted to kill him I would have killed him.
      Sayid: You shot this man with no provo-
      Rousseau: He is one of them. Tie him up. You should take him to a doctor, he is not good to you dead.
      (they begin to tie him up)
      Sayid: And then what?
      Rousseau: You talk to him Sayid. As I recall, that is what you do? (Sayid looks disappointed at Rousseau) But know this, he will lie, a long time, he will lie. (Sayid picks up the 'other' and walks away)

    • Sawyer: Dharma Initiative ranch dressing? You know you're supposed to refrigerate that after you open it.
      Hurley: Well, actually in the back it says it'll keep at room temperature for up to 7 years.

    • Sayid: (to Locke) How long will it take you to change the lock?
      Locke: Couple of minutes, tops.
      Sayid: I'd suggest that you get started.

    • Sawyer: Why don't you shut up hammo? Or your ranch disorder is gonna be the new lead item on the coconut Internet.
      Hurley: Fine. Go ahead. Tell everyone the fat guy has been hiding ranch dressing. The fat guy likes to eat. Yeah I'm fat. Fat, fat, fat, fat, fat. You think I don't know that? These people like me. Find the damn frog by yourself.

    • (Sawyer speaks to Jin who ignores him)
      Sawyer: What we ain't friends anymore?

    • Soldier: Who's the Commanding Officer here?
      Sayid: They left two hours ago.
      Soldier: Your English is good Abdul, but you're lying, and that ain't so good.

    • Jack: What if he's telling the truth, John?
      John: What if he's not?

    • Jack: Sayid, what are you doing?
      Sayid: What needs to be done.

    • Solider: Have you ever done any translating before.
      Sayid: Formally, no.
      Solider: Hell, the fact that you know what formally means, you're good.

    • Jack: You shot him with an arrow?
      Sayid: Do I have a bow?

    • Hurley: This is how people get killed in scary movies.
      Sawyer: If this was a scary movie I'd be with a hot chick. Not you Barbar.
      Hurley: It's Babar.

    • Sayid: How deep? How deep did you dig the grave?
      Henry Gale: I don't...it, it was...
      Sayid: You would remember! You would remember how deep. You would remember every shovelful, every moment! You would remember what it felt like to place her body inside. You would remember if you buried the woman you loved. You would remember, if it were true!

    • Sayid: I was 23 years old when the Americans came to my country. I was a good man, I was a soldier. And when they left, I was something different.

    • Locke: There's only one reason to raise an army Jack, and that's because we're at war. And like it or not, whatever Sayid has to do behind that door, that's a part of it too.

    • Joe Inman: Guess you're lucky you have a new skill set you can use.
      Sayid: What you made me do, no human being should ever have to do to another. In Iraq ...
      Joe Inman: One of these days, there will be something you need to know. And now, you know how to get it.
      Sayid: I will never do that again.

    • (After Sawyer squishes the tree frog)
      Sawyer: I hear with a little ranch they taste just like chicken.

    • Sayid: You want to know who I am? My name is Sayid Jarrah, and I am a torturer.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Sawyer: If this was a scary movie, I'd be with a hot chick. Not you Barbar.
      Hurley: It's Babar.

      This is a reference to Babar, the main character of a series of French children's books written by Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff, which tells of a young elephant (Babar) who leaves the jungle, visits a big city, and returns to bring the benefits of civilization to his fellow elephants. The story was reborn as a popular animated television series, which aired from 1989 to 1994.

    • Sawyer: (to Hurley) What you got there Re-run?

      This is in reference to the 1970's sitcom What's Happening!! about three friends in high school. Rerun's heavy weight was one of the many consistent punchlines on the show.

    • The Wizard of Oz: Character name, Henry Gale. The captive's name, Henry Gale, is the name of Auntie Em's husband from the classic 1939 film The Wizard of Oz. He also mentions getting to the island on a balloon. The Wizard of Oz also arrived in Oz in a balloon. Australia where flight 815 originated from is also referred to as "Oz"