Season 2 Episode 14

One of Them

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2006 on ABC

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  • One of Them!!!

    From the Writers Perspective:

    Sayid desapeared for some time and now it was time to write something for him. From the same mindset from the last episode of Lost, the writers decided to make sayid do what he knows to do best, which is torture someone on the Island.

    So how make this happen? Bring one new person and make the audience believe that he is one of the others and this is enough reason to make sayid back to torture mode, since Shannon is dead because of the Others.

    This also is accompanied by scenes that explains how Sayid began to be a torturer.

    This also allow the writers do their secrect magic, tie things. For example? The French Woman, Sayid need to vengeance or unload is frustation, the Hatch, Jack and Locke debates, into one single episode. The combination is a great episode, with some interesting and greatscenes.

    My Point of View:

    Did not expected that this episode could be good, because Sayid Flashback this time wasn´t something really special, but is watchble, and is not boring. His flashbacks is only there to buy time and to explain how good Sayid is in torture.

    Hugo and Sawyer Scenes did not bother me either, but it was pure filler.

    Henry Gales Storyline brought good moments to this episode and allow certain things to happen.

    Overall, a interesting episode, but not enough to be superb.