Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

As Jack, Sayid, Kate and Juliet are on their way back to the island, flashbacks of Juliet's life start. Juliet used to live at Miami, where she achieves what is impossible, she makes Rachel, her sister, pregnant. She was sterile from taking chemo for having cancer before, but thanks to Juliet she will now have a baby. Juliet has taken the job with Mittelos Bioscience and will be gone for about six months.

Back on the beach, Charlie notices Claire's baby crying and goes to see what's happening. Claire tells him she is not feeling well, so he takes care of the baby for a while. Another flashback of Juliet shows how some of the others convince her to take the job and they make her drink a juice that takes her to sleep. When she wakes up she is at the submarine already on the island. She comes out and meets Ben.

In the meantime Claire wakes up after feeling really bad, and everybody is caught by surprise when they see Jack. Sawyer says out loud "Son of a bitch" and everyone runs toward Jack to greet him. Everyone's moment of joy is shadowed when they notice that one of "The Others" is with them.

Hurley is keeping an eye on Juliet when another flashback shows how a mother dies as she is giving birth. Juliet feels terrible for this and while she is alone on the beach, Ben tells her it is not her fault what happened and that they will soon find a solution. Juliet asks him if she could go home to see her sister but Ben tells her no, explaining her that Rachel's cancer is back and she could die before she gives birth. He gives a choice to stay on the island and letting Jacob cure her sister or to return and stay with Rachel during her final days.

It gets dark and everyone is at a meeting giving their personal opinion about Juliet. Nobody trusts her, except for Jack. While they are arguing, Claire faints. Juliet asks Kate to tell Jack to come because she thinks she knows what's wrong with Claire. Juliet explains to Jack what was happening and everything about the serum Ethan was giving Claire and why he kidnapped her after he was discovered. She then asks him if she can go and find the serum because it is the only way Claire will live. Jack says yes and another flashback shows Juliet learning about Ben's tumor and talking to him about it. In the talk she accuses Ben of lying about curing her sister since he has cancer, when he had told her before nobody on the island could get it.

Sawyer and Sayid come up to Juliet at a part of the jungle where she is getting the serum for Claire. They ask her to tell them the truth but she shuts their mouths and goes away by telling them about Sayid's tortured victims and the man Sawyer killed in cold blood the day before the Oceanic Flight 815 crashed. Another flashback shows the plane crashing above Otherville, and how Ben takes Juliet to Mikhail's house and shows her that he is not a liar and that her sister is alive playing with her child. Juliet starts crying.

Back on the beach, Juliet injects Claire with the serum, saving her life. Jack and Juliet talk about how she has won a little trust from everyone and why Jack believes in her. He says he saw it in her eyes when the submarine was destroyed, how they showed she wanted to leave the island more than anyone else, making her "One of us".

Juliet's thoughts show how she is lying and the truth about everything. Everything is part of a plan she made with Ben. She dragged Kate into the jungle and handcuffed herself to Kate and pretended she was left behind. Then Ben explains their plan that involves Claire so that Juliet could save her and win the trust of everyone. The episode ends when Ben tells her "See you in a week."