Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • There's an Other on the beach, and her mission isn't peaceful

    One would hope that by getting another flashback on Juliet's life, we might finally get some damn answers as to what the hell the Others are up to. In 'One of Us', we get some answers as well as some from Juliet, but by the end of the episode we're so turned around, we're not sure what to believe--- not unlike the Lostaways and Juliet herself. But step by step.

    Following 'Not in Portland', Juliet joined Mittelos Bioscience even though she knew nothing about it. One wonders why such a careful person as Juliet would leave her pregnant sister, even for six months. But even though she came to the island voluntarily, it's not long before she wants to leave. She is a groundbreaking fertility specialist, and the people on the island have a big problem--- none of the Others can carry a child to term without dying. And despite all of her research, there was nothing that she could do to stop it. But when she tried to leave, Ben emotionally blackmailed her by telling her that her sister got cancer, and that 'Jacob' could cure her. Now that we know a bit more about Ben, there's a very good chance he was talking out of his ass, but it was enough to buy Juliet's acceptance. Then three years passed, and Ben developed a tumor on his spine--- which went again the idea that no one on this island got cancer. Juliet tried to use it as a way off the island, but Ben managed to show he'd cured her--- without even leaving the island. But he kept Juliet focused on the fertility issues, and he kept her on the island.

    Now it seems that the Others have cast her aside, but no one is as willing as Jack to just forgive or forget. Sayid starts the questioning early before the group makes it back to camp, demanding answer. Juliet looks him right in the eye, and says that if she told him everything, he would kill her. Her admission completely throws him. One can still imagine that he would press the matter if Jack wasn't in her corner.
    But the real trouble begins when they make it back to camp. The survivors have seemed rudderless since Jack was kidnapped, and now with the season nearly two-thirds over, they seem overjoyed--- until Juliet walks out behind Kate and Sayid. Now think about it. The man who has effectively been leading your neck of civilization for 84 days returns, bringing back someone that is part of the kidnapping, torturing, imprisoning, and killing Others--- and tells them she's not to be touch. Jack's leadership has always been very shaky, but it very quickly seems like there's going to be a mutiny. (Everyone's so astounded by this that no one thinks to ask what has happened to Locke, the man who went out looking for them, until hours later But then considering that he blew up their way off the island, he might be even less welcome than Juliet.) Everyone is very hostile. Even mellow Hurley--- who seems somewhat ashamed that he's been recruited for guard duty--- seems somewhat disquieted. He treats her nicely enough, but then finishes by mentioning that they killed Ethan and buried him away from the rest of the survivors. Heavy, for that guy.

    Then a new crisis emerges Claire comes down with a serious ailment, and seems to be near death. Juliet then spins a tale about what Ethan did to Claire when she was still pregnant--- which means some of what happened during Claire's flashback in 'Maternity Leave' was real. It doesn't explain why Alex was trying to save her, but maybe she was even less of an Other than Juliet. Juliet then leaves to get medical supplies, and again is corner--- this time by Sayid and Sawyer. She then manages to shame them by throwing the fact that they are ethically have the lowest morals pre-island, which seems to shame done, but still doesn't seem to justify what she and the Others might be doing. She saves Claire, and that's enough for her to win a grudging acceptance, but a lot of them are still suspicious.

    What's equally odd is how willing Jack seems to be to protect her, and doesn't even seem to want answers to the questions that everyone else is asking. He tells Juliet that the reason he trusts her is because when the sub exploded he saw how badly she wanted to get off the island, which is interesting, considering how a lot of the people on the beach seem less focused on leaving the island. The doubts about Jack are being planted as well, and we wonder if he's worthy of the trust that he's lost.

    And as we find out in the final flashback, they have every right to be. Juliet is working in concert with Ben yet again, though it's impossible to imagine why, less than 24 hours after she was supposed to leave the island, she would so willingly agree to fall back into line. This leads me to believe, again, that there's yet another way to get off the island, and somehow she might have been promised. It's a shocking twist, because up until now, we've kind of been on her side, and now we realize she's just as accomplished a liar as Ben is. (He'd be so proud--- if he didn't know that this was going to come back to bite him soon.)

    We do learn some interesting things as an added bonus. For one thing, Mikhail was involved with the Other, and the satellites did work, and he knew about the plane and everyone on it--- it also explains how he seemed to know so much about Sayid, Kate and Locke when they came to the Flame station.. Equally important we learn that the man with the jet black eyebrows who recruited Juliet's full name is Richard Alpert. That was the name of a cohort of Timothy Leary, who studied the effects of mind-altering drugs on human beings and was a follower of eastern philosophy and... dharma. (Anyone else get a chill?) He clearly has Ben's trust because he seems to operate between the island and the mainland, but considering how reluctant Ben is to let anyone else leave, is it possible that Richard knows far more about this island than he is willing to reveal? And we also learn that Juliet was having an affair with Goodwin, the man we saw Ana Lucia kill in Season 2. We won't understand the full ramifications of that until later.

    Despite everything Jack says, Juliet knows that she is alone. The reading of Jack's tattoo about walking among us, but not one of us could equally refer to Juliet, either with the Others or not. We still don't know what side she's chosen, but maybe she doesn't have one. Which makes her a real risk to both.
    My score:8.8
  • Exactly What You Can Expect From JulieT Centric Episode!!!

    Objective - » The writes had material from the previous episode to explore, and this one was easy this time to structure. Now Juliet is one of the Main Cast Characters, so she has to be accepted by the Jack tribe, but not everything is easy. So the main focus are her situation in the Island and her flashbacks.

    Flashbacks -» Last Juliet flashback was only a setup, I wanted to know more, about her Island time. This was the case this time, the introduction phase was slow, but necessary to understand some hints, it seems that the Others have some kind of enemy, since they are very rigid about security, who is this enemy is something to be revealed soon, until the end of this season or the beginning of the fourth season.

    In Her complication phase we have another explanation in form of reflection. It is very easy to understand why she hate Ben, since he lied to her or he didn´t, than We have some hints too, about Jacob healing power, but it seems that in the Island, this Jacob (It is the fourth time that I hear this name in this season) don´t have the power to resolve the fertility problems in the Island. This may mean that Jacob wanted the List, because maybe he was the person who choose Jack and Co to be on this Island, for what purpose is still unknown.

    Also during this Phase we had another information/Revelation about Juliet and her lover, and some hint to how Ben was surprise, this may indicate that he didn´t expected this to happen, maybe the Island or Jacob did something to happen, as punishment, another mystery to be solved. The Climax Phase when Ben show that he didn´t lied was interesting and dramatic for Juliet, but gave also the confirmation that Ben didn´t Know Nothing about Flight 815, or at least, he didn´t plan their Crash. The ending, well, simple 24 way of doing it – surprising.

    Event in The Island -» The introduction Phase already happened in the Last episode, but this time it begins with a suspicious Sayid that want to Know everything. This Set the Complication Phase with the fact that Claire is ill, which is strange, because of the timing. Juliet is not welcome and there are some people that are not happy and want to do something about it. This type of plot is attractive, take the nice discussion that the tribe have with Jack regarding her.

    Claire Sudden illness is only there to make Juliet the hero of the Tribe, and then this provide her to be accepted. But this deliver another information that was a secret until now and finally we know what is happening with the pregnant woman, but not why is happening, the usual drill in Lost. However, why Nathan Abducted Claire is Explained. The Climax of the Situation was very Tense when both Sawyer and Sayid decided to do something about her. How she deal with them, was very interesting and funny because of their expression. The ending was temporary calm for now.


    1 - Plot Holes: Bronze. Claire Illness does not make any sense. Ben is another Michael Scofield (PB) without the tattoo in his Skin, but is amazing how he plan in advance everything. Make someone sick like a time bomber is little Sci-Fi and out of reality. Just served to create the Climax and the ending, also the revelation too.

    2 - Time and Scenes Management: Gold. Very well done. The probability to you to notice the scenes that are there to buy time is really small.

    3 - Surprises/Twist/Shocks/Cliffhangers: The ending provide that. Also when you know who Juliet Lover was. 4 - Action: Wasn´t Necessary

    5 - Funny: None.

    6 - Drama: .Silver. Some Flashbacks Scenes.

    7 - Tension/Fear: Gold. Juliet Vs Sawyer and Sayid was the best tension moment.

    8 - Excitement Level (curiosity/Mystery/Doubt/Revelations: Since is centered in Juliet and the fact that she has to be accepted by Jack´s Tribe is interesting, and you also expect that you will have fine revelations. There are hints that maintain you curiosity and the ending also provide some doubt or not.

    This episode is important, since everyone want to know more about Juliet, with that, some information about the Other could come to the surface and this is exactly what happens. I rate it 9,2.
  • The standard of Season 3 is raised once again with an episode that has better flashbacks than island action.

    Ever since "Not in Portland", Juliet's first flashback episode, the standard of Lost in Season 3 has risen, with the exception of "Stranger in a Strange Land". "One of Us" is yet another classic addition to Season 3 which has had its ups and downs.
    It is perhaps my second favourite episode of the season after "The Man from Tallahassee". Aside from the more consistent high quality "One of Us" also is an episode which continues the recent consistency of providing answers to many of the island's mysteries. Since "Enter 77", in fact Season 3 has been rather generous with its exposition, giving us insights into The Others, The Purge, the effect of the Electromagnetic anomaly, communications on the island and its healing powers. But one of the most pivotal outstanding mystery is what The Others are doing on the island, and why they are abducting Childrenand/or their mothers. Since Season 1 we had also been exploring Claire's abduction by the Others and, despite getting a rather detailed flashback on what happened to her after Ethan kidnapped her, neglected to offer us an answer as to WHY? Until now!
    Juliet is the central character of this episode and her performance here oncly confirms that Elizabeth Mitchell is one of the best acting additons to Lost, next to Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn.
    In 42 minutes Mitchell displays a multitude of varying emotions from being the rather placid and fragile pre-island doctor to the head-strong, manipulative and brave Island doctor she is now. Her change of character, however, hasn't happened overnight since she first stepped foot on the island. There are still moments when she breaks down and even now she wishes to get off the island, depsite her apparent comfort in fitting in with her surroundings.
    This is what makes Juliet such a complex character and audiences not know whether to trust her. The ending revelation may reveal Juliet to be the mole in the Losties camp and is working with Ben to some goal involving the women and their pregnancies, there may still remain some doubt on how far Juliet will execute her plan and if she really wants that plan to be executed. When Jack tells Juliet by the shore that he realized that she wants to leave the island as much as he and the losties do he remarks that that makes her "one of us". Something in her face in response to this makes us think that she understands that Jack is right.
    Generally with each episode my initial reaction is that the island action is always better than the flashbacks. Occassionally, as is the case with John Locke, the flashbacks are equally as good, but it is very rare that an episode's flashback is better than the island events, which is the case here.
    What makes it great is that most of it is on-island, something which is much more interesting and necessary than watching our beloved characters before the crash. At this stage of the game island flashbacks are another way to begin tying up some loose ends to the dense mythology. And loose ends are certainly tied up here, giving us the most clear picture of what the hell is going on than we've ever had before. With all the infomation supplied recently theorists are now starting to try to piece things together.
    The performances between Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell make the flashbacks work so well. The kitchen scene, in particular, is immensely powerful. It was also nice to see the plane crash again with a better sense of what it meant to the Otherswhen it happened. Mikhail's appearance was also nice, as was the reappearance of the Flame Station. The moment when Juliet cries at the sight of her sister and child certainly turned on my waterworks. The flashbacks were so informative, exciting and powerful that it seemed a shame to leave them each time to return to the present situations. Luckily the events here aren't boring and are just as powerful. That final moment when Juliet gives Jack that sweet smile sent shivers down my spine, particularly following the chilling revelation. "One of Us" was powerful and fast-paced in its momentum, despite not having much action. It is the performances from our stars which are the main attraction here and help make this one of the highlights of the season so far!
  • Trust?

    Juliet en camino al campamento de los buenitos, para qué se pregunta uno... Si Jack confía en ella entonces está bien... peor todos sabemos que Jack es humano y un poco confianzudo entonces y además Ben y quién sabe quien más están atrás de todo esto por lo que seguramente pasará lo que finalmente pasó que es todo un plan para...
    Hasta acá llego esto es una locura lo del submarino y si ellos pueden curar el cáncer entonces por qué Ben tiene y la isla es tan especial que todavía no entiendo si tienen total control sobre ella no no?
    Eso sí... decime que sabían quienes viajaban en ese avión y los eligieron uno por uno...
  • A Juliet-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as whole, I absolutely loved this episode. Juliet has been one of my top favorite characters this season, so I was really looking forward to this episode, and I have to say that Elizabeth Mitchell blew me away with her performance as Juliet in this episode. I love all of the different layers of Juliet that they showed throughout the episode. All of the flashbacks of Juliet's life were great. I have to say that I was very shocked by the ending of this episode. I can honestly say that I didn't see that coming at all. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • It's official. Juliet is the more attractive version of Ben.

    Juliet was my second favourite character from the season, so naturally I was really excited to see her episode.

    Truth be told... I wasn't completetly blown away as others. Sure, it was great, but I thought there was more potential to this episode.

    Let's start with the good.

    The performances by Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson. Absolutely awesome.
    But before we get to that - I loved the way the episode picked up not so much after Not in Portland. Good continouty. Liked seeing Ethan again, and of course, Richard.

    The most beautiful scene of the episode had to be Juliet getting out of the sub and seeing the island for the first time. Great music, great cinematography, great directing. That scene is very memorable to me.

    Also loved everything about the flashback. Juliet slowly realizing that she won't be leaving the island any soon was done well. Her sudden break downs and stress were portrayed amazingly by Elizabeth. 2 scenes stuck out. The one on the beach with Ben, and the one in the kitchen with... Ben.

    Yep, those 2 scenes stole the show. Especially the kitchen one. One of the best acted scenes of the entire show. Juliet realizing Ben is a liar, and Ben... well... sticking to his lie. Now, the ending was good too, revealing that Juliet is actually still working for Ben, even though it felt like something you'd see in an episode of 24, not Lost.

    Now the bad.

    Not bad actually, just disappointing. The island story. Up to the point where Juliet and co arrived on the island it was great. And I loved the scene where the camp looks at Juliet, like "What the hell are you doing here?" But from there on... hmm. Claire gets sick because of something the Others put in her while she was kidnapped. And now it's activated and it's up to Juliet to save her. Yes, a set up by Ben. Can't say it couldn't be planned but it definitely felt like an after thought and portrays Ben as the Perfect Man Who Has Everything Planned. I know that's the point, but come on... this?? And that's about it. The island portion of the episode was really slow and it just seemed to fill the time between the flashbacks.

    Overall, Great episode, with some nice revelations, but it could've been better. It felt unbalanced. The flashbacks were packed, while the island story was lacking .
  • The celebrations for Jack et al returning are short lived, once they see that Juliet is with them. She tries to be accepted but to no avail but we do get a flashback from her coming on the island and the last 3 years.

    Claire suddenly becomes ill, which frets Charlie.

    We have alot to learn about Juliet and I know it's not going to happen in just one episode, but we see her and her sister talking about her work and that she will not be taking the job as it's an impossible task, but there are tears of joy when her cancer recovering sterile sister tells her that she is pregnant.

    Charlie is drawn towards Claires shelter with Aaron's cries, Claire is not feeling well, so he tells her to have some more sleep and he will look after the baby, which she appreciates and goes straight back to sleep.

    We see Juliet taking the job with the firm, then being dropped off at the gates, then Juliet telling her that she'll be back in 4 months and will be there for the baby's birth. Then we see that she travelled to the island via the submarine and woke up when it had reached the pier. Then we see her suffering as she loses a mother as she gives birth. She feels terrible and is tells Ben that she wants to go home, but Ben tells her that these ladies neeed her and if she stays, then he will get her sisters' cancer cured, as its come back.

    Back on the island, it is getting evening and people are expressing their opinions regarding Juliet, nobody trusts her. Whilst this goes on, Claire sicks blood and faints, Juliet tells Kate she knows what it is and she needs to get Jack over here. She tells him about the serum and what Ethan was doing with it and why, that she knows where his stash is, it will save Claire and he needs to trust her.

    We see the flashback where Juliet learns about Bens tumour and them discussing it, she thinks he is lying about her sister as he told her that no one on the island gets cancer at all. Then later we see Ben and Juliet approaching Mikhaels, seeing the live news feeds regarding the missing plane, then he gets communications with a colleague who zoomed a cam onto her healthy sister playing with baby julien in the park, causing Juliet to cry.

    We have a flashback to Ben talking through the plan with Juliet, about becoming accepted, how Claire's implant was activated and what to say with this and that, then he'll see her in a week.
  • pretty good

    Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Juliet return from the Others' camp and because of his insistence to trust Juliet, the rest of the survivors question the motives of Jack. A mysterious illness strikes Claire, activated by an implant from the Others inside her. Juliet cares for her. Flashbacks show Juliet's time on the island. Juliet is kept on the island against her will and unable to save women who get pregnant on the island from death. Flashbacks also show Juliet conspiring with Ben to be a mole in the survivors' camp. This episode of Lost was a good episode but it was a bit overated in my opinion.
  • Exciting!!! Juliet is awesome :) I love her !!

    Jack,Kate,Sayid and Juliet return to the camp although the people are outraged to have one of the others staying with them. Claire comes down with a virus that was caused by Juliet and her studies on Claire because apparently no pregnant woman survives on the island which really makes me worry about Sun. Juliet tells Jack she knows how to save Claire but her plans are interrupted by Sayid and Sawyer. Juliet made a really good speech which made Sawyer and Sayid back off and she did save Claire. At the end of the episode we see her and Ben sitting on down planning everything which really surprised me because I thought Juliet was finally on Jack's side. Juliet has flashbacks of how she got to the island and her sister's cancer and the day when she saw her sister on camera live all cured and a mother . Nice episode. Very surprising ending but then again all Lost episode endings are surprising. Favorite character from this episode : Juliet !!! I felt really bad for her when she was begging Ben to go home. Good stuff !!
  • This episode was awesome!!!

    Juliet has flashbacks to how she came to the island and what she did. Pregnant women always die there and they don't know why. Also, we see Rachel, Juliet's sister, and her son, Julian. A more recent flashback shows the plan that she and Ben have set up.

    Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet have come to camp. Many are reluctant to accept Juliet. Sayid and Sawyer especially don't trust her. Claire gets sick and Juliet says she knows what happened to her. She helps out by getting medical supplies that Ethan had hid and healing Claire. Jack trusts Juliet and he is the only one. Juliet sets up camp with her plan in mind.

    This episode was great! Seeing all the old Others like Goodwin and Ethan. Even though we've seen them before in season 3, it just seemed special in this episode. I really feel sorry for Juliet, but her plan made me think twice about her. This episode gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Juliet is awesome... !!!

    I loved this episode. Amazing. I do admit that I am shocked that Juliet is actually betraying the whole group, but I am not taking points off the score for that, because that would be un-reasonable. I am a shipper of Jack and Juliet now, even though there's a very slim chance they will get together=)

    The episode I thought was awesome in all entirety. I loved the flashbacks, I feel so sorry for Juliet and happy at the same time. I feel so sorry that she can't go back to her sister after over three years, Ben has such a control over everyone it scares me. Stupid Ben, he's such a freak.

    I loved when Juliet talked to Sayid and Sawyer, she had such a control over them, she surely has changed over the years she was with the Others. Sure scary... I wonder what is going to go down, AND what will happen when Juliet figures out Sun is pregnant. Suspense.
  • Overated.

    Jack, Sayid, Kate, and Juliet return from the Others' camp and because of his insistence to trust Juliet, the rest of the survivors question the motives of Jack. A mysterious illness strikes Claire, activated by an implant from the Others inside her. Juliet cares for her. Flashbacks show Juliet's time on the island. Juliet is kept on the island against her will and unable to save women who get pregnant on the island from death. Flashbacks also show Juliet conspiring with Ben to be a mole in the survivors' camp. This episode of Lost was a good episode but it was a bit overated in my opinion.
  • Cleverly plotted indeed but the idea was so easy to catch and guess. It was just not possible that Juliet was out for any good.

    I do not like that Juliet character and after this episode - first I felt that maybe another Juliet centered episode this season will maybe little help as she does have interesting past and we do not know much about her but... the ending, every good those flashbacks and her "kindness" towards them did, was undone. She looked so contempt when thinking back to the talk with Ben. She was so .. she seemed to felt no guilt that she is fooling everyone. All the false hope that she seemed promise everyone and time she took for herself - they will finally find it out. And Sayid was right again - he just reads people like books. And the scene near that three - Saywer and Sayid made a big mistake that they let her go - they show that she has power over them, that she can order them. Psychologically interesting move. I am not sure they thought about it.

    Anyway, not the best but intriguing. Leading in into something greater.
  • Big stepping stone setting up the final 5 episodes.

    While the "mini-season" started off uneven (or disastrous by myopic viewers), Juliet was consistently the most intriguing element of it. They even wisely started this successful leg of the season with her story, setting up how Mittelos recruited her to go "not quite [to] Portland". Now as the rescue phase of the season ends, it's fitting to turn to her again, which exposes a lot about who The Others are and what ramifications that'll have on the castaways.

    Elizabeth Mitchell delivers another great performance (the Emmys are for losers) as Juliet, showcasing even more shades of her character than we saw in her first flashback. The first episode showed her from a mousy, insecure, yet brilliant scientist in Miami to a determined, collected, and still brilliant woman on the island. What this episode does is bridge the gap and explain how exactly Juliet became the woman she is.

    Juliet had always wanted validation, but was continually placed under the thumb of people who can easily control her. This condition may still exist, at least with her relationship with Ben. Even free of her husband's control, she found herself buying into Mittelos' plans; this time their encouragement was the form of control.

    The two people who influenced Juliet the most were Ben and her sister Rachel. Juliet wanted to be with her sister in her recovery, as it is presumed little time passed between Rachel telling Juliet of her pregnancy to Juliet going to Herarat Aviation (anagram: The Ovarian Tiara, if that means anything). Unfortunately, that conflicted with her "opportunity" with Mittelos, and resulted in a decision that has greatly affected her motivations as her time on the island has gone on. Juliet's decisions are motivated heavily to appease those who brought her to the island in hopes that they'll bring her home.

    Thankfully, they didn't go the expected route and have Juliet and Ben be romantically involved, but rather had their history be related to Juliet's desire to leave the island and Ben's inability to let her. As the six month stay turned into three years, she has grown angry and resentful over Ben keeping her on the island forever. The revelation of Ben's tumor casts doubt over whether Rachel was ever healed, which Juliet seemed confident would happen with Ben's mentioning of Jacob.

    Alpert's video documentation of a living Rachel playing with her son Julian shows considerable premeditation on apart of Ben to convince Juliet that he was genuine and his tumor isn't a sign of weakness of Jacob's. Considering the time frame between their fight with the x-rays to the crash, this only intensifies the power or its perception. Ben said in "Exposé" that one of his keys in manipulation is using something someone values for his own needs, and Rachel is that for Juliet.

    Old scenes are spliced into the episode excellently, and are not just mere rehashes to fill time. The prologue from the premiere is reintroduced and is given a new context and added depth. While "This Must Be The Place (Naïve Melody)" by Talking Heads would've been a better fit for the show and her situation (this is something my nerd heart can't get over), Juliet listening to one of the few contacts she has with her sister, who she assumes after her confrontation with Ben has died and will never see again, is far more interesting than her jilted by an ex-lover.

    Before Juliet's arrival on the island, more information is given as to Mittelos' functions. Juliet's assertion that none of her peers have heard of this group is fitting to the mystery of The Others. Mittelos likely shells out a lot of money to keep this operation quiet. Their presumed involvement with the bus crash killing Juliet's ex-husband showed the power The Others wield in the outside world, and their secrecy shows they are capable of much more.

    It's reinforced shortly after the plane crash, when Ben contacts Mikhail for the next phase of their operation: gathering intel on all 324 people on the flight (although only a fraction survived). To get as thorough a job as The Others have on finding out everything about the castaways, they need more than a reliable search engine to do so. It's possible that they are in some way a competitor to The Hanso Foundation, the group responsible for Dharma.

    This episode is the first one that gives some hint to what The Others' mission is. One major problem people have had, particularly those first six episodes, is that the only explanation for The Others' behavior is that they're antagonistic for the sake of antagonism. Now we see that part of their mission is to create life on the island, which seems to make the growing baby some kind of virulent agent, destroying the mother.

    The island killing pregnant women is an interesting concept. There were hints in "Not In Portland", with the 26-year-old woman's deteriorated uterus. Does the island not want human life on it and will consciously destroy any woman who comes close? It could be added that The Monster is the muscle to take care of those already born. This explains a major mystery lingering from midway through the first season: why they wanted Claire. Claire gave birth without incident and the only problem that arose besides the implant was Aaron's bizarre rash in "Maternity Leave" (perhaps there is more to that).

    One big factor is the conditions of Claire's pregnancy. Unlike Sabine and the other unnamed female Others, she conceived her baby off the island. This could explain why Alex and Rousseau didn't die because of the latter's pregnancy. This also brings up major questions about Ben's parentage, since we haven't seen either of his parents, and he claims to have been on the island his whole life.

    It does explain why they would want Kate and Sawyer to have sex and all the contrived ways to get them together. The Others must've ran out of willing females to try to carry a baby to term, so why would they care if a woman on the other side, one not on "the list", died? The Others would be willing to place her in harm's way if it could provide an answer to the fertility problem.

    Juliet's major motivation has been to get off the island to be with her sister again. Despite losing the submarine, she still has plenty of reason to believe that Ben has the capability to achieve that goal, whereas the castaways don't have any plan, spending more time hoping something or someone will come along to help them. However, Juliet has been mislead as to when she can leave the island before, which adds a tinge of uncertainty of which side she'll align with.

    The con Ben orchestrates for Juliet is remarkable. Since the beginning of the season, Juliet has been coaxing Jack to side with her. With the primary leader of the castaways won over, she took to the only member of the rescue team who could possibly sympathize with her who wasn't going with The Others. Now on the main camp, she has to win over the hearts and minds of the main group, who are wary of having one of the enemy come over to their side. So, what would be better than as Ben puts it, for Juliet to solve a "big crisis" involving the new mother?

    Implanting something in Claire to make her sick when she was abducted for a plan almost two and a half months later shows an astonishing amount of preplanning for The Others, even if the writers didn't think about that development way back in episode ten. It is a big step to swallow, but perhaps once we learn what Ben has in store a week from that final flashback, which should only be a few days ahead, it'll make sense.

    The success of the con and what its end game will be could drastically alter Jack's status as leader of the group. Being gone for three weeks and Sawyer stepping up following Hurley's advice, in addition to Sawyer not being one to relinquish power easily, adds to that. There is a clear rift between Jack and the other leaders, like Sawyer and Sayid. Both men have enough reason to distrust anyone from The Others and they're likely to gain some followers.

    One surprising thing is that no one calls Jack out for swaying his decision to protect Juliet based on his obvious feelings for her. Considering the heightened emphasis on romantic relationships between the lead characters, along with Sayid's ability to read characters and his desire to punish The Others, it seems remarkable no one would mention it while they were scrambling to save Claire.

    While Juliet saving Claire appears to have given her some leeway with the rest of the group, some members staunchly opposed to The Others, like Sawyer and Sayid, are bonding under their mutual enemy. Since Juliet isn't going to win them over as quick as the rest, she shows she's willing to step up for herself and call out the two for their past crimes. What happened in Basra is a likely story for Sayid in the future (added to his war hero father), as it could be on par with Sawyer killing a man in "Outlaws".

    Juliet's arrival and revelations could place the castaways in serious danger. However, the two who seem most likely targets are Sun and Charlie. Sun is in harm's way for being pregnant. In a twisted way, we're now inclined to want Jin not to be the father. Charlie's in peril because of Hurley's slip about what happened to Ethan. Juliet is smart enough to read between the lines, but what is she going to do with that information? If she is playing for The Others, the identity of their prized surgeon would make up for a lot of bad blood.

    He may not be in danger, but Juliet's arrival on the beach introduces a new dynamic to Desmond's storyline. He wasn't on the flight and therefore Mikhail wouldn't have researched him. However, in "Exposé" The Others monitored The Swan when the castaways inhabited it, which could imply that they watched him long before the castaways blew open the hatch door. This offers a plethora of questions, like were they somehow orchestrating events to get them into that hatch, so they could monitor the castaways better and hatch a plan to get Jack, or even allow the button not to be pushed? The closest piece of evidence to that is Locke and Boone's discovery of the hatch occurred shortly after Ethan took Claire and almost killed Charlie.

    The title of this episode recalls last seasons' "One of Them", where Ben was captured and brought to the Swan. Both moments were pivotal points in the seasonal arc. Ben's arrival to The Swan rejuvenated the second season, and provided many of its best moments. Juliet coming back to the beach protected by long missing leader Jack is going to produce a lot of sparks amongst the rest of the cast, as seen during the camp meeting the night she came in (something you'd think would happen more often).

    This episode is an effective start of the final phase of the season, offering us a lot of answers while setting up a lot of mysteries for the final leg. While it may not have explained as much about The Others as some wanted, it explains enough to add context and explanation behind some of their actions.
  • This is exactly why I watch the show! INCREDIBLE

    Man! I loved this episode, It was very suspenseful and exciting all the way through, the whole storyline just seems to put the puzzle together but boy I'll never forget this one.
    When I saw the trailer for this episode and found out it was about Juliet I thought I'd dislike it because her first flashback story on 'Not in Portland' wasn't very good. Just one of those different episodes that isn't like the other ones.
    This one was focussed mainly on 'the others' and that's great because we receive more answers than others and they're really well worth watching. I'd put this episode as well as 'Enter 77' as my favorites in this season because they're like the season 1 and 2 episodes (the original basically) and they were full of excitiment. Juliet is playing them and it will probably end up with the whole camp kidnapped by the others, I don't know but something ain't good is coming around the corner. Her flashback was emotional especially with her pregnant sister and her past life. The story and the plot were very nicely put together. It was good to see Ethan as well! He was pretty cool, the first other to be seen by the survivors, the old times you know.
    But there were some very interesting parts in the episode that will increse as Season 3 continues but this one was excellent! Ben Linus is a liar and deserves to be locked up for all that he has done.

    Overall, LOST has given what it's supposed to with it's goodness and it will only get better...Stay tuned for Desmonds flashback next week! 9.4/10 Excellent
  • "I saw it in your eyes, that makes you one of us"

    This is probably one of the best episodes I've seen in Lost, and definitely one of the few episodes that stand out in season 3. For a season that has had its ups and downs, this episode was perfectly written and executed. We learn more about Juliet, and we as a viewer go through mixed emotions about how we feel for her. The ending has a twist that will definitely lead to more complicated and exciting storylines. Jack still shows he can make decisions, and truly believes in what he sees in Juliet. Everybody was in character for this episode, and it was great to see the survivors back together (minus Locke). Some questions were answered, but many new were born. Looking forward to the rest of the season.
  • It's nice to see the "Losties" all reunited again.

    Even from the previews, this episode looked amazing. Lost has been known to make an episode looked fantastic in previews but the episode would be a let down in itself. But not this episode! Claire is struck by an illness after Jack returns to the beach with Kate, Sayid and Juliet. Juliet knows how to save Claire but she struggles to win the trust of the survivors, in particular Sayid, Sawyer and Kate. The flashbacks were fantastic, and really turned the character of Juliet around and made us see that she really was "One Of Us." But the ending, something big is going to happen! What a fine episode, and I really loved that the camp was reunited again, just like the old days in Season 1.
  • Yay, Jack's back on the island! And it only took sixteen episodes! That may very well be a record for this show!

    Let's start with the flashbacks.

    The flashbacks in this episode take place pretty much right after those depicted in "Not in Portland" and chronicle important points in Juliet's time on the island up until just before the current events of the previous episode, "Left Behind." Juliet's story is interesting here. Jack mentions near hte end of the episode that because of her eagerness to escape the island, she is more like the Castaways than she is like the Others. This is an interesting bit of speculation, but it's not entirely accurate.

    Unlike most of the Others we've seen, Juliet desperately wants to return home to her sister and nephew and her normal life, but at the same time she is dedicated to her work and is willing to do whatever it takes to protect it - even if that means kidnapping, torturing, and killing the otherwise innocent survivors of Oceanic 815. She wants off of the island, but her loyalties lie completely with the Others. In many ways, she's at once a Castaway AND an Other. It's an interesting dichotomy that I hope we see explored in later episodes.

    Other than that, I really don't have any comments. The main story, featuring the Castaways being distrustful of Juliet and Claire coming down with an unusual sickness, was kind of predictable, and really only served to reinforce what I've already said. Okay, I do have ONE thing about that - I'm glad that Juliet's version of Ethan's motivation for kidnapping Claire appears to have been invalidated by the end of the episode (for my money, the final flashback makes it appear that she was only spinning events in this way to gain the trust of the Castaways). It fits with what it appears the Others are up to on the island, so I'm sure some of it is true, but otherwise it just doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Kidnapping Claire was a last resort? So why does he hang Charlie and beat the heck out of Jack? Not really a lot of sense-making, there.
  • JULIET. That's all I have to say. And that she is the bomb. Ben and your duplicitous (or quasi-duplicitous) lies! Or are they the truth? And is Rachel really still alive? And is her SON alive?

    Does anyone remember that Mittelos Bioscience website hoax? The one with the fake video from Rachel? How in the world did they smuggle that info before it aired? Like WEEKS before it aired? Ok, back on topic now. This episode was brilliance condensed into 42 minutes of video. My 2nd place position for favorite character has just shifted from Kate to Juliet. Who would of thought that she and Goodwin got it going on? Never woulda imagined. How nice. Everyone just got to know her, and I go "YES See, Juliet is good after all"... then goes Ben and his little "See you in a week" malicious plot twist. Not to mention the recycling of the song "Bon Voyage, Traitor" in that scene from the Season 2 soundtrack (Don't blame me, I've heard it 60 times)... come to think of it, the title fits. Ok. So they planted something in Claire. So does stuff REALLY happen to pregnant people? Is it a hoax? Was it just so Juliet could look like a hero? What happens to Sun? (I write this 3 weeks after viewing it so... yeah.) Yikes! There's going to be a lot of explaining Ben and Juliet have to do the next couple weeks... I can't believe the season is coming to a close already! Well, until 317 Catch-22...
  • Jack and co approach home as Sayid demands for answers from Juliet. Juliet gets a hostile welcome. Claire gets ill and Juliet saves her.

    This episode was fantastic. It was revealing explaining a lot of things and then Juliet turns out to be the bad person I've always thought she was. She was able to get the better of Sayid and Sawyer by using their past bad deeds against them. She's got talent thats for sure. We now know why Ethan was so crazy about Claire and why he kidnapped her. She's got Jack in her pocket and that was the most important factor in entering their home. Juliet's sister is okay and has given birth that explains why Juliet trusts Ben so much. He kept to his words. Interesting thing to point out is Juliet was sleeping with one of the others don't know if she was having an affair with him and maybe she has some bitterness towards the survivors since Ana-lucia killed the guy in season 2.

    The episode was cleverly plotted. Ben is at it again, who knows what his intentions are and what destruction Juliet is going to bring. She played Sayid and Sawyer like dummies and Jack,he's got a thing for blondes but he can't be blamed because her plan was well mapped out. The flashback was good and I liked it because it gave the impression that Juliet was innocent, had no plans and was working with the others to get off the island. This is true but the length to which she will go to get off the island makes her very dangerous IMO. I guess she's using Claire has she has been doing all along for her research, finish as soon as possible then get off the island. Explains why she said to Jack she is already alone. She's doing all this for only one selfish reason to get off the island. Jack was wrong by judging her as one of them only because she wants to get off the island. They're one group because they look after one another see to it they all survive and also because they shared a terrifying experience together ( the plane crash). Another point worth noting that we found out from this episode is that Women don't get pregnant on the island explains why there are no kids and maybe why they took the kids among the survivors. And basically Juliet's research is about curing the anomaly or is it curse, don't know what to call it. Sawyer's words, " Well if it ain't three men and a baby i counted Hugo twice" nice one. Superb episode.
  • A Juliet-based episode that examines her past as one of the Others.

    I admit that I was initially disappointed when I realized that the flashbacks in this episode were from Juliet's past. "Let's get back to the main characters," I thought. But this turned out to be an outstanding episode.
    A good amount of information about the Others was revealed during Juliet's flashbacks. We see how she was brought to the island, a bit of the leadership structure of the Others, and the research she does there (which in turn reveals that the Others don't get cancer but that women who are pregnant on the island do not survive). We also see that the Others are able to closely monitor outside civilization.
    In the present time Jack, Sayid, and Kate return to camp with Juliet. Most of the survivors don't trust Juliet (especially Sawyer and Sayid) but Jack vouches for her. She attempts to earn their trust by saving Claire's life. The last flashback (which occurs right before the time of the previous episode) reveals another plot twist.
  • Also Very good...

    I don't really have anything good or anything bad to say about this episode. I didn't like how Juliet had the key to the handcuffs all along and how she pretended to not know about the smoke monster all along. I think it just shows the viewers not to trust her because she uses things to her advantage. Its really hard to read her and figure out what she is about-if she is a good guy or a bad guy. It was really nice to see Jack at the end of the episode. He is one of my favorite characters, but it seems like he won't be the same old Jack now that Juliet is going back to the main camp with them. I am glad that Sayid was there too. He is really starting to grow on me. And of course, there goes Locke being all mysterious again not telling Kate where he was going. I did like Kate's flashbacks and how she and Cassidy got together to see Kate's mom. I did find it ironic though that the man Cassidy got involved with (Sawyer)is not the man Kate is involved with. I wonder how that would pan out if they were back in the real world, considering Cassidy and Kate really got along well and had good rapport with each other. I am really looking forward to the next episode.
  • I'm really glad that my constant reassuring of people that the writers know what they are doing is paying off.

    As if she didn't enthrall me enough last week, this week Elizabeth Mitchell blew me away with her portrayal of Juliet. Considering Lost's rate of bringing on new characters and then killing them (Ana-Lucia, Eko, Libby, Nikki, Paulo), I'm hoping she sticks around for a long time. Her flashbacks this week were definitely more twisty than her previous episode, and her interactions with Ben were fantastic. They are arguably the two best actors on the show, other than maybe Terry O'Quinn (Locke), and watching their scenes on the beach, then in Ben's house, then with Mikhail was so enjoyable.

    I'm also really glad that my constant reassuring of people that the writers know what they are doing is paying off. I don't think anybody at this point can say that they didn't know, even as far back as season 1, that they didn't have a clear idea of where this series was headed. So what do we know now about the Others' mission? Are they actually there to use the power of the island to cure disease? That would go along with their "we're the good guys" mantra. But it wouldn't explain the kidnappings and murders. I've never seen Canadian pharmaceutical companies plucking children off the street for testing. But while I am always glad when things are more complicated than they seem (such as the case with Juliet being a mole), it kinda annoys me that it pretty much negates most of the answers we got in this episode (minus the facts from the flashbacks). So, are they really trying to save pregnant women or not? Do they really all die in childbirth? Why would they put an implant in Clare months ago and only activate it now? They had no idea what would happen since then.

    Next week will be awesome...Desmond once again takes center stage, and he hasn't let me down yet...

    Line of the week (not in terms of humor, but in terms of spookiness):
    Ben: See you in a week.
  • Finally! An episode that is revealing a bit more info to explain some of the bizarre events on the island.

    I did NOT see Juliette's mission coming. That one whopped my brain! Will she, won't she? Hmmm...I can honestly say I am finally looking forward to the next episode for the first time in months.

    And I'd like to know when Jack and Claire are going to figure out that they are brother and sister...?
    Is it just me... or are the freakish interconnected lives and events starting to seem almost incestuous?

    I mean "excessively or improperly intimate or exclusive." Ex. "Mainstream fashion magazines have an incestuous relationship with advertisers" ***Not the brother sleeps with sister kind of incestuous-ness!*** (i hope) ;)

    The interwoven back stories about these characters continue to get tangled up in one gigantic web. Will they ever figure that stuff out? Will we ever get all the answers the promo's promise? I'm getting a bit tired of waiting and waiting -not to mention disappointed. Seems like most episodes are slow paced on purpose. Snail slow. Hard-to-watch slow. About-to-lose-a-regular-viewer slow! But this episode reminded me more of the well-written, action-packed hours of the first season.
    Let's see more of that!!!
  • it was a shocker and a brillant episode

    i loved every bit of that episode, contender for best episode yet definitly. i loved the it were Julien said she had made claire sick and she told us stuff from the past that was not shown like ethan taking blood samples from claire. im lovin the way everyone is against Julien an that she no's all the dirt on everyone, like when syide and sawyer trapped her at the tree and she told them what they had did before they came to the island. these writers no how to write an ending for an episode i actually thought the others had abandoned Julien but the way it is all a plan that she would be brought back to camp and how they made claire sick so Julien in could cure her an earn some of their trust.
  • wow, didn't see that coming!

    i had only just started to like juliet a little bit more than i used to (even though i still wished that jack would stick with kate) and her flashback was quite moving since it showed how much she would do for her sister and how much she was a prisoner on this island (i almost cried when they showed her her little nephew). i still think that the "others" actually are members of a really weird and creepy cult. but the very ending took me completely by surprise. didn't see that coming! i felt somewhat sorry for her and was really glad that she had the opportunity to do something good for the group so i was really shocked by how the whole thing developed. i'm wondering whether juliet is seeking revenge for what has happened to goodwin. right now i don't see her changing her mind and maybe finally stick with the "losties" but fulfil her orders like a ruthless, brainwashed soldier.
  • ~~who is Jay-cob ??~~

    i really enjoyed this episode and i can't wait 2 pass the 1st week and see what Desmond is gonna do the next episode *catch 22* .i honestly think that Juliet is gonna tell jack abt Ben's plan that he is coming back in a week and she is gonna tell them everything....just watch....WORLD WAR 3 WILL OCCUR (WW3)

    and 4 the question u all have been waiting 4, who is Jacob?? ~~~~"jack's father"~~~~
  • Really good episode.

    "One of Us" is a Juliet-centric episode that focuses on her journey to the island, her life on the island and her reasons for coming to the island. It also brings us to Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet coming back to the island and getting a warm welcome. Well, at least for 3 of them. The people on the island don't approve much of Juliet because of what she has done.

    In Juliet's flashback, we find out that she comes to the island for her sister. We also find out that she has stayed on the island a lot longer than she should have. I found the flashback very informative on a lot of things. Like the others, what they are really doing on the island, and of course, the ending was a little obvious.

    On the island though, Juliet decides to gain everyone's trust by curing Claire. Although when we witness the ending, we find out that what she did wasn't so heroic after all. Their journey on the island was OK. I didn't really like it so much. The flashback was clearly the highlight of the episode.
  • Do you still trust Juliet?

    Sorry about the english...

    Ok, 6 more episodes to go. Season finale is about a month away. Many people complained about the first 6 episodes, more because of the 13 week break than for the quality of them, I believe. To me, this season folowed very close the narrative stile from seasons 1 and 2. Creating mysteries, developing characters, the story, giving information here and there and answering some questions... that leads to another set of questions. Whatever people think about this season, after this episode I believe that even who thinks this season was the weekest never had been so excited to see how the whole thing will end. And "One of Us" was the kind of episode that makes the whait almoust impossible. From Juliet's flashbacks till the final scene, everything worked as a clock. We had some very important questions answered. Why Juliet is on the island, why Claire was kidnaped, and "part" of how the others know so much about the survivors (ok, We now know what They use for that, but We still don't know the details. And let's face it, They know too much about them - a simple "background check" is not enough to know that much).

    For who was still beliving that Juliet was really left behind, this episode served to show what she's all about. A mix between an emotional and carry woman, and a senseless "cyborg" who will do whatever she haves to do in order to get what she wants. We had some hints about her in previous episodes (when Sawyer told Kate, early in the sesaon, that Juliet would "kill her, no hesitation", Pickett's death, and, obviously, the "left behind" thing). And is amazing how convinceble she can be when she needs, at the point of scape without a scratch from to pissed off guys who wants some answers. And more amazing to see that didn't looked forced at all. And We talking about Sayid and Sawyer (btw, very nice to see this 2 working together).

    Her flashbacks were also really great. And there is were we get to see her "human" side. Interesting how They showed the opening scene from "A Tale...", giving a new meaning to it. And obviously, amazing to see how Ben's mind works, making Claire got "sick" just to infiltrate Juliet among the survivors. Another brilhant thing was the explanation about Claire's kidnap. So natural that looked like the creators/writers had that in mind before shooting the Pilot episode.

    It's episodes like this who keep the fan's faith in the series. I'm not saying this season was week or anything like that, to me look as good as the previous ones, but some more impacient people may get tired for "not have any answers". I don't know were this is going, but like I said, looks more promissing and chocking than ever.
  • One of my favorite episodes this season.

    Well Lost has done it again. They gave us yet another PERFECT episode. This might just be the best episode this season. Juliet is one of the best characters in the series and is definitely the best of the others. I was looking forward to the next Juliet flashback and not only was I not disappointed, I got a better flashback than I expected, my second favorite flashback in the entire SERIES! I can't wait for the upcoming episodes, and I'm very eager to see what will happen with Juliet now that she is in the Losties camp and is seemingly working against them with Ben. SO EXCITED!!! Definitely not a disappointed fan!
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