Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • We learn a lot more about Juliette's situation.

    This episode began to answer some personal questions, but not some of the larger questions that we as viewers have...but I am okay with this. Even though they only focused upon the particular life of one person, it advanced our knowledge of the complete story. That alone makes this a good episode.

    While watching this episode, I was becoming quite frustrated that so many people were trusting of Juliette. Personally, she would not have made it through the night.

    I was also frustrated that Sayid and Sawyer were so quickly intimidated by Juliette. There is no doubt that they were right to be suspicious of her and I wish they would have stuck to their guns (figuratively and literally) when dealing with her.

    Good story.
  • We get an answer, or two, three tops... but we get tons of new questions, AGAIN!

    I'm sorry, but I tired of this!

    Okay, the four last episodes gave the audience some answer and I thought, okay, maybe I'll start liking Lost again. But come on! Every time they give us an answer, at the end of the episode we're again with tons of new questions.

    WHY does Juliet double-cross Jack after all the things The Others have done to her? They would have executed her for crying out loud!

    Have the producers already sheduled an end for Lost? Will there be another season or not? Because I want to know how long I need to suffer and whine and be angry because we know approximately nothing more of what is going on there.

  • Kate, Jack, Juliet, Charlie, Claire, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Ben,

    In this episode we learn more about what happend after the plain crashed. We get new information about "the others'" plans for the survivers of the plain crash, how Juliet got on the Island and how they learned about the survivors past. Jack seems to be convinced that Juliet is honest and through the episode that judgement seems to be correct, until the thrilling reveal in the end. Kate and Sayid on the other hand don't believe she's telling the truth. And Juliet recieves a cold welcome as they arrive on the beach. Claire gets sick. Juliet tells Jack that she knows how to cure Claire and explains why she's sick. When Juliet is in the jungle, digging up the case which contains the medication Claire needs to survive, Sawyer and Sayid shows up. They demand that Juliet tells them the whole story about "the others" and everything that's going on on the Island. Juliet strikes back by pointing out Sayid's and Sawyer's own mistakes in the past and they let her go. The medication brought to Jack by Juliet, does help Claire and she wakes up toward the end, all well again. This makes Jack even more sure that Juliet is telling the truth and he gives her what she needs to set up camp on the beach. It's in this moment we are taken back to the minutes before "the Others" leave their camp, in a scene where Ben is taking Juliet through the coverstory...

    It's a really great episode and I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Juliet,Kate,Jack and Sayid returned to the beach. There,the losties do not accept Juliet until she cures Claire who was sick.

    Juliet's flashback shows us how she came to the island and how she spended those 3 years there. We see her arriving to the island with the submarine,but before that they gave her a drink to sleep so she could't see the location of the island. The flashback reveals that Ben didn't let Juliet to leave the island in the first 3 months as they had promised to her, but they let her see her sister and her baby from a tv in Michael's hut. Ben could communicate with the outside world.
    At the beach Claire started feeling sick and Juliet offered to help her because she undertood what was her illness and also she knew the place where Ethan had hidden some medicines when he was at the beach with them the first days. Also Juliet explained to them that Ethan was the one who kidnapped Claire and that this was not a part of their plan. She said that they took Claire to help her, because on the island no pregnant woman survives after the birth of her baby. As a result Juliet goes and find the medicines and she cures Claire.
    The shocking moment is the last part of Juliet's flashback when we learn that Ben and Juliet had a plan, and that Juliet was left behind on purpose!
    It is for sure the best episode of season 3 so far,and this episode has one of the best flashbacks ever! I can't wait for the next episode!
  • an amazing back story that reveals huge secrets concerning the past 3 months on the island, and the involvement of the others with claire and her baby. the truth is learnt about juliettes intentions with the camp, and her past concerning her research

    during this episode juliettes past is learnt, her research at dharma is discussed, and how she made her way onto the island is known. this great back story reveals many answers and we learn of her sisters cancerous past and induced successful pregnancy.
    other aspects of this episode include learning the truth about claires baby, and the others (ethan's)involvement with her pregnancy. we also learn that juliette and ben conspire together so that juliette can be taken to the beach camp with the leading help of jack. finally lost is back at its best, tying up loose ends yet throwing just as many questions.
  • Jack Kate Sayid and Juliette return to the beach.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I really liked trying to figure out what Juliette is up to if she really was left by the others or if she was still working with them. I was disappointed that she is still working with them i was hoping that they left her behind. I thought that it was really wrong of the others to put Clarie's life into danger just to get the crash survivors to trust her. I really liked all of the flashbacks in this episode. I really enjoyed seeing how Juliette got on the island and why she decided to stay.
  • Finally some answers that make sense...or do they?

    I must admit, the writing is getting better, and this episode was a good one! We got some history that was really helpful, and we got some answers that made sense. Only some of them were half truths. Jack was fooled, and admittedly so was I, this time. One thing is for certain, this show makes me want to come back week after week. The others sure are some devious buggers, I just don't get why they are so secretive and weird. I also never get tired of seeing the plane come apart at different angles. Also, is it too much to ask for some more of John's story? What happened with his dad?
  • Plot: Jack and his bevy of women return to the island. Juliet takes advantage of Clair’s illness to be the hero and ingratiate herself with the rest of the islanders. For more TV reviews www.lifereviewed.com

    Plot: Jack and his bevy of women return to the island. Juliet takes advantage of Clair’s illness to be the hero and ingratiate herself with the rest of the islanders. The flashbacks reveal more about Juliet’s life before Ben turned her into a vile, soulless woman.

    Is Jack capable of actually using his brain to think, or does he just merely do whatever his penis tells him to? Now, granted Juliet was looking particularly good after her mud bath, but you can’t go around blindly trusting people. When Jack and Kate get back to the island, everyone seems pissed at Juliet’s inclusion. Bringing a new girlfriend home to meet your family is always a bit tricky.

    The flashbacks show us more of Juliet’s life before coming to the island. After downing a roofie colada, she wakes up on the submarine at the island. At first things are going well for her. She has an opportunity to continue her research, have some casual sex, and she even finds time to join a book club. We learn that something about the island prevents women from getting pregnant. Nature finally provides mankind with a means to have un-protected sex and they want to fix this? When her research meets a dead end, Juliet asks to go home. Ben blackmails her into staying, by promising to cure her sister’s cancer. How he does this is never explained. Does he actually have a cure for cancer, or did he bring her to the island and it cured her of the disease? Jack picked a great time to come back because Clair isn’t feeling that well. She is probably coming down with something from hanging out with Charlie so much. He tends to turn my stomach a bit too. Juliet knows how to save Clair’s life and uses this as an opportunity to prove her worth to the group. We learn that Juliet managed to perfect her baby making serum by using Clair as a test subject. Of course, only Jack is stupid enough to believe that Juliet is doing this all out of the goodness of her heart. He saw it in her eyes though; she really wants to go home. Duh, she wants to get out of here and is willing to do anything it takes, even if that means working with Ben.

    Parting Thought: I guess this means that Nikki and Paulo are really dead. I can rest easy at night.
  • The episode being Juliet-centric is expected to be great, at least it was in my opinion, and to be sure, the episode does justice to the character. It's great!

    I say way too many times how I love Juliet's character and her unpredictability, but it's just that I truly believe that the show is better because of her.

    Having a Juliet-centric episode was simply great, and not just because of the flashbacks, which I thought were great, but also because it actually fools you into thinking Juliet is genuinely being transparent.

    I would have to lie to say I knew all along she was making it all up and lying, although I had my doubts all the time, but what is true is that for the whole episode I really believed what she was saying, only to be proven wrong at the end.

    What I mean to say here, maybe in some spoilery way, is that Juliet is as unpredictable as someone gets, and I like that in a character, and so having an episode mainly about her is just like saying the episode is simply amazing.
  • Abandon all hope ye who get pregnant here.

    We learn on this episode that every woman who has gotten pregnant on this island has died, which should explain why the others were bent on butcher Claire to take Aaron away (she wasn't supposed to survive anyway), why the Picketts didn't have any children (Danny may not have want to risk Colleen's life) and why Alex claims her mother is dead as well as to why her father would keep her as far away from boyfriend Carl as possible.

    It also raises suspicions about Rousseau since she's very much alive despite allegedly gave birth 16 years ago, not to mention it puts Sun in real danger because of her condition. However, the fact that Claire survived Aaron's birth could also give hope that whoever conceives outside the island may survive after all.

    Sadly, hope is what we lack off as we learn Juliet's boyfriend was none other than Goodwin, someone close enough to Ben for him to try to choke Ana Lucia as retaliation for his demise. Information that also might explain the nature of the conflictive relationship between Juliet and Ben who even after murder attempts, numerous lies and general back stabbing are revealed to be plotting together to infiltrate the castaways camp in the course of one week.
  • We finally get to see if Juliet can be trusted.

    This episode is just one of a great string of episodes the past couple weeks and it revealed so mch about Juliet and what her motives are on the island. I really think when I look back at season 3 of lost it will be considered of the best ones in my book and when ABC said it ws the begining of the end of the season, you really get the vibe that the story is about climax with the final seconds of the episode and the screen goes black to only see LOST, because I havent gotten more excited after seeing a cliffhanger episode since Walt shot Ana Lucia and Libby.
  • What a scheming little minx!

    Jack returns, but no one is in the mood for celebrating when they see that Juliet has come back with him. As Juliet struggles to find a way to be accepted, flashbacks show how she came to the island and what she was doing during those three years. She sees a chance to help when Claire suddenly develops a dangerous illness, but Sawyer and Sayid are reluctant to trust her. The episodes this season get better and better, ever since 'Enter 77'. This episode had the prescription for an outstanding Lost episode because it had mystery, posed questions, 'answered' questions, we think and remained exciting.

    Perfect, and has anyone noticed how shifty Juliet's eyes eyes are? She blinks like 5 times a second.
  • great episode

    Jack returns to the camp with Kate, Sayid and Juliet. Once they get there, everyone's not so eager to meet Juliet. This episode is a Juliet episode, we get to see how she became connected with the others. This episode tells us a lot about her, but I'm sure there's more to it than what we're being shown. Claire becomes sick with something, it's only Juliet who can save her. This episode tells us a little bit more of what's happening, it's an exciting episode, I really had a good time watching this, I'm really looking forward to the next episode.
  • Outstanding episode

    This episode was great, i was really starting to trust Juilet and then right at the end we discover its all just a part of Bens clever plan. The writers have sure done a good job in making Juilets character very secret. Juilets flashbacks didnt give as many answers as i would have hoped, however it did raise some new and interesting questions. Like all Lost episode endings it leaves you wanting to know more... Brilliant!
  • Jack finally returns to the beach with his friends, but noone seems too happy when they see Julie come with the group.

    This episode tell us more about Julie and why she's there, and through her we get to know the others a little bit more.
    we found out that in that island for some weird reason women can't have babies, that every pregnant woman on the island die.
    So, That's why they wanted Claire so much, they wanted to know if she could have the baby and survive. We found out too that Julie, doesn't want to stay on the island, and when she was begging to Ben to let her go back home, I actually felt some sympathie for her. It looked like she wasn't one of the others after all.
    But the shocking end just reveals that everything is part of a plan to make julie enter in the group of the beach, make them to trust her. The others didn't leave her behind after all, and she's not like Jack thinks "One of Us".
    But this episode leave us with so many questions, because in first place, if not single woman can get pregnant and survive, how is it that Dannielle was born on that island and her mother is still alive?
    And maybe the most disturbing thing (at least for me), What's going on with Jack. Can we trust him now? I mean, Julie told Jack about how she handcuffed kate and dragged her into the Jungle and lie to her about it. So, now Jack is lying too to everyone on the beach, but Why?
  • and it was all going so well for them....

    hurly- so, your one of them huh? dam straight hurley!!! claire is really sick, and juliet, who has just returned with jack, sayid and kate, claims taht she can save her. sawyer and sayid try to do their bit fo snooping, but it prooves to be a waste of time, becuase there is nothing to find out.juliet gets some medicine, that she claims was left by ethan, and heroically rescues claire, earning everyones trust.

    all is going so well for our survivors. HA! yeah, you wish. we see a final flashback which reveals a small truth about juliet- she is at the beach for the sake of the others...
  • and it was all going so well for them....

    hurly- so, your one of them huh? dam straight hurley!!! claire is really sick, and juliet, who has just returned with jack, sayid and kate, claims taht she can save her. sawyer and sayid try to do their bit fo snooping, but it prooves to be a waste of time, becuase there is nothing to find out.juliet gets some medicine, that she claims was left by ethan, and heroically rescues claire, earning everyones trust.

    all is going so well for our survivors. HA! yeah, you wish. we see a final flashback which reveals a small truth about juliet- she is at the beach for the sake of the others...
  • and it was all going so well for them....

    hurly- so, your one of them huh? dam straight hurley!!! claire is really sick, and juliet, who has just returned with jack, sayid and kate, claims taht she can save her. sawyer and sayid try to do their bit fo snooping, but it prooves to be a waste of time, becuase there is nothing to find out.juliet gets some medicine, that she claims was left by ethan, and heroically rescues claire, earning everyones trust.

    all is going so well for our survivors. HA! yeah, you wish. we see a final flashback which reveals a small truth about juliet- she is at the beach for the sake of the others...
  • Just when you thought everything was going well...

    Spoilers abound....

    Incredible, incredible, in...cred...ib...le.

    I said in my review last week that I thought Lost would pick up where it left off. I truly thought last week's episode was awful, with flat flashbacks and no action. This week, having finally got to trusting Juliet...bam! Right up until the last flashback, I was duped into thinking this was a 'how everyone came round to trusting Juliet' episode.

    In classic Lost style, an episode which leaves us with more questions than answers. We know now that Mikhail wasn't lying when he said it was the communication station, it was interesting to see it in use.

    Am I the only one who still thinks that deep down the Others are actually in some way working for the greater good? They need to use the island to stop their workers being distracted by their home lives as they strive to find medical cures, etc.

    Saying that no babies were born on the island must be a lie. Ben and Alex were both born on the island. Even though I thought this immediately, it still didn't occur to me that Claire's illness could've been triggered by the Others.

    What's Juliet planning? I for one can't wait to find out.

    All in all, a perfectly plotted and well scripted episode.
  • Great twists!

    I thought that this episode was one of the better episodes. The reason is because we see Juliet in a different way. I liked how she finally stood up to Ben by taking his glass of water, throwing it across the room and getting in his face. I am really disappointed by Jack. Although he is one of my fave characters, he really upset me in this episode. He is letting his guard down and Juliet is breaking thru his shell. He is too trusting of her. Does he not realize that the friendly approach is a method 'the enemy' uses to break down a captive? When he was in that room all by himself earlier in the season she would bring him food with the toothpicks and a huge smile on her face. It is all a method to get him to trust her! And I am really upset that Juliet would be so spineless to do another manipulative act for Ben. I did like how the episode explained some of the questons about pregnant women and the island.
  • This episode reveals use more about The Others in Juliets eyes, but it also gives us some new questions. We also see one of the main characters changing.

    Juliets story was interesting in many ways. I had thought that she was really devoted to Others when she got to island, but we see that she didn't actually even know what was going on. We also see that Juliet is still after three years little out of place there, which could prove advantage to crash survivors if Juliet gets attached to them. It was very interesting to see how well connected the Others were to outsiders before their equipments were destroyd when Locke blew up that house. It's nice to see how that affects in the future when The Others don't know what is going on in world anymore, and they lose that advantage.

    I was positively suprised, when the writers choosed to reveal us that Juliet is still working with the Others, even though she claims she isn't. I was sure on that, but I would have thought that we would have kept unsure about that for few episode.I think that they made that reveal because they have used that plot ''quess if he is a traitor'' both with Goodwin and Ethan and somewhat with Michael. They might have wanted a different viev this time.

    But what I liked most about this episode is how Jacks personality is changing. He's useally been the nice guy and everyones friend, but now he's acting delibaretly against everyones will and taking it granted that he is still leader. As annoying it is that he's bossing around,I really like it because it gives new side of his character, and it makes Jack more like normal people. It will be interesting to see when people start rebelling against him.
  • Lost conjurs up more surprises, and a few answers too. Contains spoilers.

    After last week's transitional episode comes a conclusion to the "rescue Jack" arc, with a twist that truly sets the finale in motion. "One of Us" sees the A-team head on home, bar one member and plus another (other being the operative term in this situation). There is little emphasis on the trek back which is a good thing at this critical stage. Having an entire episode devoted to a journey would have been a bad move, and thankfully the producers took note of this and got the journey and introductions over with quickly.

    An interesting point about this episode is that the story isn't split as it sometimes is. The common formula for a Lost episode is a main plotline, a flashback related to whoever the on-island plot focuses on, and a filler segment focusing on a group of others. This episode has the traditional flashback and main plot segments, but bypasses the "filler". Again a wise move on the part of production at this critical point in the series. This is only one of a handful of episodes this season to change the formula, and it works well. (Note that when I use "filler", I don't necesarily mean it has no rel Claire becoming ill. Alarm bells went off in my head as I imevance to the plot. Many episodes "filler" segment has had equal, if not more relevance to the central arc.)

    Some wonderful dialogue got let-down by a couple of shaky lines. one I have to note is Juliet describing to Jack what their people had done to Sayid and Kate etc. It seemed very unusual, and was clearly added for the sake of newcomers or viewers who may have missed episodes. While I wish that the writers would cut these cheesy and out of place lines, I know that it won't happen anytime soon. I don't think it would aid anybody's understanding, too much has happened for latecomers to piece things together anyway. A nice effort each time but it does make me grit my teeth a little whenever it comes up. Hurley mentioning the docks was another little "reminder". Maybe not as out of place, but the lines weren't brilliant.

    Critique aside, I felt this episode was wonderfully written. Certain phrases and expressions were very carefully chosen, and could even offer hints to overall answers. Oh and Ben's muttered comment to Mikhail "don't shoot us" was a gem. I actually laughed when he said this.

    I think the flashback is where this episode derives it's strength, and is only the third episode of the season where I will say that the flashback was actually much more intriguing than the on-island story (the others being Expose and Not in Portland. Flashes doesn't count seeing as it was essentially all flashback anyway). We see how Juliet arrives at the island, or more precisely don't.

    I found the scenes in the airport very informative. Here are a few choice things I picked up on during this segment. The most astounding is the Others' wealth and power off-island. They have the power, authority and cash to have their own top-secret airport (it was a top-secret Other owned facility, Juliet commented on never knowing it even existed). This means that the Others have connections off-island, and have some kind of funding or trade. I doubt the Others are manufacturing or dealing in anything, therefore I assume that they are being funded. The question is by who? We know they were opposed to Dharma (the purge), and Hanso was funding Dharma. Lost being Lost there must be connections to characters we already know. That means the culprits are most likely Widmore, Paik, or Cooper (he was a very wealthy man, and he is now on the island. He is not ruled out of the funding idea yet).

    "Time flies" on the island. I picked up on this with the time dilation theories floating around. Could be foreshadowing, could not. The comments about Juliet "knowing" the island was special and that she would see things she wouldn't believe there. This makes me believe that there is still a core piece of island mythology we are not seeing. I think there will be a large mythological reveal at the end of the season. The final point is of course the tranquiliser. Why is it such an awkard ride? Desmond passed out en route, so clearly getting to the island via the ocean is more difficult than we assumed. I've learned that with this show, a mystery is only kept that way for suspense or for some big future payoff. Arrival at the island doesn't seem like suspense, I predict there is a big secret to the ultimate answer in the journey.

    We see Ethan and Goodwin, the latter of who we also see in bed with Juliet (I have to say Elizabeth Mitchell looks fantastic in this scene). Interesting thought that they were romantically involved. Goodwin's death must've hit Juliet hard. We also eventually find out why Juliet was so torn up in the premiere. She wanted to go home, Ben wouldn't allow it. Why is he so distraught about letting people leave. In case they don't return? Or some other reason? Richard and Ethan left the island during recruitment of Juliet, so outside trips must happen. This scene was also interesting because Jacob is mentioned once more. Jacob himself said he would help Juliet's sister. The more I hear of Jacob, the more he is portrayed as god-like in my mind. And with this, I suspect more and more that he is not real (no this isn't any undercover atheist feelings coming to the surface, I'm not an atheist). Jacob seems like a fabrication created by Ben, who the others believe is leading them all. How are they so easily fooled? I'm guessing brainwashing. God loves you as he loved Jacob.

    The final point worthy of mention is the conclusion. Firstly the scene where Mikhail uncovers the information on 815 (maybe he has a history as a spy, with hacking capabilities) finally answers the question of where the data comes from. This scene has been causing much discussion, mostly because people seem to assume he gathered the intelligence immediately. This is not the case, he had a lot of time in which to do it.

    Secondly the twist at the end is another big issue. What do they have planned that requires another infiltration of the survivors camp? Previous infiltrations were for varying reasons, but perhaps the Others have finally come for the ones on "the list", who they have so far had great difficulty in bringing in. Needless to say it will lead to an interesting finale. One other point worthy of mention, Jack's behaviour. He was very out of character, very different and very suspiscious. After re-watching, I now feel there are things we don't know about his stay with the Others. All in all, good things are yet to come.
  • The celebration of Jack's return is cut short when he arrives at the beach with an Other, Juliet, whose flashbacks pick up from where they left off, showing us how she got onto the island and became an Other.

    Awesome!!! One of the best of the whole season so far!!!!!! Juilet centric episodes are the best!!! We get to see more of the others. OMG!! Juilet slept with Godwin and everyone was saying how she slept with Ethan but she didn't!! Everyone was saying how Claire was the only pregnant woman to survive on the island but they said how they forgot about Danielle well, Danielle has been on the island for 16 years and Juilet only 3 so then Juilet wouldn't know about that. I think its part of Jack's plan to because I think Juilet said when they were walking back to the beach that she hand cuffed Kate and dragged her into the jungle and lied about it well didn't she say that to Jack? So they both must have a plan and lying about it.
  • Juliet's back story of her life on the island, right up til the very last moments or surprise and intrigue!

    Way awesome episode of how Juliet took a chance on Mittelos and ended up on the island. I have to say, I am definitely still on the fence about her. In the last moments of the episode it showed that her reason for being with the Losties is actually due to an infiltration tactic by Ben and the Others, also why Claire got so violently ill and Juliet was able to save her. After watching Juliet beg Ben multiple times to let her go home, I feel as though Juliet is in fact more on the Losties side, or at least she is playing the field until she knows what her best chance of getting home is. Jack was right - if that look in her eyes in the moment the sub exploded was that heartbroken she has to be somewhat genuine. At first I was reluctant about Juliet... but after these last two episdoes she is certainly growing on me.
  • What to say? Incredible episode!

    Writers of Lost, I forgive you all those terrible episodes. Although I'll never forget the horror which was Stranger in Strange Land, I now believe that overally, Season 3 will be great.

    I don't know exactly what is it that makes me excited again, but I'm glad I am and that's pretty much everything that matters. Juliet's performance is totally awesome and her manipulation is amazing. The question is, who is she manipulating? Of course, the flashbacks try to make us believe that Juliet is cooperating with Ben, but who can say for sure that she's on his side? Nobody can, and this uncertainity definitely adds a lot of thrill to the series.

    One of Us proved that even Lost can bring some answers and it's nice to know the thruth about Claire's kidnapping. Hopefully, this trend will continue and I'm sure that with Juliet in camp, things will change rapidly. The faster the better.

    See you next week!
  • In this episode Juliet's life before and after she comes to the island is revealed. Also, we see flashbacks of what happened to her sister, and we learn another intriguibng fact about the island.

    Wow one of the best episodes i've seen of lost for some time since "The man from Talahesse" (don't know if i spelled that right) We get to see a bit more of Juliet's story which until this point was very vague. Great episode.
    This kind of makes you wonder if "The Others" really left. I think they are hiding in the island somewhere. anyways this is one of the best episodes of the third season. No doubt about it.
  • Much improved over last episode with good background info, plus we got to see PATCHY the Pirate- Arghhhh Matey!!

    Lots of information regarding the nature of the "sickness" and what happened to Clair. Background on Juliet showed how the Others knew so much about Flight 815.

    Is Juliet a spy? Well, the answer really didnt suprise me, but I didnt ding the episode any points for that. The mind games Ben plays to make people do what he wants was on display. Sayid is itching to be alone with Juliet and pry answers out of her, but Jack is in the way. If Juliet isnt careful she will end up dead.

    Definitely one of the top 2 or 3 episodes of Season 3. The previews for the stretch run look very promising.
  • The scenairo of the episode was 90% great, it makes you askin about others more even when some shows show them with a right vision lil bit "what the son of devils r they?". by the way, where is the olds ( black women & her husbend), hope to see more.

    The scenairo of the episode was 90% great, it makes you askin about others more even when some shows show them with a right vision lil bit "what the son of devils r they?". by the way, where is the olds ( black women & her husbend), hope to see more then average if not great .. i hope also that the producer gettin more drugs when they want to accomplish this show so they can come up with amazed idea which no one think about, there will be season to wait hope that worth to wait i'm not underestmatin the show but in the same time i'm not over estmatein it.
  • Wow...i almost felt sorry for her...i almost fell for it!

    So we pick up with kate jack syid and jullient heading back to camp... there journey wasn't anythign spectacular. jsut heading back. but syid gets a chance to ask her what she knows...he wants to know everything. shes says he'll kill her...anyways the flash backs happen with julliet and we see how she got to the island and what her purpose was...to help women on the island stay pregnant. so we find out that woment on the island couldn't stay pregnant which leads to the conclusion on why they kidnap the children. so basically we see flash backs upto when the plane crashes. Meanwhile they make it back to camp and everyone doesn't want her there. until claire is feeling sick...seemingly from the effects of the drugs that were injected into her along time ago. Julliet can save her but she has to find the stash that elliot used to hide. she get the drugs and is confronted by syid and sawyer...she tells them claire will die and something about them being the wrong people to be the moral police...so she goes back saves the claire and is now being somewhat excepted into the camp. Now is the fund part...we see a quick little flash back at the end of her and ben talking...they are talking about there plan for her to inflitrate the camp...how she is going to be found with kate handcuffed. and how jack trust her...and even how they are setting up claire being sick and her saving the day! so she is tricking them...i'm a little learey of her. i don't know what side shes on...she has all the reasoning to be against Ben and his side...but thats what she lived with for 3 years so she had a past with them...but from the flash backs and what she tried to do to ben you'd think it would be over and she wouldn't care....this is interesting and put a twist with her in camp with those motives. an excellent episode that makes me excited about what is going to happen the rest of the season.
  • A snake in the grass? Juliet infiltrates the camp and seems to have Jack under her thumb. We see the camp beginning to lose faith in the doc, will Juliet be his final downfall?

    As the realization that Jack meant to leave them all on the island without a backwards glance begins to dawn on the survivors we may see the beginning of the end for Jack as the leader of the pack and the rise of Sawyer, who seems almost saintly these last few episodes.

    I can see juliet pulling a double cross on the others over the next few episodes but dying before she can reveal too much about the island to Jack, who will obviously be by her side as she slips into the blackness. She will probably have kidnapped the baby Aaron and turned him over to the others at this stage but will realise the error of her ways, too late although to redeem herself.

    Locke is going to come back in a big way and we are going to see the darker side of him once again, which is the side I like best and is the side I think the writers alwsys intended on bringing to the fore.

    Oh yeah, someone's gonna die, and it ain't Charlie.

    I probably have it all arseways though, so don't blame me if things don't turn out like I said....I just had a smoke.
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