Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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    What is it with Juliet episodes that make them so good? But seriously, can they get any better than this? I'm assuming this is the last one we're gonna get this season. I hope she makes it through for next season. What is she planning? Why is she planning on betraying Jack? Who ever gave her the right to do something like that? And to think that Jack is really protecting her. There aren't going to be happy campers on the island now. What did Ben mean when he said he'll be back for her in a week. What is he planning on doing to get her back? What is he plotting with Locke? I wanna know.

    I've written a complete review on my site if you wanna check it out: http://www.thetvwatcher.com/lost3_16.html

  • The story of Juliet continues... However, it's not exactly clear what the motives of The Others are at this point of time.. Juliet moves into the plane survivor's campsite and then what?

    It's interesting in how things happen on and off the island. Finally, we know how people are recruited onto the island. However, as we know, those people can't leave when they want.
    In this case, Juliet is the example. The last time we saw her in the former life, she had been successful in impregnating her sister whom was recovering from chemotherapy, which had rendered her sterile. Juliet was brought onto the island to help the problem of mothers dying from being pregnant or when giving birth. After spending three years, without any external contact from her sister, Juliet is still not successful in finding a cure. Then, Juliet revealed that Claire was her control experiment as she did not conceive her baby on the island. Ethan was tasked to take blood samples and give her some injections, however, as he was found to not be on the flight manifest, Ethan had to improvise by kidnapping Claire. Now, as Jack return to camp with Kate, Sayid and Juliet, Claire is suddenly very sick, and Juliet finds herself being the only person able to cure her. And amazingly, she managed to do just that!
    HOWEVER, in a flashback, Juliet was having a conversation with Ben and it was about infiltrating the crash survivor's camp. Apparently, Claire was sick because Juliet had activated something in her, and by curing her, Juliet would have gained the trust of most of the survivors. Basically, Juliet is NOT left behind at all!! This is going to be VERY interesting...
  • The story of Juliette's Other recruitment journey continues while a joyful reunion turns into building tensions and suspicions in a very dramatically and mythologically satisfying episode.

    LOST Episode 3.16 "One of Us"
    Airdate: Wednesday, April 11th 10:00PM-11:00PM

    The story of Juliette's Other recruitment journey continues while a joyful reunion turns into building tensions and suspicions in a very dramatically and mythologically satisfying episode. We may not have gotten the answers we've longly waited for, but just to hear those questions finally be asked was rewarding in itself. And through flashbacks and the Claire crisis on the beach, we learned a better understanding of The Others' "cultural" ways; in particular their fetish with children. From start to finish, a perfect illustration of a well put together LOST episode that kept us guessing the whole way through-- and still guessing even after the ending that subsequently left us under the impression that Juliette's presence was a direct infiltration. I'm still not completely convinced of that. But I am convinced that that through numerous moments, not only was the episode on its own outstanding, but it gave off a better appreciation for the season as a whole.

    We were told that one of, if not the major theme of this season was to go into an understanding of The Others. This episode confirmed and arose considerable purposes and problems The Others must deal with and overcome. For one, Juliette's recruitment on the island is answered with the revelation that all pregnant mothers on the island die (until Claire as Juliette pointed out). This explains the kidnapping of all the kids from the tail section, Walt, Alex, and pregnant Claire, but what does this mean for other things? How did Danielle give birth on the island? Are Sun's days numbered even though the final months of her pregnancy will likely be after the show is over? And what does this mean for Kate who I'm assuming didn't take the time to see if the fish biscuit button gave away any condoms before her cage sex with Sawyer? Either way, an interesting new development for the plot to play with.

    Then there's the matter of Juliette's intentions. There's questions surrounding Jack's trusting of her, everyone else's trusting of her, and our own trusting of her as I'm still deciding whether she's just double crossing Ben or perhaps just hasn't figured out herself yet where her loyalties lie. I firmly believe Juliette is playing Ben, or at least is leaving that option open, but it's really Jack's behavior I'm the most puzzled by. While I'm almost positive Jack hasn't been turned (Ben and Juliette's conversation at the end of the episode pretty much confirms that), it just feels like something else happened in his one week stay in Othersville other than saving Ben and getting a ticket off the island. His reasoning for not asking any questions and doing as he was told is understandable because he was under the impression that he was about to let off the island. Now that that's not only not accomplished, but seemingly impossible, his new attitude and total trusting of Juliette without even a second thought just doesn't really seem too "in place." In light of this, I'm hoping we get a Jack flashback showcasing what happened in his week in Camp Other.

    Right alongside the quality of all the plot driven story developments was the greatness of the writing and direction that constructed the episode. Jack's return with Kate and Sayid was probably the best reunion yet. It also had the most uneasy feeling to it once it set in to all the Losties that they brought back an Other. The coolest part of the episode had to be the visit to Patchy's farm. Not even so much the way they got all their information, but probably just Ben's casual "please don't shoot us." Classic. Ben's the man. I also really liked how they delved back into Claire's abduction and told it from their angle. I found that very interesting. It doesn't exactly justify hanging Charlie from a tree, then again there's a lot of things The Others have to answer for. Perhaps when Juliette's ready, or should I say when Jack says that she's ready, we'll get those answers. Though if she's truly taking orders from Ben, I guess that rules out giving away anything, but I suspect that's not the case. In any event, the next "week", which should map out the remaining episodes of the season, should be as good as ever. Excellent episode this week.

    Overall Episode Rating: 9.4
  • WOW! Is Juliet double crossing the Survivors? Or is She Double Crossing Ben? This is getting interesting!

    Wow, what an amazing episode. One of the best in a very very long time. We learn that Juliet was kind of forced to come to the island, and for that we all feel bad for her. I personally dont know if we can trust her or not because in the end we see her and Ben making that plan, but i cant help but think that she has some good in her, and she may be double crossing Ben. This episode is definitly bringing the old feeling of Lost back. I always preferred episodes that were set on the beach.
  • Patience pays off! This episode is one of the ones that answers those pressing questions about what's going on.

    Juliet returns to the survivors' camp with Jack, Kate and Sayid. Sayid and Sawyer try to get answers out of Juliet, but Jack tells them she's under his protection. When Claire falls ill as a result of the injection she was given by the others in the last season, Juliet "proves" herself by retrieving the medicine left by Ethan at the caves. It becomes clear through flashbacks that Ben and Juliet had the whole thing planned.
  • Juliet joins Jack, Kate and Sayid at the beach camp. Claire falls ill.

    Well, the big question this episode was of course aobut Juliet. Can she be trusted or can't she?

    Reading other reviews, the concensus seems to be that she can't but I'm not so sure. As far as we know, she's betrayed Ben at least once before, so who's to say the bit at the end of the episode is not another one of her calculated attempts at gaining Ben's trust. I tend to agree with Jack, she DOES want to get off the island.

    It's nerve-wracking, not knowing who to trust and this means that the writers are doing a great job. Even though not that much happened in this episode, it was still very well written and informative. The bit at the end was a great teaser for next week. What will happen in one week...
  • You little snake...

    I was never sure of Juliet's loyalty, but it still came as a little surprise. This episode felt like a filler, but a necessairy one. Now we've found out Juliet's true intentions (although we know nothing more than her tries to earn the trust of the planecrash survivors), and with the information there's something going to happen in one week according to Ben, this is gonna be great. Other than the big reveal at the end, there's more to enjoy. Juliet's past, but mostly her first few years on the island are very nice insights. Also great to see the C-4 gardening shed again, including Mikhail. The first scene between Hurley and Juliet is also something to be mentioned. Hopefully the show picks it from here, without boring stuff like episodes like "Exposé" thrown at us just to complete the season.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah kinda sums up what I think about this episode. It was soooo great!
    Just when I started trusting Juliet, the final flashback reveals that she's still one of them and nothing but reliable. I'm so super excited right now. We found out a little more about what the others do on the island, but there's still so much to tell.
    I understand how Jack can fall for her, she knows how to play people. And now I really wanna find out what she's trying to do there.
    All the rumours about the season finale are making me so curious - it says that it's gonna be the hugest deal ever!! I'm so excited!
  • It just keeps getting better!

    Classic episode. It all looks good for Lost at the moment, ive loved the whole series, hey ive loved every bit of it since episode 1, but this series is going from strength to strength. Didnt see the Juliet twist coming at the end! What kind of things has she got to do for the others within the next week? My guess is Sun and Charlie will be top her list? But id guess while shes there she could find out all kinds of stuff (doing her research), from characters like Rose and her cancer (where is she by the way?), Desmond and his abilties, Suns pregnancy, Charlie killing Ethan. Thats my guess as to what she will be up to, but this show continues to twist and turn its way into the hall of fame of legendary tv! Questions
    Where is Jacob if he has the power to take Juliets sisters cancer away?
    What are the others doing with Locke?
    make sure to watch the previews for next week, boy its looks good. :)
  • woooow, what are u doing there !?

    This is not good, i just know it. This is to cruel, poor Jack, he really trust that blond woman, which personaly i don't like her (only in this movie of course :)) and i hate her more than i hate Ben, so Juliet watch out :D if u see me cross the street :P. I think Said should do his show and he would find out what he really want from them and why did Ben put her to do that, cause I don't get it, Ben could go in Jack's camp whenever he wants to, why didn't he do it?!

    But that was something strange, why do the pregnant women die on that island? And how come that Ben can cure cancer?!

    Anyway it was a good episode!
  • Uh oh! Here we go again! Danger in the camp! WooHooo!! What the Heck is she supposed to do within 1 week?! hmmm. I have a good guess. lol Obvious and Predictable my A**!!

    This was a great episode. Full of advances in the storyline. Also, I never really realized how HOT Juliet is. Daaaaamn! lol I must say-these OTHERS(or at least Ben), are some devious, sneaky, smart SOB's. I wouldn't trust ANY of them. Especially after all they have done. Jack is being really NAIVE for his character. I have to say this though, All of you who say this episode was obvious or predictable, you are all full of it in my opinion. I mean, why the hell would you suspect that the others sent someone back to our beloved characters' camp to hide medical supplies? I guess you all are psychic. Also why would you suspect that the others planted something into Claire when she was captured? She showed NO symptoms up til this episode. I guess you all are psychic. And why would you suspect that Juliet was told that her sister's cancer had returned and she was promised that her sister would be cured if she stayed and that this is the reason why she's still on the island or at least why she is still helping the others(they probably wouldn't have willingly let her leave in any case)-but this does NOT excuse her in my opinion. We barely knew much about her background. hmmm. I guess you all are just psychic. Give me a break! This episode, while not having much ACTION-which is not required for a good episode in my opinion-was top quality writing and direction. It was damn informative and damn interesting from start to finish. That is what I and anyone who likes their shows to be more than just ONE dimensional looks for in a good show. Top notch episode.
  • this is the most brilliant show, thats why we all love lost

    this episode just made me love lost more than i already do.
    we got the emotional comeback when jack and the other came to the beach, it felt like it was back to season one.

    we also found out that juliett is kept on the isalnd as a "prisoner", and i think she will do anything just to come back to her sister.

    and the ending just blew my mind,i just said uot loud WTF! i still think juliett is playing a mind game with ben.

    Best regareds to the lost producers who made such a great episode ! ! ! ! !
  • WOW! Awesome! Twisty!

    ALl I can say. WOW! How awesome was this episode... I was so totally convinced that Juliet was a good person. During the whole episode i more and more liked her and felt for fer life and that she trapped on that island because of Ben. And in the end the writer totally screwed us. It was all along planned with Ben. But what did they plan? Thats the question now! I was really pissed that Sayifd and Sawyer wanted to torture her, but man was i wrong! So many twists in this episode! I really wanted to like Juliet, damnit!!!
    ANd kudos to Elizabeth Mitchell, i mean how great where her scenes with Ben! i think shes on of the best actors they have on that show! That was here best episode! She blew me away....


    What is her plan?
    Is Sun in danger?
    Can JAck be so stupid as I was?

    Cant wait till next week! Then I'll be watching it on Hawaii!
  • It's about time!!!

    I've always considered myself a Lost purist. I wouldn't even watch the previews for the coming week's episode. I wanted to be surprised by every moment, on the edge of my seat, shaking my fist in anger at the hour's end because there wasn't just 15 minutes more!! Well, this season started to lose me... After the dreaded Paulo/Nicki episode, I stuck around for the promo for the next episode, waiting, hoping that there was some glimmer of the Lost that I loved. What did I get? A chick fight. A muddy chick fight at that. Is this what my beloved Lost was coming to? Was it reduced to such paltry gimmicks? When I actually tuned into the show, I got my answer... yes. Yes it has. Though last week's episode was "better" it still did not hold up to my high standards. But it did turn me off of the promo for this week. Good thing. All I can say about "One of Us" is "we're baaaaaaack!" Finally an episode I could sink my teeth into! I had been hating the namby pamby Juliet almost as much as I didn't care about Nicki and Paulo. Now I have a reason to watch her! I had the theory that the show was resetting itself at the beginning of the season - getting back on track. This episode proves that they're almost there. Unfortunately, they only have a few short weeks to bring all of us back to the table. Can they do it? I have faith - not John Locke kinda faith, but faith nonetheless.
  • Good episode. Moved the story along, but not enough surprising moments to put it among the best. Still, some necesary and interesting plot movements.

    The story progressed well, and was constructed in a solid way, but I find the best episodes of Lost have either very surprising moments or powerful character developments, or both. This had neither and was more by the numbers. The fertility issue had been hinted at in a dozen different ways previously. Nice to have it confirmed, but hardly a surprise.

    I expected more character revelations about Juliet in the flashbacks, but rather saw ones that made sense, but weren't all that revealing. Given how Juliet was presented as timid before she arrived on the island, and that the Juliet we've seen so far this season has not only been strong, but calculating like Ben, I expected to see more to explain how she evolved to that point and adapted those skills. Perhaps we will in the future, but there were no surprises with her character development, and there was a lacking of explanation of EXACTLY how she changed (learned to fight, learned to manipulate).

    I did like how she disarmed Sayid and Sawyer by referencing their past misdeeds. The series started with the premise of everyone being strangers and getting some sort of fresh start, which has certainly been a critical theme, but Juliet weakened two characters by removing their ability to do that--by pulling them back into who they were before. I also liked the potential foreshadowing of Jack losing his role as leader (evidenced by his insisting to the camp that his word should be enough for them to trust him about Juliet and their reluctance; and by his asking Charlie if he trusted him, and Charlie's long pause). Perhaps when Juliet's betrayal is revealed, Jack will lose his standing, which will be a very new role for him...and with Locke gone, the transition has been set up for Sawyer to shift into that role (as suggested last week).

    A couple details that were interesting: the Others did not arrange for the survivors to be on the plane (since Ben instructed Mikael to find out about them); Juliet was "with" Goodwin; still, such details were hardly shocking. I do compliment how the writers (et al) were able to still surprise me with the ending. Going into the episode, Juliet being a "spy" was a very obvious possibility, but they did a good enough job during the episode (and last week) of convincing me otherwise, so it was still somewhat of a surprise when it was revealed.

    It was a necessary episode from a story construct, since it moved everything back to the camp, and set up the final story arc for the remaining episodes. I am very much looking forward to next week's Desmond episode, as his two have so far been among the absolute best of the series. This was a good episode, just somewhat obvious.

    Did I ever see this coming. No! Not after the whole episode of Juliet's innocent side. Oh my gosh. How amazing can this show get?? That was a turn that I didn't expect it to go. Why is she on the other's side?? Jack trusts her! How can she betray him and everyone else on the island? I don't understand. She is a genuinly nice person, so something must be up. Maybe she'll turn back to Jack's side. Oh jeez! I don't know how to respond to this amazing episode! WOW!
  • Jack, Juliet, Kate ja Sayid jõuavad tagasi laagrisse ja Claire jääb äkki haigeks ning Juliet on ainus kes saab teda päästa. Osas on palju Julieti flash-back'ke! Saab palju asju teada...

    Iseenesest huvitav osa. See on selline osa, mis ehitab pinget edasisteks osadeks. Jääb üle ainult oodata ja vaadata mis saab. Ole sihteliselt kindel, et Julietist saab üks elanikest ja ta reedab Teised. Praegu ta veel töötab nende heaks, kuid hetkel on teadmata, mis on tema ülesanne seal rannal ellujääjate seas elades. Tundus väga lühike osa, sest oli palju flash-back'ke, ja jällegi saarel eriti palju ei toimunud. Vahel võiks olla üks osa selline kus pole üldse flash-back'ke, vaid hoopis ainult saare action. Võiks vahel ka nii olla, et ellujääjad saavad midagi teada, ja teevad Teistele tünga. Nii on natuke igav, kui see Ben koguaeg kõike kontrollib ja hullult müstiline teema. Nad võiks kuidagi saada kätte nende Teiste tomikud või midagi. Näiteks Juliet võiks rääkida. Natuke imelik on see, et Sayidi nad ei usu. Ma küll usuksin Sayidi ja laseksin tal Julieti käesti info välja pigistada, kuid Jack ei lase, sest selge see, et see mees ei mõtle enam oma peaga. Ma pole enam ammu kuulnud neid Losti kuulasid action trumme, sest actionit pole. Kate ja Sawyer kohe varsti teevad jälle arvatavasti ning Jacki saab ja Julieti käest, see on ka põhjus miks Juliet arvatavasti heade poolele üle tuleb. See oli lahe, et korra oli näha välismaailma uudised lennuõnnetusest, kui Ben näitas talle, et tema õde on elus ja terve. Seda võiks rohkem. Ja mis sai sellest, millega eelmine hooaeg lõppes. Teatavasti eelmine hooaeg lõppes sellega, et mingid mehed peale seda magnetplahvatust helistasid Desmondi naisele ja ütlesid, et me leidsime midagi. Ootaks nüüd sellele lahendust. Või on kirjutajad selle juba ära unustanud. See oli küll imelik, et Juliet uskus Beni kui see talle ütles, et ta õel on vähk tagasi, sest arvan, et vähki polnudki tal. Ja dokumente on lihtne võltsida. Nüüd sai muidu natuke selgemaks küll, sest saab teada, miks Juliet on seal saarel, miks Claire rööviti, ja on arvata, et Sun jääb varsti haigeks. Küsimus on selles, kuhu Locke ja Teised läksid? See, et naised sellel saarel lapsi ei saa on ka põhjus miks rööviti lapsed kõige pealt ellujääjate juurest ära. Ja Claire sees on mingi kiip, mis tema ka haigeks tegi, et Juliet saaks olla kangelane ja tema ära päästa. Arvan, et Jack saab varsti aru mis Julietiga on ja räägib sellest temale. Muidu oli lahe osa, lõpp oli kihvt, kus näitas täpselt, miks Kate ja Julia džunglis olid jne. 10 punkti:D
  • Apologies guys - the handcuff part was meant to be from previous week - I was doped up on cold medicine ) A Juliet-centric episode that while it was obviously obvious to others - knocked me out clean. Fact that Claire duped Jack and others was brilliant.

    The Juliet back story gave us some good insight into who Juliet is and why she is the way she is. Even freakier was that she and the Others know so much (and I mean MUCH) about the Losties (down to every nit picky intricate detail. But there was something I thought I caught and would like some confirm. Yes at the end we find out Juliet handcuffed herself to Kate and faked it all...however I could have sworn earlier on, when Jack and Jule were walking back to camp that she mentioned this and Jack smiled as if he was in on it...Did anyone else catch this (I will watch again on dvr this weekend).

    But is Juliet faking them all out or is she faking out the Others - is she playing her own game here.

    and btw...just where is Desmonds woman???
  • Answers after answers after answers...!!!

    What a brilliant episode! We finally got some answers and the storyline was so nicely plotted; the goosebumps when Jack approaches the beach and how everything turned at the very end when we find out Juliet is lying...
    Well, here is what we learnt in this episode:

    -I was right with my theory about the Others (initially) being some sort of secret medical project
    -the Others definitely have (or had) contact to the outside world, which is how they know so much about each person
    -they didn't know the plane was gonna crash
    -there is some sort of magnetic field which affects people's health, particularly cell structures: the whole pregnancy stuff, Locke being able to walk, Rose being cured from cancer, Desmonds new psychic powers etc.
    -the magnetic field (or whatever) could explain the black smoke
    -the Others leaving the camp was planned and the reason was to get insights to the losties (by leaving Juliet behind)
    -Juliet is a very good pretender (I actually believed her for a moment)
    -the reason why they kidnapped Claire was to do research (and perhaps being interested in saving her life)
    -only very few chosen people in the real world actually know of the existence of the island
    -something must have happened to the Others camp after the plane crash, as a lot of things are broken and hatches are ruined (perhaps just a fassade for the losties?)
    -the Others are able to cure cancer (but why couldn't Ben cure himself?)
    -Micaél (communication hatch) is protecting himself from something or someone (perhaps the 'hostiles' as described in the episode "Enter 77" or the black smoke)
    -the Others are up to something, as Ben said "see you in a week" to Juliet
    -John is somehow interesting to the others, perhaps a researching subject, as he was cured and Ben wasn't
    -the Others do not know everything about the island (e.g. black smoke)

    However, we don't know whether the Others still have contact to the outside world now, especially after the submarine was destroyed. Also, whats gonna happen at the losties camp with Juliet and all??? ...just keep watching =)
  • One of the most obvious and unshocking plot twist ever, but it opens up another interesting direction for the show to go in...

    This episode had a lot of hype and amounted to little. It was still very interesting, but I found the storyline incredibly predictable, the pregnant women disease, Juliet being a traitor...everything. The episode left us wondering "What will she do?", "Who is Jacob?", "What is Ben's problem?" and other various questions. I found the last Juliet-centric episode boring and I found this one boring too. I find Juliet to be an interesting on-island character, but her back-story is not required. Ben says he'll see Juliet in a week, 7 days, 7 episodes. If my math is correct, that's the finale, so something tells me Juliet is going to do something HUGE or die. I'm looking forward to this finale more than the previous two.
  • Jack returns with Juliet. Sayeed and Sawyer don't trust her nor do the other survivors. However, Claire becomes ill and Juliet is the only one who can save her. We learn about the island, Juliet's past, and her current intentions in her flashbacks.

    Best episode of Lost in a long, long, long time. I wanted to say the Man from Tallahasse was a great episode, but the truth is it was only good. This episode embodied everything that made Lost great in the first two seasons, an entertaining feeling of mystery, great story telling, great character development, and the plot was advanced. I actually care about Juliet's character unlike Kate who has become stale and boring and I don't see hwo she is relevant to the plot. Juliet adds to the plot of the show and is keeping things interesting. I am looking forward to the Desmond episode next week which I hope will continue this trend of good episodes about interesting characters that have something to do with the plot.
  • The circle is closing in more and more. And meanwhile Jack and Sawyer are hugging each other?!

    Boy, I swear this episode really flew. I didn't see it coming and much less going. And what a storyline. That's what I'm talking about!

    In Juliet's own words: she will be killed if she tells everything she knows. And we have just a glimpse of what she must know from her three years on the Island.

    Going to the point, another major clue about the Island is given through Juliet's flashbacks. No woman can get pregnant on the Island. They cannot even carry their pregnancies to the end, but since Ben said he and some others were born there this may have started to happen not long ago, and also explains why people are "recruited". In addition, this also means Sun's baby isn't really Jin's.

    Regarding the characters, I was starting to think it was very providential to Juliet to be at hand to save Claire, nothing out of the ordinary in the show, but the revelation at the end of the episode everything was a set up between Juliet and Ben... I was speechless. Juliet is robbing the scene and Kate's position as major female character of the show. But please, don't stop her!

    PLUS: now we have a deadline to follow. One week before Juliet tells Ben everything she learnt from and about the survivors!

    Ben: (to Jack in "Stranger in a Strange Land") No matter what you think of Juliet, she is still "one of us".

    Stay tuned! Something tells me this is going to happen just before the season finale!
  • Proof of why Lost is the best series around.

    This is one of the best episodes Lost has ever had. It definately belongs to the top-5, together with the previous two season finales.

    First of all, its a very important episode because it actually prepares the viewer for the "cataclysmic" 6 last episodes.

    It has everything a genuine Lost episode needs to have. Revelations, answers to mysteries, new mysteries created, awesome script and a fine character development.

    Jack is back as a leader, Sawyer and Sayid form a very surprising (because of their past) alliance, only to be overcame by a confident and very well informed Juliet.

    A Julliet that has fooled everyone, most of all Jack.
    We see a jealous and dissapointed Kate. We learn about Claire's kidnapping... Yet we are still left with a question: why is Juliet sent by Ben there? Whats their plan?

    Overall, an awesome episode. Together with The Man from Talahassee, it is the best of this season.
  • Juliet returns with Jack, Kate and Sayid for a not so welcome reunion. Claire is ill, and Juliet saves her by using her own medicine she developed. Her flashback reveals how she go to the island, and a lot about the others. Juliet also is a traitor.

    Juliet's flashback was amazing. It provided a lot of answers on how the Other's worked and lived before the crash of 815. A huge question is why woman can't give berth on the island, and MOST OF ALL, who is this Jacob guy and how come he can play god? How did the others get such personal information on the Losties? Knowing Sawyer shot a man the night before he got on the plane was sureley nothing anybody else knew in the real world or he would have been arrested. Now that we know more of what the Others had done to Claire, what was it that Ben said they put inside her? And where is Juliet meeting them in a week? Did anyone notice the symbol in the tree behind where Juliet got the supplies, it look awfully similar to the one on her back. Another top-knotch episode.
  • This was a brilliant episode, one of the best of the season.

    This was a brilliant episode, one of the best of the season. Finally we have some questions answered!
    I really enjoyed Juliet's flashbacks and it was interesting to see how she got on the island. I'm actually really liking Juliet, even though we found out at the end that she is a spy for the others. Although who knows if she is actually a spy? I think she's only working for herself.
    I do find it very weird though that Jack is so trusting of Juliet. Are they working together?
    It was also great to see Jack return and have everyone finally back on the island.
    Lost is definitely my favourite tv show right now, it's getting better and better every week.
  • Revealing, but lacking in other aspects...

    So this was a good episode for all those people that keep shouting "we want answers! We want answers!" And don't get me wrong, I was delighted to find out some of those answers.
    But there was just no excitement whatsoever. I would say it was the dullest episode of the series so far.
    I would even go so far as to say that the episode was a bit of a let down in some respects. It showed us that Jack is just a dullard, far too easily played. That Sayid and Sawyer were bad-asses before they got on the island, but now they can't even back chat blondie.
    And the writers having to tell people that Juliet was a mole? It was obvious enough, without them having to spell it out in plain Engish!
    I think this episode was just to appease all those moaner fans out there.
    Let's get back to the action next week, please!
  • One of the top three episodes of the season along with The Man from Tallahassee and Not in Portland.

    Elizabeth Mitchell deserves any award anyone wants to give her for her acting in this episode. The writing was great, the answers were satisfying, and the new questions raised were intriguing. The acting between Emerson and Mitchell, especially in the kitchen scene where she begs to go home, was master-class. Just an all-around amazing episode- exactly why I watch this show.
  • Overall, this episode was one of the best of the season, delivering some answers to long-standing questions and setting the stage for a massive season finale.

    As anticipated, this episode is full of revelations and confirmations, something that typically marks the beginning of the resolution phase of a season arc. The introductory phase of the season ended with a Juliet flashback, Jack’s migration to the main island with the Others, and the return of Kate and Sawyer. This transition is a nice callback to that earlier moment in the season, as more information is revealed about Juliet and her motivations.

    Some consider Juliet to be a “Mary Sue” character, but that is not entirely accurate. Instead, Juliet serves a very specific purpose. The audience gets to see the inner workings of the Others, from recruitment to “present day”, from the perspective of someone who has gone through that ordeal. It’s an example of “show, don’t tell”, and it works tremendously well. Juliet’s particular mindset is a product of being in a kind of survival mode; to get out of the trap, she must become the very thing she hates the most.

    Juliet’s flashbacks are essentially her reflections, the path that has led her to yet another bargain with the devil in the hopes of escape. She must realize, on some level, that Ben is contriving to keep her on the island forever, especially given the reproductive problems among the Others. Having been ostracized by the Others themselves, she must have concluded that the JackLocke tribe doesn’t have the information necessary to escape the island. Juliet’s only option, to achieve her goal, is further cooperation with Ben.

    That doesn’t preclude the possibility that Juliet is playing both sides in the hopes of finding a way out on her own. As she says to Jack, she’s always been on her own. It’s more a question of enlightened self-interest. Juliet all but told Jack that she was chosen as his handler because of her general resemblance to his former wife. She explained that it was a psychological tactic to undermine his defenses and gain his trust on a subconscious level. That being the case, it’s not at all surprising for her to continue using that methodology to her own ends.

    This does not make Juliet evil, but rather, a complex character with complex motivations. She’s no longer one of the Others, and cannot be one of the JackLocke tribe, not if she wants to succeed in her goal to leave the island. As such, her motivations cannot align with one side or the other. Expecting her to adhere to a concept of allegiance is an oversimplification of the dynamic on the island. (And it is something that pertains, quite directly, to Desmond as well.)

    In exploring the evolution of her choices, Juliet reveals some interesting information, especially taken in context with her explanation for Claire’s illness. As usual, it’s hard to know what is truth and what is fabrication, but the lines are relatively easy to draw in this case. Juliet may have been foolish to take the plunge into the world of the Others, but there was a great deal of deception involved. Clearly, whoever the Others are, they have powerful friends (led, perhaps, by the mysterious “Jacob”, who could have taken control of former Dharma assets).

    As long suspected by many fans, the interest in Claire and the children is tied to a peculiar by-product of the island itself: the inability to reproduce. The description of the problem suggests that the fetus is treated as a parasite by whatever agency (biological, electromagnetic, etc.) that prevents and heals biological damage. Any attempt to reproduce results in the death of the child, and quite often, the mother.

    The days leading up to Oceanic 815 are quite revealing. For one, it appears that one suspicion is now debunked: the passengers of the flight were not chosen over a long period of time, despite evidence to the contrary. It is possible, however, that Ben saw an opportunity and had the resources (through “Jacob”, most likely) to ensure that the crash took place. Rather than happening over the course of weeks or months, it would simply have happened over the course of 24 hours, after Ben discovered he had cancer.

    Ben might have seen two opportunities. First, to bring a spinal surgeon to the island to save his life, since the medical personnel on the island were devoted largely to reproductive research. Second, to bring a woman already pregnant to the island to give Juliet something she didn’t have: a fresh direction for her research. This would serve to save his life and keep Juliet in line.

    This line of speculation has the benefit of fitting Ben’s dialogue rather well. It also explains why Oceanic 815 was so far off course and seemed to break apart in just the right way to allow passengers to survive. It also fits into the suspicion that Kelvin was assigned to manipulate Desmond into letting the countdown lapse at just the right time to bring down the plane. Just in terms of what has been said by the writers and producers, this explains why Aaron and Claire are, as they say, key to the mythology of the series.

    If this speculation holds water, then Ethan and Goodwin would have been chosen by Ben to ensure that someone with medical experience was on hand to find Claire and determine if Jack had survived. Children would have been rounded up, and Claire would have been experimented upon to determine whether or not the island’s effects were beginning to show. The writers tie these experiments into the events of “Raised by Another” and place the revelations of “Maternity Leave” in context.

    This opens the door to other questions, of course. Was the serum in the vials (seen in “Man of Science, Man of Faith” and “Maternity Leave”) always a placebo, or does it actually serve a purpose? How much did Ethan actually do to Claire? It’s a reasonable assumption that Juliet was lying when she said Ethan kidnapped Claire on his own, but were the Others going to kill Claire, as seemed to be the case in “Maternity Leave”? Or were they anticipating that she would die like so many potential mothers before her?

    Whatever the case, Ben has designs on the JackLocke tribe, and it’s doubtful that it will go well for the survivors of Oceanic 815. Jack has already served his purpose, Juliet may or may not have a solid deal in place, and beyond Aaron, the rest were considered to be extraneous. It’s possible that they would take Sun if she were discovered to have conceived after coming to the island (this is now a very important question), but the rest can be taken out without remorse, from the Others’ point of view.

    Beyond Juliet’s scheme and her manipulation of Jack and the rest of the tribe, there are some important character moments. Sawyer and Sayid finally get to work together again, and it is a joy to behold. Sawyer was very comfortable in the new leadership role, and it should be interesting to see if he’s willing to exert authority now that Jack has returned. In fact, Sawyer and Sayid would be the least likely allies when it comes to approaching Jack with concerns, which would throw weight behind those concerns. Needless to say, Juliet’s goal would be to undercut those efforts.

    With Claire out of commission for much of the episode, Charlie takes a lot of responsibility without getting much resistance. This implies that Claire has followed through on her reevaluation of Charlie after “Par Avion”, and that the rest of the tribe has respected that decision. With the situation gathering towards something deadly, and Aaron being a likely target when the Others come calling, the stage is set for a heroic sacrifice.

    This episode begins the process of pulling the pieces together, something that has been requested for a very long time. A number of questions are answered in this episode, and as things currently stand, more should be forthcoming as the season draws to a close. Just in terms of how well the story comes together, both internally and within the framework of the series as a whole, this is a solid effort and easily one of the best of the season.
  • Juliet was not telling the truth? Once again they didn't listen to Sayid? And our friends seem in it deep.

    Good show! They really did a nice job tying up what had happened throughout the series with Juliet's back story. They also clearly pushed forward the conflict. However, no big questions were answered. In addition, was anybody surprised that she was a spy? They did leave open the door that she might become a "double agent." That is, she will turn for Jack. On the other hand, they also left open the option that she and Jack are both working together with the Others. When she asked why he trusted her it could be read three ways. Her ploy against all of survivors, as confidence with Jack in their ploy together against the survivors or as a turning point to Juliet's change over to the side of the survivors. So the episode was very well-written, yet bring on the Locke storyline. I love his character and I want to know where they are going with this. Many questions. Who is Jacob? He came up again. Could he be Locke? In addition, where is Danielle? Is she tracking the Others? Why don't they ever just go with Sayid? How could people not have fun with this show?
  • Wow...finally some questions are answered

    I have to say I wasn't much from this episode, but wow...has to be in the 10 ten episodes from Lost, if not Top 5. We finally learned why the kidnapped Claire, and the fact that if didn't go according to plan. We also learn why the others know everything about the 815 survivors. We also get to see the genius that is Benjamin Linus. And finally we find out the Juliet isn't what she seems, I can't wait to see what plan she has hiding up her sleeve, which is why I love Lost, nothing beats turning off the TV and just asking wtf just happened.
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