Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • Wow...finally some questions are answered

    I have to say I wasn't much from this episode, but wow...has to be in the 10 ten episodes from Lost, if not Top 5. We finally learned why the kidnapped Claire, and the fact that if didn't go according to plan. We also learn why the others know everything about the 815 survivors. We also get to see the genius that is Benjamin Linus. And finally we find out the Juliet isn't what she seems, I can't wait to see what plan she has hiding up her sleeve, which is why I love Lost, nothing beats turning off the TV and just asking wtf just happened.
  • Wow.

    So Juliet is a spy for the others... This was a fantastic episode not only do we get to learn more about how Juliet got on the island. but we also learn more about what the others are actually doing. I was shocked when i found out that no women can give birth on the island, does this mean Sun will die? Is Claire going to be ok? Jack is falling fast for Juliet and although she is pretending that she is falling for him i doing think she really likes him. Her loyalties are with Ben. I liked how we saw contact with the outside world for the first time... I hope that Juliet becomes a main charactor she is great, but i cannot believe she is working still with the others after what they have done to her. I am so hooked on Lost. I hope next week is as good. We are slowly learning more about Lost. This episode was really well written and intresting, we are nearing the end of season 3 and i hope more questions are answered. PS. This is my 100th episode review!
  • This episode was absolutely perfect!!!

    We picked up right where we left off in "Not In Portland". We took a look into Juliet's past and saw how she arrived on the island. The whole episode makes you feel sorry for Juliet. Throughout the episode you start trusting her more and more. But then at the end there's a huge shocker. It turns out that she and Ben had planned every last detail of what at happened. Right down to Claire's sickness. At that point you're just absolutely stunned. Then comes the creepy part when Ben says, "I'll see you in a week". Elizabeth Mitchell better get some kind of award for this episode! Her acting was fantastic! It was also nice to see Sawyer being nice. And the big reunion was great. I'm very curious to see what's going to happen next! Anyway, this episode was beyond perfect! I wish I could rate higher than 10.
  • i cant rate higher than 10!!!!

    perfect...perfect in every way. its unbeleivable the ratings are down still. this episode was brilliant and exactly what i expected from season 3. brilliant flashbacks aswel, havent seen as good a flashback as that since flashes before your eyes. juliets character is really starting to confuse me now though, first she looks like she doesnt want to have anything to do with the others, now she looks like she is the next ethan. and after seeing how evil ben was to her and the way he wouldnt let her go home, why would she want to work with the others still. she may of made another deal...who knows...
  • When you just start to trust someoner...

    This episode has a great ending...

    Juliet had a hard job to be accepted in the Camp, the only problem was Sayid and Sawyer that don't trust them. Juliet's flahback make us believe that she, was really expulsed of the others camp. But by the end, it's revealed that everything was a Ben's plan to insert someone else in their camp.
  • Great episode, again my review coems from a blog I wrote about Lost, I will edit for language and some of the funny comments about Sayid, since people are somewhat strict about that on here. (Contains spoilers)

    Lost was interesting last night, we saw Sayid, Jack, Kate, & Juliette come back to the island, were obviously Juliette wasn't welcomed. He is right not to trust her as we see in the end of the show but I will get to that later. Gin & Sun were saying something about her too when she got there. I knew she was bad news, and it will be interesting to see if they have her change to their side, or if she is really playing the group, and is really there as a plant, things aren't always as the seem on the island as you know. We found out that Claire was the 1st lady on the island to carry a baby to term, even though she didn't concieve the baby on the island, she had the symptoms of the other expectant mothers on the island. I said when she had her episode in the middle of the episode. We found out why she did and more about the shots of that drug in the belly and the kidnapping that Ethan did with Aaron. and the That raises 2 questions, what about Alex? was she born on the island, she is 16, and Danielle was only on the island for 16 years, and (2) isn't Sun pregnant still ? I can't remember if she is or if something happened there. They showed alot of the group and Juliettes background last night as well as alot of things with Ethan & Ben. I think that video was a bunch of spliced video that Ben showed to Juliette. I think her sister isn't alive, and she never had the baby. It would be interesting it would be if she did have the baby and it was on the island somewere, and she didn't know it. I was surprised at the end I knew that Juliette was up to no good, but we will again see, I was like no way. This was a great episode and really is the start of building up to the season finale.
  • Just when you thought, maybe one of the Others was a nice person....wham.

    What can I say, I was starting to feel bad for Juliet when everyone was cold to her (I do understand why they were cold), but after her flashbacks, I understood that she had to stay on that island because of her sister. Maybe she liked Jack, understood that the 'beach' survivors were just like her, and maybe she could help them. I even didn't like Sawyer and Sayid chasing her down. But now, please let Sayid at her. Get all the info she has. My question now is, what does she want from the survivors, or really, who does she want?
  • Wow! That was amazing! The episode seemed to go by in a few minutes... but it was worth it... the end almost killed me!... I didn't see it comming from a mile away.

    Man.... was that a great episode or what?
    While I didn't find the last Juliet flashback to be that interesting, this one takes place mostly on the island, and tells us some great info about the others.
    Ethan is back... but he's always back, and Goodwinn is here too.... yay!
    Apparently Juliet and Goody had a fling too... or something.
    Too bad he's dead and all.

    But where this episode shines is in the fact that it makes you like juliet even more... when she has to go get medicine for claire, and Sayid and Sawyer come out of the trees.... it's like a Lost reversal... with the losties playing as the scary mistery people.
    I was like... "NO! Juliet! Run!" but she can handle herself... and even saved Clarie...

    But in an awesomely shocking twist... it appears that it was all fake, she's still working with Ben!
    OMG! My stomach dropped out of my body.

    I wanted her to be good too....
    Oh man, I love this show so much now.
  • This is what Lost should be all about...

    I must confess, Season 3 has been a roller-coaster ride from the beginning; I didn't know if I should like it or vomit. But after episodes like "Flashes.." and this one I'm putting my hands down and confess that I like it. A lot. Many reviewers didn't like the Nicki&Paulo episode while I enjoyed it and this one is just amazing. Reveals quite a lot of things while not adding any huge questions like has been the trend for season 1 and 2.

    Juliet is turning out to be a strong, very interesting and witty character. And finally maybe we'll have some real conflicts going on instead of the petty nagging.

    So I confess: I'm finally starting to like Lost, like I hoped I would three years ago, and maybe it won't let me down...
  • Interesting Perspectives. Interesting Revelations.

    Not too bad. I was definitely watching with baited breath. I enjoyed seeing more on the Others. I'm still trying to figure Juliet's motivations, especially now that, presumably, there is no way off the island. Her flashbacks reveal that she truly does not want to be there, but the fact that she has been for several years must indicate that she has at least partially bought into their mission/vision. It is hard to figure what motivates the Others. The season 2 lost experience indicated that it was research designed to change one of the numbers in the Valenzetti Equation. I suppose that was their intent in research, but apparantly somewhere along the line, the island turned on the researchers by causing the issues with pregnancy, Ben's tumor, and probably other things as well(note that Rousseau had her baby on the island). I wonder if the troubles are isolated to the others or not. I suspect (and it has been rumored) that there is a third human presence on the island (the hostiles), and I look forward to more revelation.
    Anyhow, I digress from the episode. I find the final flashback interesting, not in what it revealed, but in that it was revealed. Typically, the writers do not let us in that blatantly on character motivations or betrayals. This time, we know that Juliet is a plant. At first I was disappointed in Jack for being taken for a fool, but I suspect that what he saw in her eyes was correct, and that she may be playing both sides. It will be interesting to see what she is there to accomplish. We will see in the next 7 Lost days - as Ben told her he would see her in a week. Also, the forward planning of the others to insert whatever implant that was a full month or two in advance is intriguing. Was this the original intent of the device? And thus was Alex manipulated into freeing her? Claire's escape was a little too... easy if you ask me. Well, I don't know if I made much sense, but give me a break, it's my first post.
  • More things are explained about the Others and about Juliet.

    It's great how questions that were first asked a long time ago are finally being answered. In this case, we finally find out the meaning of Claire's dreams about getting stabbed with a syringe. We also gain more insight into her kidnapping and Ethan's purpose as a mole. Of course, it turns out that Juliet was lying, so it's unsure what we can believe. I was really hoping that Juliet had actually been left behind, but she's dissapointed me. I'm really starting to like her character. Only four episodes left before "the beginning of the end"!
  • Juliet coming into focus

    It is nice that the writers are finally putting some depth into her character, although I must admit I knew she was sent there, it was obvious when she was hand cuffed to Kate. But none the less, we are starting to see whom Juliet is. There are many questions now about why she would be so faithful even after what she's seen and what she really wants. As for leaving the island? Was Jack really going to be free once they made it 'home'. The beauty of this show is in that the other's are far ahead of the curve and seem to be leading the survivors on a crooked path somewhere.
  • i loved it

    this ep was great. it told alot of stuff. i liked that it let you know what happened to Juliet's sister. i loved the hug between Kate and Sawyer. the ending didn't surprise me. i felt that coming. Juliet has made Sawyer and Sayid even more mad then they already are. i think it is cute that if Sawyer is starting something Kate calls him James. Jack is making himself an outsider. Sawyer has a point about him defending her and not them. i could tell that Charlie is having seconds thoughts about Jack. Sawyer alresdy doesn't like him.Kate is majorly jelous. he is putting himself in a bad spot.
  • Naked Ice cream lady saved preggers as hobby

    Good flashback, we learn quite a lot in this episode but it still retains a lot of information, which is good. Juliet seems like an interesting new character and this episode in comparison with her last centric episode is a lot better.

    Both the real-time and flashbacks work off each other quite well and work off previous episodes and seasons so it feels more episodic rather than brief previous happenings.

    The use of reflective music and slow montages of people returning to the island becomes slightly repetitive after a while, this particular scene was more than reminiscent of rehashed ones from previous seasons and episodes.

    The twist at the end isn’t particularly mind blowing, you may suspect it long before it happens and if like me, you didn’t, it still doesn’t particularly wow you.

    Overall, good solid episode, well it never rises to greatness non the less enjoyable, a reminder why you watch lost, as well as that lost hasn’t become lost, keep watching.

    I will give it a 8.1, I don’t think it is deserving of its current 9.6 rating, good, but hardly a classic, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.
  • I found this more revealing about "the others" than the 1st 6 episodes when Jack, Sawyer, and Kate were trapped with them.

    Lost is getting back on track and hitting its stride. These are the types of episodes I've come to expect from them and they didn't disapoint. Now that Juliet is with them things should get interesting. I liked her flashback because we see she wants to get off the island and I'm guessing is willing to do anything at this point to achieve that goal. I didn't buy her explaination about Ethan "improvising" when Claire was kidnapped. Did anyone else find it strange that Claire went sick just as Juliet was showing up and she could cure them. I actually picked up on that before they showed the flashback. Still, I'm with Syed, I want to find out what else she knows. I also loved Hurley's subtley. He just casually explains what happened to Ethan and where he's buried. Still, I can't figure out why the Others act the way they do especially considering the people are there by accident. But is seems to have something to do with women being able to have babies on the island. Why? Still don't know. And the mystery contines as the answers pour in. Just the way we like it.
  • One of the best of season 3!

    This episode was amazing! It answered a lot of questions. I loved absolutely everything about it! The on-island stuff was perfect, and the flashback was very interesting. The ending is the best part of the episode. I was so shocked. I almost felt like I did at the end of "Two For The Road". This episode delivered! I thought the scene with Kate and Sawyer hugging was so sweet! Also, the scene with Juliet, Sayid, and Sawyer. That was awesome! I was so suprised by the ending. I really wasn't expecting that. I loved the episode, I think it might be the best of season three. Funniest line:
    Ben: (to Mikhail) Don't shoot us.
  • After a couple of decent episodes Lost goes back to it's full glory.

    This episode had a lot of interesting ideas, twists and turns. I was really surprised by the fact that Juliet turned out to be a bad guy. I was really hoping that she was going to be good but it now does add an interesting element to everything. Plus the Others did have to watch them somehow, and I guess that's the best way to do it. It's interesting too, to note the whole pregnacy thing that Juliet revealed to us in her flashbacks. Also Juliet's flashbacks are very revealing. To me it feels like now everyone on the island has some way to get off now because there is an actual company out there that brought them all to the island. Also, Ethan is just really creepy.
  • Amazing Episode

    Wow Season 3 is shaping up to be my favorite season for sure! This episode was excellent as it had a riveting continuous plot line, along with an excellent flashback which was cram packed with exciting stuff and revealing answers. It was great to see a lot of things everyone had on the back of their minds about the others, and it was very exciting to see lots of little things being pieced together. Great to see how they contacted the outside world, what they took Juliet there for, and how the process of getting to the island was... basically everything was just so cool to see. The ending of the episode was really cool how it reinforced what we had seen on the last episode and how we now know that Juliet is still with Ben, and a plan is in the brewing. I'm very excited to see how this is going to turn out, and season 3 is shaping out to be my favorite season so far!

  • Welcome Juliet !

    Juliet, Sayid, Kate and Jack return to the camp but Juliet is not wanted. Calier is stricken by the lifethreatening illness and they can't help her but Juliet can.
    Through flashback we see so many stuff we never knew would happen. Juliet was brought to the island because every pregnant woman on the island died and Juliet wasn't able to save her...until Claire. When Claire came to the island there was a serious threat and Ethan was sent to help her but because of Hurley and his discovery they had to kidnap her and give her the drugs.
    Her sister is OK and nobody suffers from cancer on the island and it is cured...but Ben got the tumor anyway.
    Amazing episode so awesome and brilliant.
  • WOW!

    This makes my favorite's list. What a terrific episode! We finally got long awaited answers, and not just one, but many. We also learned a bit more bout the others, got a Jacob mention, and got a lot more to think about in reguards to the island. With the answers, of course, comes more questions. But thats to be expected with Lost. The thing is, that Lost is just getting better and better. We have had phenominal episode after phenominal episode recently. And last night's episode was one of the series' best episodes. I cannot wait for next week now.
  • And we finally learn the truth about why Ethan kidnapped Claire!

    That's why I love this show. We might have to wait years to learn the answers to things we don't even consider mysteries anymore. And an episode that seems mearly good becomes fantastic when the surprise ending happens! "See you in a week" probably means not until the season finale for us viewing at home. I love the way this episode, like the recent episode Expose (my personal all time favorite) include flashbacks of what's happened on the island. Sometimes I really enjoy those more then flashbacks of before the crash. This season is shaping up to possibly be better then the first if they keep bringing us this kind of quality.
  • Rarely in television does a person's favorite episode stay strong for more than a season, get bumped to number two, and then the new number one is bumped two episodes later. I love LOST. :D

    "One of Us": An amazing kickoff to the last few episodes before the finale. Pure genius. Even the most skeptical, hard to please LOST fan should not have given this episode any less than a 9.

    The entire episode, or at least after the whole scene with Juliet getting the "meds," I was sure that Juliet was really left behind by her people and that she was telling the truth. I was wrong.

    Biggest question out of this episode. What the heck are the masks for? Everyone last week was wondering why every Other was wearing a mask instead of just the people throwing the gas cans. This episode showed that there's more than meets the eye to those awesome and stylish gas masks with super cool orange shades. Sure, one could say that Ben gave it to her so she could go sit in her house, have someone throw a can in there, and then the mask would filter the gas so she wouldn't pass out, but I doubt it. Why go through the trouble? I'm telling you, those masks are gonna play a big part very soon.


    Going in to the episode, I thought this was going to be the only part of it with a real story. Even though I was wrong, the flashbacks still provided the biggest reveals. I loved how they were kicked off too--Sayid asking, "who are you?" Anyway, the first flashbacks shows Juliet and her sister pull up to a HUGE building (that totally looks like a secret government agency would work there) and then have a very touching scene about whether or not Juliet should actually go. Boom! Ethan and Alpert appear out of nowhere and they take Juliet, alone, to the Herarat Aviation airport. Alpert flat out tells Juliet that he put a whole bunch of tranquilizer into her drink and that, if she wants to go, she needs to drink it. At this point, I was severely creeped out. Why did they need her to drink it? I mean, is there something that she can't see on the plane on the way to the island or is it something more mysterious? Anyway, she wakes up strapped to a bed in the submarine and Ethan comes over and unstraps her and says it was so she wouldn't bump her head or anything. Yeah, whatever. Juliet then steps out of probably the coolest looking sub I have ever seen and you can tell that she was definitely not expecting to be on an island. Ben, in all his creepiness, walks up, introduces himself, and they walk away together. The next flashback appears to be much later after her arrival on the island and we see someone die on the operating table in The Staff. Goodwin and Ethan are there and you can tell that, by the way he talks to Juliet, they are serious lovers. Juliet is then seen sitting on the rocks by the ocean. Ben walks up and he comforts her about the woman who died. I can't remember but I think it was at this point that we learn that the pregnant women are all dying on the island. Why are they dying? I have no idea and neither does Juliet. Juliet tells Ben that she can't do any more work on the island because it's not going to help anything and Ben tells her that if she chooses to stay he will cure Rachel's cancer, which has returned. The next flashback, after showing that Juliet and Goodwin were having a relationship, shows when Juliet found out that Ben was dying. Apparently, Karl has some sort of medical training because she says that he prepared the X-Rays. The fact that Ben has cancer is extremely shocking to Juliet because she was previously told by Ben that he can cure cancer by bringing people to the island. What follows is a very emotional argument between the two in which Juliet accuses Ben of lying to her about Rachel. Amazing acting. After a very cool "crash from the Other's perspective" recap, Ben and Juliet travel to the Flame because Ben wants to show her, in a live feed, that Rachel is still alive and that she has had the baby. I guess he wasn't lying. It is a very emotional thing to see for Juliet because she is so overcome with happiness but it is a bittersweet happiness because she still cannot be with her sister. However, the most important part of the scene was that there are news broadcasts showing that the rest of the world knows about the plane crash and they are/were searching for the survivors. I'm glad we finally got confirmation. Finally, the last and most important flashback reveals that Juliet was never gassed and that her "loyalty" still lies with the Others. (She is probably being forced to do it though). Therefore, she has now infiltrated the survivors camp, gained there trust through a perfect con, and now only time will tell what her plan is. I can honestly say that I did not see that coming. Totally cool. One of us is one of them.

    On-Island "Real Time":

    Awesome. Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Juliet return to the camp only to have everything ruined by the fact that no one trusts Juliet (they were right. Sorry, Jack.) I loved the scene with Hurley walking up to her and admitting that he was there to keep an eye on her while the other LOSTies discussed whether or not to allow her to stay. I thought that was pretty funny. The main part of the Real Time scenes was Claire suddenly falling ill. Juliet admits to Jack and Kate that she knows why Claire is sick because she caused it (even though she is lying) and tells them, through a very cool monologue which answered a lot of questions, that she needs to go to Ethan's hiding spot to get the medicine that will cure Claire. They allow her, but, when she gets there, it turns out that Sawyer and Sayid had been following her and they aren't happy. They are certain she is lying about everything and threaten to torture her unless she gives them some answers. But Juliet is a bada*** and totally sticks up for herself by bringing up things they have done in their lives and, therefore, they have no right to be the island's "moral police." They got told. Anyway, the medicine, which was probably just water or something, "cures" Claire. Jack later goes to Juliet and tells her that the other people will allow Juliet to stay with them and that she can use a small lean-to they have set up. Oh yeah, except for the fact that Juliet is still in cahoots with the Others, wasn't left behind, wasn't gassed, and has now infiltrated the camp, gained the trust of the survivors, and is now probably going to do something naughty. Uh oh. Great episode.

    Things I Noticed/Easter Eggs:

    -The mark on the tree near Ethan's drop point looked remarkably similar to the brand that Juliet has
    -Rachel wasn't able to conceive because of the chemotherapy
    -Jack says Juliet is under his protection, but he isn't doing a very good job at that (Sawyer and Sayid?)
    -Ben wasn't in the book club because Juliet didn't invite him
    -There is a symbol from the Dharma logo on the sub and on some guys shirt who is in the sub. It's the lowest of the 8 symbols on the logo.
    -The rest of the world knows that Oceanic flight 815 is missing and they are/were searching for it. (That destroyed a lot of theories)
    -Juliet is a Jacob-fearing person. Look at her face when Ben brings up whether or not she has faith in Jacob
    -Herarat Aviation (Anagrams!!!)
    -Aaron thinks Charlie is his father. Grabs his finger and stops crying whenever he's around
    -Kate *heart* Sawyer... again
    -Juliet is probably glad Ana is dead.
    -Sawyer's back on his mean streak (Yes!)
    -Ben is not healing fast enough for the same reason he got a tumor. What that is, I don't know.
    -Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson are amazing actors

    Best Lines:

    -The entire scene with Juliet sticking up for herself when Sayid and Sawyer come to interrogate her.
    -Ben: Mikhail, this is Ben... He never has his walkie on.
    -Ben: Mikhail, we're walking up! Don't shoot us!
    -There are so many more. The writing was phenomenal in this episode. I'll have to put some in here when I submit quotations tomorrow.

    Next Week On LOST:

    Desmond! Desmond! Desmond! Future seeing!! DESMOND! Catch-22, the title of the episode, is also a hilariously amazing book. It's Joseph Heller's masterpiece. (Yossarian is the greatest name ever)

    *Somewhat spoilerish if you haven't seen the preview*

    Anyone see Bernard's SOS sign!? If someone saw that and it is going to play a part, then that is the coolest thing ever. I would love to see Bernard stick it to everyone about how right he was.
  • One of the best of the season.

    This episode gave us a boat load of info that some of the answers didn't need to be questioned. Since the few times Lost gives us answers, it comes with a bunch more questions tied to them. Also I already knew that Juliet was still working for the Others since the last episode, but it still suprised me that she did it after watching her flashbacks. It's probably part of the deal Ben made to her. However I think Juliet might still turn on Ben at the last moment seeing that Jack likes her and she wouldn't want to break his heart. It would be intresting to watch what she does next.
  • Simply amazing episode, for the story and the characters.

    This episode gave us much info on the island, and some of the story behind it. We finally know there's a solid connection between the island and the outside world. Some one has vested interest in the island, whether they're Dharma or not. And, assuming Juliet wasn't completely lying, we have an idea of what was going on on the island. How much of it is lie or truth we have yet to see.
    It was nice to see everyone back at camp again. The handshake between Jack and Sawyer was nice, but their little hug was even better. Though I admit, I'm starting to doubt Jack. I wonder what really happened to him during his stay at Camp Other. Did he tell the truth to Kate, or was there something more? He doesn't know what Juliet is up to, but that doesn't mean he isn't up to something himself.
    One of the best for the season for me. Definitely making me want the next episode. NOW if possible.....
  • Actual rating: 12

    I have to say that this was quite an episode. It answered many questions with what the Others are actually doing on the island. I guess what Ben said at the end of last season was true, "We're the good guys." They are actually helping people. Kidnapping them, but helping people nonetheless. I actually felt bad for Juliet, being held against her will & all that. To what extent is unknown, especially after the end scene.

    As far as the whole revelation of her & Ben's plans are for the Losties (or whatever the fan term for them are) remains a mystery. It can't be good whatever it is. I have a feeling its only going to get much MUCH worse before it gets better. And the recent Lost Magazine doesn't help much as the producers drop hints as to what's coming up & yes, it is going to be huge & its going to be very VERY bad for the castaways.

    7 days is too long between episodes. I think it should be a daily thing.
  • Predictable Plot.Predictable Characters

    I am sure most Lost viewers knew that Sayid's threat to Juliet was an empty threat. Just seeing the promo made me realize that Juliet would be alive and kicking by the end of this sadly predictable story. I realize now that the writers had to kill off Ana-Lucia and Mr. Eko so that no really strong, independent character could actually challenge Jack's return as Island Leader. Sayid has been a paper tiger for a while now and Sawyer being out smarted by Hugo while amusing was also out of character from the Sawyer from seasons 1 and 2. The Lost writers seem to think human behavior is so predictable that noone would question the timing of Claire's illness to Julit's arrival. The writers thought that Sayid and Sawyer would not anticipate Juliet's knowledge of their past to manipulate them when they issued more empty threats. I see the next episode promo seems to show more action in it. Hopefully, the next episode won't be as predictable and we'll finally see someone so fed up with being manipulated that that person will lash out at the right target for a change.
  • ‘Every pregnant woman on the island had died’ (exact quote from Juliet) until Claire delivered her baby and survived. This one sentence is the most important revelation as of yet for the show!

    The episode starts out with Sayid, Jack, Kate and Juliet trekking across the island with the hopes of returning ‘home’ within a day or two. As Kate and Jack are gathering firewood, Sayid begins to interrogate Juliet. However, once Jack returns, Jack tells Sayid that Juliet is ‘under his protection.’ And a major plot development is revealed during a casual talk between Jack and Juliet as they are walking towards the ‘base camp’ the following day – turns out Juliet (and Ben) planned the ‘waking-up-handcuffed-to-Kate’ elaborate idea. Jack and Sayid continue, throughout the episode, to argue over when Sayid can approach Juliet to ask questions and possibly find answers. Jack insists that ‘given time,’ Juliet will reveal what she knows about ‘the Others.’

    The flashbacks in this episode are centered on Juliet; mainly, on how she arrived on the island. Sure enough, it was via submarine. Juliet is also made aware by Benjamin Linus(Ben) of the fact that her sister’s cancer has returned – he then pleads with Juliet to stay on the island and help the females, and, in turn, Ben will heal Juliet’s sister. Juliet, later in the episode, is shown by Ben that her sister had indeed been healed of her cancer and delivered a healthy baby boy she named ‘Julian.’ Ben wanted to prove to Juliet that he is a man that stands by his word.

    ‘Every pregnant woman on the island had died’ (exact quote from Juliet) until Claire delivered her baby and survived. Juliet developed a serum that allowed Claire to survive, but Claire is going through severe withdrawal symptoms, as she hasn’t had an injection in some time and now is becoming rather sick. Juliet also was the person who discovered the tumor inside Ben on his L4 vertebrae. After begging to have permission to leave the Island, Ben does not allow it. She is, for all intents and purposes, ‘stuck’ on the Island.

    While she is at the 'base camp,' Juliet goes on a mission to find medical supplies for Claire – and right behind her are Sayid and Sawyer. But Juliet quickly puts both of them in their place. As Jack tells Juliet in the end, ‘you want to get off this island more than anyone in the world. That makes you one of us.’

    A part of the episode I particularly enjoyed was when Jack, Kate (Did you see the way Sawyer looked at her?) and Sayid appeared walking towards the ‘base camp’ for a reunion of sorts. It is only when Juliet is spotted that the moment becomes a bit uneasy for some of the main cast. This episode was a very good one – definitely a huge improvement over the past two episodes. Great seeing more screen time for the characters all of us ‘Lost’ fanatics have grown to genuinely care about.

    Note: Did anyone notice that the company’s name that Juliet was hired by was named ‘Mittelos Bioscience?’ Well, if you scramble the letters of the word ‘Mittelos,’ you can make the phrase ‘Lost Time’ or ‘Time Lost.’
  • Juliet Flashback

    We get another Juliet flashback that starts off the island and then is about her time on the island. We learn that all the other women who gave bith died which is why they wanted Juliet to come to the island in the first place. When jack, sayid, Kate, and Juliet get back to the beach everyone is of course does not trust Juliet. Hurley talks to her and she tells him about why they kidnapped Claire. At this point I am seeing the others in a new light thinking that maybe they are not all that bad untill the final minutes Which flashes back to just before they gas them.
  • This was a good one...

    This episode was very revealing about Juliet. It showed what her life was like when she was becoming an Other. It was very interseting and you found out alot about her which was good. i still think Ethan is sooooo creepyy. he just looks so scary. i liked this episode because you found out really why they took Claire. it was very good. the ending to me was especially creepy. i knew juliet wasnt left behind. when Juliet and Ben were talking about what she had to do was crazyyy. its sad that the Others had to get Claire sick so the surviors would like Juliet. This was very good and i hope next week gets better.
  • Amazing episode.

    Wow, this episode gave us a gold mine of information about the Others. For one, we learned about why Ethan "attacked" Claire and why he captured Claire and Charlie. We got a lot of Ethan in this one, so I LOVED that aspect of it. Ethan is the most interesting Other, in my opinion. This episode shows that the producers DID have the MAJOR storyline all laid out from the beginning. My favorite scene from the episode was the scene between Juliet and Ben in Ben's kitchen. Such great acting in that scene. Well, the pieces are starting to fall into place and we're starting to see more and more of what the big picture is.

    Juliet: If I told you who I am... if I told you everything I know, you'd kill me.
    Sayid: What do you think I will do if you don't?
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