Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • While it's not a series classic, it's an extremely pivotal episode...

    The entire show was the ending, it summed up everything very well. The ending while I thought what happened, might happen I didn't think the writers would do that, since it would be your basic twist, when they did do it though, it shocked me, and it looks like we may have an exciting six episodes left on our hands. I really liked Juliet's back story, it had a lot of emotion in, which they lack in most of their back stories. Elizabeth Mitchell did a great job this episode, and this was probably her best performance out of the two episodes that centered around her character.
  • This episode was all over the place, when i thought one thing, something else changed what i though...(SPOILERS!!)

    OK, WOW!! This has got to be the best episode in a long time! Juliet, this is what this episode is about. The flashback takes place right after the last one about her; she has accepted the contract with the company, and she's coming to the island, but we find out WHY!!! I wont say why, but WOW, did it blow my mind!! So Juliet is trying to find a cure for the problem on the island, and we're finding out that for some reason, the people on the island wont heal, such as ben, and the women. I always thought that there was some reason Ethan was taking Claire, but this wasnt close to what i thought. Skipping all the stuff in between (ill let all of you watch it again if you need to), the plan that Juliet and Ben are talking about at the end...WOO!! What is going on with this girl, which side is she for? She's probably the most interesting character right now.
    Anyways, this was a great episode, answered a lot of stuff, revealed a lot, but now there are tons more questiosn (whats new?) I cant wait for the next episode, AAAGGHHH!!! the anticipation is insane!!
  • Juliet leaves the mainland to start work. Leaving her pregnant cancer free sister behind. Leaving via submarine to the Island, under heavy sedation. Flashbacks begin to provide more then Juliet attempts to sells to the Plane Crash survivors. this was good

    Overall I was happy with this episode. I feel that we got to see a lot of the island in a short period of time. Things were explained as best as they could be given the circumstances. They set us all up at the end. I'm really happy to see the signature LOST twist and turns again. We revisited the barracks, the flame, the operating location wher claire was taken, the submarine, the others side of the island where the submarine was located, beach camp. We received a lot of interaction with a lot of characters. Sawyer and Sayid joined forces and Juliet proved once again how damn cunning she is. AHHHH till next week.
  • This episode was great and revealed some many new things!

    I absolutely loved this episode! It revealed so many new things, although a lot of them we didn't even ask questions about. I always figured that Juliet was not innocent and when they revealed that she had the key to the handcuffs. I knew then she was there for some reason. I loved seeing all of the characters in this show! I really want to know what they are trying to find out about the people that crashed on the island. I cannot figure out what they need to know. After "saving" Claire, they all trust Juliet now and will probably open their mouths and she will quickly find out what she needs to know. She already knows where that other is buried, which really seemed to interest her. Ben must really be promising her something really good!
  • Great

    What a great episode fokes!!!

    The flashback was real reavealing, about alot of things. I can't even go about all of them, so just go watch the episode, jeez....

    We see Juliet arriving to the island, and we find out what she was there for. She was there to save womans lives that were having babies, because they end up dying, for some reason not yet known.

    On the island, Claire gets some weird sickness, that looks like it was triggered from a "chip" they put in her head. Juliet is able to cure her with medicine Ethan used in S1.

    Good episode, and the rest of the season looks very good!!!

  • Answers galore followed by a lot more questions. But im definitely not complaining.

    Awesome episode where answers are concerned. Though you probably cannot believe everything that came out of Juliet's mouth, you can definitely trust the flashbacks and man were those great flashbacks!

    I'm sure as soon as Claire started getting sick people predicted that Juliet's arrival was too coincidental and this was proved in the end. The interesting part was that Juliet was slightly reluctant to do the mission for Ben and that brings up the double agent theory again. Jack unfortunately has gone back to being the overly trusting and sappy guy from seasons 1 and 2. I liked him better as the person who was willing to kill Ben to take control of the situation. The Sayid-Sawyer two man team was hilarious and it was great that Juliet pointed out that the two people least likely to teach morality are coming to question her about her morals. I would still like to see some conflict on that front though and I will definitely accept Claire, Charlie, Hugo and Jack trusting Juliet but I definitely dont expect Sawyer, Sayid, Kate and more recently Sun to trust her. This episode has definitely thrown a lot of possible theories about the others for the viewers and is a definite must-watch for any lost fan.
  • Review

    Other then the random twists and turns near the end of the episode that prooves that Juliet is not "One of us" and is in fact "One of them", this episode was a really strong filler episode. The scenes with Sayid and Sawyer didn't really tell us much of anything new - the others pretty much have shown there ability to know things beyond the scoop of what they can learn of the survivors on the island. The beginning fourth of the episode with Juliets starting flashbacks and walking back to the beach was a very strong filler part of the episode. The only real strongpoints of the episode came near the end, when we learn that everything in this episode (Claires sickness) was all a bluff to get Juliet inside with everyone when she was able to cure the sickness that Claire was feeling. Juiets second part of her flashbacks when she was on the island was much better then the first half. Her on screen connection with Ben is good and the fact that her sister is alive certainly shows the healing powers of the island, barring that those were in fact her sisters x-rays the first time around and not just a plan by Ben to give her something to stay on the island. The fact that Juliet was involved with Goodwin didn't say much, it actually made me wonder why she was so shook up over Ethans death every time it was mentioned in the episode. Overall it was basically a very strong filler episode, but not one of the shows (or seasons for the matter best.
  • Classic Lost 'bait and switch'

    This episode was classic lost. First, who are the 'others'? Are they there to save lives? Are they just there to run experiments/research? What is there agenda? We didn't get this answer but the question was definately raised. Speaking of answers... this was an answers episode (well Lost's version of answers). Juliet arrived via the sub after drinking the juice. Why? Why was she so willing to buy into the company? Why are all mothers destined to die on the island? If Claire was the control (statistis 101 people) how did Danielle deliver to term 16 years ago? It is classic Lost to give us answers with 10 more questions attached an I love it!

    Juliet was on the mark when she questioned Sawyer and Sayid's moral authority to govern the losties but their conerns were well formulated. She is there to infultrate the camp on Ben's behest. What will happen in one week? I don't know entirely but I know I cannot wait. This was a spectacular Lost episode. Bring on Desmond's episode. Bring on Jin/Sun's how is pregnancy going to affact them episode. Bring on the Dharma-centric, Locke's dad centric, Charlie-centric and Ben finale. I don't care if we get more questions just keep it coming.
  • Juliet joins Kate, Sayid, and Jack as they return to the beach. Claire is stricken with an illness that Juliet is connected to.

    All i gotta say is wow I mean what a fantastic episode. I wouldn't say its amazing or the best episode kinda deal which is why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10. Definitely continues a trend of pretty strong season 3 episodes recently. Basically Sayid doesn't trust Juliet and with good reason however Jack does trust her and does what he feels is right by having Sayid not interrogate her. Some nice emotional scenes as Jack returns to the beach for the first time early on in last year's Season Finale. I could sorta see Sawyer's heartbreak as he saw Jack since he probably felt like he had just come into his own as being the one in charge of the camp and starting to get on people's good side and that it would be all over and certainly change now that Jack is back. Claire also stars to come down with an illness. We later learn these things are connected as Juliet confesses the story behind what happened to Claire. Also revealing some interesting things like pregnant women on the island never surviving always dying , we even get some flashbacks showing their failures to correct this problem , and how the kidnapping of Claire was not how things were supposed to go. Apparently they were monitoring her through blood samples and when Ethan's real identity was found out he panicked and created his own plan on his own. Juliet seeks out Ethan's old hiding spot near the caves containing medicine that can help save Claire however Sayid and Sawyer confront her and further push home they don't trust her. Then in the moment that really slides into your mind that she really is one of them now and gets them down off their high horses she tells of Sawyer for commiting murder and Sayid for the horrible things he has done to many human beings. Although in my humble opinion he was a soldier doing his job and interrogating ppl who were suspected of doing bad things i mean she spoke to him as if it were one and the same with Sawyer killing a man in cold blood. But that's another rant for another day. Some really amazing flashbacks in this episode to as you get too see how Juliet arrives on the island, how her sister turns out to be ok and has a healthy son, you also get another look at Mikhail and just how useful that satellite was before the hatch imploded. In the end though the theory a lot of people had going around in their heads proved to be true after all that it was all a set up for them to trust Juliet and believe she was left behind too and so that she could infiltrate their camp and keep an eye on them. A really great ending as it all through another nicely done flashback slowly come undone and it definitely seems like we are headed for a showdown between the 815ers and the Others. A very enjoyable episode and I can't wait till next Wednesday as business has just picked up.
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