Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • The standard of Season 3 is raised once again with an episode that has better flashbacks than island action.

    Ever since "Not in Portland", Juliet's first flashback episode, the standard of Lost in Season 3 has risen, with the exception of "Stranger in a Strange Land". "One of Us" is yet another classic addition to Season 3 which has had its ups and downs.
    It is perhaps my second favourite episode of the season after "The Man from Tallahassee". Aside from the more consistent high quality "One of Us" also is an episode which continues the recent consistency of providing answers to many of the island's mysteries. Since "Enter 77", in fact Season 3 has been rather generous with its exposition, giving us insights into The Others, The Purge, the effect of the Electromagnetic anomaly, communications on the island and its healing powers. But one of the most pivotal outstanding mystery is what The Others are doing on the island, and why they are abducting Childrenand/or their mothers. Since Season 1 we had also been exploring Claire's abduction by the Others and, despite getting a rather detailed flashback on what happened to her after Ethan kidnapped her, neglected to offer us an answer as to WHY? Until now!
    Juliet is the central character of this episode and her performance here oncly confirms that Elizabeth Mitchell is one of the best acting additons to Lost, next to Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn.
    In 42 minutes Mitchell displays a multitude of varying emotions from being the rather placid and fragile pre-island doctor to the head-strong, manipulative and brave Island doctor she is now. Her change of character, however, hasn't happened overnight since she first stepped foot on the island. There are still moments when she breaks down and even now she wishes to get off the island, depsite her apparent comfort in fitting in with her surroundings.
    This is what makes Juliet such a complex character and audiences not know whether to trust her. The ending revelation may reveal Juliet to be the mole in the Losties camp and is working with Ben to some goal involving the women and their pregnancies, there may still remain some doubt on how far Juliet will execute her plan and if she really wants that plan to be executed. When Jack tells Juliet by the shore that he realized that she wants to leave the island as much as he and the losties do he remarks that that makes her "one of us". Something in her face in response to this makes us think that she understands that Jack is right.
    Generally with each episode my initial reaction is that the island action is always better than the flashbacks. Occassionally, as is the case with John Locke, the flashbacks are equally as good, but it is very rare that an episode's flashback is better than the island events, which is the case here.
    What makes it great is that most of it is on-island, something which is much more interesting and necessary than watching our beloved characters before the crash. At this stage of the game island flashbacks are another way to begin tying up some loose ends to the dense mythology. And loose ends are certainly tied up here, giving us the most clear picture of what the hell is going on than we've ever had before. With all the infomation supplied recently theorists are now starting to try to piece things together.
    The performances between Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell make the flashbacks work so well. The kitchen scene, in particular, is immensely powerful. It was also nice to see the plane crash again with a better sense of what it meant to the Otherswhen it happened. Mikhail's appearance was also nice, as was the reappearance of the Flame Station. The moment when Juliet cries at the sight of her sister and child certainly turned on my waterworks. The flashbacks were so informative, exciting and powerful that it seemed a shame to leave them each time to return to the present situations. Luckily the events here aren't boring and are just as powerful. That final moment when Juliet gives Jack that sweet smile sent shivers down my spine, particularly following the chilling revelation. "One of Us" was powerful and fast-paced in its momentum, despite not having much action. It is the performances from our stars which are the main attraction here and help make this one of the highlights of the season so far!
  • A Juliet-centric episode.

    Let me just start out this review by saying that as whole, I absolutely loved this episode. Juliet has been one of my top favorite characters this season, so I was really looking forward to this episode, and I have to say that Elizabeth Mitchell blew me away with her performance as Juliet in this episode. I love all of the different layers of Juliet that they showed throughout the episode. All of the flashbacks of Juliet's life were great. I have to say that I was very shocked by the ending of this episode. I can honestly say that I didn't see that coming at all. In closing, I thought that this was a very well written, well acted and well made episode of Lost, and I can't wait to watch the rest of my Lost: Season Three DVD set.
  • This episode was awesome!!!

    Juliet has flashbacks to how she came to the island and what she did. Pregnant women always die there and they don't know why. Also, we see Rachel, Juliet's sister, and her son, Julian. A more recent flashback shows the plan that she and Ben have set up.

    Jack, Kate, Sayid and Juliet have come to camp. Many are reluctant to accept Juliet. Sayid and Sawyer especially don't trust her. Claire gets sick and Juliet says she knows what happened to her. She helps out by getting medical supplies that Ethan had hid and healing Claire. Jack trusts Juliet and he is the only one. Juliet sets up camp with her plan in mind.

    This episode was great! Seeing all the old Others like Goodwin and Ethan. Even though we've seen them before in season 3, it just seemed special in this episode. I really feel sorry for Juliet, but her plan made me think twice about her. This episode gets a perfect 10 out of 10 from me!
  • Juliet is awesome... !!!

    I loved this episode. Amazing. I do admit that I am shocked that Juliet is actually betraying the whole group, but I am not taking points off the score for that, because that would be un-reasonable. I am a shipper of Jack and Juliet now, even though there's a very slim chance they will get together=)

    The episode I thought was awesome in all entirety. I loved the flashbacks, I feel so sorry for Juliet and happy at the same time. I feel so sorry that she can't go back to her sister after over three years, Ben has such a control over everyone it scares me. Stupid Ben, he's such a freak.

    I loved when Juliet talked to Sayid and Sawyer, she had such a control over them, she surely has changed over the years she was with the Others. Sure scary... I wonder what is going to go down, AND what will happen when Juliet figures out Sun is pregnant. Suspense.
  • JULIET. That's all I have to say. And that she is the bomb. Ben and your duplicitous (or quasi-duplicitous) lies! Or are they the truth? And is Rachel really still alive? And is her SON alive?

    Does anyone remember that Mittelos Bioscience website hoax? The one with the fake video from Rachel? How in the world did they smuggle that info before it aired? Like WEEKS before it aired? Ok, back on topic now. This episode was brilliance condensed into 42 minutes of video. My 2nd place position for favorite character has just shifted from Kate to Juliet. Who would of thought that she and Goodwin got it going on? Never woulda imagined. How nice. Everyone just got to know her, and I go "YES See, Juliet is good after all"... then goes Ben and his little "See you in a week" malicious plot twist. Not to mention the recycling of the song "Bon Voyage, Traitor" in that scene from the Season 2 soundtrack (Don't blame me, I've heard it 60 times)... come to think of it, the title fits. Ok. So they planted something in Claire. So does stuff REALLY happen to pregnant people? Is it a hoax? Was it just so Juliet could look like a hero? What happens to Sun? (I write this 3 weeks after viewing it so... yeah.) Yikes! There's going to be a lot of explaining Ben and Juliet have to do the next couple weeks... I can't believe the season is coming to a close already! Well, until 317 Catch-22...
  • it was a shocker and a brillant episode

    i loved every bit of that episode, contender for best episode yet definitly. i loved the it were Julien said she had made claire sick and she told us stuff from the past that was not shown like ethan taking blood samples from claire. im lovin the way everyone is against Julien an that she no's all the dirt on everyone, like when syide and sawyer trapped her at the tree and she told them what they had did before they came to the island. these writers no how to write an ending for an episode i actually thought the others had abandoned Julien but the way it is all a plan that she would be brought back to camp and how they made claire sick so Julien in could cure her an earn some of their trust.
  • ~~who is Jay-cob ??~~

    i really enjoyed this episode and i can't wait 2 pass the 1st week and see what Desmond is gonna do the next episode *catch 22* .i honestly think that Juliet is gonna tell jack abt Ben's plan that he is coming back in a week and she is gonna tell them everything....just watch....WORLD WAR 3 WILL OCCUR (WW3)

    and 4 the question u all have been waiting 4, who is Jacob?? ~~~~"jack's father"~~~~
  • One of my favorite episodes this season.

    Well Lost has done it again. They gave us yet another PERFECT episode. This might just be the best episode this season. Juliet is one of the best characters in the series and is definitely the best of the others. I was looking forward to the next Juliet flashback and not only was I not disappointed, I got a better flashback than I expected, my second favorite flashback in the entire SERIES! I can't wait for the upcoming episodes, and I'm very eager to see what will happen with Juliet now that she is in the Losties camp and is seemingly working against them with Ben. SO EXCITED!!! Definitely not a disappointed fan!
  • Kate, Jack, Juliet, Charlie, Claire, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Ben,

    In this episode we learn more about what happend after the plain crashed. We get new information about "the others'" plans for the survivers of the plain crash, how Juliet got on the Island and how they learned about the survivors past. Jack seems to be convinced that Juliet is honest and through the episode that judgement seems to be correct, until the thrilling reveal in the end. Kate and Sayid on the other hand don't believe she's telling the truth. And Juliet recieves a cold welcome as they arrive on the beach. Claire gets sick. Juliet tells Jack that she knows how to cure Claire and explains why she's sick. When Juliet is in the jungle, digging up the case which contains the medication Claire needs to survive, Sawyer and Sayid shows up. They demand that Juliet tells them the whole story about "the others" and everything that's going on on the Island. Juliet strikes back by pointing out Sayid's and Sawyer's own mistakes in the past and they let her go. The medication brought to Jack by Juliet, does help Claire and she wakes up toward the end, all well again. This makes Jack even more sure that Juliet is telling the truth and he gives her what she needs to set up camp on the beach. It's in this moment we are taken back to the minutes before "the Others" leave their camp, in a scene where Ben is taking Juliet through the coverstory...

    It's a really great episode and I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Juliet,Kate,Jack and Sayid returned to the beach. There,the losties do not accept Juliet until she cures Claire who was sick.

    Juliet's flashback shows us how she came to the island and how she spended those 3 years there. We see her arriving to the island with the submarine,but before that they gave her a drink to sleep so she could't see the location of the island. The flashback reveals that Ben didn't let Juliet to leave the island in the first 3 months as they had promised to her, but they let her see her sister and her baby from a tv in Michael's hut. Ben could communicate with the outside world.
    At the beach Claire started feeling sick and Juliet offered to help her because she undertood what was her illness and also she knew the place where Ethan had hidden some medicines when he was at the beach with them the first days. Also Juliet explained to them that Ethan was the one who kidnapped Claire and that this was not a part of their plan. She said that they took Claire to help her, because on the island no pregnant woman survives after the birth of her baby. As a result Juliet goes and find the medicines and she cures Claire.
    The shocking moment is the last part of Juliet's flashback when we learn that Ben and Juliet had a plan, and that Juliet was left behind on purpose!
    It is for sure the best episode of season 3 so far,and this episode has one of the best flashbacks ever! I can't wait for the next episode!
  • an amazing back story that reveals huge secrets concerning the past 3 months on the island, and the involvement of the others with claire and her baby. the truth is learnt about juliettes intentions with the camp, and her past concerning her research

    during this episode juliettes past is learnt, her research at dharma is discussed, and how she made her way onto the island is known. this great back story reveals many answers and we learn of her sisters cancerous past and induced successful pregnancy.
    other aspects of this episode include learning the truth about claires baby, and the others (ethan's)involvement with her pregnancy. we also learn that juliette and ben conspire together so that juliette can be taken to the beach camp with the leading help of jack. finally lost is back at its best, tying up loose ends yet throwing just as many questions.
  • Abandon all hope ye who get pregnant here.

    We learn on this episode that every woman who has gotten pregnant on this island has died, which should explain why the others were bent on butcher Claire to take Aaron away (she wasn't supposed to survive anyway), why the Picketts didn't have any children (Danny may not have want to risk Colleen's life) and why Alex claims her mother is dead as well as to why her father would keep her as far away from boyfriend Carl as possible.

    It also raises suspicions about Rousseau since she's very much alive despite allegedly gave birth 16 years ago, not to mention it puts Sun in real danger because of her condition. However, the fact that Claire survived Aaron's birth could also give hope that whoever conceives outside the island may survive after all.

    Sadly, hope is what we lack off as we learn Juliet's boyfriend was none other than Goodwin, someone close enough to Ben for him to try to choke Ana Lucia as retaliation for his demise. Information that also might explain the nature of the conflictive relationship between Juliet and Ben who even after murder attempts, numerous lies and general back stabbing are revealed to be plotting together to infiltrate the castaways camp in the course of one week.
  • What a scheming little minx!

    Jack returns, but no one is in the mood for celebrating when they see that Juliet has come back with him. As Juliet struggles to find a way to be accepted, flashbacks show how she came to the island and what she was doing during those three years. She sees a chance to help when Claire suddenly develops a dangerous illness, but Sawyer and Sayid are reluctant to trust her. The episodes this season get better and better, ever since 'Enter 77'. This episode had the prescription for an outstanding Lost episode because it had mystery, posed questions, 'answered' questions, we think and remained exciting.

    Perfect, and has anyone noticed how shifty Juliet's eyes eyes are? She blinks like 5 times a second.
  • great episode

    Jack returns to the camp with Kate, Sayid and Juliet. Once they get there, everyone's not so eager to meet Juliet. This episode is a Juliet episode, we get to see how she became connected with the others. This episode tells us a lot about her, but I'm sure there's more to it than what we're being shown. Claire becomes sick with something, it's only Juliet who can save her. This episode tells us a little bit more of what's happening, it's an exciting episode, I really had a good time watching this, I'm really looking forward to the next episode.
  • Outstanding episode

    This episode was great, i was really starting to trust Juilet and then right at the end we discover its all just a part of Bens clever plan. The writers have sure done a good job in making Juilets character very secret. Juilets flashbacks didnt give as many answers as i would have hoped, however it did raise some new and interesting questions. Like all Lost episode endings it leaves you wanting to know more... Brilliant!
  • Jack finally returns to the beach with his friends, but noone seems too happy when they see Julie come with the group.

    This episode tell us more about Julie and why she's there, and through her we get to know the others a little bit more.
    we found out that in that island for some weird reason women can't have babies, that every pregnant woman on the island die.
    So, That's why they wanted Claire so much, they wanted to know if she could have the baby and survive. We found out too that Julie, doesn't want to stay on the island, and when she was begging to Ben to let her go back home, I actually felt some sympathie for her. It looked like she wasn't one of the others after all.
    But the shocking end just reveals that everything is part of a plan to make julie enter in the group of the beach, make them to trust her. The others didn't leave her behind after all, and she's not like Jack thinks "One of Us".
    But this episode leave us with so many questions, because in first place, if not single woman can get pregnant and survive, how is it that Dannielle was born on that island and her mother is still alive?
    And maybe the most disturbing thing (at least for me), What's going on with Jack. Can we trust him now? I mean, Julie told Jack about how she handcuffed kate and dragged her into the Jungle and lie to her about it. So, now Jack is lying too to everyone on the beach, but Why?
  • Just when you thought everything was going well...

    Spoilers abound....

    Incredible, incredible, in...cred...ib...le.

    I said in my review last week that I thought Lost would pick up where it left off. I truly thought last week's episode was awful, with flat flashbacks and no action. This week, having finally got to trusting Juliet...bam! Right up until the last flashback, I was duped into thinking this was a 'how everyone came round to trusting Juliet' episode.

    In classic Lost style, an episode which leaves us with more questions than answers. We know now that Mikhail wasn't lying when he said it was the communication station, it was interesting to see it in use.

    Am I the only one who still thinks that deep down the Others are actually in some way working for the greater good? They need to use the island to stop their workers being distracted by their home lives as they strive to find medical cures, etc.

    Saying that no babies were born on the island must be a lie. Ben and Alex were both born on the island. Even though I thought this immediately, it still didn't occur to me that Claire's illness could've been triggered by the Others.

    What's Juliet planning? I for one can't wait to find out.

    All in all, a perfectly plotted and well scripted episode.
  • The celebration of Jack's return is cut short when he arrives at the beach with an Other, Juliet, whose flashbacks pick up from where they left off, showing us how she got onto the island and became an Other.

    Awesome!!! One of the best of the whole season so far!!!!!! Juilet centric episodes are the best!!! We get to see more of the others. OMG!! Juilet slept with Godwin and everyone was saying how she slept with Ethan but she didn't!! Everyone was saying how Claire was the only pregnant woman to survive on the island but they said how they forgot about Danielle well, Danielle has been on the island for 16 years and Juilet only 3 so then Juilet wouldn't know about that. I think its part of Jack's plan to because I think Juilet said when they were walking back to the beach that she hand cuffed Kate and dragged her into the jungle and lied about it well didn't she say that to Jack? So they both must have a plan and lying about it.
  • In this episode Juliet's life before and after she comes to the island is revealed. Also, we see flashbacks of what happened to her sister, and we learn another intriguibng fact about the island.

    Wow one of the best episodes i've seen of lost for some time since "The man from Talahesse" (don't know if i spelled that right) We get to see a bit more of Juliet's story which until this point was very vague. Great episode.
    This kind of makes you wonder if "The Others" really left. I think they are hiding in the island somewhere. anyways this is one of the best episodes of the third season. No doubt about it.

    What is it with Juliet episodes that make them so good? But seriously, can they get any better than this? I'm assuming this is the last one we're gonna get this season. I hope she makes it through for next season. What is she planning? Why is she planning on betraying Jack? Who ever gave her the right to do something like that? And to think that Jack is really protecting her. There aren't going to be happy campers on the island now. What did Ben mean when he said he'll be back for her in a week. What is he planning on doing to get her back? What is he plotting with Locke? I wanna know.

    I've written a complete review on my site if you wanna check it out: http://www.thetvwatcher.com/lost3_16.html

  • WOW! Is Juliet double crossing the Survivors? Or is She Double Crossing Ben? This is getting interesting!

    Wow, what an amazing episode. One of the best in a very very long time. We learn that Juliet was kind of forced to come to the island, and for that we all feel bad for her. I personally dont know if we can trust her or not because in the end we see her and Ben making that plan, but i cant help but think that she has some good in her, and she may be double crossing Ben. This episode is definitly bringing the old feeling of Lost back. I always preferred episodes that were set on the beach.
  • Patience pays off! This episode is one of the ones that answers those pressing questions about what's going on.

    Juliet returns to the survivors' camp with Jack, Kate and Sayid. Sayid and Sawyer try to get answers out of Juliet, but Jack tells them she's under his protection. When Claire falls ill as a result of the injection she was given by the others in the last season, Juliet "proves" herself by retrieving the medicine left by Ethan at the caves. It becomes clear through flashbacks that Ben and Juliet had the whole thing planned.
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaah

    Aaaaaaaaaaaah kinda sums up what I think about this episode. It was soooo great!
    Just when I started trusting Juliet, the final flashback reveals that she's still one of them and nothing but reliable. I'm so super excited right now. We found out a little more about what the others do on the island, but there's still so much to tell.
    I understand how Jack can fall for her, she knows how to play people. And now I really wanna find out what she's trying to do there.
    All the rumours about the season finale are making me so curious - it says that it's gonna be the hugest deal ever!! I'm so excited!
  • It just keeps getting better!

    Classic episode. It all looks good for Lost at the moment, ive loved the whole series, hey ive loved every bit of it since episode 1, but this series is going from strength to strength. Didnt see the Juliet twist coming at the end! What kind of things has she got to do for the others within the next week? My guess is Sun and Charlie will be top her list? But id guess while shes there she could find out all kinds of stuff (doing her research), from characters like Rose and her cancer (where is she by the way?), Desmond and his abilties, Suns pregnancy, Charlie killing Ethan. Thats my guess as to what she will be up to, but this show continues to twist and turn its way into the hall of fame of legendary tv! Questions
    Where is Jacob if he has the power to take Juliets sisters cancer away?
    What are the others doing with Locke?
    make sure to watch the previews for next week, boy its looks good. :)
  • this is the most brilliant show, thats why we all love lost

    this episode just made me love lost more than i already do.
    we got the emotional comeback when jack and the other came to the beach, it felt like it was back to season one.

    we also found out that juliett is kept on the isalnd as a "prisoner", and i think she will do anything just to come back to her sister.

    and the ending just blew my mind,i just said uot loud WTF! i still think juliett is playing a mind game with ben.

    Best regareds to the lost producers who made such a great episode ! ! ! ! !

    Did I ever see this coming. No! Not after the whole episode of Juliet's innocent side. Oh my gosh. How amazing can this show get?? That was a turn that I didn't expect it to go. Why is she on the other's side?? Jack trusts her! How can she betray him and everyone else on the island? I don't understand. She is a genuinly nice person, so something must be up. Maybe she'll turn back to Jack's side. Oh jeez! I don't know how to respond to this amazing episode! WOW!
  • Jack, Juliet, Kate ja Sayid jõuavad tagasi laagrisse ja Claire jääb äkki haigeks ning Juliet on ainus kes saab teda päästa. Osas on palju Julieti flash-back'ke! Saab palju asju teada...

    Iseenesest huvitav osa. See on selline osa, mis ehitab pinget edasisteks osadeks. Jääb üle ainult oodata ja vaadata mis saab. Ole sihteliselt kindel, et Julietist saab üks elanikest ja ta reedab Teised. Praegu ta veel töötab nende heaks, kuid hetkel on teadmata, mis on tema ülesanne seal rannal ellujääjate seas elades. Tundus väga lühike osa, sest oli palju flash-back'ke, ja jällegi saarel eriti palju ei toimunud. Vahel võiks olla üks osa selline kus pole üldse flash-back'ke, vaid hoopis ainult saare action. Võiks vahel ka nii olla, et ellujääjad saavad midagi teada, ja teevad Teistele tünga. Nii on natuke igav, kui see Ben koguaeg kõike kontrollib ja hullult müstiline teema. Nad võiks kuidagi saada kätte nende Teiste tomikud või midagi. Näiteks Juliet võiks rääkida. Natuke imelik on see, et Sayidi nad ei usu. Ma küll usuksin Sayidi ja laseksin tal Julieti käesti info välja pigistada, kuid Jack ei lase, sest selge see, et see mees ei mõtle enam oma peaga. Ma pole enam ammu kuulnud neid Losti kuulasid action trumme, sest actionit pole. Kate ja Sawyer kohe varsti teevad jälle arvatavasti ning Jacki saab ja Julieti käest, see on ka põhjus miks Juliet arvatavasti heade poolele üle tuleb. See oli lahe, et korra oli näha välismaailma uudised lennuõnnetusest, kui Ben näitas talle, et tema õde on elus ja terve. Seda võiks rohkem. Ja mis sai sellest, millega eelmine hooaeg lõppes. Teatavasti eelmine hooaeg lõppes sellega, et mingid mehed peale seda magnetplahvatust helistasid Desmondi naisele ja ütlesid, et me leidsime midagi. Ootaks nüüd sellele lahendust. Või on kirjutajad selle juba ära unustanud. See oli küll imelik, et Juliet uskus Beni kui see talle ütles, et ta õel on vähk tagasi, sest arvan, et vähki polnudki tal. Ja dokumente on lihtne võltsida. Nüüd sai muidu natuke selgemaks küll, sest saab teada, miks Juliet on seal saarel, miks Claire rööviti, ja on arvata, et Sun jääb varsti haigeks. Küsimus on selles, kuhu Locke ja Teised läksid? See, et naised sellel saarel lapsi ei saa on ka põhjus miks rööviti lapsed kõige pealt ellujääjate juurest ära. Ja Claire sees on mingi kiip, mis tema ka haigeks tegi, et Juliet saaks olla kangelane ja tema ära päästa. Arvan, et Jack saab varsti aru mis Julietiga on ja räägib sellest temale. Muidu oli lahe osa, lõpp oli kihvt, kus näitas täpselt, miks Kate ja Julia džunglis olid jne. 10 punkti:D
  • One of the top three episodes of the season along with The Man from Tallahassee and Not in Portland.

    Elizabeth Mitchell deserves any award anyone wants to give her for her acting in this episode. The writing was great, the answers were satisfying, and the new questions raised were intriguing. The acting between Emerson and Mitchell, especially in the kitchen scene where she begs to go home, was master-class. Just an all-around amazing episode- exactly why I watch this show.
  • Wow...finally some questions are answered

    I have to say I wasn't much from this episode, but wow...has to be in the 10 ten episodes from Lost, if not Top 5. We finally learned why the kidnapped Claire, and the fact that if didn't go according to plan. We also learn why the others know everything about the 815 survivors. We also get to see the genius that is Benjamin Linus. And finally we find out the Juliet isn't what she seems, I can't wait to see what plan she has hiding up her sleeve, which is why I love Lost, nothing beats turning off the TV and just asking wtf just happened.
  • Wow.

    So Juliet is a spy for the others... This was a fantastic episode not only do we get to learn more about how Juliet got on the island. but we also learn more about what the others are actually doing. I was shocked when i found out that no women can give birth on the island, does this mean Sun will die? Is Claire going to be ok? Jack is falling fast for Juliet and although she is pretending that she is falling for him i doing think she really likes him. Her loyalties are with Ben. I liked how we saw contact with the outside world for the first time... I hope that Juliet becomes a main charactor she is great, but i cannot believe she is working still with the others after what they have done to her. I am so hooked on Lost. I hope next week is as good. We are slowly learning more about Lost. This episode was really well written and intresting, we are nearing the end of season 3 and i hope more questions are answered. PS. This is my 100th episode review!
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