Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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    I have to say that this was quite an episode. It answered many questions with what the Others are actually doing on the island. I guess what Ben said at the end of last season was true, "We're the good guys." They are actually helping people. Kidnapping them, but helping people nonetheless. I actually felt bad for Juliet, being held against her will & all that. To what extent is unknown, especially after the end scene.

    As far as the whole revelation of her & Ben's plans are for the Losties (or whatever the fan term for them are) remains a mystery. It can't be good whatever it is. I have a feeling its only going to get much MUCH worse before it gets better. And the recent Lost Magazine doesn't help much as the producers drop hints as to what's coming up & yes, it is going to be huge & its going to be very VERY bad for the castaways.

    7 days is too long between episodes. I think it should be a daily thing.
  • Overall, this episode was one of the best of the season, delivering some answers to long-standing questions and setting the stage for a massive season finale.

    As anticipated, this episode is full of revelations and confirmations, something that typically marks the beginning of the resolution phase of a season arc. The introductory phase of the season ended with a Juliet flashback, Jack’s migration to the main island with the Others, and the return of Kate and Sawyer. This transition is a nice callback to that earlier moment in the season, as more information is revealed about Juliet and her motivations.

    Some consider Juliet to be a “Mary Sue” character, but that is not entirely accurate. Instead, Juliet serves a very specific purpose. The audience gets to see the inner workings of the Others, from recruitment to “present day”, from the perspective of someone who has gone through that ordeal. It’s an example of “show, don’t tell”, and it works tremendously well. Juliet’s particular mindset is a product of being in a kind of survival mode; to get out of the trap, she must become the very thing she hates the most.

    Juliet’s flashbacks are essentially her reflections, the path that has led her to yet another bargain with the devil in the hopes of escape. She must realize, on some level, that Ben is contriving to keep her on the island forever, especially given the reproductive problems among the Others. Having been ostracized by the Others themselves, she must have concluded that the JackLocke tribe doesn’t have the information necessary to escape the island. Juliet’s only option, to achieve her goal, is further cooperation with Ben.

    That doesn’t preclude the possibility that Juliet is playing both sides in the hopes of finding a way out on her own. As she says to Jack, she’s always been on her own. It’s more a question of enlightened self-interest. Juliet all but told Jack that she was chosen as his handler because of her general resemblance to his former wife. She explained that it was a psychological tactic to undermine his defenses and gain his trust on a subconscious level. That being the case, it’s not at all surprising for her to continue using that methodology to her own ends.

    This does not make Juliet evil, but rather, a complex character with complex motivations. She’s no longer one of the Others, and cannot be one of the JackLocke tribe, not if she wants to succeed in her goal to leave the island. As such, her motivations cannot align with one side or the other. Expecting her to adhere to a concept of allegiance is an oversimplification of the dynamic on the island. (And it is something that pertains, quite directly, to Desmond as well.)

    In exploring the evolution of her choices, Juliet reveals some interesting information, especially taken in context with her explanation for Claire’s illness. As usual, it’s hard to know what is truth and what is fabrication, but the lines are relatively easy to draw in this case. Juliet may have been foolish to take the plunge into the world of the Others, but there was a great deal of deception involved. Clearly, whoever the Others are, they have powerful friends (led, perhaps, by the mysterious “Jacob”, who could have taken control of former Dharma assets).

    As long suspected by many fans, the interest in Claire and the children is tied to a peculiar by-product of the island itself: the inability to reproduce. The description of the problem suggests that the fetus is treated as a parasite by whatever agency (biological, electromagnetic, etc.) that prevents and heals biological damage. Any attempt to reproduce results in the death of the child, and quite often, the mother.

    The days leading up to Oceanic 815 are quite revealing. For one, it appears that one suspicion is now debunked: the passengers of the flight were not chosen over a long period of time, despite evidence to the contrary. It is possible, however, that Ben saw an opportunity and had the resources (through “Jacob”, most likely) to ensure that the crash took place. Rather than happening over the course of weeks or months, it would simply have happened over the course of 24 hours, after Ben discovered he had cancer.

    Ben might have seen two opportunities. First, to bring a spinal surgeon to the island to save his life, since the medical personnel on the island were devoted largely to reproductive research. Second, to bring a woman already pregnant to the island to give Juliet something she didn’t have: a fresh direction for her research. This would serve to save his life and keep Juliet in line.

    This line of speculation has the benefit of fitting Ben’s dialogue rather well. It also explains why Oceanic 815 was so far off course and seemed to break apart in just the right way to allow passengers to survive. It also fits into the suspicion that Kelvin was assigned to manipulate Desmond into letting the countdown lapse at just the right time to bring down the plane. Just in terms of what has been said by the writers and producers, this explains why Aaron and Claire are, as they say, key to the mythology of the series.

    If this speculation holds water, then Ethan and Goodwin would have been chosen by Ben to ensure that someone with medical experience was on hand to find Claire and determine if Jack had survived. Children would have been rounded up, and Claire would have been experimented upon to determine whether or not the island’s effects were beginning to show. The writers tie these experiments into the events of “Raised by Another” and place the revelations of “Maternity Leave” in context.

    This opens the door to other questions, of course. Was the serum in the vials (seen in “Man of Science, Man of Faith” and “Maternity Leave”) always a placebo, or does it actually serve a purpose? How much did Ethan actually do to Claire? It’s a reasonable assumption that Juliet was lying when she said Ethan kidnapped Claire on his own, but were the Others going to kill Claire, as seemed to be the case in “Maternity Leave”? Or were they anticipating that she would die like so many potential mothers before her?

    Whatever the case, Ben has designs on the JackLocke tribe, and it’s doubtful that it will go well for the survivors of Oceanic 815. Jack has already served his purpose, Juliet may or may not have a solid deal in place, and beyond Aaron, the rest were considered to be extraneous. It’s possible that they would take Sun if she were discovered to have conceived after coming to the island (this is now a very important question), but the rest can be taken out without remorse, from the Others’ point of view.

    Beyond Juliet’s scheme and her manipulation of Jack and the rest of the tribe, there are some important character moments. Sawyer and Sayid finally get to work together again, and it is a joy to behold. Sawyer was very comfortable in the new leadership role, and it should be interesting to see if he’s willing to exert authority now that Jack has returned. In fact, Sawyer and Sayid would be the least likely allies when it comes to approaching Jack with concerns, which would throw weight behind those concerns. Needless to say, Juliet’s goal would be to undercut those efforts.

    With Claire out of commission for much of the episode, Charlie takes a lot of responsibility without getting much resistance. This implies that Claire has followed through on her reevaluation of Charlie after “Par Avion”, and that the rest of the tribe has respected that decision. With the situation gathering towards something deadly, and Aaron being a likely target when the Others come calling, the stage is set for a heroic sacrifice.

    This episode begins the process of pulling the pieces together, something that has been requested for a very long time. A number of questions are answered in this episode, and as things currently stand, more should be forthcoming as the season draws to a close. Just in terms of how well the story comes together, both internally and within the framework of the series as a whole, this is a solid effort and easily one of the best of the season.
  • an amazing back story that reveals huge secrets concerning the past 3 months on the island, and the involvement of the others with claire and her baby. the truth is learnt about juliettes intentions with the camp, and her past concerning her research

    during this episode juliettes past is learnt, her research at dharma is discussed, and how she made her way onto the island is known. this great back story reveals many answers and we learn of her sisters cancerous past and induced successful pregnancy.
    other aspects of this episode include learning the truth about claires baby, and the others (ethan's)involvement with her pregnancy. we also learn that juliette and ben conspire together so that juliette can be taken to the beach camp with the leading help of jack. finally lost is back at its best, tying up loose ends yet throwing just as many questions.
  • This episode was absolutely perfect!!!

    We picked up right where we left off in "Not In Portland". We took a look into Juliet's past and saw how she arrived on the island. The whole episode makes you feel sorry for Juliet. Throughout the episode you start trusting her more and more. But then at the end there's a huge shocker. It turns out that she and Ben had planned every last detail of what at happened. Right down to Claire's sickness. At that point you're just absolutely stunned. Then comes the creepy part when Ben says, "I'll see you in a week". Elizabeth Mitchell better get some kind of award for this episode! Her acting was fantastic! It was also nice to see Sawyer being nice. And the big reunion was great. I'm very curious to see what's going to happen next! Anyway, this episode was beyond perfect! I wish I could rate higher than 10.
  • One of my favorite episodes this season.

    Well Lost has done it again. They gave us yet another PERFECT episode. This might just be the best episode this season. Juliet is one of the best characters in the series and is definitely the best of the others. I was looking forward to the next Juliet flashback and not only was I not disappointed, I got a better flashback than I expected, my second favorite flashback in the entire SERIES! I can't wait for the upcoming episodes, and I'm very eager to see what will happen with Juliet now that she is in the Losties camp and is seemingly working against them with Ben. SO EXCITED!!! Definitely not a disappointed fan!
  • Juliet,Kate,Jack and Sayid returned to the beach. There,the losties do not accept Juliet until she cures Claire who was sick.

    Juliet's flashback shows us how she came to the island and how she spended those 3 years there. We see her arriving to the island with the submarine,but before that they gave her a drink to sleep so she could't see the location of the island. The flashback reveals that Ben didn't let Juliet to leave the island in the first 3 months as they had promised to her, but they let her see her sister and her baby from a tv in Michael's hut. Ben could communicate with the outside world.
    At the beach Claire started feeling sick and Juliet offered to help her because she undertood what was her illness and also she knew the place where Ethan had hidden some medicines when he was at the beach with them the first days. Also Juliet explained to them that Ethan was the one who kidnapped Claire and that this was not a part of their plan. She said that they took Claire to help her, because on the island no pregnant woman survives after the birth of her baby. As a result Juliet goes and find the medicines and she cures Claire.
    The shocking moment is the last part of Juliet's flashback when we learn that Ben and Juliet had a plan, and that Juliet was left behind on purpose!
    It is for sure the best episode of season 3 so far,and this episode has one of the best flashbacks ever! I can't wait for the next episode!
  • And we finally learn the truth about why Ethan kidnapped Claire!

    That's why I love this show. We might have to wait years to learn the answers to things we don't even consider mysteries anymore. And an episode that seems mearly good becomes fantastic when the surprise ending happens! "See you in a week" probably means not until the season finale for us viewing at home. I love the way this episode, like the recent episode Expose (my personal all time favorite) include flashbacks of what's happened on the island. Sometimes I really enjoy those more then flashbacks of before the crash. This season is shaping up to possibly be better then the first if they keep bringing us this kind of quality.
  • Rarely in television does a person's favorite episode stay strong for more than a season, get bumped to number two, and then the new number one is bumped two episodes later. I love LOST. :D

    "One of Us": An amazing kickoff to the last few episodes before the finale. Pure genius. Even the most skeptical, hard to please LOST fan should not have given this episode any less than a 9.

    The entire episode, or at least after the whole scene with Juliet getting the "meds," I was sure that Juliet was really left behind by her people and that she was telling the truth. I was wrong.

    Biggest question out of this episode. What the heck are the masks for? Everyone last week was wondering why every Other was wearing a mask instead of just the people throwing the gas cans. This episode showed that there's more than meets the eye to those awesome and stylish gas masks with super cool orange shades. Sure, one could say that Ben gave it to her so she could go sit in her house, have someone throw a can in there, and then the mask would filter the gas so she wouldn't pass out, but I doubt it. Why go through the trouble? I'm telling you, those masks are gonna play a big part very soon.


    Going in to the episode, I thought this was going to be the only part of it with a real story. Even though I was wrong, the flashbacks still provided the biggest reveals. I loved how they were kicked off too--Sayid asking, "who are you?" Anyway, the first flashbacks shows Juliet and her sister pull up to a HUGE building (that totally looks like a secret government agency would work there) and then have a very touching scene about whether or not Juliet should actually go. Boom! Ethan and Alpert appear out of nowhere and they take Juliet, alone, to the Herarat Aviation airport. Alpert flat out tells Juliet that he put a whole bunch of tranquilizer into her drink and that, if she wants to go, she needs to drink it. At this point, I was severely creeped out. Why did they need her to drink it? I mean, is there something that she can't see on the plane on the way to the island or is it something more mysterious? Anyway, she wakes up strapped to a bed in the submarine and Ethan comes over and unstraps her and says it was so she wouldn't bump her head or anything. Yeah, whatever. Juliet then steps out of probably the coolest looking sub I have ever seen and you can tell that she was definitely not expecting to be on an island. Ben, in all his creepiness, walks up, introduces himself, and they walk away together. The next flashback appears to be much later after her arrival on the island and we see someone die on the operating table in The Staff. Goodwin and Ethan are there and you can tell that, by the way he talks to Juliet, they are serious lovers. Juliet is then seen sitting on the rocks by the ocean. Ben walks up and he comforts her about the woman who died. I can't remember but I think it was at this point that we learn that the pregnant women are all dying on the island. Why are they dying? I have no idea and neither does Juliet. Juliet tells Ben that she can't do any more work on the island because it's not going to help anything and Ben tells her that if she chooses to stay he will cure Rachel's cancer, which has returned. The next flashback, after showing that Juliet and Goodwin were having a relationship, shows when Juliet found out that Ben was dying. Apparently, Karl has some sort of medical training because she says that he prepared the X-Rays. The fact that Ben has cancer is extremely shocking to Juliet because she was previously told by Ben that he can cure cancer by bringing people to the island. What follows is a very emotional argument between the two in which Juliet accuses Ben of lying to her about Rachel. Amazing acting. After a very cool "crash from the Other's perspective" recap, Ben and Juliet travel to the Flame because Ben wants to show her, in a live feed, that Rachel is still alive and that she has had the baby. I guess he wasn't lying. It is a very emotional thing to see for Juliet because she is so overcome with happiness but it is a bittersweet happiness because she still cannot be with her sister. However, the most important part of the scene was that there are news broadcasts showing that the rest of the world knows about the plane crash and they are/were searching for the survivors. I'm glad we finally got confirmation. Finally, the last and most important flashback reveals that Juliet was never gassed and that her "loyalty" still lies with the Others. (She is probably being forced to do it though). Therefore, she has now infiltrated the survivors camp, gained there trust through a perfect con, and now only time will tell what her plan is. I can honestly say that I did not see that coming. Totally cool. One of us is one of them.

    On-Island "Real Time":

    Awesome. Jack, Kate, Sayid, and Juliet return to the camp only to have everything ruined by the fact that no one trusts Juliet (they were right. Sorry, Jack.) I loved the scene with Hurley walking up to her and admitting that he was there to keep an eye on her while the other LOSTies discussed whether or not to allow her to stay. I thought that was pretty funny. The main part of the Real Time scenes was Claire suddenly falling ill. Juliet admits to Jack and Kate that she knows why Claire is sick because she caused it (even though she is lying) and tells them, through a very cool monologue which answered a lot of questions, that she needs to go to Ethan's hiding spot to get the medicine that will cure Claire. They allow her, but, when she gets there, it turns out that Sawyer and Sayid had been following her and they aren't happy. They are certain she is lying about everything and threaten to torture her unless she gives them some answers. But Juliet is a bada*** and totally sticks up for herself by bringing up things they have done in their lives and, therefore, they have no right to be the island's "moral police." They got told. Anyway, the medicine, which was probably just water or something, "cures" Claire. Jack later goes to Juliet and tells her that the other people will allow Juliet to stay with them and that she can use a small lean-to they have set up. Oh yeah, except for the fact that Juliet is still in cahoots with the Others, wasn't left behind, wasn't gassed, and has now infiltrated the camp, gained the trust of the survivors, and is now probably going to do something naughty. Uh oh. Great episode.

    Things I Noticed/Easter Eggs:

    -The mark on the tree near Ethan's drop point looked remarkably similar to the brand that Juliet has
    -Rachel wasn't able to conceive because of the chemotherapy
    -Jack says Juliet is under his protection, but he isn't doing a very good job at that (Sawyer and Sayid?)
    -Ben wasn't in the book club because Juliet didn't invite him
    -There is a symbol from the Dharma logo on the sub and on some guys shirt who is in the sub. It's the lowest of the 8 symbols on the logo.
    -The rest of the world knows that Oceanic flight 815 is missing and they are/were searching for it. (That destroyed a lot of theories)
    -Juliet is a Jacob-fearing person. Look at her face when Ben brings up whether or not she has faith in Jacob
    -Herarat Aviation (Anagrams!!!)
    -Aaron thinks Charlie is his father. Grabs his finger and stops crying whenever he's around
    -Kate *heart* Sawyer... again
    -Juliet is probably glad Ana is dead.
    -Sawyer's back on his mean streak (Yes!)
    -Ben is not healing fast enough for the same reason he got a tumor. What that is, I don't know.
    -Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson are amazing actors

    Best Lines:

    -The entire scene with Juliet sticking up for herself when Sayid and Sawyer come to interrogate her.
    -Ben: Mikhail, this is Ben... He never has his walkie on.
    -Ben: Mikhail, we're walking up! Don't shoot us!
    -There are so many more. The writing was phenomenal in this episode. I'll have to put some in here when I submit quotations tomorrow.

    Next Week On LOST:

    Desmond! Desmond! Desmond! Future seeing!! DESMOND! Catch-22, the title of the episode, is also a hilariously amazing book. It's Joseph Heller's masterpiece. (Yossarian is the greatest name ever)

    *Somewhat spoilerish if you haven't seen the preview*

    Anyone see Bernard's SOS sign!? If someone saw that and it is going to play a part, then that is the coolest thing ever. I would love to see Bernard stick it to everyone about how right he was.
  • Simply amazing episode, for the story and the characters.

    This episode gave us much info on the island, and some of the story behind it. We finally know there's a solid connection between the island and the outside world. Some one has vested interest in the island, whether they're Dharma or not. And, assuming Juliet wasn't completely lying, we have an idea of what was going on on the island. How much of it is lie or truth we have yet to see.
    It was nice to see everyone back at camp again. The handshake between Jack and Sawyer was nice, but their little hug was even better. Though I admit, I'm starting to doubt Jack. I wonder what really happened to him during his stay at Camp Other. Did he tell the truth to Kate, or was there something more? He doesn't know what Juliet is up to, but that doesn't mean he isn't up to something himself.
    One of the best for the season for me. Definitely making me want the next episode. NOW if possible.....
  • One of the best of the season.

    This episode gave us a boat load of info that some of the answers didn't need to be questioned. Since the few times Lost gives us answers, it comes with a bunch more questions tied to them. Also I already knew that Juliet was still working for the Others since the last episode, but it still suprised me that she did it after watching her flashbacks. It's probably part of the deal Ben made to her. However I think Juliet might still turn on Ben at the last moment seeing that Jack likes her and she wouldn't want to break his heart. It would be intresting to watch what she does next.
  • Uh oh! Here we go again! Danger in the camp! WooHooo!! What the Heck is she supposed to do within 1 week?! hmmm. I have a good guess. lol Obvious and Predictable my A**!!

    This was a great episode. Full of advances in the storyline. Also, I never really realized how HOT Juliet is. Daaaaamn! lol I must say-these OTHERS(or at least Ben), are some devious, sneaky, smart SOB's. I wouldn't trust ANY of them. Especially after all they have done. Jack is being really NAIVE for his character. I have to say this though, All of you who say this episode was obvious or predictable, you are all full of it in my opinion. I mean, why the hell would you suspect that the others sent someone back to our beloved characters' camp to hide medical supplies? I guess you all are psychic. Also why would you suspect that the others planted something into Claire when she was captured? She showed NO symptoms up til this episode. I guess you all are psychic. And why would you suspect that Juliet was told that her sister's cancer had returned and she was promised that her sister would be cured if she stayed and that this is the reason why she's still on the island or at least why she is still helping the others(they probably wouldn't have willingly let her leave in any case)-but this does NOT excuse her in my opinion. We barely knew much about her background. hmmm. I guess you all are just psychic. Give me a break! This episode, while not having much ACTION-which is not required for a good episode in my opinion-was top quality writing and direction. It was damn informative and damn interesting from start to finish. That is what I and anyone who likes their shows to be more than just ONE dimensional looks for in a good show. Top notch episode.
  • Classic Lost 'bait and switch'

    This episode was classic lost. First, who are the 'others'? Are they there to save lives? Are they just there to run experiments/research? What is there agenda? We didn't get this answer but the question was definately raised. Speaking of answers... this was an answers episode (well Lost's version of answers). Juliet arrived via the sub after drinking the juice. Why? Why was she so willing to buy into the company? Why are all mothers destined to die on the island? If Claire was the control (statistis 101 people) how did Danielle deliver to term 16 years ago? It is classic Lost to give us answers with 10 more questions attached an I love it!

    Juliet was on the mark when she questioned Sawyer and Sayid's moral authority to govern the losties but their conerns were well formulated. She is there to infultrate the camp on Ben's behest. What will happen in one week? I don't know entirely but I know I cannot wait. This was a spectacular Lost episode. Bring on Desmond's episode. Bring on Jin/Sun's how is pregnancy going to affact them episode. Bring on the Dharma-centric, Locke's dad centric, Charlie-centric and Ben finale. I don't care if we get more questions just keep it coming.
  • The standard of Season 3 is raised once again with an episode that has better flashbacks than island action.

    Ever since "Not in Portland", Juliet's first flashback episode, the standard of Lost in Season 3 has risen, with the exception of "Stranger in a Strange Land". "One of Us" is yet another classic addition to Season 3 which has had its ups and downs.
    It is perhaps my second favourite episode of the season after "The Man from Tallahassee". Aside from the more consistent high quality "One of Us" also is an episode which continues the recent consistency of providing answers to many of the island's mysteries. Since "Enter 77", in fact Season 3 has been rather generous with its exposition, giving us insights into The Others, The Purge, the effect of the Electromagnetic anomaly, communications on the island and its healing powers. But one of the most pivotal outstanding mystery is what The Others are doing on the island, and why they are abducting Childrenand/or their mothers. Since Season 1 we had also been exploring Claire's abduction by the Others and, despite getting a rather detailed flashback on what happened to her after Ethan kidnapped her, neglected to offer us an answer as to WHY? Until now!
    Juliet is the central character of this episode and her performance here oncly confirms that Elizabeth Mitchell is one of the best acting additons to Lost, next to Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn.
    In 42 minutes Mitchell displays a multitude of varying emotions from being the rather placid and fragile pre-island doctor to the head-strong, manipulative and brave Island doctor she is now. Her change of character, however, hasn't happened overnight since she first stepped foot on the island. There are still moments when she breaks down and even now she wishes to get off the island, depsite her apparent comfort in fitting in with her surroundings.
    This is what makes Juliet such a complex character and audiences not know whether to trust her. The ending revelation may reveal Juliet to be the mole in the Losties camp and is working with Ben to some goal involving the women and their pregnancies, there may still remain some doubt on how far Juliet will execute her plan and if she really wants that plan to be executed. When Jack tells Juliet by the shore that he realized that she wants to leave the island as much as he and the losties do he remarks that that makes her "one of us". Something in her face in response to this makes us think that she understands that Jack is right.
    Generally with each episode my initial reaction is that the island action is always better than the flashbacks. Occassionally, as is the case with John Locke, the flashbacks are equally as good, but it is very rare that an episode's flashback is better than the island events, which is the case here.
    What makes it great is that most of it is on-island, something which is much more interesting and necessary than watching our beloved characters before the crash. At this stage of the game island flashbacks are another way to begin tying up some loose ends to the dense mythology. And loose ends are certainly tied up here, giving us the most clear picture of what the hell is going on than we've ever had before. With all the infomation supplied recently theorists are now starting to try to piece things together.
    The performances between Michael Emerson and Elizabeth Mitchell make the flashbacks work so well. The kitchen scene, in particular, is immensely powerful. It was also nice to see the plane crash again with a better sense of what it meant to the Otherswhen it happened. Mikhail's appearance was also nice, as was the reappearance of the Flame Station. The moment when Juliet cries at the sight of her sister and child certainly turned on my waterworks. The flashbacks were so informative, exciting and powerful that it seemed a shame to leave them each time to return to the present situations. Luckily the events here aren't boring and are just as powerful. That final moment when Juliet gives Jack that sweet smile sent shivers down my spine, particularly following the chilling revelation. "One of Us" was powerful and fast-paced in its momentum, despite not having much action. It is the performances from our stars which are the main attraction here and help make this one of the highlights of the season so far!
  • JULIET. That's all I have to say. And that she is the bomb. Ben and your duplicitous (or quasi-duplicitous) lies! Or are they the truth? And is Rachel really still alive? And is her SON alive?

    Does anyone remember that Mittelos Bioscience website hoax? The one with the fake video from Rachel? How in the world did they smuggle that info before it aired? Like WEEKS before it aired? Ok, back on topic now. This episode was brilliance condensed into 42 minutes of video. My 2nd place position for favorite character has just shifted from Kate to Juliet. Who would of thought that she and Goodwin got it going on? Never woulda imagined. How nice. Everyone just got to know her, and I go "YES See, Juliet is good after all"... then goes Ben and his little "See you in a week" malicious plot twist. Not to mention the recycling of the song "Bon Voyage, Traitor" in that scene from the Season 2 soundtrack (Don't blame me, I've heard it 60 times)... come to think of it, the title fits. Ok. So they planted something in Claire. So does stuff REALLY happen to pregnant people? Is it a hoax? Was it just so Juliet could look like a hero? What happens to Sun? (I write this 3 weeks after viewing it so... yeah.) Yikes! There's going to be a lot of explaining Ben and Juliet have to do the next couple weeks... I can't believe the season is coming to a close already! Well, until 317 Catch-22...
  • Kate, Jack, Juliet, Charlie, Claire, Hurley, Sawyer, Sayid, Ben,

    In this episode we learn more about what happend after the plain crashed. We get new information about "the others'" plans for the survivers of the plain crash, how Juliet got on the Island and how they learned about the survivors past. Jack seems to be convinced that Juliet is honest and through the episode that judgement seems to be correct, until the thrilling reveal in the end. Kate and Sayid on the other hand don't believe she's telling the truth. And Juliet recieves a cold welcome as they arrive on the beach. Claire gets sick. Juliet tells Jack that she knows how to cure Claire and explains why she's sick. When Juliet is in the jungle, digging up the case which contains the medication Claire needs to survive, Sawyer and Sayid shows up. They demand that Juliet tells them the whole story about "the others" and everything that's going on on the Island. Juliet strikes back by pointing out Sayid's and Sawyer's own mistakes in the past and they let her go. The medication brought to Jack by Juliet, does help Claire and she wakes up toward the end, all well again. This makes Jack even more sure that Juliet is telling the truth and he gives her what she needs to set up camp on the beach. It's in this moment we are taken back to the minutes before "the Others" leave their camp, in a scene where Ben is taking Juliet through the coverstory...

    It's a really great episode and I can't wait to see what happens next!
  • Wow...finally some questions are answered

    I have to say I wasn't much from this episode, but wow...has to be in the 10 ten episodes from Lost, if not Top 5. We finally learned why the kidnapped Claire, and the fact that if didn't go according to plan. We also learn why the others know everything about the 815 survivors. We also get to see the genius that is Benjamin Linus. And finally we find out the Juliet isn't what she seems, I can't wait to see what plan she has hiding up her sleeve, which is why I love Lost, nothing beats turning off the TV and just asking wtf just happened.
  • i cant rate higher than 10!!!!

    perfect...perfect in every way. its unbeleivable the ratings are down still. this episode was brilliant and exactly what i expected from season 3. brilliant flashbacks aswel, havent seen as good a flashback as that since flashes before your eyes. juliets character is really starting to confuse me now though, first she looks like she doesnt want to have anything to do with the others, now she looks like she is the next ethan. and after seeing how evil ben was to her and the way he wouldnt let her go home, why would she want to work with the others still. she may of made another deal...who knows...
  • When you just start to trust someoner...

    This episode has a great ending...

    Juliet had a hard job to be accepted in the Camp, the only problem was Sayid and Sawyer that don't trust them. Juliet's flahback make us believe that she, was really expulsed of the others camp. But by the end, it's revealed that everything was a Ben's plan to insert someone else in their camp.
  • Juliet Flashback

    We get another Juliet flashback that starts off the island and then is about her time on the island. We learn that all the other women who gave bith died which is why they wanted Juliet to come to the island in the first place. When jack, sayid, Kate, and Juliet get back to the beach everyone is of course does not trust Juliet. Hurley talks to her and she tells him about why they kidnapped Claire. At this point I am seeing the others in a new light thinking that maybe they are not all that bad untill the final minutes Which flashes back to just before they gas them.
  • Juliet leaves the mainland to start work. Leaving her pregnant cancer free sister behind. Leaving via submarine to the Island, under heavy sedation. Flashbacks begin to provide more then Juliet attempts to sells to the Plane Crash survivors. this was good

    Overall I was happy with this episode. I feel that we got to see a lot of the island in a short period of time. Things were explained as best as they could be given the circumstances. They set us all up at the end. I'm really happy to see the signature LOST twist and turns again. We revisited the barracks, the flame, the operating location wher claire was taken, the submarine, the others side of the island where the submarine was located, beach camp. We received a lot of interaction with a lot of characters. Sawyer and Sayid joined forces and Juliet proved once again how damn cunning she is. AHHHH till next week.
  • Just when you thought, maybe one of the Others was a nice person....wham.

    What can I say, I was starting to feel bad for Juliet when everyone was cold to her (I do understand why they were cold), but after her flashbacks, I understood that she had to stay on that island because of her sister. Maybe she liked Jack, understood that the 'beach' survivors were just like her, and maybe she could help them. I even didn't like Sawyer and Sayid chasing her down. But now, please let Sayid at her. Get all the info she has. My question now is, what does she want from the survivors, or really, who does she want?
  • Answers galore followed by a lot more questions. But im definitely not complaining.

    Awesome episode where answers are concerned. Though you probably cannot believe everything that came out of Juliet's mouth, you can definitely trust the flashbacks and man were those great flashbacks!

    I'm sure as soon as Claire started getting sick people predicted that Juliet's arrival was too coincidental and this was proved in the end. The interesting part was that Juliet was slightly reluctant to do the mission for Ben and that brings up the double agent theory again. Jack unfortunately has gone back to being the overly trusting and sappy guy from seasons 1 and 2. I liked him better as the person who was willing to kill Ben to take control of the situation. The Sayid-Sawyer two man team was hilarious and it was great that Juliet pointed out that the two people least likely to teach morality are coming to question her about her morals. I would still like to see some conflict on that front though and I will definitely accept Claire, Charlie, Hugo and Jack trusting Juliet but I definitely dont expect Sawyer, Sayid, Kate and more recently Sun to trust her. This episode has definitely thrown a lot of possible theories about the others for the viewers and is a definite must-watch for any lost fan.
  • It's about time!!!

    I've always considered myself a Lost purist. I wouldn't even watch the previews for the coming week's episode. I wanted to be surprised by every moment, on the edge of my seat, shaking my fist in anger at the hour's end because there wasn't just 15 minutes more!! Well, this season started to lose me... After the dreaded Paulo/Nicki episode, I stuck around for the promo for the next episode, waiting, hoping that there was some glimmer of the Lost that I loved. What did I get? A chick fight. A muddy chick fight at that. Is this what my beloved Lost was coming to? Was it reduced to such paltry gimmicks? When I actually tuned into the show, I got my answer... yes. Yes it has. Though last week's episode was "better" it still did not hold up to my high standards. But it did turn me off of the promo for this week. Good thing. All I can say about "One of Us" is "we're baaaaaaack!" Finally an episode I could sink my teeth into! I had been hating the namby pamby Juliet almost as much as I didn't care about Nicki and Paulo. Now I have a reason to watch her! I had the theory that the show was resetting itself at the beginning of the season - getting back on track. This episode proves that they're almost there. Unfortunately, they only have a few short weeks to bring all of us back to the table. Can they do it? I have faith - not John Locke kinda faith, but faith nonetheless.
  • This is what Lost should be all about...

    I must confess, Season 3 has been a roller-coaster ride from the beginning; I didn't know if I should like it or vomit. But after episodes like "Flashes.." and this one I'm putting my hands down and confess that I like it. A lot. Many reviewers didn't like the Nicki&Paulo episode while I enjoyed it and this one is just amazing. Reveals quite a lot of things while not adding any huge questions like has been the trend for season 1 and 2.

    Juliet is turning out to be a strong, very interesting and witty character. And finally maybe we'll have some real conflicts going on instead of the petty nagging.

    So I confess: I'm finally starting to like Lost, like I hoped I would three years ago, and maybe it won't let me down...
  • There's an Other on the beach, and her mission isn't peaceful

    One would hope that by getting another flashback on Juliet's life, we might finally get some damn answers as to what the hell the Others are up to. In 'One of Us', we get some answers as well as some from Juliet, but by the end of the episode we're so turned around, we're not sure what to believe--- not unlike the Lostaways and Juliet herself. But step by step.

    Following 'Not in Portland', Juliet joined Mittelos Bioscience even though she knew nothing about it. One wonders why such a careful person as Juliet would leave her pregnant sister, even for six months. But even though she came to the island voluntarily, it's not long before she wants to leave. She is a groundbreaking fertility specialist, and the people on the island have a big problem--- none of the Others can carry a child to term without dying. And despite all of her research, there was nothing that she could do to stop it. But when she tried to leave, Ben emotionally blackmailed her by telling her that her sister got cancer, and that 'Jacob' could cure her. Now that we know a bit more about Ben, there's a very good chance he was talking out of his ass, but it was enough to buy Juliet's acceptance. Then three years passed, and Ben developed a tumor on his spine--- which went again the idea that no one on this island got cancer. Juliet tried to use it as a way off the island, but Ben managed to show he'd cured her--- without even leaving the island. But he kept Juliet focused on the fertility issues, and he kept her on the island.

    Now it seems that the Others have cast her aside, but no one is as willing as Jack to just forgive or forget. Sayid starts the questioning early before the group makes it back to camp, demanding answer. Juliet looks him right in the eye, and says that if she told him everything, he would kill her. Her admission completely throws him. One can still imagine that he would press the matter if Jack wasn't in her corner.
    But the real trouble begins when they make it back to camp. The survivors have seemed rudderless since Jack was kidnapped, and now with the season nearly two-thirds over, they seem overjoyed--- until Juliet walks out behind Kate and Sayid. Now think about it. The man who has effectively been leading your neck of civilization for 84 days returns, bringing back someone that is part of the kidnapping, torturing, imprisoning, and killing Others--- and tells them she's not to be touch. Jack's leadership has always been very shaky, but it very quickly seems like there's going to be a mutiny. (Everyone's so astounded by this that no one thinks to ask what has happened to Locke, the man who went out looking for them, until hours later But then considering that he blew up their way off the island, he might be even less welcome than Juliet.) Everyone is very hostile. Even mellow Hurley--- who seems somewhat ashamed that he's been recruited for guard duty--- seems somewhat disquieted. He treats her nicely enough, but then finishes by mentioning that they killed Ethan and buried him away from the rest of the survivors. Heavy, for that guy.

    Then a new crisis emerges Claire comes down with a serious ailment, and seems to be near death. Juliet then spins a tale about what Ethan did to Claire when she was still pregnant--- which means some of what happened during Claire's flashback in 'Maternity Leave' was real. It doesn't explain why Alex was trying to save her, but maybe she was even less of an Other than Juliet. Juliet then leaves to get medical supplies, and again is corner--- this time by Sayid and Sawyer. She then manages to shame them by throwing the fact that they are ethically have the lowest morals pre-island, which seems to shame done, but still doesn't seem to justify what she and the Others might be doing. She saves Claire, and that's enough for her to win a grudging acceptance, but a lot of them are still suspicious.

    What's equally odd is how willing Jack seems to be to protect her, and doesn't even seem to want answers to the questions that everyone else is asking. He tells Juliet that the reason he trusts her is because when the sub exploded he saw how badly she wanted to get off the island, which is interesting, considering how a lot of the people on the beach seem less focused on leaving the island. The doubts about Jack are being planted as well, and we wonder if he's worthy of the trust that he's lost.

    And as we find out in the final flashback, they have every right to be. Juliet is working in concert with Ben yet again, though it's impossible to imagine why, less than 24 hours after she was supposed to leave the island, she would so willingly agree to fall back into line. This leads me to believe, again, that there's yet another way to get off the island, and somehow she might have been promised. It's a shocking twist, because up until now, we've kind of been on her side, and now we realize she's just as accomplished a liar as Ben is. (He'd be so proud--- if he didn't know that this was going to come back to bite him soon.)

    We do learn some interesting things as an added bonus. For one thing, Mikhail was involved with the Other, and the satellites did work, and he knew about the plane and everyone on it--- it also explains how he seemed to know so much about Sayid, Kate and Locke when they came to the Flame station.. Equally important we learn that the man with the jet black eyebrows who recruited Juliet's full name is Richard Alpert. That was the name of a cohort of Timothy Leary, who studied the effects of mind-altering drugs on human beings and was a follower of eastern philosophy and... dharma. (Anyone else get a chill?) He clearly has Ben's trust because he seems to operate between the island and the mainland, but considering how reluctant Ben is to let anyone else leave, is it possible that Richard knows far more about this island than he is willing to reveal? And we also learn that Juliet was having an affair with Goodwin, the man we saw Ana Lucia kill in Season 2. We won't understand the full ramifications of that until later.

    Despite everything Jack says, Juliet knows that she is alone. The reading of Jack's tattoo about walking among us, but not one of us could equally refer to Juliet, either with the Others or not. We still don't know what side she's chosen, but maybe she doesn't have one. Which makes her a real risk to both.
    My score:8.8
  • Juliet joins Kate, Sayid, and Jack as they return to the beach. Claire is stricken with an illness that Juliet is connected to.

    All i gotta say is wow I mean what a fantastic episode. I wouldn't say its amazing or the best episode kinda deal which is why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10. Definitely continues a trend of pretty strong season 3 episodes recently. Basically Sayid doesn't trust Juliet and with good reason however Jack does trust her and does what he feels is right by having Sayid not interrogate her. Some nice emotional scenes as Jack returns to the beach for the first time early on in last year's Season Finale. I could sorta see Sawyer's heartbreak as he saw Jack since he probably felt like he had just come into his own as being the one in charge of the camp and starting to get on people's good side and that it would be all over and certainly change now that Jack is back. Claire also stars to come down with an illness. We later learn these things are connected as Juliet confesses the story behind what happened to Claire. Also revealing some interesting things like pregnant women on the island never surviving always dying , we even get some flashbacks showing their failures to correct this problem , and how the kidnapping of Claire was not how things were supposed to go. Apparently they were monitoring her through blood samples and when Ethan's real identity was found out he panicked and created his own plan on his own. Juliet seeks out Ethan's old hiding spot near the caves containing medicine that can help save Claire however Sayid and Sawyer confront her and further push home they don't trust her. Then in the moment that really slides into your mind that she really is one of them now and gets them down off their high horses she tells of Sawyer for commiting murder and Sayid for the horrible things he has done to many human beings. Although in my humble opinion he was a soldier doing his job and interrogating ppl who were suspected of doing bad things i mean she spoke to him as if it were one and the same with Sawyer killing a man in cold blood. But that's another rant for another day. Some really amazing flashbacks in this episode to as you get too see how Juliet arrives on the island, how her sister turns out to be ok and has a healthy son, you also get another look at Mikhail and just how useful that satellite was before the hatch imploded. In the end though the theory a lot of people had going around in their heads proved to be true after all that it was all a set up for them to trust Juliet and believe she was left behind too and so that she could infiltrate their camp and keep an eye on them. A really great ending as it all through another nicely done flashback slowly come undone and it definitely seems like we are headed for a showdown between the 815ers and the Others. A very enjoyable episode and I can't wait till next Wednesday as business has just picked up.
  • It's official. Juliet is the more attractive version of Ben.

    Juliet was my second favourite character from the season, so naturally I was really excited to see her episode.

    Truth be told... I wasn't completetly blown away as others. Sure, it was great, but I thought there was more potential to this episode.

    Let's start with the good.

    The performances by Elizabeth Mitchell and Michael Emerson. Absolutely awesome.
    But before we get to that - I loved the way the episode picked up not so much after Not in Portland. Good continouty. Liked seeing Ethan again, and of course, Richard.

    The most beautiful scene of the episode had to be Juliet getting out of the sub and seeing the island for the first time. Great music, great cinematography, great directing. That scene is very memorable to me.

    Also loved everything about the flashback. Juliet slowly realizing that she won't be leaving the island any soon was done well. Her sudden break downs and stress were portrayed amazingly by Elizabeth. 2 scenes stuck out. The one on the beach with Ben, and the one in the kitchen with... Ben.

    Yep, those 2 scenes stole the show. Especially the kitchen one. One of the best acted scenes of the entire show. Juliet realizing Ben is a liar, and Ben... well... sticking to his lie. Now, the ending was good too, revealing that Juliet is actually still working for Ben, even though it felt like something you'd see in an episode of 24, not Lost.

    Now the bad.

    Not bad actually, just disappointing. The island story. Up to the point where Juliet and co arrived on the island it was great. And I loved the scene where the camp looks at Juliet, like "What the hell are you doing here?" But from there on... hmm. Claire gets sick because of something the Others put in her while she was kidnapped. And now it's activated and it's up to Juliet to save her. Yes, a set up by Ben. Can't say it couldn't be planned but it definitely felt like an after thought and portrays Ben as the Perfect Man Who Has Everything Planned. I know that's the point, but come on... this?? And that's about it. The island portion of the episode was really slow and it just seemed to fill the time between the flashbacks.

    Overall, Great episode, with some nice revelations, but it could've been better. It felt unbalanced. The flashbacks were packed, while the island story was lacking .
  • it was a shocker and a brillant episode

    i loved every bit of that episode, contender for best episode yet definitly. i loved the it were Julien said she had made claire sick and she told us stuff from the past that was not shown like ethan taking blood samples from claire. im lovin the way everyone is against Julien an that she no's all the dirt on everyone, like when syide and sawyer trapped her at the tree and she told them what they had did before they came to the island. these writers no how to write an ending for an episode i actually thought the others had abandoned Julien but the way it is all a plan that she would be brought back to camp and how they made claire sick so Julien in could cure her an earn some of their trust.
  • ~~who is Jay-cob ??~~

    i really enjoyed this episode and i can't wait 2 pass the 1st week and see what Desmond is gonna do the next episode *catch 22* .i honestly think that Juliet is gonna tell jack abt Ben's plan that he is coming back in a week and she is gonna tell them everything....just watch....WORLD WAR 3 WILL OCCUR (WW3)

    and 4 the question u all have been waiting 4, who is Jacob?? ~~~~"jack's father"~~~~
  • Abandon all hope ye who get pregnant here.

    We learn on this episode that every woman who has gotten pregnant on this island has died, which should explain why the others were bent on butcher Claire to take Aaron away (she wasn't supposed to survive anyway), why the Picketts didn't have any children (Danny may not have want to risk Colleen's life) and why Alex claims her mother is dead as well as to why her father would keep her as far away from boyfriend Carl as possible.

    It also raises suspicions about Rousseau since she's very much alive despite allegedly gave birth 16 years ago, not to mention it puts Sun in real danger because of her condition. However, the fact that Claire survived Aaron's birth could also give hope that whoever conceives outside the island may survive after all.

    Sadly, hope is what we lack off as we learn Juliet's boyfriend was none other than Goodwin, someone close enough to Ben for him to try to choke Ana Lucia as retaliation for his demise. Information that also might explain the nature of the conflictive relationship between Juliet and Ben who even after murder attempts, numerous lies and general back stabbing are revealed to be plotting together to infiltrate the castaways camp in the course of one week.
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