Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • Jack and co approach home as Sayid demands for answers from Juliet. Juliet gets a hostile welcome. Claire gets ill and Juliet saves her.

    This episode was fantastic. It was revealing explaining a lot of things and then Juliet turns out to be the bad person I've always thought she was. She was able to get the better of Sayid and Sawyer by using their past bad deeds against them. She's got talent thats for sure. We now know why Ethan was so crazy about Claire and why he kidnapped her. She's got Jack in her pocket and that was the most important factor in entering their home. Juliet's sister is okay and has given birth that explains why Juliet trusts Ben so much. He kept to his words. Interesting thing to point out is Juliet was sleeping with one of the others don't know if she was having an affair with him and maybe she has some bitterness towards the survivors since Ana-lucia killed the guy in season 2.

    The episode was cleverly plotted. Ben is at it again, who knows what his intentions are and what destruction Juliet is going to bring. She played Sayid and Sawyer like dummies and Jack,he's got a thing for blondes but he can't be blamed because her plan was well mapped out. The flashback was good and I liked it because it gave the impression that Juliet was innocent, had no plans and was working with the others to get off the island. This is true but the length to which she will go to get off the island makes her very dangerous IMO. I guess she's using Claire has she has been doing all along for her research, finish as soon as possible then get off the island. Explains why she said to Jack she is already alone. She's doing all this for only one selfish reason to get off the island. Jack was wrong by judging her as one of them only because she wants to get off the island. They're one group because they look after one another see to it they all survive and also because they shared a terrifying experience together ( the plane crash). Another point worth noting that we found out from this episode is that Women don't get pregnant on the island explains why there are no kids and maybe why they took the kids among the survivors. And basically Juliet's research is about curing the anomaly or is it curse, don't know what to call it. Sawyer's words, " Well if it ain't three men and a baby i counted Hugo twice" nice one. Superb episode.
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