Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • Do you still trust Juliet?

    Sorry about the english...

    Ok, 6 more episodes to go. Season finale is about a month away. Many people complained about the first 6 episodes, more because of the 13 week break than for the quality of them, I believe. To me, this season folowed very close the narrative stile from seasons 1 and 2. Creating mysteries, developing characters, the story, giving information here and there and answering some questions... that leads to another set of questions. Whatever people think about this season, after this episode I believe that even who thinks this season was the weekest never had been so excited to see how the whole thing will end. And "One of Us" was the kind of episode that makes the whait almoust impossible. From Juliet's flashbacks till the final scene, everything worked as a clock. We had some very important questions answered. Why Juliet is on the island, why Claire was kidnaped, and "part" of how the others know so much about the survivors (ok, We now know what They use for that, but We still don't know the details. And let's face it, They know too much about them - a simple "background check" is not enough to know that much).

    For who was still beliving that Juliet was really left behind, this episode served to show what she's all about. A mix between an emotional and carry woman, and a senseless "cyborg" who will do whatever she haves to do in order to get what she wants. We had some hints about her in previous episodes (when Sawyer told Kate, early in the sesaon, that Juliet would "kill her, no hesitation", Pickett's death, and, obviously, the "left behind" thing). And is amazing how convinceble she can be when she needs, at the point of scape without a scratch from to pissed off guys who wants some answers. And more amazing to see that didn't looked forced at all. And We talking about Sayid and Sawyer (btw, very nice to see this 2 working together).

    Her flashbacks were also really great. And there is were we get to see her "human" side. Interesting how They showed the opening scene from "A Tale...", giving a new meaning to it. And obviously, amazing to see how Ben's mind works, making Claire got "sick" just to infiltrate Juliet among the survivors. Another brilhant thing was the explanation about Claire's kidnap. So natural that looked like the creators/writers had that in mind before shooting the Pilot episode.

    It's episodes like this who keep the fan's faith in the series. I'm not saying this season was week or anything like that, to me look as good as the previous ones, but some more impacient people may get tired for "not have any answers". I don't know were this is going, but like I said, looks more promissing and chocking than ever.