Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • Cleverly plotted indeed but the idea was so easy to catch and guess. It was just not possible that Juliet was out for any good.

    I do not like that Juliet character and after this episode - first I felt that maybe another Juliet centered episode this season will maybe little help as she does have interesting past and we do not know much about her but... the ending, every good those flashbacks and her "kindness" towards them did, was undone. She looked so contempt when thinking back to the talk with Ben. She was so .. she seemed to felt no guilt that she is fooling everyone. All the false hope that she seemed promise everyone and time she took for herself - they will finally find it out. And Sayid was right again - he just reads people like books. And the scene near that three - Saywer and Sayid made a big mistake that they let her go - they show that she has power over them, that she can order them. Psychologically interesting move. I am not sure they thought about it.

    Anyway, not the best but intriguing. Leading in into something greater.