Season 3 Episode 16

One of Us

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 11, 2007 on ABC

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  • The celebrations for Jack et al returning are short lived, once they see that Juliet is with them. She tries to be accepted but to no avail but we do get a flashback from her coming on the island and the last 3 years.

    Claire suddenly becomes ill, which frets Charlie.

    We have alot to learn about Juliet and I know it's not going to happen in just one episode, but we see her and her sister talking about her work and that she will not be taking the job as it's an impossible task, but there are tears of joy when her cancer recovering sterile sister tells her that she is pregnant.

    Charlie is drawn towards Claires shelter with Aaron's cries, Claire is not feeling well, so he tells her to have some more sleep and he will look after the baby, which she appreciates and goes straight back to sleep.

    We see Juliet taking the job with the firm, then being dropped off at the gates, then Juliet telling her that she'll be back in 4 months and will be there for the baby's birth. Then we see that she travelled to the island via the submarine and woke up when it had reached the pier. Then we see her suffering as she loses a mother as she gives birth. She feels terrible and is tells Ben that she wants to go home, but Ben tells her that these ladies neeed her and if she stays, then he will get her sisters' cancer cured, as its come back.

    Back on the island, it is getting evening and people are expressing their opinions regarding Juliet, nobody trusts her. Whilst this goes on, Claire sicks blood and faints, Juliet tells Kate she knows what it is and she needs to get Jack over here. She tells him about the serum and what Ethan was doing with it and why, that she knows where his stash is, it will save Claire and he needs to trust her.

    We see the flashback where Juliet learns about Bens tumour and them discussing it, she thinks he is lying about her sister as he told her that no one on the island gets cancer at all. Then later we see Ben and Juliet approaching Mikhaels, seeing the live news feeds regarding the missing plane, then he gets communications with a colleague who zoomed a cam onto her healthy sister playing with baby julien in the park, causing Juliet to cry.

    We have a flashback to Ben talking through the plan with Juliet, about becoming accepted, how Claire's implant was activated and what to say with this and that, then he'll see her in a week.
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