Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on ABC

Episode Recap

A young boy's eyes open as we is waken up from his sleep by a violent pounding on the door. His mother comes into the room and assures him that everything is going to be okay. Her face says otherwise; she is terrified. She has tells him to hide under the bed and not come out, no matter what. She makes his bed so it will look like he was never there, and was staying at his grandma's. She leaves and shuts the door. The boy is curled up in a ball under his bed, shaking. His mother is screaming and she doesn't stop until a gunshot is heard. Suddenly, his door opens and a pair of cowboy boots walk into the room. The boy does not make a noise and continues to hide under the bed. The man enters the room and sits on the bed. Suddenly, the man shoots himself and slumps over the bed.

Sawyer wakes violently from his nightmare. He is covered in sweat. He grabs a bottle and takes a drink. There is a rustling noise in his tent. Sawyer grabs the flashlight and turns it on. To his surprise he sees a gigantic boar eating all of his things. Sawyer grabs a bat and swings at the boar, but it escapes easily and takes Sawyer's tent tarp with it. Sawyer chases after the boar as it disappears into the jungle. He stops running and hears the strange whispering voices in the wind. It sounded like they were saying something.

Later in the morning, Sawyer is picking up and cleaning all his things. Sayid comes over and makes jokes at Sawyer; he is clearly enjoying this. Sawyer asks him about the voices he heard in the jungle when he escaped from the french woman. Sayid, however, brushes them off as delusions related to stress.

FLASHBACK: It's a hotel room. Sawyer enters and is kissing another very attractive woman. Just as they get onto the bed, a man's voice is heard from the darkness. A man known by Sawyer as "Hibbs" is sitting in the corner and wants to talk. Sawyer is none too happy to see him. He sends the woman down to the hotel bar and says he'll meet her soon. Sawyer then chokes Hibbs and reminds him that he was screwed out of his share from one of their con-jobs a couple years ago. Hibbs says he has come to make it up to him. He hands Sawyer an envelope. Instead of being filled with money, it is filled with information. Information leading to the man who killed Sawyer's parents. The real "Sawyer", the man he has been looking for his entire life. "Sawyer" runs a shrimp truck....in Sydney.

On the island, Jack and Kate are putting the guns back in the case after the Ethan mission. They have all but one of them. Sawyer refuses to give his back. Kate says that she "can speak his language" and that she will get the gun back. Jack's face shows how he feels about this idea; he clearly doesn't like it.

At the caves, Charlie is using bits of wreckage to attempt to build something. Claire comes over to talk to him. Charlie isn't acting like himself. When Claire asks if he wants to go for a walk, Charlie insists he has something to do and walks away.

Sawyer is roaming the jungle. He finds his tarp. He grabs it and walks back towards camp. Suddenly, he hears the whispers again. However, the whispers are the least of his troubles. The boar appears and charges directly at Sawyer. He runs away but the boar easily catches up and knocks him off his feet....and into a puddle of mud. The boar disappears into the jungle. Sawyer returns to camp and packs his belongings - his going on a hunt. Kate tells him to have Locke kill it. Sawyer says it's too late - now it's personal.

FLASHBACK: Sawyer is walking on the waterfront of Sydney. He goes into a boathouse and buys a gun from a man. Before the man gives it to Sawyer, he tells him that there are no refunds. Before he buys the gun, he better be sure he has what it takes to kill a man.

At the beach, Hurley and Charlie are burying Ethan, with the shovel Charlie made. Even though they are creeped out by what they are doing, Hurley can tell something is wrong with Charlie. He asks him if he is okay but Charlie doesn't answer. When they finish, Hurley finds Sayid and asks him if he ever had to deal with Post Traumatic Stress when he was in the army. Sayid asks him why, and Hurley tells him about Charlie.

In the jungle, Sawyer is having a hard time tracking the boar. Kate finds him and says she will help him under one condition: anytime she wants something from his stash, she gets it...no questions asked. Though Sawyer doesn't want to do it, he agrees.

Later that night, they make camp and sit by a fire. Sawyer has brought several of the mini bottles of alcohol from the plane. He makes Kate play a game called "I never". Through this game an awful lot is learned of both Kate and Sawyer: Both of them have killed a man.

FLASHBACK: The little boy is still under the bed. However, this time when the door opens, it's not a pair of cowboy boots. It's a pair of boar hooves.

Sawyer wakes up and finds Kate kneeling over him. The good news is it was just a dream. The bad news is that the boar attacked them again while they were asleep. It destroyed all of Sawyer's stuff but did not touch any of Kate's. Before Sawyer has a chance to flip out, he hears something rustling in the bushes. He grabs his gun but it turns out to be Locke. He's out looking for wreckage to salvage. He sits down and joins them for coffee. Kate tells him that Sawyer thinks the boar has something personal against him. Locke tells a story about his sister, Victoria. She died when she was little. Their mother swore that she came back as a golden retriever that one day just showed up at their house. Maybe the boar is the spirit of someone that Sawyer pissed off earlier in life.

FLASHBACK: Sawyer is sitting in a car and staring at a shrimp truck. He checks the gun to see if it is loaded and gets out of his car. He makes his way over to the truck. The man running the truck seems nice and offers Sawyer a fellow American discount of 50% off. The man turns around and starts cooking Sawyer's lunch. The gun is shaking in Sawyer's hand. The shrimp guy turns back around to give Sawyer his lunch and he is gone.

Sawyer has retreated to a bar and his kicking back shots. The bartender thinks he's had enough but Sawyer says to keep them coming. From the other end of the bar, another American congratulates him on his decision - "These bastards think Americans can't hold their liquor." Sawyer buys a round for the man, which him to move down and join Sawyer at his end of the bar. The man is none other than Christian Shepard, Jack's father. He is a little drunk and starts to talk about his family. He doesn't hate Jack for what he did; he loves him for it. He is proud of him. Christian and Sawyer continue to try and drink away their pain. Christian has a theory: some people are just meant to suffer..."That's why the Red Sox will never win the series". Sawyer asks him why he doesn't call his son and tell him all these things. Christian says that he is too weak a person. He asks if the "business" Sawyer is in town for is going to bring him peace. Sawyer says that it will. "Then what are you doing here?"

Sawyer has gone back to the shrimp truck, and it is night time. It is pouring rain outside and we see the real Sawyer takes trash bags to the dumpster. Sawyer check the gun one last time and gets out of his car.

On the island, Charlie is husking coconuts. Sayid comes up to him and asks how he is doing. Charlie tells Sayid that he is not sorry for shooting Ethan. He deserved to die and Charlie would do it again. Sayid tells him a story and it is clear to Charlie that the feelings he is having are nothing but normal. Sayid has one last piece of advice for him: "You are not alone, Charlie. Don't pretend to be."

In the jungle, Sawyer and Kate are back on the boar's trail. Kate finds a wallow the boars have been using. They are close. Sawyer captures a baby boar and is going to use it for bait. Kate demands that he let the baby go and not hurt it. Sawyer refuses and prompts Kate to knock him down. The baby boar gets free and runs away. Kate is disgusted by Sawyer's behavior and tells him that he can find his own way back to the camp.

FLASHBACK: Sawyer is very close to his victim. He takes the gun out and calls out after the man..."Sawyer!!" The man turns around and Sawyer shoots him in the chest. Having trouble catching a breath, the man tells Sawyer that he would have paid his debt and that Hibbs did not need to have him killed. What? Hibbs set Sawyer up all along. This man isn't the one who ruined his life. He was just someone that owed money to Hibbs. Sawyer deals with what he has done and the man says one last thing before he dies..."It will come back around."

On the island, Sawyer is wandering around. He spins around looking for something he recognizes and finds nothing. He calls out for Kate. He when he turns back around, he is face to face with the boar. Kate is looking on from behind Sawyer. He pulls his gun and aims it at the boar. The boar doesn't move. He appears to be looking Sawyer right in the eyes. Sawyer takes aim for a long time before finally lowering his gun. The boar walks away. Sawyer notices Kate and tries to play it off like a tough guy..."It's just a boar."

On the beach, Jin and Sun are mending a fishing net. Michael is still working on the raft while Walt plays with Vincent. Claire is sitting by herself, looking at the ocean. Charlie looks happy again and takes Claire out for that walk she asked about earlier.

Jack is breaking wood for the fire. Sawyer finds him and hands over his gun. In response to Sawyer's sarcasm, Jack says "That's why the Red Sox will never win the series." Sawyer asks him what he just said and Jack tells him that it's something his father always said. He used it to explain why he didn't have to apologize for all the bad things he did to people. He preferred to blame everything on fate. Sawyer asks if Jack's dad was a doctor too. Jack says yes and asks "Why do you want to know about my dad?"

Sawyer has the chance to tell Jack what his father said about him. It is something Jack has wanted to hear for such a long time. That his father believed in him, was proud of him....and loved him. However, he responds, in typical Sawyer fashion, "No reason."
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