Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on ABC

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  • Outlaws

    Deviating successfully from the main story line, this intelligently written episode continues to chronicle Sawyer's tragic backstory.
  • Awesome.

    In dream or flashback, a small child (presumably Sawyer) is being talked to by his mother, who instructs him to hide under the bed and never come out no matter what. There is a man banging on the door and eventually breaks it down. The door closes, and the child's mother is heard yelling, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" in a worried, angered manner. Shots are heard and the fighting stops. The man comes into the child's room, sits on top of the bed the child is hiding under, and kills himself. Sawyer is awakened by a boar in his tent. Sawyer becomes obsessed with finding the boar that raided his tent and goes into the jungle with Kate to find it; however, he does not kill it when he finds it. He gives his gun to Jack, who now has all the firearms in the marshal's suitcase. Sawyer realizes that he met Jack's father in Australia. In flashbacks, Sawyer tracks down who he believes to be the Sawyer who ruined his life, in Australia. Sawyer kills the man, but finds out that that man was not the original Sawyer. I love Sawyer he is so funny, quick minded and hot. Sawyer also hears whispers which was scary back in 2005, but not now. I love Sawyer's nicknames he gives people - so funny. I love the scene where Kate and Sawyer are playing the game "I Never" - awesome storyline, I love every moment of it. I also love the way everything and everyone is linked somwhow in LOST, like the way Sawyer talks to Jack's farther without knowing it's him until he meets Jack. I aslo love the scene with Jack and Sawyer - so funny.
  • I never heard of the game I never until this episode...

    Kate and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after facing a brush with death and killing Ethan with 6 bullets to the chest. A shocking prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed in a flashback. Robert Patrick ("Terminator 2: Judgment Day," "The X-Files") guest stars. A great Sawyer episode with a real dark start, we see the young Sawyer witness his parents murder. Other than this the rest of the episode flashbacks are intresting we see why Sawyer was in Australia. The island scenes had great development in the Sawyer, Kate relationship.
  • Not Sawyer

    Sawyer is the murderer of an innocent shrimpdealer (which is not a word). In this episode, he can be also found in the form of a filler. -

    This was a very solid, well-directed episode, but yet, this is not enough. In a show like Lost where plot twists and keeping the story flowing are the main factors that attract viewership, it is unfortunately very common that, in order to decelerate the pace of the plot, episodes like this are created. This is definately not a bad episode (in fact, it is a pretty good one) but it serve mostly as a filler, because almost nothing happens. This episode's strong point are of course the flashbacks, which are mostly exciting and really make the viewr feel for Sawyer. On the other hand, the action on the Island is terribly unspectacular and mostly boring (Sawyer hunting a boar and playing teenage games with Kate? Not a good idea to built an episode on). Consensus: a decent filler.
  • This is the characteristics what an episode centered in a character should always have!!!!

    One more episode centered in sawyer, but what might be considered a common episode, was turned into an amazing episode.

    There are no doubts that sawyer is a great character. He can bring drama and funny moments into the same episode. This exchange of emotions makes a simple episode, to be very good, which was exactly happens in this episode.

    The writers deserve applauses, the way they tied kate, jack and locke in sawyer story was excellent. Kate here reveals what she did (of course, without details, this will happen more later) and locke again acts like a guide, passing his knowledge / wisdom for sawyer.

    Sawyer's flashbacks it´s pure drama, contrary to his previous flashback episode, this flashback shows exactly what happened with him when he was a child, and later, how he is going to take revenge supposedly on the man responsible for this. This also explains why he was so "bad guy" with the people on the island before.

    The funny part it´s in the island events, where sawyer plays some of the best funny moments, and these events connect in a perfect way to his past. Again, lost demonstrates supernatural characteristics.

    As always, lost can reserve a surprise for us, totally unexpected, and this is exactly what happens in this episode.

    An episode with a simple drama and with immense funny moments, make this episode, one of the character-centric episode of LOST
  • You never thought an episode could reveal so much about the castaways

    At first glance, 'Outlaws' doesn't seem like as important episode as any of the previous two. There's no big development like with the hatch or the building of the raft, or repercussions for the murder of Ethan, and the character who is the focus of the episode is someone whose nature we already understand. However, as far as character development, as well a more critical moment for the series, it is absolutely far more important to the series.

    The focus of the episode is Sawyer's quest for the boar which destroys his tent, eats his food, and seems to be going directly after him without touching anything else. Yet it's clear that this is more than a wild pig to Sawyer. The real reason Sawyer was in Sydney was to kill the man he has been hunting for the past twenty years. We learn first from his lips and then from the flashback, how and why this happened, and though he never says so, it's obvious that he believes that this boar is a reincarnation of the man he killed. However, Sawyer rather than try and redress the wrong he did has decided to chop the Gordian knot by killing it--- again.

    The early sections of the episodes are very funny as Sayid's amusement at Sawyer's failure, and his early ineptitude at tracking the animal on his own, leading Kate to find him after he spends several hours running around in circles. But the mood changes when Kate agrees to help him in exchange for carte blanche. Kate may say she's doing this to get something out of him, but Sawyer (and the viewer) know better.

    This leads to one of the longest and most memorable scenes in the show's first season, as Kate and Sawyer sit around a campfire, he hands out liquor bottles from the plane and they play 'I never'. Equal parts flirtation, humor, and pain, the game becomes more and more serious--- until the final revelation. Now both Kate and Sawyer have owned up to these to other people, but considering the obvious attraction that's been between them since the series began, this is a pretty painful moment for both.

    Another wrinkle is added the next morning when they run into Locke (who obviously doesn't want them to know what he and Boone have been doing) and he tells them another story about the death of his sister and the appearance of a golden retriever some time later that gave comfort to his mother. He stops just short of telling them that he believes this, but it's clear he does, and it actually raises a question that even here is more than a little crazy: Is the boar the man Sawyer killed? Jack has already seen his father, Walt has created a polar bear supposedly out of something he saw in a comic book, and Boone hallucinated his sister's death. Could this island have channeled the spirit of this innocent man into a boar and put him in Sawyer's path to test him? Maybe it is, and maybe that's the real reason that when he confronts it, he can't bring himself to kill it. But by far the most important essential part of Sawyer's flashback when we see him in a bar drinking with Christian Shephard. In it Christian admits some things that he could only tell a stranger: that he is a weak man, that he doesn't blame his son for doing what he did in the deposition, and that he is beyond redemption. The encounter is full of irony for both men--- Christian gave advice that he thought would help ease Sawyer's burden, but instead led him to commit a murder that haunts him to this day. Sawyer thought leaving the bottle was a reward and a thank you, but it's pretty clear that after this Christian drank himself to death. This is the first direct link in a flashback between two of the characters (and one of the few that will be picked up on later) and one of several that will involve Christian. Many of these links are so subtle, you have to really be paying attention to get them (I missed a bunch in the second season), but it does seem to indicate that these are the real reasons behind who survived the crash. Was the island picking and choosing?

    While the major focus of this episode is on Sawyer, we do spend a little time with some of the characters. Having shot Ethan a few days before, Charlie seems to be a shell of himself. He can barely look at Claire and he can't talk with Hurley, the two people he has grown closest to on the island. Some of the castaways were murderers in their past lives, but Charlie is the first to become one because of the island. Charlie managed to survive his near death experience because of his faith; now it's clear that he feels he is no longer entitled to it. Sayid, who was haunted by his own demons himself, tries to help Charlie, and it does seem to lighten his burden a little by the end of the episode. However, one could make the argument that this death reawakened some of the darkness inside of him that will lead to the major downturn of his character in the second season.

    Though his screen time in this episode is limited, Jack is a crucial part of this episode as well. Jack will never know that his father is proud of him for what he does, but given what we learn about him in future episodes, I doubt he would have accepted if he had. Both he and his father say "That's why the Sox will never win the Series, but both have completely different interpretations, Christian believes in destiny, while Jack believes it is an expression of defeatism. The irony is, Jack is more in kin with his father than he would care to admit. This will become clearer as the show progresses, and will explode by Season 3 in two critical moments.

    And then there's Kate, who is still balancing between Jack and Sawyer. Though it's clear that she is drawn to Sawyer, it's also apparent that aspects of his personality repulse her. (They also probably repulse Sawyer, but he hides it better.) She probably would have done this without any possibility of payback, but it's also clear that right now, she isn't ready to admit her own feelings, perhaps because she's still not there yet.

    The final revelation is critical--- when he goes out into the woods the first time, Sawyer, like Sayid did before---- hears the whispering in the woods. However, like Sayid, he is inclined to dismiss the noise as his imagination. Apparently, while he is willing to believe in the reincarnation of the soul of the man he killed in this boar, he isn't willing to admit to this particular mystery of the island. (Then again, neither is Sayid) One wishes like hell there was some way to translate the whispering, because I'm pretty sure that it's different than what we heard in 'Solitary'. Are the Others looking down on this and judging? Who is?

    'Outlaws' is one of the best episodes of the season. Well written and superbly acted by Holloway, Lilly and Mongahan, it is an example of what the series can rise to when the writers decide to occasionally ignore the larger mysteries and deal with character development. The revelations of the episode are critical, but what it tells us about Sawyer, Charlie, Kate and Jack is just as important and equally fascinating. You might want to see this one twice
  • Sawyer and Kate connect while hunting a boar that Sawyer thinks is after him

    I thought this was one of the best episodes of the first season. Sawyer is one of my favorite characters on the show and I love seeing the interaction between him and Kate. It's an interesting dynamic of how she seems like the morally just one and he comes off as an arrogant scumbag who only cares about himself, when really they both made big mistakes in the real world before the plane went down and left them on the island. I hope to see more episodes surrounding the connection between these two. Show is one of the best on television without a doubt.
  • Lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely, yeah...!

    La vida de Sawyer apesta. Su infancia, perseguir toda la vida a un hombre invisible y convertirse al fin en él...
    Fantasmas comienzan a aparecer reencarnados en animales. John sigue sermoneando en momentos cúlmines. Kate y Sawyer, la mujer con el malo. Charlie y Claire, el bueno y la linda, el imposible. No sé que más poner. Hace falta escribir reviews de cada episodio que uno ve? No. Pero les voy a exlicar brevemente por qué lo hago. Porque hace mucho que no escribo y esto me sirve para agarrar ritmo y ver si puedo volver a escribir algo interesante algún día. Disculpen las molestias.
  • We have the episode here of when the boar outsmarts Sawyer, gets on his wrong side, yet still comes away better off, whilst in the mean time we get to learn alot more about Sawyer and some of the people he has encountered.

    We have Sawyer going through nightmares and remembering his mother telling him to say under the bed, then we hear his father shouting at his father and then a gunshot and quiet. His father sitting on his bed before shooting himself. He wakes up from the nightmare, to find a boar inside his makeshift tent. The boar runs off with the tarp into the jungle.

    Sawyer wants to know what Sayid heard in the jungle that time, what the whispering was saying, but he doesn't tell Sayid what his whispering said. He flashes back to when a friend of his tells him off the location of the trickster who ruined his parents and his lives. The location of where he is in Sydney. Where he

    Sawyer finds the tarp, and the boar but the boar gets the better of him, bowls him down into the mud, much to the amusement of Kate back on the beach. Sawyer is adament that he is going to get revenge on the boar. So he goes off to get his revenge, but Kate catches up with him as he is useless at tracking in the jungle. They chill out by the fire and learn about each other during a game of "I've Never".

    The following morning, their camp is slightly messed up by a boar, Locke arrives for coffee and the boar is a parallel for forgiveness or understanding. Sawyer flashes back to Sydney, he didnt go through with the killing of the trickster, but heads off to a bar to get some drinks, he ends up drinking with Jacks father, who is spouting on about how great his son is, how he has the courage to be strong and do the right thing. Then it looks like he is proved to be right and justified, as he goes off to meet the trickster.

    Hurley approaches Sayid with regards to the mental state of Charlie, Sayid goes to talk to Charlie, tells him a war story and says that he's always there for him when and if the nightmare starts.

    We go back to the jungle with Kate and Sawyer, they find a wallow, a baby piglet, who sawyer teases but Kate is not too impressed and tells him to find his own way back, Sawyer comes across the big daddy boar, has a flashback about him killing the shrimp man - only to discover that it was not the trickster. He stares the boar down, and says to Kate that it's only a boar and leaves it be.

    Back on the beach, Charlie says to Claire that he is ready to take that walk, so they head off to walk along the shore of the beach. We also see Sawyer give the gun back to Jack, hears a phrase and realises that the man he had a drink with in Sydney was Jacks dad - but doesn't tell him that.
  • Drew Goddard, writer of this second Sawyer installment shows everyone how to construct a character-based episode.

    Another classic Lost episode, one which almost holds all the ingredients of a perfect Lost episode. It is basically character-based, focusing on Sawyer, but not limited to just Sawyer (or even Kate). Most of the characters get a chance to shine in this episode and we learn some of their secrets as well as Sawyer's. This episode helps us understand how close these characters are connected. The Sawyer and Christian Shepherd connection is startling and adds another layer to this episode. I also liked Locke's story about the dog. I think Terry O'Quinn is a great storyteller. He could entertain kids quite easily, I'm sure. But there's more to Outlaws than character threads. This is a strong air of mystery to the surroundings, which helps to keep the episode's momentum. I've always thought that the best Lost episodes are those which don't focus on one element alone but are very layered, the ones which study character and mystery, oftimes in the same moment.
    There is an odd pattern to the structure of the Lost episodes, at least with regard to the mysteries introduced so far. In episode 1 we are introduced to the Monster. In episode 2 we are introduced to the Polar Bear. Later in the Solitary / Raised by Another / All the Best Cowboys... arc we are introduced to The Others, Ethan Rom and The Whispers.
    Hearts and Minds essentially began the second half of the series and re-introduces the monster. The next episode re-introduces us again to the Polar Bear and Homecoming to Ethan Rom. This episode re-introduces us to The Whispers. What are The Whispers? I have thought that they could be the voices of the daed (a la Frank Duckett, in this episode) trying to communicate to the survivors or at least to someone who needs to hear them. Just as Sawyer (and Locke) believe that the Boar who terrorizes Sawyer is the rein-carnation of Frank Duckett, come to deliver a message, could The Whispers could be doing the same thing? Will Jack hear whispers of his father? Or is he really dead? Sure, Jack's father wants to pass on a message to his son that he is proud of him. But Danielle is convinced that the whispers are really The Others talking. This episode holds my favourite character moment from Season 1 (second to Jack and Locke's encounter in White Rabbit), which is the "I Never" game between Sawbucks and Kate. It is written so perfectly, so thoughfully. It begins as a bit of light fun, each of them firing off sweet questions at each other. I love the "One Night Stand" question. Sawyer's reaction is very funny! Of course the questions turn more serious and hurtful as time goes on, until the ultimate lying question, "I've never killed a man", which reveals that they both share something (they both HAVE killed a man).
    The flashbacks really work in this episode and don't hurt the momentum, mainly because the momentum of the island events aren't that fast-paced or action-packed. It is all on the level, so from a writer's stand-point you can do alot with the story.
    Sawyer is a great character and one which the writers even give more depth to subsequent to this, as he goes on a little surprising redemptive journey.
    This was one episode I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed, not that I thought I wouldn't. It just exceeded my expectations.
  • A Sawyer-centric episode.

    After seeing this episode, I would definitely have to say that this is my favorite of all the Sawyer-centric episodes of Lost that they've had so far in season one. I've always been very intrigued by the character Sawyer, and I love getting to learn more about his life before the plane crash on the island, so I loved this episode. I thought that the flashbacks of Sawyer's life in this episode were great. The scenes between Sawyer and Kate were great too. I think that Josh Holloway really does an absolutely amazing job of playing Sawyer. Another thing that I really liked about this episode was Charlie's storyline. All things considered, I thought that this was another very well written, well acted and well done episode of Lost, and I will continue to enjoy watching my copy of the Lost: Season One DVDs.
  • Kate: Did you get all the guns back? Jack: All except one. Kate: Who? Jack: Let me give you 3 guesses. Kate: Sawyer.

    Sawyer becomes obsessed with finding the boar that raided his tent and goes into the jungle with Kate to find it; however, he does not kill it when he finds it. He gives his gun to Jack, who now has all the firearms in the marshal's suitcase. Sawyer realizes that he met Jack's father in Australia. In flashbacks, Sawyer tracks down who he believes to be the Sawyer who ruined his life, in Australia. Sawyer kills the man, but finds out that that man was not the original Sawyer. I never not liked this episode lol, a really great and intresting episode was Outlaws. 9.4
  • Pretty good!

    Sawyer has flashbacks of when he tried to get revenge on the man who killed his parents. He killed the wrong man though. Sawyer also met Jack's dad.

    Sawyer is harassed by a boar, so he and Kate go out to kill it. Locke tells Sawyer to let whatever is bothering him go. Sawyer lets the boar live. Hurley thinks that Charlie may be having post traumatic stress disorder.

    This episode was pretty good! It wasn't as good as other episodes though. I wish Sawyer told Jack that he met Jack's dad. This episode gets an 8.5 out of 10 from me!
  • Sawyer and the Boar

    This was a much better episode to watch than the last one. I thought the whole Sawyer and the Boar thing was comical. The best part of this episode was Kate and Sawyer's little game of "I NEVER". I think Kate has a better connection with Sawyer than she does with Jack. Even better is the relationship that Charlie has with Claire, so cute! There was almost a tearjerker moment at the end when Saywer tells Jack that he ran into Jacks father in a bar. And that he wanted Jack to know that his Father was very prod of him. A very emotional ending.
  • One of the best!

    Outlaws is one of my favorite season one episodes! I love Sawyer's backstory and this episode just added to it! I loved the scene where Sawyer and Christian Shephard meet in the bar. I just absolutely love this scene. It's still one of my favorites. I liked Sawyer trying to kill the boar. That was hilarious! I laughed so much! I'd never heard of someone who had a vendetta against a boar. Kate:Over the last few hours, you have managed to follow the tracks of humans, birds, a rock slide, yourself, basically everything except boar. LOL! Poor Sawyer has no tracking skills.

    I liked it when Kate and Sawyer played I Never. There's so many good things about this episode!
  • Evil Boar

    Sawyer, with Kate's help, chases after a boar he believes is purposely harassing him. Hurley asks Sayid to help a disturbed Charlie. Flashbacks show Sawyer's journey to Australia to kill a man who corrupted his childhood. Outlaws was an interesting episode with many entertianing moments like when we see Sawyer get knocked out by a boar and the boar peeing on Sawyer's shirt was hilarous but this episode also had a lot of serious moments like when Charlie starts to behave wierd after shooting Ethan in the prevous episode and Sawyers struggle to cofront the Boar.
    The episode was very entertianing and good fun to watch.
  • "It's just a boar."

    Sawyer’s hunt for the boar that’s harassing him may not sound like an interesting episode on paper, but when it’s turned into an episode, it’s brilliant. Outlaws is often overlooked when one takes a look at the highlights of Season 1. Other episodes jump to mind-the pilot, Walkabout, Solitary, Raised by Another, Numbers, and the season finale are usually touted as the best of the best this year. However, I think that this episode, while not on par with the others, should definitely be close to the top.

    There’s no real reason why this episode is so good, it just is. The direction is superb, the acting is perfect, and everything just clicks. The hunt for Sawyer’s boar is really the hunt for Sawyer’s past demons. This episode is really about karma, and how, as Frank Duckett says, “It’ll come back around.” While Sawyer cursing at an unwitting animal is hilarious, the plotline also leads to some great emotional scenes as well. One of them is definitely the I Never game between Sawyer and Kate. Both Josh Holloway’s and Evangeline Lilly’s acting in this episode is beyond awesome (something unusual for Lilly), and this scene is great. It’s played at first innocently, with the questions about voting and pink shirts. It soon turns into more than a game. Both Kate and Sawyer start probing the other person’s character-Sawyer gets into Kate’s attempts to find him disgusting when she’s clearly attracted to him, and Kate digs at Sawyer’s inability to let go of his past. By the end of the scene, Kate and Sawyer discover they share one trait: they’re both outlaws.

    Another scene I like is Locke’s monologue. Once again, the scene starts humorously, with Sawyer’s hilarious “Peed on my shirt” rant. Just like the drinking scene, though, it quickly becomes more important. Locke tells of his sister’s death, and how a golden retriever comforted his foster mother until she died. The scene is played wonderfully by Terry O’Quinn, who has really hit a groove and is hard-pressed to mess up in a scene. What Locke says really has no bearing on his past (aside from showing that he wasn’t popular with his family, not just his friends), but is important in developing his faith. As so often happens with Locke, as soon as he is questioned about what he believes, he pulls back-it’s pretty obvious he thought the dog had his sister’s spirit, but when Kate asks him if that’s what he believes, he backs down and says that that would be silly. It not only shows Locke’s faith, but reaffirms Sawyer’s belief that animals have a spirit-and the boar has Frank Duckett’s.

    The other scene during the boar hunt that I love is Sawyer finally coming face to face with his quarry. He raises the gun, points it at, essentially, his past and the real Sawyer, and after a long decision, puts the gun away, saying what I’ve put at the top of the review. Josh Holloway acts perfectly here, and years of indecision are shown in his eyes. Michael Giacchino’s Sawyer theme-those few, odd notes that are played during times when Sawyer reflects on his past-is played to perfection here. The music is subdued (only a few notes, like I said), but it matches Sawyer perfectly, and makes the scene even better. In the end, Sawyer can’t get rid of his past. It’s been a part of him for too long, and to let it go would mean letting go of a large part of his life.

    The flashbacks are also excellent. The scene in which Sawyer first meets Duckett at the shrimp truck is played wonderfully by Holloway. First of all, let’s just realize how wrong this scene could have gone. There’s a shrimp truck-a shrimp truck-in the middle of nowhere. It is run by the man Sawyer has waited almost his entire life to kill (or so we think). Then, Sawyer has an almost thirty-second deliberation before he says-wait for it-“I’ll go with the hot.” In the hands of an incapable actor/director this scene is a laugh, and totally destroys the dramatic tension inherent throughout. Sawyer, with his hand shaking at the thought of killing this man, is experiencing more turmoil and indecision than he has ever had before. It’s an excellent scene, wonderfully played. It’s also followed by another excellent one. Sawyer meeting Christian Shephard in a bar is yet another of Lost’s famous “six degrees of separation” moments. It’s also critically important to both Sawyer and Jack. It’s important to Sawyer, because it gives him the guts to go through with his plan. It’s important to Jack for more personal reasons. Christian is not mad at Jack for ruining his career, but proud of him, and he knows that what was done was right. He wants to tell Jack this, but can’t work up the gumption to call him. Then, as usual, he blames fate, infuriating the viewer with him once again. This time, though, we understand what he’s doing a lot more, and can feel for him. The lighting in this scene is terrific-only the actor’s faces can be seen, enhancing what they say, and how they react to the other person even more. Also, the Red Sox had just won the World Series when this episode aired. Does that mean that the fate of everyone is going to change now?

    The last flashback, when Sawyer thinks he’s gotten his revenge, is also poignant (something of note-up to this point, this episode has had the longest continuous flashback sequence. The scene at the shrimp truck, the bar, and the beginning of the murder scene are all joined together, with no island action in between. This record will be blown to smithereens by an outstanding Season 3 episode). The cinematography for the moment of Sawyer shooting Duckett is perfect-a wide angle, showing Sawyer, Duckett, the pouring rain, and the smoke that shoots up from the gun. Sawyer also shoots Duckett right in the heart-where Duckett hurt him more than twenty years previously. When we realize that Duckett was innocent, it makes the scene all the more powerful. It can’t be good to be Sawyer, having that as your last memory from before the island.

    Aside from Sawyer’s brilliant story, Charlie has a little story here as well. It’s odd for a character that had flashbacks to have a significant story in the next episode. Charlie, however, needs it. To rebound perfectly from murdering Ethan would not have been realistic, and it would have lost Ethan all credibility that was gained from his ability to spread fear. Also, notice how Charlie shuns Claire in much the shame way that Claire shunned Charlie in the last episode. It’s a very small subplot, but important for Charlie’s character.

    Overall, I think Outlaws is one of the most underrated episodes, not just of Season 1, but of the whole series. Every scrap of acting is excellent, and the work behind the camera, from the writing to the direction is note perfect as well. While this episode may not advance the overall plot, it’s definitely a worthwhile departure from the usual hustle and bustle of island life, and a highly enjoyable one.
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Review

    I thought that Sawyers flashback, which took up a lot mroe of the episode then most of the flashback stories do, was one of the best flashback stories to this date. I thought that the conversations between Saywer and Christain Sheppard were very interesting, showing how two people can be connected and then not even know it. The fact that Sawyer killed the wrong man was a very interesting twist, he was once again betrayed by his "friend" and he is still on the mission of finding Sawyer. The scene between Sawyer and Kate was also very well done - the one with them sitting around the campfire playing "I never" I think the two of them learned things about each other that really seperates them from the rest of the Survivors on the island. Sawyers inability to kill the boar worked very well with his backstory and I thought that the writers did a good job there. I thought the scenes between Charlie and Claire were a little bit of filler, but thats okay. Overlal it was a very good episode.
  • A great episode that gives a mix of humor and darkness.

    The majority of the episode resolved around Sawyer and him confrontign his dark past and the miskates that he has made. On the side it is about Charlie and how others are worrying of his sanity after he killed Ethan. On the Sawyer part of the episode it starts of about sacrcastic humor about the boar that keeps eating only his stuff. This gives the watcher time to laugh at Sawyer's misfortune before the real pain comes. As we learn about his past and hinm going to Australia trying to catch the real Sawyer who ruined his life. "Sawyer" seems to be a normal guy but after "James" shoots him he discovers his mistake. This again brings the watcher to expiernce his pain and he tries to cure his mistake.
  • This episode is about Sawyer and something of the past that is haunting him.

    This episode is about Sawyer. Kate and Sawyer track a boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after facing a brush with death and killing Ethan with 6 bullets to the chest. A shocking prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed in a flashback which shows Sawyer meeting Jack's father in a bar. My favorite part of this episode is when we see the flash backs of Sawyer and get to see his past. Another part of this episode that I liked was when Sawyer gets the dream of his mom trying to tell his father to leave but it ends badly. I hope you liked this episode as much as I did.
  • great episode

    Kate and Sawyer share dark secret to each other while they track down a troublesome wild boar. Hurley and Sayid starts to worry about Charlie who recently killed Ethan. They think that he might be exhibiting signs of post traumatic syndrome. Sawyer and Jack gets some kind of connection in the past that both of them are totally unaware about. It's a really cool flashback. We see stuff in the flashbacks. It's really interesting. The writers surely came up with another exciting episode. I'm waiting for the next one, this show is awesome. Each episode is really watchable. I love this show.
  • We finally discover what really happened to Sawyer when he was a child, why he hasn´t overcame his childhood problems yet.

    How could a boar be someone Sawyer killed some time ago? It doesn´t seem reasonable, but it may be. The fact here is that a boar keeps disturbing Sawyer for no apparent reason. But, if we understand what happened in the Flashback, we may be able to understand this.

    All his life, Sawyer has been perturbed about who the man who destroyed his family was and, when somebody tells him how to locate this man, he kills him, finishing with all this pain. But Frank, as he was called, tells him he has made a mistake because he is no Sawyer but an old man who borrowed some money from Hibbs, the man who gave Sawyer the information . So, everything was a trick. “It´ll come back around” is what Frank tells him and also what he hears in the middle of the jungle.

    Meanwhile, Charlie is having some post-traumatic stress disorders because of Ethan´s murder. He has to realise he is not alone on the island, that´s all.
  • Another great Sawyer episode!

    Sawyer's episodes are always high on my list! This one was no exception. Everything about this episode was great.. From Sawyer and Kate hunting the boar, to playing "I Never", to sawyer hearing whispers in the middle of the night. Sawyer's flashbacks were also great. I've never seen a bad Sawyer flashback. He shoots the man that he thinks is the man that conned his parents, but instead its just a guy who owed Sawyer's "Buddy", Hibbs, some money. Sawyer's lines really made me laugh! Overall I give it a 10!
    My favorite quote:


    Sayid: Perhaps he wanted to go camping!
  • Great episode...one of my favorites this season. (CONTAINS MINIMAL SPOILERS)

    Kate and Sawyer divulge dark secrets to each other while tracking a renegade boar that Sawyer swears is purposely harassing him. Hurley and Sayid worry that Charlie is losing it after facing a brush with death and killing Ethan with 6 bullets to the chest. A shocking prior connection between Sawyer and Jack is revealed in a flashback which shows Sawyer meeting Jack's father in a bar. Robert Patrick ("Terminator 2: Judgment Day," "The X-File") guest stars.

    This is a Sawyer based episode and it does not dissapoint. The acion was alright but the story was awsome. It blew my mind. The acting was great and it gave me more of an insight into Sawyer's mind.

    STARS: *** out of ****

    OVERALL: Great story, character development.
  • Much like the prior episode I felt that this one was lacking.

    I did think that Sawyer’s back-story was interesting. They didn’t make it too long and drawn out. The scene in the bar was wonderful I just wonder how long Sawyer is going to wait until he talks to Jack about it. He could have very easily said something at the end of the show, but he didn’t. It will probably be hard for him to confront Jack about that because everyone knows about the problems Jack and his father were having. Also, the story that Locke shared with Sawyer and Kate really opened Sawyers eyes. He wasn’t the only person to get over something in this episode. Charlie, at the end, seemed to finally be getting over what happened in the woods with Ethan.

    I don’t know if this was just a goof or what, but when Hurley and Charlie were burring Ethan you can clearly see that the body is breathing. This may have some correlation to some rumors that I have read recently that Ethan will be in season three. Hurley even says something lightheartedly about him rising from the dead. I would like to think that they would have caught a mistake such as that so maybe Ethan will appear again and not just in a flashback with fake Henry.
  • Similiar to 'Whatever the case may be', just 10 times mor eannyoing.

    decent Sawyer backstory, incredibly bad island plot. THe whole Sawyer-Kate thing is getting on my nerve.s The I never game was utterly lame. I wish they never made this episode. Unfortunately, 2nd part of the season seems a bit weaker, howweever, still remains strong enough to draw viewers infront of the TV screen.

    This episode is once again coming in the bad timing. After an intense episode, come with THIS? much like with whatever the case may be.

    Lost is known for slow pacing, but, if they plan to throw in a filler after each episode where 'something happens'... then i will just watch 12 episodes a season max :DD
  • Kate: "A boar wouldn't just attack you for no reason." Sawyer: "Thank you, boar expert. This one did. It's harassing me."

    Sawyer has a vivid dream, recalling the night his father killed his mother, then himself. He wakes up in a cold sweat, and hears something moving around in his tent. He shines a flashlight at it, and a boar is staring him right in the face. It takes off, ripping away part of Sawyer's tent and taking it with it. Sawyer chases it into the jungle, but stops, and is surrounded by whispers. "It'll come back around", they say.

    Sawyer vows revenge on the boar. Sayid visits him and asks about what happened, laughing the story off. But Sawyer asks Sayid about what he heard in the jungle while returning from Danielle's. Sayid says he heard whispers. Sawyer goes off into the jungle, looking for his ripped tent, when the boar attacks him again, knocking him into a huge pile of mud. Back at what remains of his tent, Sawyer gets his 9mm pistol, loads it up, and chats with Kate. Jack wants all the pistols back, but Sawyer has decided to keep his. Kate had talked with Jack and told him she'd figure out how to get Sawyer's gun back. She volunteers to help him find the boar, and of course Sawyer doesn't know her motive. He is determined to do it on his own. Kate follows Sawyer, who can't track worth beans and has ended up following Boone around. Finally he gives in, agreeing to give Kate carte blance, whatever she wants from him. They spend the night out in the jungle, and end up playing a drinking game, I Never. Eventually, it's revealed that they've both killed someone before. The next day, Sawyer wakes up to find the boar went through his stuff and peed on one of his shirts. Then Locke pops out of the jungle, and tells them a story. When he was young, his foster sister died, and his foster mom was extremely depressed. One day, a beautiful dog wandered into their house and sat down right next to his mom. She thought it was her daughter's spirit. Years later, when the dog died, the mom died too. Locke says it was silly for her to believe that dog was his sister, and Sawyer realizes that he thinks that boar is his past haunting him.

    In flashbacks, Sawyer is told by a former friend turned enemy, Hibbs, that the man who ruined Sawyer's life, aka the "real Sawyer", was living in Australia, and he gave Sawyer a small dossier on him. Sawyer traveled to Australia and bought himself a revolver, intending to kill this man, whose real name was Frank. Frank runs a shrimp stand, and Sawyer goes there, gun hidden in hand, ready to kill, but he just can't. He regresses to a dark bar and starts drinking shots. The man sitting next to him is out of money and asks for some help. The man sits down next to him, and we see it's Jack's dad, Christian. Christian tells Sawyer about what his son did to him, and how grateful he is because of it, yet he can't let him know. He tells Sawyer that he must take care of whatever he came here for, and so Sawyer goes back to that shrimp stand. It's dark and the rain is pouring down, and Frank is getting ready to leave. Sawyer yells out to him, then shoots him in the chest. He goes up to him, and begins reading that letter he wrote as a kid. Frank stops him, and says he's not Sawyer, and that Hibbs must have set it up so our Sawyer would kill him, as Frank owed him money. Frank's dying words are "it'll come back around."

    Sawyer eventually finds the boar, but doesn't know Kate is watching. He points the gun right at it, and looks it in the eye. But he can't do it, so he puts the gun down and put the safety back on. Turning, he sees Kate, and says "it's only a boar." Back at camp, Charlie is struggling with how he killed Ethan, but Sayid tells Charlie that he isn't alone and doesn't have to be. Later that day, Sawyer returns the gun to Jack, and realizes he met Jack's dad in that bar, but he doesn't tell him.

    This is one of season one's best, right from start to finish, and in my opinion is only bested by the season finale. This episode is so dark, so real. We finally figure out why Sawyer is such a jerk, and in this episode he turns into more of a good guy than a bad guy. The flashbacks are excellent, the highlight of the episode. Everything about this episode is top notch, this is Lost at it's best, and an almost perfect episode.
  • sawyer tracks down a boar because he thinks it has it in for him.

    this episode was a funny episode but sawyers memorys were serious. the best parts of this epsiode were when kate and sawyer play "i never" and realise they have both killed a man. also the part were locke tells sawyer and kate about his sitster janie dying and his mum thinking she came back as a dog to tell him that it wasnt her fault she died was good. the part were sawyer shoots frank was good aswel. the funny parts of this episode were when sawyer realises the boar peed on his shirt and wrecked his bag, the part when he held the baby piglet was also funny. the best part of this episode was when sawyer realised he had talked to jacks dad in australia.
  • Sawyer keeps getting better.

    I absolutly love this episode, mainly because i like any episode about Sawyer. This episode has one of my favourite flashback's as well.

    It first starts with Sawyer trying stop a boar that tore apart his tent. While trying to find the boar and pieces of his camp it stole from him the boar attacks him again. I absolutly love the connection between Kate and Sawyer, it was good to see Kate showing affection for someone other then Jack.

    Although the character bonds and developments were great in this episode, nothing really exciting happened, but it's still a fantastic episode especially with the flashback where "Sawyer" is hunting Sawyer.

    Sawyer: (to kate) I've never killed a man. I guess we have something in common after all.

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