Season 1 Episode 16


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2005 on ABC

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  • This is the characteristics what an episode centered in a character should always have!!!!

    One more episode centered in sawyer, but what might be considered a common episode, was turned into an amazing episode.

    There are no doubts that sawyer is a great character. He can bring drama and funny moments into the same episode. This exchange of emotions makes a simple episode, to be very good, which was exactly happens in this episode.

    The writers deserve applauses, the way they tied kate, jack and locke in sawyer story was excellent. Kate here reveals what she did (of course, without details, this will happen more later) and locke again acts like a guide, passing his knowledge / wisdom for sawyer.

    Sawyer's flashbacks it´s pure drama, contrary to his previous flashback episode, this flashback shows exactly what happened with him when he was a child, and later, how he is going to take revenge supposedly on the man responsible for this. This also explains why he was so "bad guy" with the people on the island before.

    The funny part it´s in the island events, where sawyer plays some of the best funny moments, and these events connect in a perfect way to his past. Again, lost demonstrates supernatural characteristics.

    As always, lost can reserve a surprise for us, totally unexpected, and this is exactly what happens in this episode.

    An episode with a simple drama and with immense funny moments, make this episode, one of the character-centric episode of LOST