Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

The survivors are now scavenging the plane for their luggage and other things needed for their survival. And Claire is starting to worry about the condition of her unborn child who may have been affected by the crash. In the jungle, a young survivor named Walt is searching for his dog that was on the plane. He ends up finding a pair of handcuffs instead. The possibility of a criminal on the plane leads to an immediate assumptions. One survivor named Sawyer is quick to accuse Sayid (who just happens to be Middle Eastern) of being a terrorist, and a fight breaks out between them on the beach. Jack, Kate, and Charlie return from their jungle trek in time to help break up the fight. They enlist Sayid's help in getting the transceiver to work. Sayid informs Kate that they need to find a better place to get a reception from the transceiver.

And so another jungle trek begins...this time they will have to go into the hills and get a reception before the battery on the radio runs out. Jack is unable to go because he must perform surgery on an unconscious man with a shrapnel in his body. Two siblings Shannon and Boone have an argument which leads Shannon to request joining Sayid and Kate on their hill trek. Boone must join to keep an eye on Shannon, while Charlie joins just for fun. Sawyer watches the five heading into the jungle and he catches up to join them. They climb hills and trek through tall grass but still no reception on the transceiver. Suddenly they hear a noise coming closer and closer. Kate and Charlie worry after the fuselage incident. All of them except Sawyer start to run. Instead Sawyer takes out a gun and begins shooting at the creature charging towards him. The creature is shot several times in the head and lies dying before Sawyer. The other five gather around. To their shock and confusion the charging creature happened to be none other than a polar bear. Kate questions Sawyer about where he got the gun. He tells her he got it off the man that Jack is tending to. That man happens to be a Marshall who was escorting an unknown criminal on the plane.

The six continue their trek and now high up in the mountains they get a signal but Sayid is unable to communicate an S.O.S. because another signal keeps taking over the transceiver. The six start out full of hype believing now that they were going to be rescued, it eventually turns into fear and confusion as the blocking message on the transceiver begins to play over and over and over. With the battery running out, Shannon is asked to translate the repeating looping message which is being spoken in French. The message has a woman's voice repeatedly calling for an S.O.S. But Sayid calculates that the message has been replaying itself... for 16 years. The six are now more afraid and confused than ever. Perhaps this was no ordinary deserted island after all...
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