Season 1 Episode 2

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2004 on ABC

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  • Like every pilot, this is where we are introduced to the Lost 'verse

    I’ve heard lots of good rumours about this programme, but haven’t actually read anything about it, didn’t want to get spoiled if I decided to watch it.

    RTE showed the pilot (2 episodes) back to back last Monday, and there wasn’t much else on so I figured I may as well watch it. So far it is okay, I’m not sure why there has been so much raving about how great it is. Then again, I can’t really judge after only one episode.

    The opening scene was good, I liked the image of Jack just lying there in the forest, and I do think that they were right to show the plan crash in flashback, instead of an almighty confusing opening. Plus it gives the viewer a chance to see what happened on the plane from different persepectives.

    For the rest of the programme it seemed pretty run-of-the-mill, the character of Jack annoyed me, simply because he was such a hero. It annoyed me that no one else was even thinking about doing anything until he made an appearance at the crash site and started giving orders. I suppose the writers were saying that everyone else was pretty much in shock, but as a doc, Jack was used to crazy chaos-filled situations.

    As for the rest of the episode goes, well I think they overdid it on the whole “something is out there”. There are only so many times you can show trees shaking, and hear strange noises before any tension evaporates, changing into boredom.

    That been said, I did like the appearance of the polar bear, and the wierdness of it. Plus that french woman’s recording at the end was a little creepy.
  • The second half of the pilot is superior to the first because it addresses more of the characters

    In the first half of the Pilot episode, we see mostly Jack, Kate, and Charlie. In the second half, as the characters struggle to repair and use the tranceiver found in the plane's cockpit, we get to see more of some of the supporting characters. The most notable of these is Sawyer (Josh Holloway), whom we saw only for a few seconds in the first hour of the Pilot, who is destined to become one of the show's most popular characters. He's a real jerk, but somehwere in there, there's a deeper story.

    We witness the plane crash in flashback again, twice, from Kate and Charlie's points of views. Jack, our "fearless leader" from hour 1, sits this one out a little bit, but Kate's and Charlie's backstories continue to grow exponentially. (We learn Kate is a prisoner, and Charlie is a drug addict.)

    The other characters we learn most about are Sayid (Naveen Andrews), an Iraqi technician, Boone (Ian Somerhalder) and Shannon (Maggie Grace), a whiny young brother and sister who seem rather uninteresting at the moment, and Locke (Terry O'Quinn), who they probably avoid telling us much about intentionally. Locke is definately the most creepy of the Lostaways, and the friendship he is forming with young Walt (Malcolm David Kelley) could mean trouble.

    We still haven't seen much of the Korean couple (Daniel Dae Kim and Yunjin Kim), or Walt and his father (Harold Perrineau). The pregnant Claire (Emilie de Ravin) and comic genius Hurley (Jorge Garcia) also remain suspiciously out of focus, but there's still a whole season to meet these characters, so not to worry.

    While Sayid, Kate, Charlie, Sawyer, Boone and Shannon go off to get the tranceiver to work, Jack stays behind with the badly wounded man (Fredric Lane), who actually turns out to be a US Marshal escourting Kate back to the United States. Sawyer (who appears to be pilfering from everyone he can), has stolen his gun, and believe me, he's not the kind of person you want armed.

    The island mysteries continue, as our tranceiverists learn that there is a distress beacon set up somewhere on the island that has been playing for 16 years and has never been answered. Could the French woman who recorded it still be alive? Also, a POLAR BEAR is discovered on the island, which makes for a great (albeit confusing) addition to the island's mysterious nature.

    FINAL SCORE: 9.1
    SUMMARY: Provides more mysteries and more character development than the first hour, and also makes for an interesting lead into the main body of the series. Lost has officially begun.
  • After the crash, you begin to learn who the survivors were before the crash....

    After the huge beggining of the new hit series, Lost, you would think that it will continue to rock. Does it? Ya. This episode is more like a-learn-the-main-characters-episode. It begins with Charlie, Kate, and Jack heading back to the beach with the transiever. On the way, you start to learn about Charlie. His backstory is one of the most interesting. He was - and still is, mind you-a drug addict. He stashed away heroine in his shoe. He finds it again in the front end of the plane after the crash. We also learn about Kate. This one is very interesting because, she was a prisoner on the plane being transported by a U.S. marshal. It was a very clever idea of the writters of Lost, also how they revealed it to the viewers. Many people are probably looking forward to finding out what she did and if the marshal will survive his injuries. This was a good episode because the writters revealed more characters and showed more of the island as some of the survivors go on a hike. The island gets even more strange when a wild polar bear shows up on the tropical island! The ending of the Pilot was what got me into Lost the most. The island they are on is very strange. Theres a French chick who's been on the island for sixteen years. This was an awesome episode and was a little more fast paced than the previous one.
  • With the survivors settled, the leaders focus on getting rescued.

    After the first half of The Pilot, Lost gets rolling with the structure that will take us through the rest of the season. The episode starts a little slow, and very methodically. The characters come up with two plans: find the transceiver on the airplane and use it to find a signal.

    The trip to the cockpit introduces the "monster" that lives on the island. After some good suspense, we eventually learn that there is another person or persons on the island, which is not shocking really, and I predicted this from the very beginning. The message that the woman delivers is still a fun way to close the episode, and leave things hanging for next time.

    This episode definitely has its moments and it begins to introduce the idea that the island they are on is not totally natural. The appearance of a polar bear and the "monster" both help to show this. All in all, another great showing for Lost.
  • The second part of the pilot episode picks up right where the first left off.

    This show keeps on rolling. Only in the second episode and everything is already starting to pick up pace and keep you on the edge of your seat. This show grabs you right from the start and doesn't let go until the Lost logo flashes on the screen when its over.

    Pilot part 2 was another great episode. I love the way the show is being handled so far. It gets right to the point. We're shown that some of the survivors have secrets that they are trying to keep and the mysterious noise in the woods would kill me if I were on that island.

    I like the character of Sayid. I thought it was good to show Sawyer accusing him of being a terrorist. It made the show feel real as that is something that would probably happen. The more tension, the better this show will be. However, Sayid looks to be a very smart and resourceful man who will be instrumental in helping everyone survive. I look forward to seeing where the show takes him.
  • "Guys, where are we?"

    After the previous pilot and the mass chaos that ensued from the plane crash, part two of the lost Pilot features largely on getting to know some of the characters better, while still pushing the main plot forward.

    In this episode characters are given more air-time, they're on screen longer, they're lines double the size of what they were, and they're own storyline at introductory stages.

    We learn that rock-star bassist Charlie does infact live the rock & roll lifestyle and is something of a drug addict. Child Walt's mother died a few weeks ago. Claire's baby is still in good condition and infact living, and most shockingly, Kate is a criminal and was in handcuffs pre-plane crash.

    For the duration of the episode Jack retains the title of Hero, and spends most of the episode still running around seeing to the aid of others. It doesnt quite have the same effect this episode however, and just feels a retread. Granted there's still injured, but his scenes this episode were far from interesting or enjoyable. Thankfully Locke and Hurley did the complete opposite, their lines both brilliant. Who says a desert island plane crash can't be funny?

    Elsewhere, after finding the transceiver in the previous episode, a gang of the survivors go on a hike in search of getting a signal. They do, and with it come's the biggest shock of the season so far ( not that hard to aquire). The transceiver picks up a SOS message from nearby. It's in French, but after some teamwork, it's soon revealed that it is a cry for help, and it's from 16 years ago.

    A huge plot twist, like the plane-crash survivors, we too as viewers are Lost. But i'm sure it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable for us, and the season can only get better! :)
  • i really like the fact kate is the criminal, i just wish i knew what she did

    The second episode i really enjoyed because we got to learn more about the chacters, i will start with Kate, what a good twist have her be the criminal but we don't exactly know what she did and it looked like Jack doesn't care but the fat guy knows. Which provide an intresting situation because i can see that, it will have to come out eventually. I really like all those flash-back about Kate and how she landed herself on the plane but i hate the fact that they havn't told us. i don't think she's a bad criminal, she didn't know how to disarm a gun but thanks to Syrid she was able to. i really liked that guy. Mind u i didn't like the fact that one of survivor called him a terrorist. That's racial profiling in a US show. now that's bad thing to encourage.

    The French message, now i liked the fact they lied to survivors, hope is such an important thing, The fact that Kate told Jack about that suggest that she trust him but cop told him not to trust her. The polar bear, now that just crazy but also very intresting. i am now offical intrested in the show. Kate has a gun and everyone trusts her.

    i'm keep this short becaused i don't want to be side-tracked. The pregant girl, i really like her and i hope her baby survives. i think fat guy fancy her but who knows. imagine what life of baby would be actually being first person born on island.
  • Much of what is begun in part one comes to fruition in part two.

    Part two of the Lost pilot brings the characters face to face with the fact that they are indeed on an \"island of mystery\", as Sawyer would call it.

    Continuing to gel the characterizations set forth in the pilot, the Castaways (or \"Lostaways\" as the fans call them) begin to learn some starteling revelations about the island they have come to live on. The most mysterious of them all is a mysterious french woman, transmitting a distress call from somewhere on the island. A distress call which has been repeating for 16 years, with an ominous warning.
  • How did Charlie Survive?

    Did any one realize that near the start when they had a flash back for Charlie that when he came out the toilet after he took some of his drugs he sat down on a seat right at the front of the plane, because it was crashing. The same part that they were just looking around in the first one!?!? The same part that went flying into the jungle and killed everyone in it. So how on earth did he survive and end up on the beach?

    It doesn’t make any sense to me, unless I’m getting it completely wrong?!?!
  • The continuation of introducng the characters.

    In this episode we continue to learn about the characters.

    They have flashbacks that give a background of each main character. It shows why they were on the plane and what they remember from the accident itself.

    They also introduce a danger in this episode. It has a very large monster and is not clearly seen and is left to your imagination which is usually the scariest of all.

    This episode is leave you wanting to see the next one anxiously.
  • Better

    This episode was a slight improvement on the pilot episode, and would serve the show well in drawing new viewers’ in. as suspenseful as the first was an added excitement of the revealing of the polar bear. There is more character development and gives the viewers more mysteries and theory’s to discuss
  • One of the freakiest Wtf ending scenes in TV history in my humble opinion.

    This episode was heavy on the character development because it was obviously going to be a catalyst for the rest of the season and the rest of the series. It did that magnificently and also had some serious head-scratching mysteries near the ending.

    -Sun's defiance of Jin when she unbuttoned her top button.
    -Jin trying to give food to Hurley was comedic gold.
    -Jin's look when Claire had him feel her belly.
    -Great work done by Josh Holloway as Sawyer. Very convincing. Had some hilarious lines with things like "Bear Village" and "I just shot a freakin' bear."
    -Seeing the polar bear in Walt's comic book.
    -The whole moment when you realized there was a polar bear on a tropical island.
    -The awesome last scene with Shannon reading what she heard from the radio. Loved the ominous voice of the guy reading the numbers.

    -Some of the character development scenes could've been a bit better.

    Overall, I was extremely pleased with this episode.
  • There's a fight...I could write a whole review on that. Oh, and there's a weird French transmission...yeah...never did like the French.

    Well, after the opener I was expecting "PILOT PART 2" to open in full swing of adventure and mystery, but instead what do we get? A fight between Sayid and Sawyer. From this character difining moment we are given tiny moments of Kate and Charlie's pasts, and another show-stealing moment from Terry O'Quinn's icy character, Locke, who seems to have a fixation with the island, Walt and backgammon. The sub-plot with the man with the shrapnel was just what the episode needed for Jack and Hurley, and made for one of the show's two cliffhangers. Meanwhile, the discovery of a French transmission by a group of hikers may leave the audience wondering what on Earth will happen next. All in all a briliant second episode, and one to watch in the future.
  • Second part of the pilot episode

    This is the last part of the pilot episode. I am going to review this as all one episode, because that is how I watched it. The highlights of the pilot are: phenomanal plane crash scene on the beach, the 'creature' in the jungle, the pilot getting taken out of the plane, and the creepy message heard on the transmitter. All in all, this is the starting episode and from these two hours I was hooked. Fantastic.
  • As good as the first part

    Through flashbacks to what happened to these characters before they came to the island, our knowledge about them--and caring for them--increases, while the "what the heck is happening on this island?" storyline reaches a chilling crescendo in the show's final moments.

    In fact, even after I know the story behind that final scene, watching it still gives me chills.
  • The second part of a pilot of the greatest show there is at the moment.

    Despite the fact that the beast everyone is scared off is pretty much going to turn out to be a dissapointment everything else about the show is great.

    Sayid and Sawyer seem to have chemistry together which is a good thing, the pilot episodes should have been made into a film and not split into two, a lot of mysteries were evident from the get go here and while some of them are solved by the end of the season even more mysteries begin. This episode is the bench mark for what could possibly be the greatest show ever.
  • Now that we're here, who the heck are these people? Spoilers herein.

    As the last episode focused more on the event of the plane crash along with the introduction of the monster, this episode develops the characters we ran into in the first part. They accomplish this through several combinations of interactions and one major coupling of the group out to see if the transceiver will work. It builds on the foundations we saw in the first hour, showing that there is more to these characters than initially believed.

    Of the characters we've met, Hurley is the most likeable. He tries to be helpful and friendly, which allows for some of the lighter moments of the show. What would've been an otherwise serious scene where the Marshall wound starts bleeding is made comic when Hurley slumps over him. Although "the fat guy" is usually a comic figure (or a tough guy), Hurley's humor doesn't come from his weight, but they did have to acknowledge it, via Sawyer's first nickname.

    This is the first time we see Jin's skill for fishing, although he still has a way to go to get to the level he is now (episode 34). We also see how protective he is of Sun, demanding she button up the top button of her shirt. Sun defiantly undoes it later, which shows that she is not just some subservient stereotype that she was made up to be in the first half. The writers also wisely excluded the subtitles from them when a non-English speaker was with them. It adds to the wall that these two characters have made.

    There is clearly more to Jin than some misogynist with control issues. Although he originally wanted to remain separate from the rest of the tribe, by day 2, he knew he couldn't be alone if they were there for the long term. Therefore, he used his fishing to make peace with them. It gives him a tender moment with Claire, as she feels her baby kicking for the first time since the crash.

    Michael is not going to be a candidate for father of the year (but compared to some of the dads we'll see later, Michael's a saint). He loses track of his son, is unable to recall his age and implies that Walt's dog is dead. However, he does care about his son. Walt has been living with his mother, who we find out died recently. Michael is just learning to be a father 10 years after his son’s birth, so I’m cutting him some slack.

    Michael's negligence allows Walt to explore, finding the handcuffs, which serve as the catalyst for the main character interactions of the episode. We know these characters have their share of secrets, and having one be criminal and that knowledge public while the identity remains unknown ups the ante. It creates tension between Sayid and Sawyer, as well as revealing a crucial piece of Kate's back story.

    Kate being the criminal makes a lot of sense, aside from the shock value. She expressed noticeable concern for the Marshall and the handcuffs when they were found and acted suspicious when Sawyer mentioned he knew there was a Marshall on the plane. When we first saw her, she was limping out of the jungle rubbing her wrists, sore from the cuffs. Her location is very telling: she would want to separate herself from the castaways. It's worth wondering what would've happened to her had Jack not gotten her to fix his wound. Would that have taken her to something the castaways wouldn't find or find sometime later? Despite her criminal past, she doesn't seem entirely dangerous, as she helped the Marshall put on the air mask when he was unconscious.

    There are some interesting facts we learn, like Sayid is a former member of the Republican Guard in Iraq (thankfully no soapboxing was done with this). Of course, his appearance causes Sawyer to suspect him of bringing the plane down (a question that hasn’t been asked much since then). Sawyer’s stereotypes also lend a bit to his characterization. However, Sayid isn’t a fanatic, but rather someone who, aside from his fights with Sawyer, acts calmly, and knows technology.

    It is fitting that Sawyer's first real scene interacting with the cast is a fight. For the lack of action he had in the first half, he makes up for it in the second. Like Jin, Sawyer isn't initially a likeable character, grating against the other characters, but we can see why he became one: Josh Holloway is charismatic. His remarks antagonize him from the rest of the group, but he’s such a rebel bad boy that we can forgive that. Of course, there is the letter that produces a very un-Sawyer like response out of him, but more about that later.

    After being silent for the first hour and a half, we hear Locke speak, in what became a pivotal scene. Backgammon's ancient origins and light vs. dark theme ties into some aspects of Lost. It is also the beginning of Locke and Walt's relationship, which will be a big part of this first season. Also, there is the secret Locke tells Walt. I don't think they ever explicitly say what that is, but we can imply what it was based on something in an upcoming episode.

    Charlie's heroin addiction adds to the number of issues facing our castaways. It serves to explain why he really went into the cockpit bathroom and why he bumped into Jack as we saw in the first half of the episode. Charlie's life is much like the second part of the more depressing episodes (or midway through the uplifting ones) of Behind the Music, but is in denial about it.

    It is also the beginning of Shannon's arc, where she is told she is useless and her desperate attempts to prove those critics wrong. They do have a point, as Shannon gets some sun while everyone else scours the bags for supplies and relies on trauma to excuse herself from doing anything. She does prove useful by translating the transmission, but she is still reluctant to do it despite being the only one with any practical knowledge of French. It's symbolic that we can still see her bikini underneath her clothes.

    This episode shows that there is more to this island than a mysterious monster. Yes, there are polar bears. Polar bears support the theory that this island has been subject to numerous experiments. Then we have the eerie message, which has been playing for sixteen years, that closes the episode. The fact that it is in French adds to the melting pot of the island. Remember that it was only a few hours before that Kate and Charlie were running for their lives from the monster. Now they have more to worry about.

    This is a solid continuation of the Pilot, building upon what they laid out first. While those who produce pilots have to go in with the idea that this is likely the only episode that they will do, they assuredly lack closure. Such a rush would've ruined what they established. Luckily, the gamble worked both for the network and for the viewers.

    And when did Jack, Kate or Charlie tell Boone the monster ate the pilot? End nitpick.
  • Såg precis första avsnittet av Lost och känner mig imponerad.

    Såg precis första avsnittet av Lost och känner mig imponerad. Vet att många här ogillar Alias kraftigt (själv tycker jag det var en läskigt underhållande spionfantasi under S1, men att den sen tappade på att försöka bli mer seriös. Fortfarande helt okej dock.), men det är ingen anledning att undvika J.J. Abrams nya.

    Stark cast med bl.a. Dominic Monaghan (Lord of the Rings), Harold Perrineau (OZ), Angels Daniel Dae Kim och skicklige Terry O'Quinn (Alias, West Wing) som gör en stilig Marlon Brando-imitation. Dessutom var, för mig okände, Evangeline Lilly onekligen en sann njutning för ögonen. Väldigt snygg, och känns allmänt väldigt påkostad. Sen fungerar det dramatiskt också, även om huvudpersonen Jack att döma av detta avsnitt är lite väl mycket av en träbock, och påminner för mycket om Vaughn i Alias.

    Och, naturligtvis, (får väl anses standard nu för tiden för serier jag tycker om) hotas Lost av nedläggning redan efter första avsnittet... Längtar ändå tills del 2 av piloten nästa vecka (pilotavsnittet var egentligen 1½ timme men choppades upp i två delar av TV-bolaget).
  • 2nd part

    The conclusion for the Pilot was not as good as the 1st part but still breath taking none the least.

    In this episode we begin to learn what dire straits the survivors are in when after getting the plane's transceiver they listen to a message of an unkown French woman who seems to have been on the island sixteen years prior, and later we learn that she is still on it.

    Overall, a great conclusion to a wonderful Pilot.

  • Just as good as Part 1

    After a great 1st part this had alot to live upto, if the second part wasn't as good then we would see inconsistency which may carry out for the rest of the season, but luckily this was just as Great. We get to know more about the characters, a Polar Bear is found, they get a Radio message from a french woman situated on the island which has been playing for 16 years. This initial Pilot gives you the willy's at the end, with the "Beast" in the jungle, Polar Bears, Hardass characters and the erie Message at the end, this sets up what will be a season full of twists and turns and loads of excitement
  • Just a good as the first one. In the first episode you see some of Boone, Shannon, Claire, Jack, Hurley, Sayid, Rose, Kate and alot of the other main charecters. Especially Jack. Which actually does make alot of sence because he is like the now 'IT' chare

    I think is the same is greatness as the first episode. I think that there were thigns they could have done to make both better but overall it was still one of those Oh My gosh! Whatis gonna happen next. I am a huge fan of lost and I never miss an episode nowadays. And i think that thye all tie together like if i missed this episode atleast one part of a future episode wouldnt make sence to me.
  • I love it as much as the first

    This is a really good ep. I love the fact that theres a monster on the island that is awesome. and wow Sayid is really smart that was amesome how he couted that message to 16 years. The 2 hour ep. was one of the best opening for a show i have ever seen i love it so much.
  • can you say wow?

    So here is the second episode and i'm already hooked to this show! no surprise though.. i love movies that is full of mysteries and drama.. i knew i would love..
    so we come to episode 2 and I already have a favorite character.. dah dah dah Sawyer! how can you not love a guy who is a badass but yet funny?
    We come to find that there is a polar bear on this mysterious island.. amazing to believe that a polar bear could have lived this long on a tropical island.. but no problem our buddy Sawyer put the bear out of his misery by emptying his clip on the bear.. a gun on the island? yes.. there was a US Marshall on the plane with a prisioner, a very very hot prisioner might i say. Not only is there a monster on the island but a French woman who has been stuck in the island for none other than 16 years!
    gotta love LOST!
  • The plot thickens

    As the survivors head out to find a signal for the transceiver we learn that Kate is a convict who was being flown over at the time of the crash. Also the mystery surrounding the Japanese couple becomes more mystifying.

    We learn more about Boon and Shannon, the sibling rivalry is trong with these two. And Charlie has been trafficking drugs.

    Overall a very revealing episode as we delve into charcters personal ordeals. Sawyer is still a mystery though.
  • The way this show should be: Excellent

    This is how all pilots should be, I wasn’t to impressed with the first part because we didn’t learn anything about the characters. Only that there is something in the island.

    In this one, we get to know a bit more about all the characters, Two flashbacks and a very creepy and mysterious end. The reason why I love this show.

    We go more and explore more the characters, Jack in this episode doesn’t take all the screen time and it shows us that there isn’t just one character in the show. Jack tries to operate a guy who was sitting next to Kate.

    Meanwhile. Kate, Charlie, Sayid, two siblings and annoying Sawyer go into the jungle. Sawyer is someone who they thought was taken to prison and he had a gun and saved the others. I think he at least could gave gotten a ‘thank you’ for killing a polo bear, what is a polo bear doing in that island anyway? The two siblings are called Boone and Shannon, Shannon is a big bitca who is useless but she goes along to prove her brother that she isn’t. She proves that she isn’t totally useless, Sayid is someone who worked in the war and gets into a fight with Sawyer. He also fixed a radio, and we both get flashbacks from Kate and Charlie when they were in the plane. Charlie was (or is) a drug addict and he went into the bathroom because he had left some drugs in the toilet, while Kate was the prisoner. She was next to the man who was wounded and plays the nice sweet innocent girl act.

    Other characters we go more into are the two Japanese ones. The male is called Jin who doesn’t treat his woman rightly and doesn’t give her any freedom, her name is Sun. Jin tries to make some food and give it to other people, Hurley just laughs in his face and the pregnant lady ‘Clare’ starts to feel her baby in her belly again cause of it.

    Also, the father and son relationship, Michael and his son Walt, he doesn’t know much about his son and Walt doesn’t like his father, he just wants his dog back ‘Vincent’ who was the one who woke up Jack. Walt goes to hang out with the bald guy called Locke.

    Anyway, so the gang goes into the jungle and after Sawyer shooting the bear, they climbs up the mountains but first Kate takes off Sawyer’s gun ‘I know girls like you’. In the mountain they try to hear that radio and some French woman talks, Shannon understands it and she says that the French woman says that something killed all her passengers and that she is alone. There is also a number of times it has been repeating and Sayid says that it has been repeating for 16 years now.

    This was a great episode that takes you and sucks you in, into the ‘Lost’ world. It had lots of comedy moments and all the characters prove to be interesting.
  • wow. we learn some cool stuff about kate and charlie. aka. frodo's hobbit friend.

    wow. great episode. finally got a hold of the second pilot. evangeline lilly takes her shirt off in this episode too. and we learn she's a criminal which makes it even hotter. It looks like the US marshall was the one who got hit by the shrapnel and Jack was in the process of helping him when he wakes up. Nice flashback scenes to the plane. Those were pretty cool how everyone somehow interacted with each other before the crash. Kate also wanted the marshall to live as shown by how she puts the air breather on him after he gets knocked out cold.

    good episode. can't wait till i get a hold of the 3rd one
  • Awesome second hour to an awesome pilot episode of Lost

    When the Pilot episode of Lost aired, I had only heard a few things about the show.. I had seen the commercial and decided that it looked alright. I didn\'t know whether or not to watch it. So, on the day the first episode aired, I turned the TV on five minutes prior, remembering that it was going to be playing, and watched the first hour of the pilot. That first hour was all it took for me to get hooked. After that, I was an avid fan.

    The second hour is a fine continuation of the first hour of the pilot. The whole episode was making me gasp in excitement, and at the same time, laugh at the humor of some of the characters, such as Hurley, Charlie and Sawyer.

    I loved the whole transciever plot with Sayid and the others.. I love cliffhanger episodes, and with Lost, it seems like just about every episode leaves you hanging (except for the occasional episode that ends with music montages).

    Overall, this was the perfect episode to get somebody hooked to the show.
  • Sawyer: "I saw a guy lying there with an ankle holster so I took the gun. I thought it might come in handy. Guess what? I just shot a bear!"

    In flashbacks, it is revealed that Charlie was doing heroin in the plane's bathroom right before the crash. He, Kate, and Jack return to the main camp with the radio transmitter. Jack must now attend to the air marshall, who was wounded in the crash and requires medical attention. Sayid and Kate decide to take the radio transmitter into the jungle and up to a higher elevation in order to boost the signal. They are joined by Shannon and Boone, who are brother and sister and fight constantly. They are also joined by Charlie and Sawyer. While in the jungle, a polar bear, of all things, runs to attack them. Sawyer promptly pulls out a pistol and shoots it dead. It is revealed that he took the gun off the air marshall. Once they've reached higher elevation, they check the radio, but are unable to sent any signals because another signal is being sent from close by. It is in French, and Shannon translates it. "I'm alone now, it killed them all," the message says. Sayid does some calculations and figures out the message has been playing on a loop for 16 years...

    Many important things happen in this episode, namely being the discovery of the polar bear, finding out that Charlie is a drug adict, and hearing the French Woman's strange signal. The second part of the Pilot establishes more key points than the first, but still focuses on getting to know the characters. For example, we find out that Sawyer (Josh Holloway) is a complete jerk, that Sayid (Naveen Andrews) is an Iraqi, and through a flashback we also find out that Kate (Evangeline Lilly) was the fugitive who the air marshall was escorting. This episode has plenty of action in it, and sets up more of the key mysteries that Lost loves to leave us with.
  • Another great episode!

    This one starts out with us learning a little bit more about Charlie and it turns out that he is a heroin addict. I liked how they overlapped scenes from the first episode to this one. When we see Charlie rushing down the isle in this episode we don’t see much of Jack, but in the first one it was the opposite way around. They also showed what Kate was doing at the time of the accident in midair. I guess they are going to do this for a while. We also find out why Charlie wanted to go and help find the cockpit so bad and what he was doing in the bathroom while Jack and Kate were looking for the transceiver. We also find out that there was a prisoner on the plane and Sayid thinks Sawyer and Sawyer things Sayid is a terrorist they get into a couple fights about it both verbally and physically. It turns out that the seemingly innocent Kate is the prisoner. I can’t wait to find out what it is she did to get in so much trouble and what everyone else is going to do when they find out. Hurley seems like a funny guy. I don’t like Michael very much and he doesn’t seem to know very much about his son that he supposedly cares so much about. The scene in the Jungle where Sawyer kills a polar bear was pretty cool and very strange that there is a polar bear in the place that they are in. It adds a lot of mystery to the already mysterious island and speaking of mystery the ending was very exciting. There are a lot of questions that they left us with along with the ones already mentioned there are others like is the marshal going to tell Jack that Kate is the prisoner and what is John Locke’s story?
  • The second instalment to the pilot is even better then the first. Exciting, mind blowing, suspensful, and absolutly well writen.

    What with the fantastic part 1 of the pilot it would seem impossible to make the next episode better, but some how they pulled it off.

    This episode really is the first episode that really elaberates on who the survivors are and were, and also how they get along together (what with sawyer and sayid fighting early into the episode). Part 2 is not like part 1 where they wait for rescue to come, part 2 is about realizing that if they're going to be rescued they have to do something about it.

    This episode really starts to label the characters what with Jack being the helpful doctor, Kate being the budding leader who has a dark secret, Sawyer being the outlaw who doesn't care about anyone ect. Part 2 really is a fantastic episode and it opens the doors for more events and mysterys to come on the island.

    Charlie- Hey guys, Where are we?

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