Season 1 Episode 2

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Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2004 on ABC

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  • How did Charlie Survive?

    Did any one realize that near the start when they had a flash back for Charlie that when he came out the toilet after he took some of his drugs he sat down on a seat right at the front of the plane, because it was crashing. The same part that they were just looking around in the first one!?!? The same part that went flying into the jungle and killed everyone in it. So how on earth did he survive and end up on the beach?

    It doesn’t make any sense to me, unless I’m getting it completely wrong?!?!
  • A tale of survival...

    After lying through their threet about the pilot's death, Doctor Jack realizes just how good liar Kate really is when the mortally injured marshall, Edward Mars, reveals she was the prisoner he was trying to bring back to L.A., there's nothing he can do about it for she has already left with unsuspecting 5 passengers to try to send a messge with the very transceiver the Doctor trusted her when he didn't know who she was.

    Drug addict Charlie keeps trusting the convict murderer as he did on the first part of the pilot, siblings Boone and Shannon keep trying to prove themselves to one another and the irony is that the soldier Sawyer just accused of terrorist may be the only ally he can count on once he figures out what Kate really is, after they shots a polar bear that simply didn't belong there. Something else that also didn't belong there? A french transmission Shannon translates for them, a transmission that has been repeating in a loop for over 16 years:"... they are dead, it killed them all, I'm all alone now, please ...someone come."

    They may as well end up being the aid for someone else before they could receive aid themsleves.
  • The second part of the pilot episode continues where the first leaves off, still with alot of questions that need answering, but before we know it we have even more questions that need answering??

    There is initially a fight on the beach with a biased man with a major chip on his shoulder blaming Sayad as the reason that the plane crashed, calling him a terrorist. The start of this was no doubt the little boy finding the handcuffs in the forest edge. The man is saying that Sayad was still throughout the entire flight and that his hands were covered by a blanket, obviously covering up the handcuffs.

    The fight of course gets broken up by Jack before he gets called away to see about the condition of the man with a stomach impalment. Whilst this is going on Sayad has claimed to have fixed the transceiver but that they are out of range of a signal, as there are no bars. The chubby guy goes to help Sayad, Hurley asks him where he learnt about electronics, here we find that Sayad used to be a communications guy in the Iraqi Imperial Guard during the gulf war. Hmmm, is this going to be more relevant later on, there is bound to be a story or two regarding this issue.

    The transceiver fixed and a group of them go off on a hike in order to gain a higher altitude so that the trasceiver can be able to broadcast a distress message. They initially start as the two of them, Kate and Sayad, but then the guy who was fighting with him wants to come along on the hike, then charlie and the brother and sister pair join in.

    They all undertake a small climb on their hike and get to flatter land of some description, they are walking in long grass when there is an animalistic noise, the trampling of the grass can be heard, Kate (taking Jack's advise) does a u-turn and starts to run, as do they all but the man who was involved in the fight on the beach, who draws a gun and starts shooting at the approaching thing. The others cease and return to where he was. He has killed a bear, a very big white bear, hmmm a polar bear in a tropical climate of sorts.

    They then discuss how he came to be in the possession of a gun, through a Us Marshall. We have yet another flashback to the initial plane journey, only to find out that Kate was the prisoner of the Marshall !!!!

    The hike is semi successful, they manage to get high enough to get a bar on the transceiver, only to find that someone else is sending a signal out, and they have it on a loop and its been broadcasting for 16 years. Damn that was quick maths, even for me. LOL.

    Hmmm, more to this than meets the eye I think, I'll just have to wait and see on that score i suppose.
  • The real mystery begins

    The passengers have been on the plane for less than a day, and the veneer of civilization has begun. Some people are in denial, especially Shannon, who has now unpacked her bag and is sunbathing. But now the first of the mysteries begin to be revealed, some dealing with the survivors, some with the island. For example, we find that there were a pair of handcuffs, and a marshal on the plane, which means someone is being held prisoner. This secret is revealed before the hour's over---- it's Kate. We've already grown attached to her, so to learn she's a crook unsettles us, but compared to what else is going on, it's filed away.

    When Jack, Kate, and Charlie make it back to the beach with the transceiver, the first thing they have to do is break up a fight between Sayid and the blond-haired guy, who still has not revealed his name. It's pretty clear there's a fair bit of redneck in this guy, given how he goes after Sayid, and is contemptuous of Jack. But there is more to him than that; we see him study a letter in obvious pain, and when several of the others go on a walk to try and get the transceiver working, he joins him. He's bluff about why--- 'I'm a complex guy," is how he rationalizes it to Kate.

    Now the characters of the other survivors start to come into context a little better. Boone and Shannon are revealed to be brother and sister, which explains some but not all of the tension between them. Hurley is emerge as the island peacemaker- and helper-- he tries to come down the fight, talks politely with Sayid, and tries, even though he is clearly out of his depth, to help Jack tend to a man who was found wounded earlier. He's also has a joke reflex, see how he makes sure the patient is unconscious before Jack operates.

    Michael's concern for his son seems to be more blood than personal--- we learns his wife was the one who raised his son in Australia, and he hasn't seen him in years. Walt then forms a friendship with the balding guy, who is revealed as Locke. Watch the conversation carefully. Given our natural suspicion, we wonder about Walt's safety as Locke tells him how to play backgammon, especially when he says: "Want to know a secret?" But he also talks to Walt as if he were an adult, and his sympathy about the death of his mother seems not condescending, but rather one who feels a similar burden of pain.

    The Korean couple remain even more mysterious, but it's pretty clear the man was some kind of fisherman, given the way he tries to help feed the others with the scraps. And there's definite tension between the two of them that seems deeper than the cultural divide. We also learn the real reason Charlie went with Kate and Jack to the cockpit--- he is addicted to heroin, and his last action before the crash was to try and flush it down the toilet. It's also clear he's got major self-esteem issues, as well as being a bit of a flirt. Syed is also revealed to be something of a techie, though does come as a shock to learn that he was in the Republican Guard during the first Gulf War.

    Eventually, Sayid, Kate, Boone, Shannon, Charlie and the blond Southerner--- Sawyer, though we don't learn his name for another five episodes--- go on a long climb to try and get a signal from the transceiver. Two more mysteries emerge from the hike. First, we hear a loud rumbling, which understandably causes panic. Except for Sawyer, who stands his ground, pulls a gun and kills the creature. Charlie and Kate are certain that it's not the thing in the wood, but what the hell's a polar bear doing in the tropics? Four seasons in, we still don't know the reason behind that, and the character's focus is on the gun, which Sawyer claims to have taken from an ankle holster of the marshal.

    Finally, they make it to high ground, but they can't send out a distress signal--- someone else is already sending one, a message in French on a loop. Shannon translates part of it as "I'm alone on the island. The others, they're dead, it killed them all." Then Sayed unveils the clincher, based on the time code, the message has been transmitting for sixteen years.

    We still don't have a clear read on all of the characters, but what we've learned is pretty interesting. My attention was drawn for the most part to Naveen Andrews (Sayed), Josh Holloway as Sawyer (and what a change in hairstyle; I'd seen the guy work in Ally McBeal's final season, and didn't recognize him) and Jorge Garcia as Hurley--- like Evangeline Lilly, another near-unknown at the time of the premiere. Some of the other actors who I had heard of were Harold Perrineau as Michael (Augustus Hill on Oz) and Emilie De Ravin as Claire (Tess from Roswell, though I had no idea that thick accent of hers was her normal voice), but they still hadn't been utilized much for me to appreciate them. When the Pilot of Lost is finished, we now have a clearer idea on what the show is going to be. Part of it a real-life version of Survivor, but there are far more interesting mysteries in play, as well as the automatic questions that arise from them. Where is that radio signal being broadcast from? Is it on the island somewhere? What did Kate do to get herself hunted by the law? Did that polar bear ion the island have anything to do with a comic book that featured a polar bear in it? I now know the answer to some of these questions, and we still don't know the answer to the most obvious one--- what the heck is that thing in the woods?

    No show had ever captivated in quite this way, since the earliest episodes of 24, but even after all the brilliance and majesty of the first two hours, I was still reluctant to commit--- I didn't believe that they could keep the momentum going. It would take two more episodes, and closer looks at some of the other characters to make me a convert.
    My Score:9.6
  • A great follow up of the first episode with even more action!

    This episode began where the first one ended with Kate, Jack and Charlie in the jungle along with the transceiver they found. It began with a flashback of Charlie on the plane using drugs in the toilet right before the plane started to go down. That scene was brilliant.
    It was funny how Sayid and Sawyer were just basically bashing up each other about a prisoner/fugitive that was on the flight with a US marshal who is unconscious now. It's like when Walt found the handcuffs the the jungle! When Sayid said to Kate that they'd be going up higher on the island to pick up a signal I was hoping that they'd get one! On the way the few survivors that were with them climbing up came face to face with a polar BEAR! The other survivors seemed to think that Sawyer who was hitting on Kate was the prisoner so they took away the bullets from his gun but I still thought he was innocent. It was great to have seen Kate's flashback on the plane and knowing that she was the prisoner and that Jack would get a hell of a shock if the Marshall woke up!
    The end was terrific how Shannon who speaks French listened to a French womans transmission, how she was calling for rescue for 16 years! Maybe getting rescue will be tougher than they think! Overall an awesome episode! can't wait for next week!
  • We will never have Paris

    Sayid is looking for a signal, while Walt is looking for his dog. What they actually find out is a transmission and a secret. -

    Overall, this episode was much better than the first one. First of all, we got to learn more about the supporting cast and the exploration of the characters was very well done (I especially liked the twist involving Kate being a fugitive). But what made this episode really special was the introduction of some of the show's many mysteries. The polar bears, the nature of the Monster, the mysterious distress signal etc. were all presented perfectly and, all together, created a superb cliffhanger. Very well done.
  • Equally as good as part one...

    Part two of the pilot episode is slightly slower in pace compared to part one but this gives the rest of the characters more of an introduction. Boone, Shannon, Sawyer and Sayid are the most notable because of them going on the trek. I felt that these scenes with the six survivors trying to get a signal was the best and most entreating parts of the episode the scene with the polar bear is great and exciting. We also learn that Charlie is a rug addict and that Kate is the fugitive both back in the day were shocking twists which I didn't see coming. What makes this episode a ten is the final scene with the French distress call, it gives my chills every time I watch it and it was wonderfully acted by all six of the cast. As a whole the pilot episode is perfect in my opinion there is nothing that could be done to make this more enjoyable than it already is. JJ Abrams also does a fantastic job directing showing his potential as a film director once again.
  • 102

    Part 2 was equally as good as part 1. I'm astonished at how amazing this pilot episode was. Both perfect in every aspect. I was almost shaking in the end when everyone was listening to the transmission. These characters are easy to warm up too, I like every single character already.

    A polar bear on an island? Each episode seems to give us more questions than answers, also who else loved the flashbacks? It's great that the writers have some sort of angle on this. Possibilities are endless, when it comes to the possible flashbacks on the plane before it crashed, could bring us some answers and character development.

    I also like that this is going as a day-by-day thing and it isn't rushing the days or weeks for that matter. Can't wait for the next episode with the creepy transmission and the wounded man awakening asking "where is she?" Charlie continues to be my favorite character, but Sawyer is pretty interesting too. I love all the characters, amazing pilot episode overall. One of the best I've ever seen.
  • Awesome.

    Kate, Sayid, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon and Boone head out to take the transceiver inland in an attempt to reach higher ground and get a better signal. Along the way, they are attacked by a charging polar bear, which Sawyer shoots and kills. They are unable to send a signal with the transceiver due to the presence of another signal, a distress call (translated by Shannon) sent by a French woman that has been playing over and over for approximately sixteen years. Back at the beach, a federal marshal wakes up during his operation and asks Jack about Kate, who, in a flashback, is escorted by the marshal on the plane. In another flashback, Charlie is shown to have sneaked a small bag of heroin onto the plane. I love the way Lost goes through all the characters, and you hardly notice it at first, but I think it is so clever. I have to say I think the writers have/done a great job in making everything link together, it's brilliant. I love the flashbacks, and I love the fighting scene with the legends, Sayid and Sawyer.
  • Part 2 of the Pilot Episode.

    WOW. I am addicted to this show. So, in the second part of the two part pilot episode of Lost - a lot is revealed and we know a lot of things that are mystery time things. Sayid gets the transmitter working but they need a signal. So, they decide to go to higher ground and see if they can retrieve a singal up there. They get a bar. Then they hear a lady talking french. I think her name's Shane (I forget. lol.) Shane translates the message to english and she said that the lady is saying that she stranded, shes alone, everyone else is dead, it killed them all. And that message has been repeating for over 16 years! AH! And then they accuse Sawyer of being the 'Prisoner' on the plane. But we find out that it is Kate that was the prisoner.

  • Good Way to finish an episode.

    I think it was not necessary to create another pilot to convince the viewers tha Lost can be a great show.

    Contrarily to the previous episode, you now have the chance to see some character devolopment and their secrets like charlie and kate and that stood out.

    Since the objective of the writers is to shock the audience, ours characters have dark secrets and that way its more interesting.

    With the focus on charlie and kate, everyone else is still trying to figure out the mysteries of the island. As usual, wee have some news mysteries, since this island have some strange things. The final scene where they are listening to the transmission was one of the best cliffhanger endings that the writers could produce. That is the way to keep the audience.
  • The Beginning of Lost, the second part

    The aclaimed series starts in this episode Pilot Pt 1. In it, a plane crash leaves 48 passengers on a deserted island. In the pilot episode, Jack, Kate and Charlie set out to find a transceiver in the plane, where a creature haunts them. On the second part Jack will discover a secret about Kate. And a group of people will try to get reception on the transceiver.

    When I first saw abou Lost was a couple of years ago. I didnt rlly know what it was about. I just thought it was a simple survivor show. I started watching it a few days ago, and now I've gotta say thats awesome. The simple survivor thing was left back when I found out about the supernatural island, or whatever it is. This is a rlly good episode. If you wanna watch this show, you should start from here: the beginning.
  • Jack, Kate, and Charlie head back to the beach. Kate asks Charlie what he was doing in the bathroom, and he says he was sick.

    but in a flashback, it is revealed that Charlie had been doing drugs in the bathroom, and attempted to flush his stash but had been prevented by the sudden onset of turbulence.

    On the island, while looking for his dog Vincent, Walt discovers a pair of handcuffs. After he shows Michael the cuffs, Sawyer attacks Sayid who he believes is an Iraqi terrorist who blew up the plane. They are soon stopped by Michael and the returned Jack. Sayid manages to repair the transceiver, but it does not have a signal or much battery life. While working on it, he reveals to Hurley that he was a communications officer with the Iraqi Republican Guard in the Gulf War. While reading a letter sadly Sawyer decides to go with Sayid and the group (Kate, Charlie, Shannon and Boone) to bring the transceiver inland in an attempt to reach higher ground and get a better signal. Along the way, they are attacked by a charging polar bear, which Sawyer shoots and kills. He then explains that he got the gun from the body of a dead U.S. marshal. Sayid accuses Sawyer of being the marshal's prisoner. Kate takes the gun from Sawyer, and Sayid instructs her on how to dismantle it. At this point, Sawyer becomes relatively disliked by the other survivors. Shannon attempts to understand the signalA flashback shows the final moments of the flight. Kate is talking to the marshal, the same injured man to whom Jack had been tending, on the beach. On the plane, it can be seen that Kate is wearing the handcuffs that Walt found in the jungle. As the turbulence hits, the marshal is knocked unconscious by a falling suitcase. Kate uncuffs herself, and puts the marshal's oxygen mask on him before attaching her own, at which point the tail end of the plane suddenly breaks off and falls away.

    Back at the beach, the marshal wakes up during the operation and asks Jack, "Where is she?" Inland, Sayid turns on the transceiver and it has a signal. However, it is being blocked by a transmission in French that has been repeating for over sixteen years. Shannon translates it: "I'm alone now, on the island alone. Please someone come. The others are dead. It killed them. It killed them all." The group gives each other meaningful looks before Charlie says "Guys, where are we?".
  • The second instalment to the pilot is even better then the first. Exciting, mind blowing, suspensful, and absolutly well writen.

    What with the fantastic part 1 of the pilot it would seem impossible to make the next episode better, but some how they pulled it off.

    This episode really is the first episode that really elaberates on who the survivors are and were, and also how they get along together (what with sawyer and sayid fighting early into the episode). Part 2 is not like part 1 where they wait for rescue to come, part 2 is about realizing that if they're going to be rescued they have to do something about it.

    This episode really starts to label the characters what with Jack being the helpful doctor, Kate being the budding leader who has a dark secret, Sawyer being the outlaw who doesn't care about anyone ect. Part 2 really is a fantastic episode and it opens the doors for more events and mysterys to come on the island.

    Charlie- Hey guys, Where are we?

  • Seguía su mala suerte, era evidente

    "Were are we?" pregunta Charlie y ya no hay vuelta atrás. Todos sabemos que de ahora en más todo esfuerzo será en vano. Las peleas entre Boone y Shannon, los celos de Jin, la angustia de Michael por el rechazo de Matt, el heroísmo de Jack, el hijo de Claire, todo es en vano.

    Me aventuro a adentrarme en la historia haciendo una especie de diario de uno de los sobrevivientes (pongámosle de nombre Jean):

    Día 2

    La bestia se fue. El mar nos entrega y nos quita, nos atrapa. Soñé con garras blancas y gigantescos pájaros negros que volaban sobre mí. Siento que comienzo a perder la posibilidad de distinguir entre realidad y mind tricks. Escribo esto sentado sobre un pedazo de hierro chamuscado (una parte de un ala?). Donde estoy? Donde estamos?
  • Sorry, bear

    Después de ver "The man from Tallahassee".
    Charlie estaba en el cockpit cuando el avión se hizo pedazos por lo que, corríganme si me equivoco, tendría que haber aterrizado en otra parte de la isla. Y acá aparece el oso polar, que ya tan olvidado está. Él,junto al tiburón, son parte de un misterio todavía no develado. Saldrán de la caja mágica de Ben? Jaja. Shannon no era un gran personaje, Michael tampoco. Y lo del monstruo que mata gente, tiene que estar involucrado con la iniciativa Dharma, de alguna u otra manera. Qué fue de Rose y Bernard? Qué fue del duro de Jin?
  • Intriguing secrets, cult scenes, fascinating character connections and funny scenes

    When part one was mostly about introducing Jack and all the characters revolving around him, part two focused more on Kate and Charlie. Secrets were revealed in the past episode and some of them are partially solved. Indeed a puzzle is not only made up by one piece. Moreover it seems other characters also have secrets. So when part one was scary at times the second uses more mystery elements. But fantasy ones are also covered and a scene in the jungle should really surprise you. In fact it's probably in most fans top 5 list. Let's also not forget the cult and ambivalent scene with John Locke and Walt. About Charlie his story is interesting and some people should be able to relate to him but I think the actor did a poor job. Kate has a complete different story even if they obviously have things in common. We learn more about her crash experience and her relationship with an other character. I specially enjoyed that she wasn't just all black or white. Moreover when the beach scene could have been cheesy the writers had the great idea of using Sun. Her tense and complex relationship with her husband Jin brings so much to the show. Sawyer and Sayid also have a few scenes. We soon understand that they're all connected. For example when two of them decide to go on a little adventure others soon follow. It was specially interesting to see Shannon reacting to Boon's comment, her brother. Last but not least the episode was also surprisingly funny and some scenes should make you laugh out loud.
  • One of the freakiest Wtf ending scenes in TV history in my humble opinion.

    This episode was heavy on the character development because it was obviously going to be a catalyst for the rest of the season and the rest of the series. It did that magnificently and also had some serious head-scratching mysteries near the ending.

    -Sun's defiance of Jin when she unbuttoned her top button.
    -Jin trying to give food to Hurley was comedic gold.
    -Jin's look when Claire had him feel her belly.
    -Great work done by Josh Holloway as Sawyer. Very convincing. Had some hilarious lines with things like "Bear Village" and "I just shot a freakin' bear."
    -Seeing the polar bear in Walt's comic book.
    -The whole moment when you realized there was a polar bear on a tropical island.
    -The awesome last scene with Shannon reading what she heard from the radio. Loved the ominous voice of the guy reading the numbers.

    -Some of the character development scenes could've been a bit better.

    Overall, I was extremely pleased with this episode.
  • Better

    This episode was a slight improvement on the pilot episode, and would serve the show well in drawing new viewers’ in. as suspenseful as the first was an added excitement of the revealing of the polar bear. There is more character development and gives the viewers more mysteries and theory’s to discuss
  • "Guys, where are we?"

    After the previous pilot and the mass chaos that ensued from the plane crash, part two of the lost Pilot features largely on getting to know some of the characters better, while still pushing the main plot forward.

    In this episode characters are given more air-time, they're on screen longer, they're lines double the size of what they were, and they're own storyline at introductory stages.

    We learn that rock-star bassist Charlie does infact live the rock & roll lifestyle and is something of a drug addict. Child Walt's mother died a few weeks ago. Claire's baby is still in good condition and infact living, and most shockingly, Kate is a criminal and was in handcuffs pre-plane crash.

    For the duration of the episode Jack retains the title of Hero, and spends most of the episode still running around seeing to the aid of others. It doesnt quite have the same effect this episode however, and just feels a retread. Granted there's still injured, but his scenes this episode were far from interesting or enjoyable. Thankfully Locke and Hurley did the complete opposite, their lines both brilliant. Who says a desert island plane crash can't be funny?

    Elsewhere, after finding the transceiver in the previous episode, a gang of the survivors go on a hike in search of getting a signal. They do, and with it come's the biggest shock of the season so far ( not that hard to aquire). The transceiver picks up a SOS message from nearby. It's in French, but after some teamwork, it's soon revealed that it is a cry for help, and it's from 16 years ago.

    A huge plot twist, like the plane-crash survivors, we too as viewers are Lost. But i'm sure it's a hell of a lot more enjoyable for us, and the season can only get better! :)
  • Another great episode!

    This one starts out with us learning a little bit more about Charlie and it turns out that he is a heroin addict. I liked how they overlapped scenes from the first episode to this one. When we see Charlie rushing down the isle in this episode we don’t see much of Jack, but in the first one it was the opposite way around. They also showed what Kate was doing at the time of the accident in midair. I guess they are going to do this for a while. We also find out why Charlie wanted to go and help find the cockpit so bad and what he was doing in the bathroom while Jack and Kate were looking for the transceiver. We also find out that there was a prisoner on the plane and Sayid thinks Sawyer and Sawyer things Sayid is a terrorist they get into a couple fights about it both verbally and physically. It turns out that the seemingly innocent Kate is the prisoner. I can’t wait to find out what it is she did to get in so much trouble and what everyone else is going to do when they find out. Hurley seems like a funny guy. I don’t like Michael very much and he doesn’t seem to know very much about his son that he supposedly cares so much about. The scene in the Jungle where Sawyer kills a polar bear was pretty cool and very strange that there is a polar bear in the place that they are in. It adds a lot of mystery to the already mysterious island and speaking of mystery the ending was very exciting. There are a lot of questions that they left us with along with the ones already mentioned there are others like is the marshal going to tell Jack that Kate is the prisoner and what is John Locke’s story?
  • One of the best pilots ever

    Its one of the best pilots ever written by Damon Lindelof, boydid he fool us. 6 years later we had no idea what the island was. Other than that they were all dead. The start was good though. Love the Jack episodes.
  • about the episode

    It had great directing, editing, music score and visual effects.
  • A fitting end to the first episode!

    If part 1 was all about playing the mystery, part 2 is about establishing the mix of personalities stranded on the island. There's still plenty of mystery to be had (polar bears, really?) but the change of pace and direction is a welcomed one. JJ manages to link the most unlikely characters together in fascinating ways. Locke continues to creep the hell out of me, while Jin's overbearingness is eased by a sweet scene with Claire (gawd I love Claire!); meanwhile cowardly Charlie is hiding a pretty dark secret, although he's not the only one, eh Kate? This really is essential viewing and its so easy to see how Lost became such an instant hit. There's enough material here to fuel several seasons!
  • Best Pilot Ever

    Epsiode 1 and 2 together doesn't get much better. I never let go of this show after it. Great stuff. Action!
  • The story of Lost begins.

    When Lost first began, I tried to get into it and watch the show, but unfortunately I wasn't really able to keep up with it, so after a while whenever I tried to watched it, I was completely confused since I had missed several episodes, so I just gave up watching the show all together. However, I finally bought season one of Lost on DVD, so I was finally able to see this episode, and I have to say that I think that this episode and this show as a whole is absolutely amazing. This is without a doubt one of the best pilots that I have ever seen for a TV show. All of the special effects were great, and I thought that this episode gave a great introduction to all of the main characters. All things considered, this really was a great episode, and I can't wait to watch the rest of episodes in my season one DVD set.
  • Mind blowing, the best Pilot ever made

    This Pilot is one of the best, no scratch that the best Pilot episode I have ever seen, no other show comes close and no show has no other show has really caught my attention like this, I was hooked from the first scene were Jack wakes up in the jungle. The episode has so much repeat viewing in it I have watched over twenty times, I like looking back at it now you can compare the progression of the character. The The whole 2 hours are full of mind blowing twists like, the Monster, the polar bear and the stranded for 16 years. Amazing
  • "It's a Polar Bear" The second hour of the Pilot is a whirlwind of strong character development, special effects and plot points, all which are essential to the rest of the series.

    After the menacing first hour, which was meant to pop some eyes out of the sockets with its rollercoaster action adventure and scary jolts, the second hour starts to really bring forth what is to be more of the traditional format minus the one-character flashbacks.
    Character development in the first hour was minimal, but that wasn't a bad thing. The first hour was essential to fixate viewers' eyes to the screen with visuals and shocks, but it wasn't saying that this is what Lost is going to be like over the course of the series to follow. Part 1 stands as a classic on its own, as does Part 2 here. When put together, the result is one that makes some movie blockbusters pale in comparison. Part 2 introduces the more layered storytelling that the show would become known for.
    For Lost is not a scare-fest, a SFX piece or a series about a monster in the Jungle. It is much, much more than that and Part 2 establishes that fact quickly.
    More characters are fleshed out now, all of whom add to the ongoing mystery of why they are on the island and why THIS island.
    One of the key characters that gets coverage is John Locke, who gets that memorable first talking moment with Walt regarding Checkers and Locke's little secret, something that we don't learn about `til his own flashback episode, Walkabout.
    It also officially introduces us to all the other Lostaways, including Sawyer, who we only briefly saw in the opening hour. Each moment with all of the characters (and yes, every one is covered), however brief, gives enough information about them to give us first impressions of them. After viewing this episode you could say "I like that character" or "I hate that character". But the writers challenge your biased feelings towards someone as you learn more about them in subsequent episodes. You may love Kate in the opening hour or so but then things change when you realise at the end of this hour she is a criminal, and was the one who wore the handcuffs discovered by Walt in the Jungle.
    Pilot Part 2 gives some examples on why Lost is not solely about a Monster. We see there is an out-of-place Polar Bear on the island, as well as a French Woman, who left an ominous Distress Signal message for the Oceanic survivors to discover.
    The episode is superbly written and organised in a way that builds slowly but surely as the minutes go, building to an unforgettable climax, which merges the Polar Bear discovery, Kate's secret that she is a criminal and was being escorted by the Marshal that Jack is operating on and the disocvery of the French Woman's transmission.
    It has that triple "Oh My God!!" strategy to it and it works perfectly. You just can't deny the power of this episode, which is better than Part 1, if less visually exciting. But Lost is not about visuals or scary-movie gimmicks and it is not a Disaster movie, so don't expect Charlton Heston or Steve McQueen to be rescueing everyone from collapsing skyscrapers. This is no out and out action series. Part 2 demonstrates that Lost is to be more than Popcorn fodder for the TV audience. Lost is a return to the classic TV Series of the 60's and 70's (aka The Prisoner).
    A superbly layered, carefully plotted and equally exciting second hour of a Pilot episode that beats all others.
  • Good

    Jack, Kate and Charlie return to the group, but the transceiver is broken. Sayid Jarrah (Naveen Andrews) fixes the apparatus and organizes an expedition with Kate, Charlie, Shannon Rutherford (Maggie Grace) and her brother Boone Carlyle (Ian Somerhalder) and the dangerous James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) to hike and climb a mountain to transmit a SOS. The group receives a sixteen years old distress call from a French woman in the island instead and kills a polar bear. They return to the survivor's base and decide to hide the information to preserve the hope of the group.

    The conclusion of the pilot episode of "Lost" is great, with a better explanation of some characters, promising a good series. I personally am attracted by the intriguing character of Kate, and the leadership of Jack. My vote is eight.
  • Guys... Where Are We?

    Charlie's question, the last words spoken in the episode, reflects our own thinking. Everyone's fearful reactions in the group that have gone hiking begin the real sense of danger and mystery of the island they are stranded on. As part 2 of the Pilot, this episode is exciting, revealing and well written. It also brings to the foreground the character of Sawyer, known later to be James Ford, who immediately is estranged from the group with his ignorant and overly-confident attitude, and yet there's dramatic irony in that the letter he reads alone strikes his most vulnerable side and foreshadows some great Sawyer-centric episodes to come, leading to a dramatic confrontation with someone from his past in the third season.

    The chemistry between the main members of the cast is much more evident in this episode than it was in the first episode, as they begin to work together for the first time to find out what the hell is going on with this island. The cliffhanger moment is priceless, perhaps the most famous moment in the entire show, and foreshadows many of the great things to come on the show. Nothing more to say, except Lost has probably the best opening 2-parter episode of any show ever broadcast. Exciting, thrilling, perfection.
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