Season 1 Episode 2

Pilot (2)

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 2004 on ABC

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    Part 2 was equally as good as part 1. I'm astonished at how amazing this pilot episode was. Both perfect in every aspect. I was almost shaking in the end when everyone was listening to the transmission. These characters are easy to warm up too, I like every single character already.

    A polar bear on an island? Each episode seems to give us more questions than answers, also who else loved the flashbacks? It's great that the writers have some sort of angle on this. Possibilities are endless, when it comes to the possible flashbacks on the plane before it crashed, could bring us some answers and character development.

    I also like that this is going as a day-by-day thing and it isn't rushing the days or weeks for that matter. Can't wait for the next episode with the creepy transmission and the wounded man awakening asking "where is she?" Charlie continues to be my favorite character, but Sawyer is pretty interesting too. I love all the characters, amazing pilot episode overall. One of the best I've ever seen.