Season 1 Episode 10

Raised by Another

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2004 on ABC

Episode Recap

Hearing baby cries, Claire wakes up in the night. She gets up and is no longer pregnant. She walks through the jungle and finds Locke, who tells her that it was her responsibility and she gave him away; now everyone has to pay the price. She hears crying again and sees something moving. She finds a crib and moves the blankets, finding blood. Screaming and crying, she wakes up everyone in the cave. Charlie helps her and tells her she was sleepwalking and that it was just a dream.

The next morning, Jack is giving her bandages for her hands, since she dug her nails into her palms during her nightmare. She tells him that it was the first time she has ever sleepwalked. When Jack asks how long she's been pregnant, she flashes back to when she first found out. Although she and Thomas, her boyfriend, are upset, they contemplate keeping the child.
Later, Jack talks to Kate on the beach, who says she's worried about Sayid, who still hasn't returned. Jack tells her that Claire will have the baby soon. Meanwhile, after Claire rejects Charlie's offer to become "friends", she has another flashback. Claire is going to move into Thomas' loft soon, and Claire and her friend go to a psychic. A few seconds into the reading, the psychic knows that she is pregnant. As the reading continues, the psychic gets a look of terror in his eyes. He gives Claire her money back and refuses to do the reading.

That night, everyone is again awakened by Claire's screaming. She tells them all that she was attacked. Michael and Jack stay with her while the others look for her attacker. Jack leaves and catches up with Hurley, who tells him that they don't even know everyone. He even reveals that his real name is Hugo; Hurley is his nickname. Hurley then comes up with the idea of doing a census. When Charlie gives Claire a blanket and tells her not to worry and that he's not going anywhere, she has another flashback. After Thomas arrives at the loft, he tells her that he doesn't want to be a father anymore and then leaves her.
As Hurley begins his census, Jack tells Charlie and Kate that he thinks that nobody really attacked Claire, causing Charlie to get mad at him. In the jungle, Hurley finds Ethan and marks him on the census. In the cave, Jack tells Claire that he thinks she just imagined it and tries to give her sleeping pills. She gets upset and leaves the cave. In a flashback, Claire goes back to the psychic. He agrees to do a reading. He
knows that Thomas left her and tells her that the reason he stopped the last reading was because he saw something "blurry". He continues the
reading and tells her that Thomas will have nothing to do with the baby or her and that she needs to raise the baby herself. He says danger surrounds the baby and Claire's goodness must influence the child. She tells him that if she doesn't get back together with Thomas, she will put the baby up for adoption. When the psychic tells her again that she must raise it, she decides to leave. Later, the psychic calls her in the middle of the night trying to tell her about his plan.

Charlie manages to catch up with Claire, who is headed for the beach. Meanwhile, Boone tells Hurley that Sawyer has the flight manifest, and
Hurley convinces him to give it to him. As Charlie and Claire are talking, she starts having contractions, and Charlie lets slip that he is a drug addict. He then runs to get Jack. Claire has a flashback of her at the adoption agency. When she tries to sign the papers, none of the pens will work. She then decides to not give up the baby and then goes to the psychic to hear his plan. Meanwhile, Charlie finds Ethan and tells him about Claire and to go get Jack. When Charlie goes back to her, Claire's flashback continues as the psychic tells her that he found an agency in Los Angeles that is willing to take the baby. Claire tells Charlie about it and that the psychic was full of it, but Charlie disagrees, saying that the psychic may have known that the crash would happen and she would be forced to keep the baby. Claire then realizes it was all a setup. After the contractions stop, the two head back to the cave.

Back in the cave, Sayid arrives and tells them about Rousseau and The Others. Just as Hurley comes to the cave and tells them that one of the survivors wasn't on the plane, Ethan catches up with Claire and Charlie and is staring at her!
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