Season 1 Episode 10

Raised by Another

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 01, 2004 on ABC

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  • Claire

    Emilie de Ravin's superb acting skills portray the pregnant Claire at her most vulnerable; and the biggest plot twist of the show so far will inevitably get people talking.
  • I Am A Psychic. I Warn People.

    Claire is the abandoned mother who finds the ideal advisor in an annoying and variable psychic. She gets punished for believing in such things by getting abducted by Ethan. Oh, who am I kidding? He was a REAL psychic! -

    This one had the potential to evolve into a spectacular episode, but the writer and director did not grab this opportunity. The episode is still good, but yet far from perfect, and this is mainly because of the mediocrity of the flashbacks (Claire is a likable character but what is more predictable than an abandoned pregnant woman? Also, a psychic? Seriously?) and the fact that most of the action that takes place on the Island is tardy. Except for the last few scenes of course, where it is revealed that Ethan is an OTHER and he abducts Charlie and Claire. Bwhaahahaha!
  • Awesome.

    A badly wounded Sayid returns to camp and tells the others about Rousseau and that there are other people on the island. Claire wakes up screaming two nights in a row and insists that someone held her down and stabbed her stomach. This attack persuades Hurley to take a census of the survivors using the flight manifest, and he discovers that Ethan was not on the plane. In flashbacks, Claire finds out she is pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her. She goes to see a psychic, who says that great danger surrounds her baby. Wow - another awesome episode from Lost. Scary episode to be honest - horrible first dream by Claire. I love Charlie Pace best character ever! Ethan - scary dude is after Claire and her baby. He takes Claire and Charlie away - awesome storyline. "One sugar plum fairy, two sugar plum fairy" - legendary.
  • Chilling episode that sets the tone for the rest of the series.

    Good episode, we get to know Claire so the fact that there are some boring parts I take for granted. If you know the ending of Lost this episode gives you the chills. We see Claires dream with John Locke's eyes looking like the devil and a psychic! The psychic is the beginning of a storyline where there are people who can talk with ghosts and see in the future, the paranormal... He wants Claire to raise her baby by herself, not by another. Did he know Kate was going to take Aaron of the Island? That the plane was going to crash? Question remains why he didn't prevent her from crashing... In this episode we first hear the Claire them, sorry but it is beautiful.
  • Leaves you with an awesome cliffhanger...

    The start of this episode really sets the tone here, it is chilling and horrible, in a cool way that is. I love the scene. Claire's flashbacks are some of the best so far they were really strange the psychic knew or did he? Who was he? Was he an other? or just some dude. Anyway it was a cool episode for Claire her best of the series just slightly better than Par Avion. Shannon has a really funny line in this episode that always makes me laugh. Charlie also had some funny moments here. the middle parts of the episode were slower but then there is the ending one of my favourite cliff hangers of the series, "Where not alone", "Someone wasn't on the manifest". I get chills every time
  • Fantastic!!!

    Now is time for a claire centric-episode and of course, you may think that is not good or will not create some great moments, at least, i was one of them to thought that.

    In the beginning claire is having this nightmares and nothing relevant happened, until the near end of this episode. The twist created was one of the best and is guarranted that you will love it.

    The writers used Hurley to create some funny Scenes, that was good.

    Claire flashback at the beginning seemed to be only about details and information, but than the flashback evolved to another level, a mythology and mysterious level.

    OVerral, we had some funny scenes, one of the best cliffhangers made in Lost, great twist and some mythology and mysteries, a 9 type of episode.
  • Superb. One of my favorite episodes of the series!

    Claire is such an easy character to relate to. She is just a fun character who can also be put in very serious situations now. I'm not sure which story I liked better: The Flashback of the Island Story.
    The flashback was absolutely stupendous. It was very easy to feel bad for Claire when her boyfriend leaves her. He convinced her to keep the baby but then just quits on her and leaves her all alone. Then the psycic and his story was very well done. Just the big reveal that he knew the plane was going to crash but sent her to the island anyway was a chilling moment.
    Then on-island the story is just as great. I wasn't sure whether or not to believe Claire was being attacked or pass it off as her imagination. The Claire-Charlie relationship was very cute here and the ending with Ethan stairing creepily at them was well played and sends a massive chill up your spine. Superb episode!
  • Not quite revealing, but what we see is critical

    We've already figured that there is something very strange about the island that the castaways are now, and that they're not alone. Now in 'Raised by Another', we get the first indication that there was something strange going on with the passengers BEFORE the crash. And considering who that character is, that takes on another level of significance.

    Up until this point, Claire has been more of a background character, not even appearing in three episodes, but now her characters comes to the front with a vengeance when she has a very vivid dream about her baby being in danger. Now, lots of pregnant women happen in the last trimester of the pregnancy, but associated with the island, it could mean something a lot worse. I will not attempt to analyze this dream (I'm not a psychiatrist), but it seems to represent dread, danger, and foreboding. As we know Claire is a pretty spiritual person, and like many pregnant women, this has left her vulnerable. This was an unexpected pregnancy, and one that her stiff of a boyfriend did not prepare her for at all. Far more important was a visit to a psychic early on. The psychic saw something very dangerous coming, and tried to warn her about it--- or did he? Given his behavior, and his approach to what was happening, for four months, it seemed like he was trying to manipulate Claire into holding on to her baby. Then, when she finally agrees to listen to her, he says that it's safe for the child to be adopted---- but only if she goes on a certain plane at a certain time. Did he know the plane would crash? Did the psychic know about the island and was he trying to get her there in the first place? (Later episodes will suggest that this is very probable)

    On an even creepier level, was some kind of force pushing Claire towards him to begin with? We see her about to give the baby up for adoption, but when the attorney hands her a pen, it doesn't work. Same with the replacement pen. Claire probably took this as a sign not to give up her child to these parents. Is it possible the island was putting obstacles in her path, that the psychic knew about it somehow? Given what we see in later seasons, I am not inclined to dismiss this. There is something significant about this pregnancy, but even now I don't know what or why

    These problems are speculative. What is going on in this episode is not. When Claire is attacked by someone, Jack, ever the rationalist, is determined to dismiss both as some kind of hormonal alarm. Charlie, who's a lot more spiritual, and clearly is falling for Claire, wants to protect her, and believes that something is going on.

    Hurley's reaction is even more interesting. After helping search most of the caves for Claire's attacker, he realizes that they don't know anything about the other passengers, including who lives where and why they were there. He hits upon the idea of doing a census, and carries through with it. Hurley is turning out to be an interesting character. Yes, he's funny and yes, he's got a communal attitude, but he also has a good head on his shoulders about understanding how people think and the problems they are facing on this island. He also knows how to handle people (the scene where he gets the passenger manifest from Sawyer is a small gem) and he is forceful (watch how determined he gets Jack's attention in the next to last scene) This is a character with a lot more going on than a ready wit (though we won't know his baggage for a little while longer)

    Unfortunately, Jack is dismissive of her fears as being part of her pregnancy, much like Claire initially debunks the attack. And when he finally learns the truth, it's too late for her and Charlie. They have just encountered Ethan, one of the 'Others' that Rousseau mentioned in the previous episode, and the dynamic of the series is about to change yet again.

    As we shall learn very shortly, pregnancy and children are a very important element of this island. What is not clear yet is if this is because of the island or because of the children. Though he isn't seen in this episode, the character who this most affects is Walt, for reasons that will become clear soon, and in his case, he was different before the plane crash. We have yet to find out if there is anything significant about the child Claire is carrying (he's still far too young for us to know one way or the other) but it's obvious that the Others must think he is. Like the previous episodes, the story focuses on three or four characters, and does almost nothing with any of the others. For the second straight week, we don't see either Jin or Sun, no Walt and precious little of Michael, almost nothing of Boone or Shannon, and very little of Kate or Locke. The episode seems to focus on Claire and her relationships with Charlie and Jack. (Though we don't know it, he and Claire have more in common then they know) As a result, the episode, while a very important one as far as plot and character development goes doesn't have the same power as some of the earlier ones. Emilie De Ravin is a fine actress (and even in her condition, she fairly glows with beauty), but her character doesn't have the same force as Evangeline Lilly or Yunjun Kim's. 'Raised by Another' could have been a lot better than it was, but in the last sixty seconds, we have the shows first real cliffhanger. And this one isn't going to be resolved by the next episode.
  • Not alone

    No estamos solos. Lo importante que es para ellos saber que no lo están, el miedo que acarrea. Me permito hacer una analogía con la vida extraterrestre. Qué pasaría si nos enteraramos de un día para el otro que no estamos solos? Sentiríamos el mismo temor? El temor a lo desconocido? Yo creo que la mayoría de nosotros sí. Quizás sumado a esa adrenalina que siente Locke al querer saber más. Pero estaría basado en el miedo. En el natural e instintivo miedo de saber que hay algo más que no sabemos qué es ni cómo nombrarlo. Seguramente la deidificaríamos. Quién sabe...
  • Is the girl who is expecting the baby, Claire, going loopy, or is it just a stage of pregnancy, maybe the island? We have Charlie bending over backwards for Claire and would probably have the baby for her at this point if asked.

    The episode starts off with Claire imagining that her unborn baby has been born, that it is crying somewhere in the forest, she goes to the crib but there is nothing there, even when she unravels all the blankets, she is empty handed but her hands are covered with blood, she screams the caves down, only to be told by Charlie that she was sleepwalking.

    After examining her hands he asks a ton of questions, but the result of the blood is that she dug her own fingernails into the palms of her hands, enough to make them bleed. She then has a flashback to the moment when she and Thomas discovered she was pregnant, the mixed emotions.

    We plod on with the day to day surviving of the island, then there is another episode with Claire, who believes someone was trying to injure her baby. Some people go to scout the area, but the concensus is that they don't know who is who and it doesn't help when they are split over two locations.
    Jack puts it down to stress and the imminent arrival of the baby, that is causing her to imagine these events.

    He could be right, but I think that it may be all of them that are suffering from the effects fo something, perhaps this is the thing that Danielle was refering to.

    Claire has another flashback, well two of them, both times she goes to see a clairvoyant, the first time he gives her her money back and tells her that he is unable to do it. The second time, he explains that the first time, he saw a blurry thing, which is bad, so hence the reason for not continuing with it.
    The second time, he explains that it is imperative that she raise this baby, that otherwise the will be terrible consequences, that the baby needs her protective influences. Charlie tries to understand why she is going back to the beach, so he escorts her, but she starts going into labour leaving Charlie to run back and get Jack, at Claires insistence. She flashes back to the time when she is in a lawyers office, signing the rights to her unborn baby away, but then stopping before she signs it, then going back to see the clairvoyant who has a plan.

    The plan from the clairvoyant, was to go to LA and give her baby to a safe couple, he has foreseen it, she got 6k and told she would get another 6 when she landed. As she tells Charlie, she thinks that maybe the guy foresaw the crash and thats why it had to be that one.

    Sayad appears and warns Jack, Kate and John that they are not alone on the island an to beware. Then Hurley appears and tells them that he got the manifest from Sawyer and checked all 46 names against it, one of those names were not on the manifest that he got earlier, meaning one person in that 46 was not on the flight.

    The last scene is it focusing on charlie and Claire and Ethan, he has an evil look in his eye, but it being him is a bit too obvious for my liking.
  • Another brilliant masterpiece

    This episode started off with Claire dreaming about her baby being in danger.
    It was really quite confusing at times but we soon got the hang of It when Claire got attacked by someone. She said that someone was trying to hurt her baby! The first thing I wanted to know was "Who did it and why?". When I watched It the first time I wasn't too sure who might have done it. So Hurley started a census to find out some information on all 46 survivors and that didn't really help. The flashbacks of Claire in Sydney, Australia were pretty interesting, I was appalled when Claire's boyfriend decided to leave because of his selfishness. Back on the island Kate was talking to Jack about her attack and how It might be a worry attack. I hate It when doctors say that they're just making it all up! Charlie on the other hand defended Claire by telling Jack that her story WAS real. As soon as Hurley had interviewed Ethan, I knew something wasn't quite right with Ethan because of the way he acted when Hugo was asking him all these questions.
    Then Jack went to Claire at the caves and told her that her story was false. Claire's flashbacks focussed on an older man who could tell Claire's future and when he told her that her baby is in danger unless she raised it on her own put me into suspense, but also scared me. On the island, Charlie followed Claire, deep into the jungle and asked her politely to come back to the caves. She then stated having contractions so she sent Charlie to go back and get Jack but ran into Ethan in the process. "Go get Jack" Charlie says. It was exciting but a little freaky. Sayid then came back with a bad leg telling Jack that there are others on this island and it is possible that Claire was attacked by someone pretending to be a survivor. While they were waiting, Claire told Charlie about the man who lied to her about not giving up the baby, but instead telling her to fly to L.A.X to give up the baby to someone else. There was no couple in LA, he knew what was going to happen to the plane! FREAKY!

    Hugo returned with the census with news about the flight manifest. "He wasn't on the plane!" It was Ethan who attacked Claire and he surprised herself and Charlie by showing up, just staring at Claire. He's the bad guy! On the next episode, Ethan kidnaps Charlie and Claire; taking them away into the jungle, while Jack prepares a search party. The question leaves us wondering: Who is this man? Why does he want her?
    Overall, another excellent masterpiece and the second of three consecutive episodes that are packed with action.
  • Another brilliant episode and a real shocker of an ending!

    Everytime i watch an episode of Lost the expression 'Wow, wow wow,' springs to mind. It really is a good series and the more i watch the more i love it and not only that, i can't get enough of it! This is another fantastic episode. The overall storyline of Claire and her backstory is very well written and like more recent episodes leans closer to the supernatural side of Lost. I love the mystery aspect of the whole show and the questions just keep coming, and there set up so effectivley and thats one of the key things that makes Lost so great and addictive. I like the relationship brewing between Charlie and Claire and i hope that more comes of it, they'd make a sweet couple. I think the ending of the tenth episode is by far the best, setting one of the most shocking and nerve shreading cliffhangers i've ever seen in any show before. all though it doesn't have a perfect factor to it, it certainly is superb!
  • A Claire-centric episode.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I thought that this was a really great episode. The main reason that I liked this episode so much is that Claire is one of my favorite characters on the show, and I think that she's such a fascinating character, so I really liked getting to learn more about her. Emilie de Ravin plays the role of Claire so well. I think that Claire's background story of her life before the plane crash is very interesting. As a whole, I thought that this was a very well written and very well acted episode by everyone involved. In closing, this is definitely one of my all time favorite episodes of Lost, and I'm looking forward to more Claire-centric episodes in the future.
  • Charlie: (gently drapes the blanket around Claire's shoulders) You all right? (sits down next to her) Don't worry. If you want to close your eyes, I'll be here all night. I won't let anyone get to you. I won't leave you, Claire. Promise.

    A badly wounded Sayid returns to camp and tells the others about Rousseau and that there are other people on the island. Claire wakes up screaming two nights in a row and insists that someone held her down and stabbed her stomach. This attack persuades Hurley to take a census of the survivors using the flight manifest, and he discovers that Ethan was not on the plane. In flashbacks, Claire finds out she is pregnant and her boyfriend leaves her. She goes to see a psychic, who says that great danger surrounds her baby. A decent episode but by far not one of the best, last five minutes saved this one. 9.2
  • " You can't let another raise this baby" A Claire-flashback episode gives Lost a much needed re-boost of momentum, as well as the best set of flashbacks since Walkabout.

    The dark warnings offered by Danielle to Sayid in the last episode hang thick back at the survivor's two camps, encouraged by Claire's claims that someone is after her baby.
    These claims come true at the end and the tension that builds to that revealing moment is great to watch.
    What is also great to see is a quality set of flashbacks, and like in Walkabout do not disrupt the momentum of the island action but add to it. These flashbacks are special as they bring up the concept that the threat of the island was known before Claire before she boarded the flight, thanks to Psychic Malkin's psychic foresight.
    Strangely, the flashbacks are as interestingly as the island coverage, at least until the final moments.
    Even the episode's title, Raised by Another, may have more significance than it may seem at first glance. Of course the title relates to Richard Malkin's insistence to Claire that her baby can't be raised by another. But could he actually mean that he/she can't be raised by an "Other"??
    What did Malkin see? We realize with Claire at the end that he foresaw the plane crash he forced her to be involved in so that his foresight would come true. Does he know about the Others? It would seem so as someone is indeed after her baby to claim as they're own. Does that mean that Ethan is one of the Others? Questions abound in this episode, just as in the last one, and certainly this episode adds to the sudden complexity with the season. This episode is plotted and constructed so well that it is easy to be pulled along for the ride, making the previous episode's muddled structure that much forgivable. In fact it is the events of this episode that make the set-up of Solitary that much clever.
    This episode pulls the survivors much more dramatically from the playfulness on the Golf Course to their most serious situation yet. It's time to get back down to earth, and this is hard for the survivor's to adjust to, particularly Jack, who is certainly going to take some convincing from the other believers that this island is something more than an island. Jack's attitude in this episode is troubling, as it causes some frictions in his relationship with the other survivors and this is going to esculate as time goes on, especially when Locke get more involved.
    Claire is an interesting character, and one that believes in many New Age subjects, which goes against Jack's more scientific reasoning.
    This episode is also important to the ongoing Charlie/Claire relationship, which subsequent to this episode, is reset to 0 and has to start from scratch when Claire returns from her ordeal with no memory.
    The end of this episode is so gripping. It all comes together: Hurley's revealing census concerning Ethan, Sayid's return to camp, who tells them that they are not alone and the stand-off between Ethan, Charlie and Claire. It is the perfect cliffhanger, setting up the events of the next pulse-pounding episode, a classic in its own right.
  • Meet Ethan Rom.

    There's alot to say about this episode, because it was so packed and good. What made it amazing for me was:

    -- The beginning. Way to boot off the episode! What a creepy dream with alot of symbolic meaning.
    -- The flashback! Creepy! The first flashback that has mythology in it. -- The ending! "Jack... Jack, one of us wasn't on the manifest!"

    I can't even come up with a negative thing about this episode, but I just didn't think it was 10-worthy. It seems Claire's baby is going to be very important in the future if someone wants it... already. And that someone is revealed at the end of the episode, quite possibly one of the most well done cliffhangers in Lost season 1.

    Overall, an extremely mythological episode, but at the same time, we learnt more about Claire, though, she still remains one of the weaker characters of the show.
  • Claire's misfortune

    I loved this episode. Claire is such a sweet girl; it was real unfortunate that her boyfriend left her when he was pregnant. That nightmare that she had in the beginning was real crazy. I probably would have woke up screaming too if that were me. Throughout the episode we see the many challenges she has to face, one huge one being the adoption issue. It sucked that she put all of her trust into that psychic who I think was setting her up. the cliffhanger at the end was great. We finally see that someone is definitely out to get Claire.
  • Great!

    Claire is having a nightmare. Her baby is due soon. Hurley decides to keep a record of all the people on the island. Charlie promises her that he will always be with her. Someone who seems to be after her baby mysteriously attacks her. Sayid comes back bearing the news of "the others." Hurley gets the manifest from Sawyer and finds out that Ethan, a supposed survivor, was never on the plane. He takes Claire and Charlie captive.

    This episode was great! The flashbacks were great! The ending was so mysterious! This show keeps getting better and better. I give this episode a 10 out of 10!
  • we learn of Claire's past...

    Claire is pregnant and she has flashbacks about her past. She, apparently, had a boyfriend that got her pregnant and then left her. She decided to give up her baby but there was some phsycic guy that told her to keep the child and he was blumbering something about it being evil if raised by someone else and yadda yadda yadda. I thought it was interesting to learn about Claire's past, but it was a little too drawn out. I loved the end's cliffhanger. Overall, ok episode with a pointless story and interesting flashbacks that help bring depth into Claire's character.
  • "You want my information. Name, Shannon Rutherford; age, 20; address, Craphole Island!"

    This was a really enjoyable overall episode. We learn who the father of the baby is and how Claire ended up on the flight, which was a very cool and creepy twist having a psychic send her on it. Did Richard Malkin know the plane would crash or was he really setting Claire up to give up her baby? Seeing some of Claire's past was also insightful and I think she does show conflict both on and off the island. Also, having people who weren't on the plane act as crash survivors: pure genius!

    This episode is a fine example of a great lost episode, with interesting and spooky flashbacks, humor, conflict and drama between characters and with themselves, and the right amount of suspense and such with Ethan Rom.
  • great cliffhanger

    In this installment Claire's nightmares cause her to worry that she and her unborn child are in danger. Hurley's island census reveals that Ethan was not a passenger on the plane. Flashbacks show Claire's visiting a psychic, who purchased her airline ticket. Hurley tries to find out who everyone is and if he can trust them by using the manifest which reveals that a man named Ethan Rom wasnt on the plane.
    Raised by another was a good episode which started slow and picked up near the end with its great cliffhanger about Ethan capturing claire and charlie.
    an ok episode over all.
  • ...

    Probably not as an enjoyable episode if you don't like Claire or Charlie, as it focused on both characters with little screentime given up to others. However, the standards of the episode were still very high - the idea that the psychic knew the plane would crash was curious, and of course there was mystery and horror in the character of Ethan. The only thing I don't understand is why Ethan didn't immediately take his chance when Charlie first told him of Claire's condition? But then I suppose that his actions may be more spontaneous and linked to the fact that he is now in danger himself, having been discovered, so he is taking risks and throwing caution to the wind.
    It's nice to see how attached Claire is to her baby already, seeing as just a couple of weeks ago she was adament she would give it up. The island has certainly helped her in that respect.
    There were the usual humerous lines from various characters.
    And Sayid's return for welcome.
    All in all a decent episode.
  • "He knew about the plane. He knew what was going to happen...Oh, my God, he knew!"

    The decision to give the flashbacks in this episode to Claire is a risky one, and a strange one. It is also a brilliant one. This episode is excellent, from the very beginning to the very end. The cast and the crew both do their jobs absolutely perfectly, creating a very good episode.

    The opening to this episode is absolutely inspired. The dream sequence is very much similar to the strangest dreams that everyone has had. A bunch of weird, random things strung together. The scene captures that brilliantly, and it also has a terrifying conclusion. Locke’s presence, with the black and white eyes is also awesome, as light and dark have been prevalent this season, not only here but in the backgammon set and in the stones that Adam and Eve had. The only gripe I have with the opener is the ending-the fact that Claire has blood on her hands is a great cliffhanger, but it is immediately rendered nil by the scene following afterwards, when it is shown that Claire dug her fingernails into her palms. Obviously the twist does what it’s supposed to-keeps you watching after the title comes up, but I am particularly irritated by meaningless reveals (basically the ending of every episode in Season 2).

    Emilie de Ravin is an absolute marvel in this episode. As I said earlier, Claire has been absent entirely from at least three episodes up to this point (a third of all the episodes), so seeing her past before, say, Michael’s, or Hurley’s, is strange, but it works perfectly, as we’ll see. Anyway, Emilie’s acting is terrific-she has played her fun scenes up to this point well, and here she gets to do a lot of drama, and she also pulls that off spectacularly. Claire really carries this entire episode, and Emilie de Ravin is certainly up to that task.

    Claire’s flashbacks are particularly chilling. Nick Jameson is cast perfectly as Richard Malkin, the creepy psychic. Telling Claire that her baby can’t be raised by another person is evil enough, but the midnight phone calls and the pens not working makes him even stranger. The audience unravels the true meaning of the flashbacks with Charlie, and when the conclusion is reached-that Malkin knew about the crash and purposely put Claire in mortal jeopardy-the viewer is truly frightened. Attention, future Lost writers! This is how to do flashbacks! Once again, the only issue with the flashbacks is the lack of anything that justifies a future flashback, even though Claire won’t have another until the very end of the season.

    Claire’s on-island story is not as awesome as the flashbacks, but is still very compelling. The flashbacks provide the dramatic tension, but the on-island stuff is the emotion. Claire’s reaction to Jack’s sedatives is understandable, but running off into the jungle on her own is not smart. Claire also is not very grateful for the protection that Charlie offers her, and it’s unclear why-until we see her flashback. Charlie promises not to leave her, just as Thomas had. Thomas had then turned around and left, and Claire doesn’t want that to happen again, so she doesn’t let Charlie in. Then, when Charlie averts her false labor, she can’t help but be thankful, and does allow Charlie to get close to her. That decision may not prove to be a good one, though.

    Hurley’s little subplot is just as good as last episode’s. Jorge Garcia is great here, and his speech to Jack in the caves is hilarious (“I’m looking around with Scott and Steve, right? And then I realize-who the hell are Scott and Steve?”), as well as every other scene he’s in. Running away from Locke, and then not being able to think of a single reason why Canada is awesome, are some of my favorite Hurley moments. Hurley’s plan is also very smart. You can’t keep stability and order if you don’t know who your people are. Therefore, the idea of a census is very intelligent. When Hurley decides to simply use the manifest from the plane, the subsequent scene with Sawyer is priceless. Not only are the two actors great, but once again, Hurley’s right on the money. He needs the manifest, Sawyer has it, Hurley wants it, and by giving it to him, Sawyer will get some respect back among the other survivors.

    The last act of the episode is very memorable, though, and in my opinion, it’s all due to the editing. There are three very important moments: Sayid returning with his news, Hurley coming in with his news, and Ethan confronting Charlie and Claire in the woods. The tension builds through all three of those. When Sayid says, “We’re not alone,” we remember the whispers, but just chalk that up to Sayid not being in his right mind. Then, when Hurley says that one person was not on the plane, we immediately realize our mistake, and also instinctively know who the Other is. Seeing Ethan get to Charlie and Claire before anyone else is scary, and the episode ends perfectly-we don’t see them get abducted, but we know it happened. And, just as the old saying goes, what you don’t see is oftentimes much more effective than what you do see.

    Raised by Another has a little of everything. There’s emotional content, action, mystery, and an absolutely killer cliffhanger. The acting is superb, as well as everything that goes on behind the camera. This makes two excellent episodes in a row-and that pace will be kept up by the next episode.
  • Claire shows just how magnificent of a character she is in this episode.

    This episode is awesome from beginning to end. The premise is that Claire starts getting "attacked" by someone when she is sleeping, and Jack does not believer her. Hurley decides to take a census of all the survivors. A series of flashbacks reveal to us that Claire got pregnant on accident, and that her boyfriend left her shortly after he found out. She then goes to a psychic who sees her future of the plane crash. He tells her that no one else besides her can raise this baby, and in the end after going back and forth, he tells her theirs a couple in Los Angeles waiting to adopt, and she has to leave the next day. On the island her and Charlie find out that the psychic knew the plane would crash, and that he wanted her to crash so no one would raise her baby besides her. Later Hurley comes back running to Jack telling him that a man named "Ethan Rom" wasnt in the manifest, he wasnt on the plane. As Hurley says this, Ethan kidnaps Claire and Charlie.
  • ...

    A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show!A great episode, really interessting and intense with a great and entertaining cast with an amazing amount of suspense and energy put into the show! A Must See Show!
  • Review

    I loved the end of the episode with a huge twist that no one saw coming. So not only is the french woman someone who has been on the island before the other losties, but now apprently this guy Ethan was also here by some other manner then flight 815. The flashbacks with Claire were great and it turns out the phycic was able to predict the plane crash that would force Claire to raise the baby by herself...just as he wanted in the first place. the island scenes were pretty dramatic with Claire being attacked - likely by Ethan. Hurley going around and getting the names and information from all of the people on the island was actually quite comical and it added some much needed downtime to this intense episode. Very good episode I thought...

    This was a great episode with a thrilling ending. It was a Claire centric Episode.

    At the beggining of the episode claire has an odd dream which really freaks her out and as her worries get worse she has another dream where somebody attacks her, only she thinks it's real. As jack tells her to relax she gets angry and decides to go back to the beach and marches throught the jungle on her own. Charlie decided to follow her and calm her down and convinces her to return to the caves, unfortanely claire goes into labour so charlie races through the jungle and finds ethan and tells him to get jack, luckily it turned out to be a false alarm. After a while cahrlie finnaly convinced Claire to come back to the caves.

    Meanwhile Hurley decides to investigate all the plane crash victims and gets the manifest of sawyer to help him with his investigation.

    Back in the jungle Claire and charlie were making thier way back to the caves when ethan approached them. As taht happend Sayid had returned all freaked out an dclaiming that "were not alone" that's when hurley came storming in and told jack that after he investigated everyone and looked at the manifest that " one of us wasn't on the plane"

    L O S T

    Claires Flashback revealed that claire was going to give up the baby to adoption after her boyfriend left her. So she wen't to a psychic who freaked out and gave her money back, but later on decided to do it, he told Claire that she must raise the baby...after she was reluctant to believ him she gave into a counter-proposal which was that a family in LA would adopt the baby, this of course made her end up on the island in the first place!

    Overall a really great episode with an umbelievable twist!
  • Scary, Best episode of the season.......

    This episode was so brillant.i loved it.I was so excellent because it's the first time we properly see Claire.She has her first set of flashbacks in this epiosode.It starts off with a dream.We see Claire wake up, not pregnant.She wanders off and finds Locke.Locke tells her that Aaron was her responsibility and she gave him up.It had been all her fault.She then wanderered over and found a crib.In there there was layers of blankets.She keep goingthrough them until she found bllod.She wakes up and screams her head off!
    The episode finnaly starts.
    LOST Next we see that she had had an awful nightmare which made her dig her fingernails a half inch into the palm of her hand.When she settles down Jack asks her when was the date she found out she was pregnant.She has a flashback.We see that she takes a pregnancy test and it's possitive.She is surprised and scared.Her boyfreind Thomas assures her that they can get through it.
    Later on in the episode Claire is sleeping and gets attacked.Again she starts to scream.Everyone rushes over and trys to help."He was trying to hurt my baby". Because of this Hurley starts a cencus to see who everyone really is on the island.Later on in Claires flashbacks she go's to a phscic to tells her that her baby is in danger unless she lets a family adopt it in LA.He gives her flight tickets to LA on Oceanic 815.We also see that her boyfreind breaks up with her because he can't handle the fact that he'll be a dad.
    Later on in the epiosode Claire decides to move back to the beach and Charlie volenteers to help.
    While they are on their way here Claire starts having contractions.Meanwhile Hurley finds out that Ethan was not on the flight manefest and is prime suspect for Claires attacker.
    Suddenly Ethan finds Charlie and Claire.He gets an evil look in his eyes.
  • This episode is about Clair.

    This episode is about Clair. Claire has a horribly realistic nightmare about her new baby being harmed or kidnapped. Hurley is shocked and confused when he discovers that Ethan Rom (guest-star William Mapother), another plane crash survivor, does not appear on the flight manifest. The reason why Ethan wasn't on the list is because he is an OTHER. My favorite part of this episode is when Clair has her flash backs and my other favorite part of this episode is when Hurly sees that Ethan is not on the list of everyone that was on the plain. I hope that you like this episode very much.
  • Great episode.

    Claire gets a nightmare about something that might horribly happen to her baby. Hurley investigates which of the people around them were not on the Oceanic plane by checking everyone's name against a manifest. He discovers that someone wasn't on that flight. This person might have been endangering Claire's life. This episode shows flashbacks of Claire. We learn that she had a boyfriend who got her pregnant and deserted her before she boarded the flight to Los Angeles. This is a really great episode. The story revolves around Claire. It's a really nice episode. I really enjoyed this one. I'm waiting for the next episode.
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